Epic Adventure Challenges Around the World with Large Minority

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

Nowadays, most people are opting to make the most out of their well deserved vacation time by looking for memorable and authentic experiences to do. Although we often tend to shy away from “organized tours”, but these epic adventure challenges sparked our interest.

Part of our brand strategy is actively partnering and working with other companies who believe in the same thing that we do- living life to the fullest.

With a lot of excitement, we’ve very recently partnered up with Large Minority, a company who comes up with unique adventure challenges around the world. So, what exactly are these Adventure Challenges, who is Large Minority?

“Adventure- An undertaking usually involving unknown risks or an exciting or remarkable experience”

Large Minority – “Impossible Adventures, Made Possible”

When we first heard of Large Minority, what grabbed us initially were their Adventure Challenges which spanned across Asia all the way to South America. From epic tuk tuk challenges to navigating through the Amazon jungle all the way to sailing through unchartered seas in the Philippines.

As travelers themselves, the owners Julian and Juan aim to organize impossible challenges, making them possible all while providing their participants with authentic and unforgettable experiences. So without further a do, here are a few adventure challenges that Large Minority offer.large minority tuk tuk challenge

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The Lanka Challenge

Ever dreamed about traveling a country via tuk tuk? Well, apparently some people do as Large Minorities tuk tuk challenges are in high demand and is one of the most epic adventures you can think of. The Lanka Challenge is an opportunity for travelers to travel 1000km along with other teams as they complete challenges along the way. For 9 days, participants will travel through unknown lands, driving this 3 wheeled tin can, all while completing fun challenges along the way.

Chilli eating contest? Photographs with crocodiles? Who swoons over some locals? All of these are just examples of activities that teams can expect along the way. Large Minority offers two routes for their Lanka Challenge. One which takes you around the South through Kandy, Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, and Sigiriya and one which takes you across the North through some less traveled yet equally beautiful places.

Update: We just completed the Lanka Challenge and it was hands down one of the BEST things we’ve ever done. Check out our full Lanka Challenge Race Review


1000 km travelled (approx.)

8 nights (including 1 night camping)

9 days (including one rest day)

20-25 teams

30-65 travellers

Full details of the Lanka Challenge


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The Cambo Challenge

Similar to the Lanka Challenge, you travel in style across Cambodia on a three-wheeled Japanese powered tuk tuk for 9 days. Together with your team mates, you travel daily towards a meeting point along with a list of ridiculous challenges to complete along the way. Think crazy costumes and well quite frankly, even crazier driving through busy roads and rural lands.

Your starting point? The grandiose Angkor Temples in Siem Reap, stopping in many small villages along the way. Not only are you able to see the raw beauty of the countryside of Cambodia, but you are also able to interact with the locals on a much more meaningful way as you complete the challenges given.

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1000 km travelled (approx.)

8 nights (including 1 night camping)

9 days (including one rest day)

20-25 teams

30-65 travellers

Full details of the Cambo Challenge

People racing in tuk tuks

The Amazon Challenge

Similar to myself, I’m sure visiting the Amazon Rainforest is high up on everyones list. Well, the guys over at Large Minority just upped everyones bucket list by designing the Amazon Challenge, an insane 8 day adventure through some of the least visited parts of the Amazon.

You start your journey in Colombia and end up in rainforests of Brazil and as if that isn’t an adventure in itself, try adding some navigational challenges along the way. Throw in some wild amazonian animals like pink dolphins and poisonous creepy crawlies, you have yourself a week to remember.


Colombia, Peru, Brazil

8 nights

10 teams

20 travellers

Full details of the Amazon Challenge A group of people relaxing on a boat

The Philippines Challenge

Admittedly, this is a challenge that I am most excited about. Aboard a local Philippine sailing boat called a paraw, you navigate some of the most incredible waters in the Philippines as you try to outsmart and outwit other teams along the way. Think Amazing Race but on water!

Since this event is done similar to the other challenges organized by Large Minority, expect some epic tasks to do along the way. Anything from climbing coconut trees to fishing for your own dinner. Starting off in Boracay Island, you sail across the uninhabited islands for 9 days. We did this trip with them and loved every bit of it as well!

P.S. no sailing experience is required as their will be local boatmen to assist you, but some basic map reading skills would come in handy- or not.

Sitting at the helm of a paraw Details:

90 Nautical miles travelled (approx)

8 nights

9 days

10-15 teams

20-35 travellers

Want to know more? Our readers get a special 10% discount if you sign up using our code! Check out our full write up below:

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Why These Adventure Challenges are Awesome

Although we are not really the type to do all inclusive holidays, these adventure challenges are unlike anything we’ve ever come across and everyone that has done it has just raved about it. In the near future, this is DEFINITELY something we are doing- stay tuned!

The challenges are well organized, planned, and executed. They don’t just throw you out on the road with a set of instructions (just kidding, as they actually do that!) The challenges given are also meant to give you the most interaction with locals.

Ask people to teach you a local song while videoing yourself singing it, buying ingredients for a local dish and asking a local to invite you in their home to show you how to cook this dish. You know, stuff like THAT! Now you all know we are a big believer of local experiences.

We actively couch surf, we’ve lived with a local fisherman and his family in the Philippines, and we always try to go off the beaten path to find these types of experiences so the activities that Large Minority organizes is right up our alley.

The best part about them is that a large chunk of the fees you pay are used to help local communities in the area. Since 2009, they have partnered up with local NGOs and small community groups, raising over $72,000 in charitable travel initiatives.A group of local children crouching down

Apart from this, did I mention that Large Minority organizes everything from your accommodations down to your meals? All you have to do is bring your sense of adventure, willingness to laugh at yourself along the way, and the balls to look like an crazy fool in a foreign land (don’t worry, locals quickly get accustomed to two people in pajamas and wigs driving a tuk tuk!)

So for those adventurous folks out there that want a memorable all-inclusive holiday, we highly suggest looking into anyone of Large Minorities Adventure Challenges for a trip of a lifetime.

Want to find out more about these Adventure Challenges? Check out the website and reach out to the guys over at Large Minority, trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

This post was written in partnership between Adventure In You and Large Minority. All photos were sourced from Large Minority.

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  1. I bet anyone of any age might be able to enjoy these places and activities! I can skip with my homeland’s but I’d surely have a blast with the Cambo or Amazon challenges!

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love the idea of pushing outside normal boundaries, and having someone else to help you stretch seems to be amazing. Actually, I also think this could be applied to independent travel in many ways – arriving in a place with the specific aim to select a few crazy activities to complete!

  3. Very interesting concept. The challenges sound like a lot of fun, especially The Cambo Challenge! I love that they give you opportunities to interact with locals as well. So fun!

  4. These sound like the most fabulous adventures! I’ve heard of various tuk-tuk challenges and similar trips but I had no heard of Large Minority before. I love the emphasis on connecting with locals as well as raising money for charities – got to love and support a company that gives back!

  5. Wow, these adventures really do sound epic and so much fun! I’m looking forward to reading more about your new partnership. Congrats guys!

  6. Great combination post of crazy adventures for the extreme adventurous. I don’t think I have it in me to do any of these myself. I like a nice shower and comfy bed lol I might consider a boat in the Amazon over a tuk tuk though lol

  7. look perfect if you are traveling with friends! saw a couple of posts of people traveling by tuk tuks already so it may be a coming trend

  8. Love the idea though if I had to pick one I’d probably go for the Lanka challenge! Riding a tuk tuk sounds like so much fun that it’s hard to resist! I’ve heard a few people also do races with tuk tuks in India too, we’ll keep an eye out for those Large minority challenges!

  9. These sound like The Amazing Race, which I love! How fun and challenging – I bet these are all fantastic experiences.


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