‘To inspire and encourage
people to DO MORE and live
their lives to the fullest.’

Who we are

Hey there! We’re Tom and Anna, founders of Adventure in You. We are two backpackers who have an affinity for anything and everything adventurous. After meeting one fateful day on the sand dunes in Vietnam, we have since been inseparable. Since then, we have expanded our team and are working on providing awesome content that is both informative and inspiring. Adventure in You is made up of a community of travelers, wanderers and adventurers who want nothing else but to enjoy and discover all corners of this earth while inspiring others to do the same.

Want to get to know us more?  Read about How we Met or How Starting a Blog Changed our Lives.

What we do

We travel the world in search of the best adventures to share with you. From epic jungle treks to the best diving sites, we’re in the business of inspiring others to do more. Currently, we are in Southeast Asia writing about the best adventures in the region which we’ve compiled in our popular Adventure Guides. If you’re an avid writer and adventurer, check out our Meet The Team Page and think about joining us!

Why we do it

Whatever your happiness is, pursue it relentlessly. This is what Adventure in You is all about. We want to inspire people to discover what it means to live life to the fullest by constantly challenging yourself to do more and be more.

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