Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Experience Gold Coast | Full Review

While Australia slept and the country was blanketed in darkness, the minibus climbed up from the Gold Coast and into the Queensland Hinterland. On board were 24 tired – but excited – people, who were about to float off into the skies, and see the Gold Coast from a perspective unseen by most people. ...

Top 5 Australia Roadtrips That You Have to Do

Ever since I can remember, Australia has been a destination that I’ve been itching to go to. Everyone that I meet seems to rave about it, highlighting its beautiful beaches, barren deserts, and remote lands. During my travels, I have met countless Australians who all say the same thing- the best way...

Surfing in Bondi Beach with Let’s Go Surfing

Since the days of watching movies like ‘Blue Crush’ or ‘Surf’s Up,” we have always wanted to experience the rush of catching that perfect wave and letting it carry us away. But for the beauty of such moments, surfing is a journey that requires patience and practice. We learned that right away from t...
Two men skydiving

Epic Skydiving in Sydney with Sydney Skydivers | Review

On the face of it, skydiving is ludicrous. You fly up in a plane only to jump out of it again and end in the exact same point you started. Why not just stay where you are? Well there’s something very appealing about it, as there are in all extreme adventures, because it’s something you’re physically...