10 National Park Scratch Off Maps for Outdoor Lovers

written by local expert Maddy

Based in the United States' mountainous west, Maddy loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves traveling the world. When not paddleboarding or jetting off to new a destination, you can find Maddy curled up with a good book. Passionate about stories, people, and places, her curiosity continues to drive her.

Every explorer needs their own map. 

Whether it is to track national park visits, wildlife sightings, bucket list hikes, or highest peaks, outdoor lovers need a place to show off their adventures.  I know I love to show off my own travels! 

A scratch off map is the perfect way to display your bucket list, both past and future! This list of scratch off national park maps and posters will help you pick the perfect piece of granola decor for your home. 

From Acadia National Park to Zion, these posters and maps will not only display your favorite landmark, but also probably your future favorite 😉.

With designs that match any aesthetic, this list will help you find the perfect map to show off your love of public lands and inspire you to get out and explore even more! If you don’t want to do the exploring, these maps will for sure inspire your national park loving friend and make the perfect gift!

U.S. National Parks Minimalist Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 16”x20”

Key Features: 

  • Printed on High Gloss Paper
  • Minimalist Style
  • Includes All 63 National Parks
  •  Images inspired by Vintage Travel Maps
  • Protective Shipping Methods

This map is perfect for the minimalist explorer. Each of the United States’ 63 national parks is pictured in vibrant color beneath a gold foil cover. Inspired by vintage travel maps, the colors pop against the neutral green background. This poster is printed on glossy paper, and ships with a protective covering. 

The 16” x 20” size will fit most standard frames and allow you to show off your explorations in seamless style. Reviewers found that the size and color scheme fits most interiors and complements any home’s style. 

Unlike most maps, this one includes the newest national park: Indiana Sand Dunes!

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U.S. National Parks Scratch Off Photo Poster

Dimensions: 17” x 24”

Key Features: 

  • Printed on a High Gloss Paper
  • Includes All 63 National Parks
  • Scratch Off Poster with Unique Designs for Each Park
  • Includes a Reusable Travel Tube

This scratch off poster features all 63 of the United States’ National Parks (even the newest, Indiana Sand Dunes!). With brightly colored photographs of iconic landscapes, you’ll be itching to scratch off the gold foil covers and complete your national park bucket list! 

The white background of the poster complements any decor, while the photographs add a sense of realism to the decoration. This poster also comes with a reusable travel tube so it can travel with you in your motorhome, van, or tent.  

The 17”x24” size fits most standard frames and is large enough to see the detail in each of the landscape photographs. 

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National Parks Scratch Off Poster + Wildlife Bucket List

Dimensions: 16” x 20” 

Key Features: 

  • Includes a Scratch Off Wildlife Section
  • Printed on Smooth Quality Paper
  • Includes Scratch Tool and Cloth
  • Includes Carry Case

The perfect map for a national park traditionalist, this poster features retro arrowhead decals with landscape photography underneath. The black background neutralizes the photography and makes this easy to display with any decor. 

National Park enthusiasts can bring this poster with them as they check off their bucket list. This poster comes with its own travel kit that includes a carrying case, a scratch tool, and a cloth. Spread it out and display it in your camper van or home as it fits a standard frame or travels easily! 

The most exciting feature of this poster is its wildlife section! Bear encounters just got more fun! Now, as you travel you can scratch off your wildlife sightings and keep track of the animals you’ve seen with your very own eyes! Featuring bucket list animal sightings from around the country, this poster is the perfect addition to any wildlife enthusiast’s home. 

This map also makes a difference! When purchased through Amazon, you can opt to plant a tree with every map purchase. 

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National Park Scratch Off Poster With Hand-Painted Images and Toolkit

Dimensions: 17” x 24”

Key Features: 

  • Printed on Durable Poster Paper
  • Hand Painted Images by Local Artists
  • Includes a Keepsake Scratch Tool and Microfiber Cloth
  • Includes 62 National Park Info Cards
  • Includes Travel Tube and Carrying Case
  • Color Options: Black and White

Originally funded on Kickstarter, this scratch off poster offers explorers the chance to support local artists and display their National Park adventures. 

The poster features 62 of the national parks (with plans to update to 63!). Explorers can use the included scratch tool and microfiber cloth to scratch off the foil cover and reveal hand painted landscapes beneath. 

In addition, this poster kit includes hand-painted, fun-fact filled information cards about each of its featured national parks – the perfect addition for an explorer family with curious young minds or the van-lifer who wants to win trivia night!

With white or black color options, this poster presents the opportunity to uniquely customize it to your home or camper van. The 17” x 24” size fits a standard frame making the poster easy to display. Or, if you are more on the go, this set includes a travel tube and carrying case to ensure your national park scratch off poster isn’t damaged during adventures. 

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National Parks Scratch Off Poster with Fun, Cartoon-Style Images

Dimensions: 16.5” x 23.5”

Key Features: 

  • Printed on Glossy Poster Paper
  • Includes All 63 National Parks
  • Fun, Cartoon-Style Images
  • Includes Scratch Off Tool
  • Protective Shipping Methods and Travel Tube

This scratch off poster features fun cartoon-style images that match the spontaneous adventure vibes of any national park explorer! With the included scratch off tool, you can easily mark off and visualize your national park bucket list. 

The 17.5” x 23.5” size is perfect for displaying your adventures on a bulletin board alongside other national park postcards, maps, or collector pins. With a neutral, white background, the hidden images pop once the foil has been scratched off. 

For the on-the-go explorer, this poster comes with a travel tube to ensure it is not damaged while park-hopping in your campervan or tent. 

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Black and Gold National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 16” x 24” 

Key Features: 

  • Gold and Black Decals
  • Printed on Thick Laminated Paper with Sturdy Coating
  • Includes Scratch Tool, Eraser, and Cloth
  • Includes 4 Matching Thumbtacks and 6 Pins
  • Shipped in Matte Gift Tube

Perfect for the explorer who loves a sleek, modern look, this scratch off map features a black background and gold decals. Beneath the minimalist design on the scratch off foil is stunning artwork of each national park. 

The included scratch tool, eraser, and cloth make it easy to reveal the artwork underneath. Plus, with four matching gold thumbtacks, your poster will be easy to display either framed or on a bulletin board. 

This poster fits a standard frame and makes a perfect decoration for the modern explorer’s home. Sleek and understated, this poster can fit in in the city while showing off your hiking hobbies.

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Artsy National Park Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Key Features: 

  • Hand Draw Artwork
  • Printed on Glossy Poster Paper
  • Artsy, Hexagon Shaped Foil Covers
  • Includes Scratch Tool
  • Includes Decorative Travel Tube with Matching Art
  • Includes Instruction Sheet

The perfect map for the artsy national park enthusiast, this scratch off poster features hand drawn, watercolor-style landscapes and monuments beneath the hexagon-shaped gold foil. This shape not only adds a bit of spice to the artwork, but also makes it easier to precisely scratch off the foil as you check off a park. 

With a size that fits a standard frame and an included carrying case, this poster makes the perfect addition to any home or camper. Plus, the included scratch off tool ensures you won’t damage your poster while on the go!

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Scratch Off Map With National Parks and More

Dimensions: 24” x 17”

Key Features: 

  • Map with Landmarks, National Parks, and State Flags
  • Printed on Smooth, Quality Paper
  • Includes 50 Landmarks and 50 Highest Peaks
  • Includes Scratcher Tool
  • Includes Travel Tube
  • Includes Booklet of All Features

This scratch off map features not just the national parks, but also fifty landmarks, the fifty highest U.S. peaks, and a scratch off feature for state flags! Perfect for not just national park enthusiasts, but explorers in general, this map lets you keep multiple bucket lists at once. 

With an included scratcher tool and travel tube, this map can travel with you while exploring the parks, states, and peaks. If you can’t take the map, just grab your informational booklet and check off the features in there! 

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National Park Map With Park Statistics and Top Attractions

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Key Features: 

  • Includes Scratcher Tool
  • Printed on Glossy Poster Paper
  • Lists Top Five Features of Every Park
  • Scratch Off Reveals Size Ranking for Every Park
  • Includes Protective Travel Tube

Featuring the iconic national park arrowhead, this map provides not just a topographic view of the United States, but also offers statistics. Underneath the gold foil, the size ranking of each park appears. But size ranking isn’t the only fun fact this map offers! Also listed on the map are the top five attractions of each park. Whether visiting Kenai Fjords or the Everglades, you’ll know what to put at the top of your to-do list. 

Also fitting a standard frame, this poster is easy to display! Just use the cap of your protective travel tube to scratch off where you’ve already been and pop it in the frame until your next grand adventure! If a house isn’t really your style, hang the map in your camper or keep it rolled up in its tube. This map is as flexible as your preferred lifestyle!

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BONUS: Top Hikes of the National Parks Scratch Off Poster

Dimensions: 16” x 20”

Key Features: 

  • Features 100 Greatest Hikes of the National Parks
  • Printed on Smooth, Quality Paper
  • Includes Scratch Tool
  • Includes Protective Travel Tube

Though not a scratch off poster or map specific to the national parks, this top 100 greatest hikes poster is the perfect addition to any scratch off collection. This map will help you check off not just the national park, but the national parks’ best day hikes. 

The included scratch off tool keeps the poster in pristine condition. A neutral background and standard frame size allow you to display this poster pretty much anywhere. In addition, the gold foil features tiny hikers that will impress you before you even begin scratching!

With hikes ranging from Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park to Half Dome in Yosemite, this map will inspire every outdoor lover to lace up their boots. There is a caveat with this poster: it only includes day hikes. This means you’ll have to turn to another source for your multi-day backpacking trip dreams. However, this poster is the perfect place to track those bucket list views and trails. 

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Get Out and Explore!

Now that you’ve found the perfect national park map or poster to display your travels, get out and start scratching things off! In a country with so many beautiful parks, you won’t be able to choose a favorite. 

Whether you begin at the colorful hot springs of Yellowstone or the orange depths of the Grand Canyon, your adventure is just beginning. And now you’ve got the perfect map to track it with!

Even if exploring isn’t your thing and you bought one of these as a gift for your outdoor loving best friend, sister, brother, partner, or parent, take a closer look at the hidden images. Maybe as the person you gifted this to starts scratching off their bucket list, you’ll begin adding to your own. 

Either way, as a traveler in the national parks, remember to take in the view, but also respect the land and wildlife. Follow “Leave No Trace” principles so we can continue enjoying these beautiful public lands for decades. 

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