great ocean road australia

8 Awesome Outdoor Adventures You Have to Do in Australia

Okay, the secret is out and almost every adrenaline hungry, nature-loving traveler knows that Australia has no shortage of awesome things to do. Between its stunningly diverse landscapes and varied terrain, the Land Down Under is every explorers paradise. From surfing some of the best waves, explori...
The sydney opera house at night

Complete Guide to Planning Your Dream Trip to Australia

What do you think of when you hear Australia? The Sydney Opera House? The Great Barrier Reef? Or the vast Outback where you'll see kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses minding their own business while you stand there amazed? These are just a few of so many reasons Australia is so alluring to locals,...
Two men skydiving

Epic Skydiving in Sydney with Sydney Skydivers | Review

On the face of it, skydiving is ludicrous. You fly up in a plane only to jump out of it again and end in the exact same point you started. Why not just stay where you are? Well there’s something very appealing about it, as there are in all extreme adventures, because it’s something you’re physically...