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A christmas tree and ice rink lit up at night

Our Three Days in Budapest: Top 10 Things to Do

During our entire time in Budapest, we had George Ezra’s song “Budapest” playing in our minds. To be perfectly honest, we went to Budapest with no idea what we ...

Two policemen walking away from the camera

My 3AM Encounter with the Hungarian Police

So as some of you know, the entire time we were in Budapest, I was ill. I’m talking high fever and intense cough and colds. I spent most of ...

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Where To Stay in Budapest

If you are planning to go on a European tour, better schedule a stop in Budapest. Hungary’s capital is famous for its bustling nightlife, a gourmet dining revolution, and ...

A double bed room

Home Made Hostel in Budapest | Full Accommodation Review

We went to Budapest with absolutely no expectations. We stumbled upon Home Made hostel online and instantly knew that we wanted to check it out. Home Made hostel really ...