Why We Don’t Have a Bucket List and Why You Should Get Rid of Yours

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Every day, Tom and I think of new places and things to do that we want to add to our “bucket list”, or so to speak. I mean, it is bound to happen. Our newsfeed is filled with images of jaw dropping images that immediately makes us want to pack our bags and take the next flight. We are surrounded by travellers that constantly talk about an amazing experience that they did in some far flung corner of the earth. Naturally, as we are somewhat obsessed with traveling, our list keeps growing and growing.

Within the travel community, the word bucket list brings out a wide array of reactions from cringes to high fives. For some, a bucket list is a big excuse to put travel plans off. Some people make lists but make no general effort to accomplish the list until a big life changing event happens (i.e, when you are about to kick the bucket!). They get comfortable with life and subconsciously put things off. It’s okay though, because after all, it’s on their list.

The reason why Tom and I don’t have a bucket list is because we quite literally want to see everything that this big bad world has to offer. Although we know that our goal is rather impossible as after all, the world is pretty big, it still won’t stop us. However, having said that, the feat of seeing everything and anything can be rather vague and would leave us with a long never ending list that might be too overwhelming.

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Our Awesome Kickass Adventures to Go on List

Rather than having a bucket list that just gets brushed off to the side, we decided to come up with our very own, awesome-kickass-adventures-to-go-on-list. Yes, I admit, quite a few beers were involved when we chose this name. So rather than having a massive list of places we want to see and things we want to do, we decided to create our top 10 list of adventures that we are prioritizing to see and do within the next 3 years. Why a time frame? Because if you leave things to a big hypothetical list, chances are, you won’t get to complete them. Instead, we made a short, achievable list of places and experiences we want to complete and work towards. So without further ado, here is our:

Trekking Machu Picchu

Although trekking this ancient architectural achievement of the Incan empire isn’t as easy as it used to be as permits are booked months in advance, there are several routes aside from the popular Inca Trail that can lead you to the majestic world heritage site. For us, this is a definite stop when we do go to Peru. Oh, and I want a photo with an alapaca!

Explore New Zealand

Given that Queenstown New Zealand is dubbed to be an adrenaline filled, action pack destination, of course it’s on our list! From paddling through raging white water rivers to bungee jumping off bridges, and tandem paragliding, I’m sure New Zealand will be a big massive playground for the both of us. Apart from that, I would love to visit the set of Hobbiton where they filmed Lord of the Rings-cue fan girl moment!

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Drive a camper van and travel Australia

This here is Tom’s big dream. He has the image of buying or even renting a campervan and just driving from surf spot to surf spot, stopping in beaches along the way. I’ve even found him comparing camper vans on websites trying to score a good deal. As soon as he told me that he wanted to do this, I immediately knew that we were meant to travel the world together as I’ve always wanted to travel and go on a big road trip in a hippie little camper van.

See the Northern Lights in Iceland

I don’t know why but I’ve always had a strange fascination with Iceland. All the photos I’ve seen look absolutely stunning. Seeing the Northern lights have always been my dream, so why not put the two together? Apart from the fact that I might freeze to death like a Popsicle, I am super excited to see the Northern lights.glacier northern lights

Work and Live in South America to Learn Spanish

“Dos cervezas, porfavor” is pretty much the extent of my language abilities apart from the standard hola and gracias. Ironically, I am part Spanish-but I can’t speak the language. My mum’s whole family can speak it fluently, except for my sisters and I. Such a shame as it’s such a beautiful language. Tom on the other hand has always wanted to learn another language, so one of our goals while we are in South America is to pick up the language. (DONE!)

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Feast on Steaks in Argentina

Whoah! I can hear all the vegetarians in the house moan. Sorry guys, but our awesome-kick-ass-adventures-to-go-on list, involves eating as much steak as we possibly can while in Argentina. Just the thought of us digging our knives into this beautifully prepared perfection of meat haunts my dreams. Constantly. Apart from that, would be a mandatory visit to the Iguazu Falls. It was a toss up between the two things as to which would actually go on our list…but both of us agreed that the steak deserves a place (Priorities right!? Recently we also heard the tea in Argentina is good too).argentina steak food

Bungee Jump off the Tallest Building in Macau

This is right up Tom’s alley as I have an insane fear of height. I bet you couldn’t tell after my skydiving and plunge adventures. Tom on the other hand, wants to do a 233 meter jump off the Macau Tower since he read an article about it, which sounds nothing short of an exhilarating, nerve racking experience.

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Cage diving with great white sharks

So while we are on that epic camper van road trip in Australia, what Tom doesn’t know is that one of the stops would have to be to do some cage diving with great whites. You heard me. Yes, I want to put myself (and Tom) in a cage while the big bad boys of the ocean swim around us. Don’t get me wrong, I am scared sh*tless of sharks. They freak me out, but, it’s just one of those things that I would LOVE to do. Tom on the other hand, hates this portion of our list and thinks it’s a horrible idea. If not sharks, then maybe crocodile cage diving?

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Hot Air Balloon ride across Cappadocia

Flying high up in the sky in hot air balloons as you watch over the majestic caves and houses carved into the rocks in Cappadocia, Turkey has always been a dream of mine. Humans carved out an intricate web of tunnels, going down up to 8 stories, creating a massive web of living quarters, churches, and even stables littering the rocky terrain.

Trek through the Amazon Rainforest

Although we’ve done our fair share of trekking, going through the Amazon Rainforest is definitely on our books. The rainforest covers approximately 5.5 million square kilometres and spans over 9 countries. It is home to the biggest and most bio diverse collection of plants, birds and animals on Earth. (DONE)

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So if you’re one of those people that have a bucket list, get rid of it. Yup, I mean it! Throw it, tear it apart, and say goodbye to the nasty habit of putting your dreams on hold. Instead, create a list of your travel goals. Choose 10 achievable things that you really, REALLY want to see and do and give yourself a time frame to complete it. If 3 years is too short, how about you give yourself 5 years? Two epic adventures to complete each year. The point is, instead of creating a list which you’re constantly adding to and realistically, will never be able to complete, create a short list and work towards it. Save up specifically with the intention of completing your travel list.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we won’t JUST be doing the things off this list as sometimes, the best experiences are those that come unplanned. We are however, going to be making these our travel goals for the next few years. Even if our situation is a little bit different since we are both traveling full time, everyone can make their awesome-kickass-adventures-to-go-on list. You can even use our name, but please be warned that it is a mouthful! What happens after our list ends? We create a new one! The world is after all, a very big place to explore.

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