Halloween Bucket List: 50+ Ideas for Halloween 2024

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

If you’re looking for a Halloween bucket list to give you ideas on how to celebrate this year, you’ve landed in the right place because I’ve put together an epic list of over 50+ ideas for you.

Before I start, it is worth noting that Halloween is one of my  favorite holidays ever. I’m not really sure what it is about this holiday that gets me excited. 

It’s either because adults can play dress up, or that pumpkin is added to EVERYTHING, or it’s because it’s the one holiday where it is deemed acceptable to consume copious amounts of candy and sweets!

Either way, on this Halloween bucket list, I’m going to share a few unique ideas on how to celebrate this holiday in style. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or hopping around from one Airbnb to the next in different countries, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate. jack o lantern halloween

Halloween Bucket List Ideas

  1. Book an overnight stay at a “haunted hotel”
  2. Throw a Halloween themed dinner party and play a murder mystery game with your friends or family
  3. Do a virtual tour of Dracula’s Bran Castle in Romania
  4. DIY your own Halloween costume. A few ideas that are on trend this year:
    • Bernie Sanders and his mittens
    • An NFT
    • Plant parent (find an old baby carrier and add your plant babies)
    • Work From Home outfit (business on the top, party on the bottom!)
  5. Create a spooky Spotify playlist (MJ’s Thrillerhik is a must!)
  6. Read up on Day of the Dead and its traditions (Coco is a great movie if you have kids)
  7. Visit a pumpkin patch near you Pumpkin patch halloween decoration
  8. Read up on the Salem witch trials (you can check out this site if you live near the area and want to visit a few of the places highlighted.
  9. Read up on the history of Halloween and why we started celebrating it in the first place. Even better, read up on how Halloween is celebrated all over the world.
  10. Spend time in the outdoors and hike a haunted trail. Do a bit of digging and look for local hikes near your area that have a lot of haunted history. Here are a few trails all over the world for some ideas:
    • Pendle Hill, Lancashire 
    • Bloody Lane Trail, Maryland 
    • Chilnualna Falls Trail, California
    • Skirrid Inn, Abergavenney, WalesLooking for inspiration? Check out our compilation of the best outdoor quotes! 
  11. Do a virtual tour of Winchester Mystery House 
  12. Have a Halloween Spooky Movie Marathon. A few staples that are always on my Halloween Movie Bucket List are:
    • Practical Magic
    • Hocus Pocus
    • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    • Escape Room
    • Get Out
    • Halloween
    • Scream
    • The Shining
    • Hotel Transylvania
    • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
    • The Addams Family
    • The Omen
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Friday the 13th
    • The Craft
    • Edward Scissorhands
  13. Get Halloween Inspired Nail Art Halloween Inspired Nail Art
  14. Change your desktop and phone background with Halloween inspired photos or art
  15. Create a spooky Halloween wreath and hang it on your door (wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!)
  16. Visit a haunted house
  17. Decorate your house/ apartment! There are tons of inexpensive Halloween decorations that are available from the dollar store. Even better, go on to Pinterest and look for DIY Halloween decorations that you can make using items that you already have at home.
  18. Do a neighborhood “drive-by” and admire all the other halloween decorations
  19. Buy a Halloween themed puzzle and attempt to piece it together with your family.
  20. Make a scarecrow
  21. Check if there are any haunted houses or Halloween themed events going on near you.
  22. Throw a pumpkin carving challenge with your friends
    pumpkin-carving for halloween bucket list
  23. Visit a haunted theme park
  24. Eat candy corn (like there is no tomorrow)
  25. Organize a bonfire and take turns telling spooky stories
  26. Find a Halloween themed 5k run
  27. Make Caramel Apples
  28. Try a new pumpkin themed recipe each week. A few unconventional pumpkin recipe ideas to try are:
    • Thai Ginger pumpkin soup
    • Smokey pumpkin Deviled Eggs
    • Pumpkin Beef and Black Bean Chili
    • Pumpkin ginger waffles
    • Pumpkin hummus
    • Bacon and pumpkin cream pasta

      pumpkin recipe
      Photo by Syd Wachs via Unsplash
  29. Rent a secluded cabin by the woods and soak up all those Fall feels!
  30. Binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix
  31. Have a Halloween themed onesie party with your BFF
  32. Buy a themed Halloween couples costume for you and your significant other. Here are a few ideas that I love:
  33. Learn the moves to Thriller and have a dance off
  34. Bake pumpkin seeds
  35. Create a bunch of props and have a spooky Halloween photo booth set up for you and your friends
  36. Paint a pumpkin
  37. Curl up by a candle and read a spooky book. Here are a few of my favorite horror reads:
  38. Buy Halloween themed mugs for members of your household and enjoy Halloween beverages like pumpkin spiced tea or coffee, pumpkin cider, etc.
  39. Create a scare-a-thon challenge with your significant other.
  40. Make a Halloween themed scavenger hunt
  41. Go on a graveyard tour
  42. Wear orange and black to work
  43. Go trick or treating (even if you’re too old for it)
  44. Dress up your pet for Halloween Dressed up pet for Halloween
  45. Do a zombie themed movie marathon. Here are a few of my top picks:
    • Day of the Dead
    • Dawn of the Dead
    • Zombieland
    • Dawn of the Dead
    • 28 Days Later
    • 28 Weeks Later
    • Train to Busan
  46. Binge the Harry Potter movies/books
  47. Take advantage of all the Halloween sales (including candy the day after!)
  48. Have a movie and wine pairing night with pumpkin themed edibles
  49. Go to an Oktoberfest event
  50. Prepare a Halloween picnic Halloween picnic

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Halloween Travel Destinations Bucket List

Lastly, since this is a travel blog and travel is what we do, here’s a list of spooky places around the world to add to your travel bucket list!

  1. The Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas is known for being a hotel where strange occurrences have happened. Their most famous one is when 2 brides committed suicide on the night of their honeymoon, 20 years apart.
  2. Salem, Massachusetts is not a secret amongst Halloween fans. It has an incredible history and if you visit the town itself, make sure you go to the Witch House, the Witch Dungeon Museum, and the Salem Witch Museum
  3. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland is another popular spot as it used to be an active military base. They also have a pretty creepy (yet fun) tour of the Edinburgh Dungeons.
  4. Sleepy Hollow in New York is home to Washington Irving’s popular book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and has since gained popularity as a destination to visit. You can wander through the infamous Sleepy Hollow cemetery where you will find Washington Irving’s grave.
  5. Savannah, Georgia is said to be “America’s Most Haunted City” and is home to a ton of interesting (and spooky) museums, galleries, and more. 
  6. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy is another destination that a few “Halloween buffs” visit. The place is home to what used to be a mental asylum and a quarantine zone for those infected with the bubonic plague. There were also reports that doctors there were running medical experiments on patients.
  7. Corvin Castle, Romania became famous as the former home of Vlad III, better known as Vlad the Impaler who was the inspiration behind Bram Stoker’s book, Dracula.

So there you have it folks, an awesome list full of fun Halloween Bucket List ideas. Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas on how to best celebrate this fun holiday. 

How about you? What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate this fun holiday?

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