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The Goal

To experience the Top 50 Adventure Holidays in the World

Hey there! We’re Tom and Anna.

After gallivanting around the world for the last four years, we’ve realized that some of our best experiences were when we’ve done something completely out of the ordinary.

Moments that made us step out of our comfort zones. Adventures that we would have only done in our wildest imaginations. Experiences that made us feel terrified, exhilarated, and excited all at once.

Call us crazy but as soon as we realized this, we knew that if we wanted to live by our life mantra of DOING MORE and BEING MORE, we knew we had to seek out the great unknown.

With that in mind, we are excited to share with you our goal of completing the top 50 adventure holidays in the world.

After spending 10 days driving a tuk-tuk around Sri Lanka, we realized that we could never go back to just going on another beach holiday.


Top 50 Adventure Holidays

Similar to a travel bucket list, we’re making it our mission to travel to some of the most remote and exotic destinations in this world to experience these once in a lifetime adventure holidays.

But instead of the usual adrenaline filled day tours or activities, we want to go on multi-day or week-long expeditions that will test our limits and challenge us physically.

While adventurous activities are fun (heck, we’ve spent a large portion of our travels doing every extreme and adrenaline-filled activity we could think of), we’re now ready to take it to the next level.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Going on a Northern Lights Expedition, going on a motorbike journey across the Himalayas. You know, stuff we could write home to our grandmas about. Listed below, in no particular order are the top adventure holidays in the world that we plan to experience.

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(By Continent and in No Particular Order)


  1. Trek to Everest Base Camp – Nepal
  2. Motorcycle Trip Himalayas – India
  3. Trek Annapurna Circuit – Nepal
  4. Large Minority Tuk Tuk Race across Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka
  5. Camping and Trekking on the Great Wall of China –  China
  6. Mongolia Horse Trekking Expedition – Mongolia
  7. Silk Road Overlanding Journey – Multiple Countries
  8. Trek the Tian Shan Mountains – Kyrgyzstan
  9. Snow Leopard Trek – India
  10. Motorcycle Trip Across Siberia Asia – Russia
  11. Snowman’s Trek – Bhutan
  12. The Philippine Sailing Challenge- Philippines
  13. Orangutan Jungle Trek in Sumatra – Indonesia
  14. Ride a Motorbike Across Vietnam – Vietnam
  15. Mongol Rally- Multi-country
Anna and Tom (founders of Adventure  In You) at everest base camp


  1. Dolomites Trekking – Italy
  2. Cycle the Via Dinarica Europe (Balkans) – Multiple Countries
  3. The Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Trek – Iceland
  4. Driving the Ring Road + Silfra Diving – Iceland
  5. Mont Blanc Trekking – France
  6. Svalbard Polar Bear Expedition – Norway
  7. Kayaking Croatia and Montenegro – Croatia
  8. Drive the North 500 – Scotland
  9. Hike the Welsh 3000s – Wales
  10. Hike the Camino de Santiago– Spain
  11. Husky Trek – Finland
  12. Wilderness Trolltunga Expedition – Norway
Tom and Anna at la tomatina festival in spain

North America

  1. Ring of Fire Trek – Guatemala
  2. Alaska Outdoor Expedition – Alaska
  3. Grand Canyon Road Trip – USA
  4. Motorcycle Trip Route 66 – USA
  5. Polar Bear Trekking- Canada

South America

  1. Galapagos Liveaboard Diving – Ecuador
  2. Hike in Patagonia- Argentina
  3. Hike the Inca Trail – Peru
  4. Lost City Trek – Colombia
  5. The Lost World and Angel Falls Trek – Venezuela
Tom and Anna at the Grand Canyon


  1. Milford Track Trek – New Zealand
  2. South Island Expedition – New Zealand
  3. Drive a Campervan Across NZ – New Zealand
  4. Outback Camping Safari – Australia
  5. Larapinta Trail Trek – Australia


  1. Falklands and South Georgia Expedition- Antarctica
hiking in new zealand


  1. Gorilla Trekking – Uganda
  2. Madagascar Trekking Expedition – Madagascar
  3. Sahara Dessert Expedition – Morocco
  4. Multi-day Safari – South Africa
  5. Chimpanzee Safari – Tanzania
  6. Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking – Tanzania
  7. Nile River Cruise – Egypt
tom and anna in the sahara desert morocco

What Makes These The Top 50 Adventure Holidays in the World?

As you can imagine, choosing between all the adventurous activities in the world is no easy task. Because we wanted only the most epic adventures, we had to rule out single day activities like skydiving, abseiling, or cage diving with great white sharks (although in reality, I think Tom was just scared sh*tless!).

From self-guided trekking tours to multi-sport activities spread across a certain period of time, we wanted to find the best adventures in the world.

We scoured the web browsing through the top picks of all the largest adventure travel publications like National Geographic, Conde Nast Travel, and Lonely Planet. We also took this opportunity to add a few of our own adventure bucket list items.

Our main goal of completing all these adventure holidays isn’t just so we can do epic stuff. We mainly want to inspire and show you that two ordinary people can take on these unique once-in-a-lifetime adventures despite the fact that we’re not super athletes or hardcore adrenaline junkies. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to take on these epic adventure holidays yourself?

We rate each adventure holiday based on three things:



While most of these adventure holidays will be physically demanding, we want to rate them accordingly so that others who might be interested in doing the same adventures can gauge what type of fitness level they need to be at in order to complete the adventure.



Some adventures are worth going on, despite the arduous treks based on the scenery alone. We want to show you which ones are worth doing from pure face value, giving you the most incredible jaw-dropping views you could ever imagine.

wow factor

Wow Factor

While it will be difficult not to give each of these adventure holidays a 10 (after all, they are the best in the world), we want to rate those adventures that highly impressed us or possibly even took our breath away.

Who are these adventure holidays for?

As mentioned, after finishing our 10-day tuk-tuk race in Sri Lanka alongside 12 other teams, although we all left exhausted, there was a part of us that would never be the same again. We want others to experience this feeling for themselves.

We know that our lifestyle of being full-time nomads is rather unusual and have the deepest respect for those who are committed to other professions.

We’re not preaching the whole quit-your-job lifestyle. Far from it actually. We want people to start entertaining the thought of doing more than just a regular beach holiday or a shopping spree in Europe. Instead, we want to inspire people to go on these life-changing adventure holidays that will leave you invigorated and excited about life.

Tom and Anna in sri lanka

Why Follow Us?

“We have a confession: We’re not super athletes who can do long-distance treks nor are we super rich. We’re two ordinary people who just love adventure and travel.”

While we were choosing these adventure holidays, we had our doubts. You see, we’re not super athletic. We’re not marathon runners or competitive trekkers ( that even a thing?). We’re two ordinary people who just love adventure and travel.

In fact, I’m actually one of the clumsiest people in the world and sheepishly confess to tripping on my own two feet…like all the time!

So while choosing these adventure holidays, thoughts like “could we actually do these?” “Are we fit enough?” “Will we survive through this?” kept floating around.

So if you want to see two goofballs attempt to take on the top adventure holidays in the world…follow us. If you want to see us laugh, cry, or nearly faint in exhaustion, follow our journey. We promise to document this as best as we can.

tom and anna on train in sri lanka

Adventure Travel Partners and Sponsors

As we mentioned, we’re not billionaires who can easily snap a few fingers and say hello, Antarctica. We make our money through this blog and hustle our way around the world.

With that being said, if you’re an adventure holiday company who would like to work with us on this large undertaking, click below and we would be more than happy to tell you more about our project.

Alternatively, if you are a brand who would like to work with us on this campaign and sponsor our trip, we would love to give your more details on how we can represent your brand to a larger adventure-seeking audience. You can find out more about our audience and demographics from our work with us page.

This big adventure wouldn’t be possible without the help of a few awesome companies. Partner up with us and as we spread the inspiration and adventure!

Special thanks to our current partners…