Weather in Mexico in December Weather Info + Travel Tips (2024 Guide)

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If you are thinking of escaping the cold or celebrating the Christmas festivities in Mexico, you might be thinking, what is the weather in Mexico in December like?

Well, you’re in luck, the Adventure in You team has spent time both traveling AND living in Mexico so we can give you plenty of information, hints, and tips to make the most of your trip.

Continue to learn about the weather in our top places to visit in December.

Beautiful city of Oaxaca in Mexico
December is a cool and dry month in a lot of parts of Mexico

Weather in Mexico Month on Month Guide

Want to find out what the weather in Mexico is like month on month? Check out our other articles for an in-depth guide on planning your trip.

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Weather in Mexico in December

The weather forecast does vary due to the size of Mexico, however, in December, it ranges from pleasant to perfect, so you can’t go wrong in December.

The weather in Mexico in December can vary greatly depending on the region. In general, December is a cool, dry month in much of Mexico, with average highs ranging from the low 70°F to low 80°F (low to mid 20°C). However, temperatures can be cooler in the highlands and along the coast, and warmer in the tropical regions.

As I continue this article, I will share with you the best places to visit in Mexico in December.

When is Rainy Season in Mexico?

December marks the beginning of the dry season in most parts of Mexico, as the rainy season typically ends in October or November, depending on the region.

However, it’s important to note that some areas, particularly the Gulf coast and the Caribbean coast, may still experience some rainfall in December. The heavy rainfall and thunderstorms that are common during the rainy season become less frequent during December, as the weather becomes drier and more predictable.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the weather in Mexico can be unpredictable, and occasional rain showers can still occur. It’s also worth noting that the humidity levels in December can still be high in some regions, which can make the heat feel oppressive.

The best thing to do is to check the weather data or the weather forecast beforehand to make sure you get the most accurate predictions.

Overall, December is considered a good time to travel to Mexico as the weather is generally dry and sunny, providing good conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

So yet another bonus to visiting Mexico in December is that it is VERY unlikely you will have rain during your trip as you are now well into the dry  season!

Average Temperatures for Mexico in December

The temperatures always vary throughout Mexico purely because of the size of the country.

The average temperature in Mexico in December ranges from the mid 60s to mid 70°F, depending on the location.

In Mexico City, the average temperature in December is around 59°F (15°C). On the Pacific coast, places like Baja California or Cabo has an average temperature in December is around 72°F (22°C). Here, you can expect to experience warm days and cool nights, with occasional coastal fog known as “garúa.” The humidity is generally low and the weather is sunny and dry.

In the Yucatán Peninsula, the average temperature in December is around 74°F (23°C). Please note that these are average temperatures which may vary.

The Yucatán Peninsula, which includes popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, is also in the midst of its dry season in December.

The region is known for its sunny and dry weather, with temperatures often reaching into the mid-70s (23°C) during the day. It’s also relatively low in humidity, making it a popular destination for visitors looking to escape colder climates.

Why Visit Mexico in December

It would be quicker to note why it isn’t a good time to visit Mexico in December because there are endless reasons to visit Mexico in December.

Mexico weather during this month is cool and pleasant. The rain downpours and storms have gone along with the high humidity, so you can enjoy warm temperatures while escaping the winter cold.

Late December is the start of Mexico’s high season, so it’s a very popular time to visit. With Christmas being a busy and beloved time in Mexico, you can enjoy the festivities while relaxing in the warmth of the sun.

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Popular Places to Visit in Mexico in December

Below are a few fantastic places that you’re going to want to visit in December. I have gathered weather information along with some activity suggestions to take advantage of the weather.

December is the start of the peak season so there are a lot of choices of places to go, you will struggle to limit your choice!

Cute sea lion swimming under the sea of La Paz, Mexico
Plan your snorkeling adventure in La Paz in December to see the cutest sea lions

1. La Paz in December

Offering 340 days of decent weather, La Paz located in Baja California is a popular year-round destination due to its location in the Pacific Coast. December is one of the coolest months, but with temperatures reaching 76°F, it is warm for a winter month.

Based on the weather data, the humidity in La Paz is low, so December is a very comfortable month to visit. There is very little rainfall in December with around 18mm of rain during the whole month.

These fabulous weather conditions do make December a very popular time to visit La Paz. Expect larger crowds during this peak season as they tend to come in because of the warm weather.

I would recommend booking any tours or activities in advance if you plan on visiting in December. Popular trips like Snorkeling Adventure at Espiritu Santo Island National Park or this open bar boat cruise can fill up fast.

Weather in La Paz in December

La Paz weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)

2. Mexico City in December

December is the start of the low season for Mexico City so you can expect it to be a quieter time. This doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to visit.

You can expect warm daytime temperatures, with an average temperature of 74°F and rain is a rarity. In this month, Mexico weather is great for those who like the cold.

The temperature can sometimes dip below freezing, just bare this in mind and pack some warm clothes for the night.

Mexico City offers wonderful and exciting Christmas and New Year celebrations, including wonderful markets.

If you are looking for something a bit different to do, you could enjoy an Air Balloon Flight & Breakfast. Or you could make the most of the nice weather and experience the city by visiting Grutas de Tolantongo.

For some more ideas of what to do while in Mexico City, check out Things to Do in Mexico City guide.

Weather in Mexico City in December

mexico city weather
Mexico City weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful Basilica in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

3. San Miguel de Allende in December

December is one of the coolest months to visit San Miguel de Allende with temperatures reaching up to 73°F. The humidity is low too so this will be very comfortable.

December is the driest month for San Miguel de Allende so it’s unlikely you’ll see any rain.

San Miguel has been heavily influenced by arts, music, and literature so there is plenty of museums and art galleries for you to enjoy.

There will be a lot of Christmas events in San Miguel de Allende, especially after the 12th of December.

There are still plenty of other activities on offer, you can make the most of the cool weather and go Hiking in the Canyon, or Discover and Explore San Miguel Allende.

Expect large tourist crowds in the month of December so make sure to book your trip in advance. The pleasant Mexico weather in San Miguel plays a huge factor as to why tons of people come here during this month.

Weather in San Miguel de Allende in December

San Miguel de Allende weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)

4. Puerto Vallarta in December

The coastal town of Puerto Vallarta is known for its natural beauty, rich cultural traditions and welcoming hospitality.

December is the start of the high season for PV. Temperatures are around 84ºF at the beginning of the month and ease to 81.ºF in the second half of the month.

Along with the warm temperatures, you can expect sunny skies so it’s best to pack summer clothes. There could be the odd afternoon shower but they won’t stick around long enough to ruin your plans.

December is also the whale watching season, become mesmerized by these majestic creatures and book a tour to not miss out!

Weather in Puerto Vallarta in December

puerto vallarta weather
Puerto Vallarta weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful aerial shot in Cancun, Mexico
December is a perfect time to visit Cancun

5. Cancun in December

December is a practically perfect time for anyone looking to visit Cancun and is a great option in the Riviera Maya.

You will enjoy pleasant temperatures of low 80°F and the humidity is lower than in previous months, making Cancun more enjoyable. The beautiful Caribbean sea is hard to resist during this time!

The peak season for Cancun runs from late December to April, so if you visit in early to mid-December, not only will you avoid the mass crowds, but you could also find a few deals and discounts for accommodations.

You can enjoy all activities in Cancun in December with the optimum weather that’s offered. Check out these highly rated tours; Chichen Itza + Cenote Tours, Tulum Ruins, Reef Snorkeling, and finally a catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres!

To find out the Best Time to Go to Cancun check out this guide!

Weather in Cancun in December

cancun weather
Cancun weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful statue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

6. Playa del Carmen in December

Located on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Playa del Carmen offers a world of activity, from historical ruins to beautiful Caribbean beaches, adrenaline-fuelled activities, and amazing food.

December is the start of the dry season for Playa del Carmen, where temperatures are more tolerable and there is little to no rain. Therefore, our team has spent a Christmas in Playa del Carmen and found the weather to be perfect!

The average maximum temperature for December is 75°F so the days will feel warm. It’s a perfect time to hit the beach, the sea temperature is also around 80° F, you could relax all day!

Of course, this does mean there will be more tourists, if you are looking to escape the crowds then head to Playa del Carmen at the beginning of the month.

Another way to cool off would be in one of the Best Playa del Carmen Cenotes. There are also plenty of landmarks you could check out on a trip, including Chichen Itzá, Cenote and Valladolid Tour.

If you are wondering how safe Playa del Carmen is to visit, you need to read our guide Is Playa del Carmen Safe for Travelers?

Weather in Playa del Carmen in December

playa del carmen weather
Playa del Carmen weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)

7. Cabo San Lucas in December

Known for its luxurious resorts, scuba diving opportunities, and white sand beaches, ATV desert trips, and more. Cabo is a popular destination in Mexico year-round!

December is a wonderful time to visit. The temperatures are around 82°F and with low humidity levels, you can appreciate the heat without it being too uncomfortable.

You could see the odd rain shower, but these never last long at all. You will still have the perfect weather to enjoy anything and everything in Cabo San Lucas.

The sea temperature does dip slightly in December, so you’ll be fine to do tours like this arches trip. If you plan on diving or spending longer in the sea, I’d recommend wearing a light wetsuit or rash guard.

Christmas is also a magical time to visit Cabo San Lucas where you can experience some fantastic traditions and delicious foods.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in December

cabo san lucas weather
Cabo San Lucas weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful beach of Isla Holbox, Mexico
December is the start of peak season for Isla Holbox

8. Isla Holbox in December

If you are looking to escape to paradise, then Isla Holbox is the place for you. An island located just off the state of Quintana Roo, Isla Holbox offers a relaxing retreat.

There are white sand beaches with crystal clear waters and colorful buildings are a perfect backdrop to escape the hustle and bustle of places like Cancun.

December is the start of peak season for Isla Holbox with an average maximum temperature of 77℉. The humidity levels are around 77% so it can feel hotter so make sure to pack light clothing. Check out our article on the best Holbox restaurants while you’re on the island!

Enjoy a relaxing Kayak in the mangroves, at sunrise or sunset, and enjoy the cooler temperatures at the beginning or end of the day.

Weather in Isla Holbox in December

holbox weather
Isla Holbox weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)

9. Merida in December

As the cultural capital of the Yucatan Peninsula, I would recommend visiting Merida to anyone looking to visit the area. It’s one of the safest cities to visit in Mexico, so it’s a pretty great introduction to this fantastic country.

December is still warm, the temperature will be around 85℉ and it can feel hot due to the humidity levels.

There is a chance of rain, but you’re likely to have quick showers.

You can experience the culture, history, and exciting adventures in Merida. Chichén Itzá and Cenote Tour, Izamal (the yellow city) or Ria Celestun Biosphere Reserve Tour.

But we have plenty of hints and tips in this Ultimate Guide of Things to do in Merida.

Weather in Merida in December

merida weather
Merida weather in December (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Gorgeous buildings in Mexico

Events in Mexico in December

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe December 12th A public holiday across Mexico for this Catholic celebration where it’s believed a man met the Virgin Mary in Mexico City in December 1531. Children are dressed in traditional outfits and families will head to church for blessings celebrations. It can get really busy on this day so allow extra time if you are traveling.

Los Posadas – December 16th to 25th. The 9-day event symbolizes Mary’s 9-month pregnancy. You will witness biblical re-enactments, carol singing, and traditional Mexican decorations like a pinata shaped like a star.

Las Misa De Gallo – December 24th.The final posada on Christmas Eve is celebrated with a late-night mass which is followed by a big traditional feast with lots of food. The celebration of Christmas Eve usually ends with the present opening.

Christmas Day – December 25th Christmas Day is a day to relax in Mexico. The late night mass is followed by a day for church, family, and lots of food.

Beautiful sceneries in Mexico

FAQ on Spending December in Mexico

What is the best region to visit in Mexico in December?

The best region to visit in Mexico in December will depend on your personal preferences and the type of vacation you are looking for. If you want to experience the best weather, the Yucatan Peninsula and the Pacific Coast tend to have the most pleasant temperatures in December.

What is the month of December in Mexico like?

Festivities begin on 12th December and you will see the cities and big towns light up and the shops brimming with eager shoppers preparing for the festive holidays. If you are planning to travel in Mexico after 17th December, ensure extra time as bus stations and airports can get really busy!

Is December a good time to visit Puerto Vallarta?

December is one of the best times to visit Puerto Vallarta. It’s the start of the high season which runs until March.

The high heat and humidity have come to a calm, rain is rarely experienced so you can enjoy all Puerto Vallarta has to offer with comfortably warm and dry weather.

What is the weather like in Mexico in winter?

December is one of the most popular times to visit Mexico with many looking to escape the cold weather.  The weather does vary depending on where you visit.

Still, high temperatures can reach around 81° F with low temperatures around 43° F. Both the rainy season and Atlantic hurricane season are over, so it’s rare to see any storms or rain.

What should I pack for a trip to Mexico in December?

It is a good idea to pack layers for your trip to Mexico in December, as the weather can vary greatly depending on your location. Bring a mix of lightweight and heavier layers, as well as warm clothing for cooler evenings. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Looking for more articles on Mexico? Check out our full guide below.

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