TEFL Thailand: Guide to Teaching English in Thailand

written by local expert Becky Rogers

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Whether you’re looking for a short break away or you’re following your passion and traveling the world, there will be a point in your travels where you’ll have to make some money. Obviously, there are countless ways that you can bulk up your bank, but one of our favorites is Teaching English. Not only is it a fun way to travel and get to know a place, but the experience and training that you will get along the way are also as invaluable. As one of the world’s top TEFL destinations, teaching in gives people an incredible opportunity to teach and live abroad. Not sure if teaching is for you? Then this program is perfect! Not only will you be trained in the basics of teaching English, but you will also get the TEFL qualification, a paid internship opportunity, and a lot of prospects afterward to help you decide if this is something you really want to do afterwards.

Why We Choose Premier TEFL

So, with a couple of TEFL companies on offer, why did we choose to promote Premier TEFL? Our decision was actually pretty simple: it is the most highly credited and rewarding program out there. Oh, and it happens to be the cheapest too! Trust us, we’ve done our research! We spent hours searching the web and the premier TEFL reviews we found were nothing short of glowing (you can check it out yourself!). As the course is a 4-month commitment, the program is perfect for people who are looking for a short-term position or for those that want to see if teaching is for them. Not only that, it is also perfect for those who love to teach and who are looking to begin their international TEFL careers!

As soon as you complete the 240-hour TEFL course with Premier TEFL, you will become a fully qualified TEFL teacher. You will also be a teacher licensed to prepare students for IELTS and TOEIC tests, specializing in teaching Business English and Teaching Young Learners. To us, it’s simple. It is a great program run by a great company. In fact, in the next coming months or so, I am heading to Europe to complete a TEFL course, fully run by the guys over at Premier TEFL. To say I’m excited is an understatement. tefl-premier

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Travel Insurance

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TEFL Thailand: Everything You Need to Know

The TEFL Thailand Internship

This TEFL internship in Thailand offers successful applicants a highly-paid teacher position for 4 months, right after you complete the 240-hour TEFL certification. Awesome right? Not only will they fully certify and train successful applications, but during the 4 months in Thailand, you will also benefit from rent-free accommodation, a monthly allowance of 30,000 – 34,000 (THB) Thai Baht ($990) and weekends and public holidays off! That’s not even mentioning other hassle-free perks such as airport transfer, visa sponsorship, and basic accident insurance. All this combined with the opportunity to teach local primary or secondary schools and traveling around Thailand. Sounds too good to be true right?

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Internship Requirements

Before applying to any program, you need to check that you meet the criteria for it. After all, you’d just be wasting your time and theirs if you didn’t spend a minute checking. To be eligible for the TEFL Thailand Internship, you need to be:

  • Aged between 21 to 45
  • A native English speaker
  • A passport holder from USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, South Africa or New Zealand
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree
  • TEFL qualified (included in the course!)
  • Have dedication, cultural flexibility, organization, respect, creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism.

How to Apply for the Paid TEFL Internship

Once you’ve found out whether you meet the requirements, it’s time to apply! Although the process will take some time, it is super easy to apply and soon, if you’re lucky, you’ll be on your way to becoming an amazing teacher in the land of smiles! This is one of their most popular internships so it’s best to apply ahead of time.

All you have to do is:

  1. Book your place online
  2. Fill in an application form
  3. Have a video chat
  4. Submit all your documents
  5. Go to Thailand!

If you have questions about the entire process, you can even leave your phone number on their website and someone from their team will call you back to help appease any concerns or questions.

Apply Now

Preparing for the Paid TEFL Internship in Thailand

Although Premier TEFL makes this process as hassle-free as possible, there are a couple of things that you will need to organize yourself before jetting off to Thailand. The most important being:

  • International Flights – to fly to Thailand you’re required to show proof of a return flight
  • Travel Insurance – This is a must in any trip.
  • Vaccines – even if you’ve had a lot, it is worth a visit to the doctor
  • Budget – although a lot of expense is covered, you’ll need to think about extra meals and excursions
  • Health Check – you’ll need proof that you have passed a medical check
  • Police Check – you’ll need to have police clearance
  • Visa – TEFL Thailand will help you obtain this and reimburse you in your first month’s allowance

Once you send all of these documents off (with extras to hand!) you are then ready to head to Thailand and have the experience of your life!

Insider’s Tip: If you’re applying to a course with a friend or partner, apply as early as possible! Placements are set based on availability so by getting in early, you’re giving yourselves a better chance of being together. tefl-thailand-hire

What to Expect During the TEFL Thailand Internship

On arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok), you’ll be picked up and transferred to your location where you’ll receive a full orientation before settling into your accommodation. From then on, you can enjoy 4 months full of weekly planning and teaching, with the weekends and end of term free to travel and sightsee.

Typically, each week you will only teach for a maximum of 24 hours a week with around 15 hours of preparation and planning (with the help of your colleagues if needed!). Premier TEFL encourages you to make the most out of your time in Thailand so during your free time, you can spend your time eating a wide variety of Thai food (which is amazing by the way!), discovering temples and beaches, and having adventures in nearby cities and towns.

Normally, one or two interns are placed in the same school so it will also be a great chance to forge friendships with other people who are interested in the same things. You will also most likely to be assigned to a place which has other foreigners and expats living or working nearby.

Editor’s Note: Successfully applied? Check out our Teaching English in Thailand article which is full of useful tips on what to expect

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What to Expect After TEFL Thailand

Put it simply, there is a great demand for English (TEFL) teachers in ASEAN, so having a TEFL certification plus this extended experience and qualifications, will most certainly give you the skills to land a great job afterward. It’s also true that the more experience you have, the better position you will be in to go for jobs that have higher salaries, hurrah!

So, as well as the obvious “better job and salary opportunities” benefit, there are also other very important advantages that will set you up for life after TEFL Thailand; the most important being, personal development. Without getting too ‘careers teacher’ on you guys, you will grow as a person after taking this course, so expect to use some serious communication and critical thinking skills as you challenge yourself every day. From meeting new people to living in an entirely different country, you will build up a confidence that you can only achieve from traveling and education (and this is an awesome mix of both!).

With Premier TEFL’s courses being renowned for their high standard internationally, once you are fully accredited, you will have no problem finding a job anywhere in the world! Plus it will be on your CV forever, so it will make you stand out and provide you with everlasting benefits in all your future jobs. After the paid internship in Thailand, they will also give you the opportunity to extend your contract and even apply for salary increases if you’ve proven yourself to be a critical member of the team.

So, what do you think? An amazing job opportunity abroad? We think so! We are all about personal development and traveling (and the founders of Adventure in You have lived in Thailand for almost a year!), so we can’t recommend this internship highly enough. For a way to make some money while traveling and also achieving a lifelong, quality qualification on the way, we can’t think of anything more perfect. So what are you waiting for?

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