Weather in Mexico in March Weather Info + Travel Tips (2024 Guide)

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Are you looking for information on the weather in Mexico in March?

I’m going to share my top tips on traveling to this country during the month of March, plus share some of the top destinations in Mexico that are worth visiting during this month.

You’re in good hands here, the Adventure in You team has spent time both traveling AND living in Mexico so we have a ton of insider tips to share with you.

The weather in Mexico in March is fantastic, it’s still in the dry season and the cool temperatures make it a perfect time to enjoy all that Mexico has to offer.

March is a perfect time to visit the beaches where it will be warmer than the cities, where the cooler temperatures give you the ideal setting for strolling the cities.

An image of Mexico City with flag pole.
March is one of the best times to visit Mexico

Weather in Mexico Month on Month Guide

Want to find out what the weather in Mexico is like month on month? Check out our other articles for an in-depth guide on planning your trip.

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Weather in Mexico in March

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico in March, the weather is as good as it gets! In fact, March is one of the best times to visit Mexico as the temperatures are not too hot and humid.

When is Rainy Season in Mexico?

The rainy season in Mexico runs between May and November depending on the region. So you are unlikely to see any rain if you visit in March.

There is never a guarantee when it comes to the weather though and while March is outside the rainy season, there might be the odd shower. But don’t worry, it never lasts long if it does rain!

Average Temperatures for Mexico in March

Mexico is huge, so the average temperature will depend on where you’re visiting.

For example, March in Cancun will see an average temperature of 86°F while places in the Pacific Coast will reach up to 90°

Cities in central Mexico, such as Mexico City will be as warm as 77°F but cities Yucatan and Ixtapa can reach up to 90°F. Figuring out the average temperatures can make or break your trip!

Why Visit Mexico in March

The weather in Mexico in March is practically perfect. The weather provides hot and sunny beach days and warm (but not intolerable) city breaks.

March in Mexico will provide fantastic opportunities for you, from whale watching, swimming, water-based activities, and parties!

Mexico is a popular choice for spring break which takes place around March/April so expect wild parties and constantly flowing alcohol.

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Popular Places to Visit in Mexico in March 

I will take you through the best places in March for the optimum weather for exploring the area and making the most of the activities on offer.

A view of ocean in Cancun, Mexico.
The beaches of Cancun are idyllic in March as the temperatures are still quite cool.

1. Cancun in March

March is one of the coolest months in Cancun with high temperatures around 84°F and lows around 69°F. It can rain around once a week in March, but it’s only light showers so it won’t really affect any activities you plan to do.

March is also outside the hurricane season for Cancun (between June and November) so it’s unlikely you will experience a storm either.

March is one of the most popular months to visit Cancun so expect large crowds. It’s also when Spring Break starts so there will be plenty of parties to go to! It can be a bit more expensive to visit Cancun at this time.

If you want to see when the best time to go to Cancun is, check out our full article.

Weather in Cancun in March

Cancun weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)

2. Mexico City in March

March is arguably one of the best months to visit Mexico City. Escaping the colder months of January and February, you can enjoy the warmer temperatures of March just before the rainy season which runs from around April to October. You can also admire the tropical Jacarandas blooming across the city.

The temperature averages around 77°F and March is still in the dry season (November to April) for Mexico City so you are unlikely to see any rain during your March visit.

Although it’s warmer in the day it can get a bit chillier in the evening so I’d recommend a jacket or taking some layers. The March weather gives you the perfect opportunity to explore all of the things to do in Mexico City For more tips, check out our 4-day Mexico City Itinerary.

If you are visiting Mexico City in March, you definitely don’t want to miss out on a visit to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Tour. Millions of monarch butterflies migrate 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico each November, where they remain until March. It’s definitely something you need to check out!

Alternatively, a visit to the stunning Las Grutas de Tolantago is always a good idea!

Weather in Mexico City in March

Mexico City weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
An aerial view of Tulum Beach in Mexico.

3. Tulum in March

You can expect warmer days in Tulum in March with temperatures reaching around 86°F.

Tulum has increased in popularity in the last few years and the high season runs between late December to April. Expect it to be busy in March, especially with students heading to the beaches for Spring Break.

March is part of the dry season for Tulum but as it’s on the coast, it’s never guaranteed there won’t be a little shower.

If you don’t mind a few parties and crowds, March is one of the best times to go to Tulum. Regardless if you’re there to enjoy the beach clubs in Tulum or take a dip in the numerous Tulum cenotes, you’re bound to have a great time.

Weather in Tulum in March

Tulum weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)

4. Playa del Carmen in March 

Playa del Carmen, or “Playa” as it’s referred to by locals is also known as a mini-Cancun, but it’s much more of a small-town feel in Playa.

You can expect hot days in Playa in March with high temperatures around 85°F and falling to around 67°F in the evenings.

March is a perfect time for swimming and water activities in Playa with sea temperatures around 79°F, allowing you to spend all day splashing about if you wanted to!

You can expect around 7 days of rain in Playa del Carmen in March. Fortunately though the downpours only last around an hour. With that being said, there are plenty of Playa del Carmen cenotes nearby which you can easily visit, rain or shine.

The humidity in March is quite high so it can get uncomfortable, especially if you’re not a fan of the heat! You can avoid this by planning water activities in the afternoons and drinking plenty of water!

Similarly, if you are planning to visit the Mayan Ruins nearby, I would suggest you do this in the morning to avoid the crowds and the humidity of the afternoon.

Weather in Playa del Carmen in March

Playa del Carmen weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Merida Mexico
March is a great time to visit Merida before the temperatures become too hot!

5. Merida in March 

March is a perfect time to visit Merida with average temperatures around 85°F. March might be the last month to visit Merida as it can get unbearably warm between May and September, so I don’t recommend visiting then.

There is no expected rainfall during this month but the humidity is also high so it might be worth cooling off in the water or checking out Merida cenotes.

It will get hotter towards the end of March with increased humidity, so bear this in mind if you’re not keen on the heat! 

Weather in Merida in March

Merida weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful sceneries of Cabo San Lucas.

6. Cabo San Lucas in March

Cabo San Lucas has a very relaxed vibe and is the more popular of the two Cabos, (San Jose del Cabo). It’s also referred to as just Cabo by the locals.

There are only 2 months in the rainy season for Cabo, and they are August and September. The rest of the year is wonderful sunshine, which means it gets around 300 days of sun! So you are pretty much guaranteed the best weather in March!

The temperature in March is around 81°F so it’s still nice and warm, and you can take advantage of this by taking a refreshing swim in the ocean or pool.

You’ll also get crystal clear waters in March so it’ll be an incredible time for divers and snorkelers. You can also check out this cool Clear Boat Tour where you can search for sealife without leaving the boat!

For a once in a lifetime experience, book La Paz Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour. The Cabo Whale Shark Season runs between November and April so this will be a fantastic trip to add to your trip in March.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in March

Cabo San Lucas weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)

7. Isla Mujeres in March

Isla Mujeres’s weather is fantastic in March, not only is this during the dry period but the average temperature is 84°F. It’s the perfect time for swimming in the sea with an average water temperature of 80°F.

As Isla Mujeres is a year-round diving destination, you could spend all day looking at the wonderful sea life or go fishing.

Weather in Isla Mujeres in March

Isla Mujeres weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
A beautiful place in Oaxaca, Mexico.

8. Oaxaca in March

Oaxaca is a vibrant city that’s brimming with culture and wonderful restaurants that you need to visit when you travel to Mexico.

The weather in Oaxaca in March is practically perfect, the high temperature is around 89°F, perfect for visiting one of the many brilliant beaches Oaxaca has to offer.

The night temperatures are around 55°F so it can be a bit chilly so make sure to take a jacket or jumper for extra warmth.

Weather in Oaxaca in March

Oaxaca weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)

9. Puerto Vallarta in March

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful city in the Riviera Nayarit that is not only one of the safest places to visit but is also welcoming to all sorts of travelers (solo, couples, LGBTQ, and families).

You can expect hotter and more humid weather in Puerto Vallarta in March with the average temperature being up to 91°F. The dry season runs from October to May for Puerto Vallarta, so you will see very little rain in March.

March also provides perfect swimming conditions with the average water temperature around 76°F. Snorkeling and whale watching from Bahia Banderas (Bay of Banderas) are very popular with tourists in March. You could take advantage of the sea temperature and try Private Surf Lessons.

Weather in Puerto Vallarta in March

Puerto Vallarta weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
A beautiful spot in Bacalar Beach

10. Bacalar in March

If Bacalar is on your to-do list then March is definitely the best time to go! March sees the least amount of rain in Bacalar and the temperatures are starting to rise.

I’d recommend packing some light clothing and sun protection. Temperatures average between 77 – 86°F. The humidity is also quite high at around 74% so make the most of Laguna Bacalar and take a relaxing dip and enjoy the laid-back destinations.

Why not take full advantage of the weather and look at the Best Bacalar Tours for you to enjoy?

Weather in Bacalar in March

Bacalar weather in March (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful sceneries of Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Events in Mexico in March

Benito Juarez Day –Benito Juarez Day celebrates the birthday of the former Mexican president. Benito Juarez is a huge figure in Mexico’s City. Expect many stores to be closed, along with schools, banks, and government offices Most supermarkets will remain open.

Spring Break – Mexico is a firm favorite with American college students for spring break. The most popular places for Spring Break are Cabos, Cancun, Tulum, and Ensenada so expect parties and beach parties.

Butterfly migration – another wondrous sight for nature lovers, millions of monarch butterflies start their journeys to Canada from the central areas in Mexico. If you head to the state of Michoacán, March is the peak viewing season for the monarch butterflies.

Spring Equinox – Head to the Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins and join the thousands for the Spring Equinox to watch the shadow of a serpent descend down El Castillo Pyramid.

mayan ruins in mexico

FAQ on Spending March in Mexico

Is it good to go to Mexico in March?

March is a great time to visit March. It’s still the dry season so you can expect dry and sunny days. The temperature and humidity can increase by the end of the month so aim to go the first half of March.

What is the weather like in Mexico in March?

It is generally sunny and hot in Mexico in March. It is also a dry month so you will see very little rain, as much as 2 inches. The average high temperature is around 86°F and the lowest average temperature is around 65°F.

Is March a good time to visit Cancun?

It can get quite busy in Cancun in March due to Spring Break, which can be right up your street if you’re eager to party. The weather is lovely and warm and it is unlikely to rain as it’s still the dry season.

When is the best time to travel to Mexico?

Mexico is a year-round destination. One of the popular months to visit Mexico is March when the weather is generally warm and sunny.

Looking for more articles on Mexico? Check out some of our articles below!

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