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ESTA Visa: How to Prepare for a Trip to the US

When planning a holiday, sometimes, all you can think of is jet-setting to the unknown as you explore all these amazing awesome sights and attractions. However, before you go on that trip, there are a few things that you need to consider. Visas, banking, and insurance are just a few of the "borin...

The Top Festivals in the US That Are Worth Traveling For

There is no doubt that the U.S is among the best tourist destinations that we have in the world. Between their vibrant cities, beautiful national parks, and exciting festivals and cultural traditions, a visit to the US can be a fun experience. While a lot of people travel all over the world to exper...
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7 of the Best Cities in the US that You Have to Visit

Bright lights, modern metropolitan buildings, and a wide array of things to do, it is no surprise that the cities in the US are frequented by both local and international travelers. Having spent some time traveling around the US while growing up, I have to say that a few of my favorite cities in the...
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USA National Parks That You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

My first ever out of the country trip was a two-month holiday to the United States which my parents planned. My dad had this grand idea of driving around the US, visiting family and friends while hitting up all the tourist hotspots and US National Parks. As early as then, I knew that traveling an...
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Where to Stay in Orlando, Florida

Between the theme parks, the sun, and the overflowing amount of things to do, it's no wonder that Orlando is a popular tourist hotspot that is frequented by many. To help you figure out where to stay, take a look at our full guide to help you plan the perfect holiday to one of the most magical place...
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Top Adventurous Things to Do in New York City

When we think about New York City, our minds automatically think of iconic skyscrapers, impressive Central Park or the neon lit Times Square full of the best Broadway Theatre in the world. What many people don’t know, is there are a surprising amount of adventurous activities to do in and around New...
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Top 7 Most Insane Adrenaline Activities in the USA

The USA boasts such diverse landscapes from desert to greenery, mountains and water, there's no wonder that this reflects in the range of activities you can do here. On every corner there are so many cool adventures to be had that I took it upon myself to find the most strangest and adrenaline fuele...
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Top 7 Outdoor Activities in New England, USA

New England, so called due to the English settlement in the early 17th century before the founding of the United States, makes up the north eastern most corner of the USA. Consisting of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine, the region attracts thousands of trave...

New York City Break Guide: The Best of New York in 72 Hours

During our travels, (trust us, we’ve been to a lot of cities) we’ve never seen a city like New York. There is something about it that makes it just so full of life and energy. Before heading back to Asia to build our app, we decided to do a cheeky side trip to New York, after all, it’s where dreams ...
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The Local NY in New York | Review

Finding a hostel in the city that never sleeps? Surely that was a conundrum that most people think about. Luckily, we stumbled upon The Local NY, a young and hip hostel in the trendy Long Island City area. Looking more like an art gallery rather than a hostel, The Local NY made us feel right at home...

Skydiving in Sta. Cruz, California with Sky Dive Surf City

Being the little thrill seeker that I am, I woke up on my birthday, deciding I wanted to jump out of a plane. You know how other girls want to have a big party with friends, or go on a shopping spree, or even a spa day? No, not me. I wanted to spend my 26th birthday jumping of an airplane to skydive...