26+ Things to Do in Oaxaca, Mexico That You Can’t Miss (2024)

written by local expert Kelli Lovett

Originally from small town USA, I realized my love for travel at a young age and never looked back. I have traveled to over 80 countries, lived the expat life, and now travel the globe in my home on wheels with my partner Eddie.

Oaxaca state in southern Mexico is one of the most vibrant and diverse regions in all of Mexico. With such a wide variety of experiences, settings, and things to do in Oaxaca there is something here for everyone.

Indulge in Oaxaca city’s rich culinary culture and trendy arts scene or return to nature in the traditional mountain villages of the pueblos mancomunados. 

Sunbathe on the glistening beaches of Mexico’s surfing mecca Puerto Escondido or journey to the misty mountains of the Sierra Sur.

Be awed by incredible archaeological sites of ancient civilizations or explore the wilder parts of Oaxaca like Chacahua’s maze of crocodile-filled mangrove forests or the unspoiled coastal national park of Huatulco. 

There are just so many things to do in Oaxaca, it can be difficult to know where to start. We have put together a list of our absolute favorite experiences, places, and things to do in Oaxaca state to help get you started.

First things first, you’re probably wondering where Oaxaca is.

Where is Oaxaca?

Oaxaca (pronounced wah-haak-kah) is in southwestern Mexico near Puebla and Veracruz. It’s also right in the center of where the Eastern and Southern Sierra Madre mountains come together. It’s the capital of the Oaxaca state. 

You might hear the names Oaxaca and Oaxaca City used interchangeably. They are the same place and both terms are used by locals and tourists. 

From Mexico City, you can get to Oaxaca by going on a 7.5 hour bus ride. Alternatively, Oaxaca also has an airport which makes it much more convenient for those who don’t have a lot of time.

oaxaca church

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Getting Around Oaxaca

When wandering around Oaxaca City center, you don’t really need to worry about transportation as Oaxaca is an extremely walkable city. From the historic center which is called La Plaza de la Constitución, you can easily visit a lot of the main hotspots.

The main square in Oaxaca city center is called Zócalo and is a pretty central meeting point for tours. When we visited Oaxaca, we found this to be the starting point of most tours.

If you want to venture further, there are many ways to get around Oaxaca. If you are not comfortable driving, the easiest way to get around is by joining group tours, private taxis or taking the local bus.

You can also rent a car for a daily fee. Renting a car is by far the best option if you plan to take  day trips! More on this later.

We recommend checking out Discovery Cars as compare the price between multiple providers, finding you the best deal.

Alternatively, the bus system between the cities is pretty reliable and cheaper than taxis or car rentals. 

Is Oaxaca Safe?

Oaxaca is considered one of the safest places to travel to in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. There is a lower crime rate than in other Mexican states. Drug violence is also extremely rare and there are no known drug cartels known in the area. 

Just like with anywhere you travel though, always be attentive at night and keep your personal belongings close. Most danger is easily avoided when you’re vigilant about your surroundings. Check out our full article on Oaxaca Safety here for more travel tips!

Oaxaca Train Station

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Oaxaca Things to Do Highlights

  • Traditional Cooking Class- If you want to learn more about Oaxaca through its food, this cooking class is for you. It is hands down one of the best things to do in Oaxaca and is extremely popular amongst travelers.
  • Day trip to Hierva el Agua– This awesome day trip will take you to one of Oaxaca’s popular attractions. The day trip includes swimming, hiking, and a trip to a Mezcal factory.
  • Oaxaca Handicrafts tour- Want to immerse yourself in the beautiful handicrafts that Oaxaca is known for? Check out this local guided tour where you can find out more about the Zapotec handicrafts.
  • Oaxaca Street Food Crawl– Discover the best eats in Oaxaca in this awesome food tour taking you around the best spots in the city.
  • Mezcal tasting– This local tour gives you an in depth introduction into Mezcal and how it is part of the Mexican culture, allowing you taste a variety of tastes and styles.
  • Historic Walking Tour– This local led walking tour takes you around the main sights in Oaxaca City, giving you an insight into each attraction.

Best Things to Do in Oaxaca, Mexico

1. Eat Your Way Through Oaxaca City

Few cities rival the culinary pedigree of Oaxaca. Oaxacan cuisine draws on the region’s rich history with influence from the pre-Columbian civilizations that ruled here for millennia and the Spanish who came after.

With its long culinary history and distinct style, you will find flavors here that have shaped Mexican food and beyond. Think rich, dark moles, charcoal-finished tlayudas, and simple memelas. 

From street food to casual hole in the wall restaurants to fine dining experiences, the range and variety of Oaxacan food is matched only by its quality.

On street corners, expect Oaxacan-style tacos, quesadillas, and local staple the tlayuda, large white corn tortillas covered in frijoles, meats, veggies and Oaxacan cheese and grilled over charcoal.

Some of the city’s best street stalls include Tacos del Carmen, Lechoncito de Oro, Libre Tlayudas Dona Martha or the marketplace 20 de Noviembre.

Do you know all the different types of Mexican Tacos? Check out our guide for a full breakdown!

For casual sit-down meals, small, simple mom and pop restaurants throughout Oaxaca have been perfecting local specialties for generations. Find pozole, heaped plates of mole, and piping hot tamales. 

Our favorite casual restaurants are Cabuche, Chepiche Cafe, Ancestral Cocina Tradicional, and La Popular.

Beyond wandering around street food stalls and casual dining, some of Mexico’s, and indeed the world’s, most exciting chefs have been drawn to Oaxaca’s thriving food scene. 

These chefs are bringing the heritage and history of Oaxaca into the present day as ancient tradition meets modern techniques. 

Don’t miss eating in these popular Oaxaca resturants: Casa Oaxaca, Pitiona or Enrique Olvera’s Criollo.

Tip: If you want to go deeper into Oaxacan cuisine, a cooking class is an awesome way to experience its food culture in a hands-on way. Check out this highly rated cooking class that includes a Mezcal open bar.

Tlayudas s staple in Oaxaca
Eating Tlayudas in Oaxaca

2. Bar Hop the Mezcalarias of Oaxaca City

Jalisco may be the home of tequila, but Oaxaca is the king when it comes to mezcal, Mexico’s popular agave-based spirit. 

Visit one (or all) of the many mezcalerias in the city of Oaxaca to sample local Mezcal. Passionate bartenders can guide you through the sometimes confronting savory and smoky flavors for which mezcal is known.

Some of the best bars to sample mezcal in Oaxaca city are Bar Ilegal, Mezcalogia, and La Querencia Mezcaleria.

3. Fill Up at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre 

While this organic market has all kinds of food, most of the vendors sell meat including sausage, beef, and ribs. Some stalls have fresh produce for vegetarians. The vegetables and meat are cooked right in front of you. Grab your plate and eat at one of the tables!

4. Admire the Street Art 

Oaxaca is full of beautiful street art. You’ll find hand-painted murals on almost every street corner. Many of the paintings are by Lapiztola, a group of local artists that focus on using art to bring awareness to social and political issues. 

We love wandering around Oaxaca people watching while looking for cool murals! Some of the best murals and street art can be found in Jose Lopez Alavez and Aldama Street.

5. Visit a Mezcal Distillery in Santa Catarina Minas

While you can visit numerous mezcalerias in the city of Oaxaca, to gain a true appreciation of this important local export you need to visit a local mezcal distillery. 

Continue your mezcal education in Santa Catarina Minas, a small village home to a number of mezcal distilleries. Many of the small family-owned distilleries here are small-batch producers still using traditional techniques.

Observe the processes, and of course sample the famous spirit. Tours are often free or have a nominal fee. Distillery Lalocura is one of the small distilleries here producing traditional mezcal and welcoming interested visitors!

oaxaca mezcal

6. Cleanse Your Body During a Temazcal Ceremony 

Temazcal Ceremonies are an ancient Mayan ritual where you sweat all the toxins out of your body. You go inside a small stone hut that resembles an igloo. It’s a perfect place to cleanse your body and your mind. 

7. See Oaxaca City on a Bike Tour

If you don’t feel like walking, you can tour the city on a bike! This tour takes you all over the city to see the best spots for street art. You’ll go to three different neighborhoods for the best posters and murals as well as visit a couple art galleries. 

8. Travel Back in Time at Monte Alban

Just outside the modern-day city of Oaxaca, Monte Alban should be on any Oaxaca itinerary. 

Set atop a green valley, Monte Alban is one of the best-preserved and most impressive archeological sites in Mexico. Without the hordes of tourists that flood Mexico City’s Teotihuacan pyramids, it offers a wonderful opportunity to absorb the incredible significance and history of this fascinating site. 

Discover the rich and storied history of this ancient city which was not only one of the earliest cities in Mesoamerica but also functioned as the center of the Zapotec civilization for nearly one thousand years.

Tip: Want to learn more about the Zapotec Empire and ancient ruins? This full-day tour, which includes a visit to Monte Alban, will also take you to three other historic towns: Arrazola, Culiapan de Guerrero, and San Bartolo Coyotepec. You’ll spend the day learning about Zapotec culture and its impact on the modern world. 

Monte Alban, Oaxaca Mexico

9. Go on a El Agua and Mezcal Tour

This is a great two-in-one tour where you can see the amazing waterfalls of Hierve El Agua. Hierve el Agua is a set of natural rock formations that resemble cascades of water. It is a very popular attraction and rightly so!

On this Hierve el Agua tour, you get to spend three hours swimming in the water before heading to one of the best mezcal distilleries in the region. The mezcal tasting is free and you can try all the different flavors. 

Hierve El Agua is a fantastic excursion from Oaxaca and is a combination of both nature and culture! We highly recommend making a trip here as it is considered one of the best Mexican natural wonders.

10. Take a Local Cooking Class 

Learn to make traditional dishes found in the state of Oaxaca with this cooking class. You’ll learn how to make nopales, huitlacoche, fresh tortillas, quesadillas, and empanadas. The experience is very local and they give the best cooking tips for making perfect Oaxacan food.

We love this tour because it gives you a real insight into the local culture as you get to visit their family farm and cook in a traditional oven. Overall, this is a super authentic experience and is one of the best things to do while in Oaxaca.

oaxaca cooking lessons

11. Uncover the History of Yagul

Yagul, which means “old tree” in the Zapotec language, is an architectural site 36 kilometers from the city of Oaxaca. 

This large, well-preserved site makes for a fascinating way to spend a morning or afternoon. The Zapotec civilization that occupied Yagul dates back to 500 – 100 BC, however, the most visible ruins only date back to the 1200s.

With very few tourists, you might find yourself alone when visiting Yagul, a special opportunity to wander amongst history and contemplate the rise and fall of a great civilization. Take the time to climb up to the top of the hill behind the ruins for panoramic views over the ruins and the surrounding valley.

12. Admire the World’s Widest Tree in Tule

The Tree of Tule occupies pride of place in the central square of the town of Tule. This enormous tree is located just a short drive from the capital of Oaxaca. 

With a circumference of over 40 meters, the tree of Tule is listed as the world’s widest tree in the Guinness Book of World Records. The impressive tree is estimated to be around 1,500 years old and is steeped in local legend and history.

The town of Tule is also home to a pretty central zocalo, surrounded by an ornate church and traditional food stall market.

Need a place to stay in Oaxaca? Check out the best Airbnbs in Oaxaca for an awesome stay!

13. Go on an Authentic Food Tour 

Love eating street food but aren’t sure where to go? This food tour is 4.5 hours and lets you try the 20 best local dishes. Most of the places are not where tourists frequently go, so you’ll be able to eat amongst locals. 

14. Get Active on a Sierra Norte Hike 

After spending a few days eating and drinking, get your adrenaline going on this hike through Pueblo Mancomunados. Along the hike, you’ll see an indigenous mountain village. You’ll walk through the forest where you’ll see lots of local flora and fauna as well.

15. Check Out Mitla 

Mitla is one of the best places to visit if you’re interested in the traditional architecture of Oaxaca. You’ll be able to meet with locals and interact with Zapotec weavers. You’ll also travel to Teotitlán Valle, the first place that started making mezcal. 

16. Explore the City on Foot 

One of the best ways to see a new city is to take a walking tour. Many tourist organizations offer free walking tours as well as paid options. Estacion Mexico organizes the top-rated walking tours in Oaxaca. You’ll see all the best downtown attractions and try some delicious food. 

We recommend wandering around Mercado de Benito Juárez where you can people watch, look at traditional clothing, handicrafts, and more.

Other popular sites are Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán or Templo de Santo and the botanical gardens.

17. Drink Hot Chocolate 

Oaxaca is more famous for hot chocolate than it is for mezcal. All the local cafes serve fantastic cups of hot chocolate. Many of the coffee shops downtown offer free WIFI. You can sit and work for a few hours while enjoying your drink.

18. Have a Drink at a Rooftop Bar 

Oaxaca has several rooftop bars where you can grab a few drinks and watch the sunset. Oaxaca City also has a beautiful skyline you can see from the bars. For the best spots, check out Mezquite, Praga Coffee Bar, or Gozobi. 

19. Catch a Wave at Puerto Escondido

Oaxaca’s most well-known coastal destination is Puerto Escondido. 

It’s home to Playa Zicatela, one of the world’s most renowned surf destinations, known for its monster beach break. Come and try your hand at surfing this heavy wave, or try the more forgiving point break at La Punta. 

Alternatively, if surfing is not your thing, enjoy sheltered beaches and coves like Carrizalillo and generally soak up the laid-back coastal atmosphere at this popular beach town.

Tip: If you’re staying in PE overnight, don’t miss this cool activity: the bioluminescence spectacle in Manialtepec Lagoon. When night falls, get into a boat and marvel at how millions of microorganisms begin to illuminate the water in the lagoon. 

From Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido is a 6-7 hour drive away so it is best reserved for weekend trips!

Sunset at Puerto Escondido

20. Go Beach Hopping in Oaxaca

The three beaches of Mazunte, San Augustinillo, and Zipolite are some of Oaxaca’s most beautiful beaches and certainly Oaxaca’s most relaxed beach towns. 

Popular for their laid-back and alternative vibe as much as their stunning jungle-covered headlands and beautiful turquoise waters, these beaches are among Mexico’s best beach destinations.

Covering a 20-kilometer stretch of coastline, these beach towns each offer something slightly different. 

Whether you prefer the picturesque Mazunte with its protected swimming cove and trendy cafes and bars, San Augustinillo with its calm, relaxed vibe, or Zipolite which is known for being the only nude beach in Mexico, you are sure to find a home away from home in one of these three beaches in Oaxaca.

21. Watch Turtles Hatching at Playa del Palmarito

Some eight kilometers north of Puerto Escondido, on the otherwise deserted Playa del Palmarito, Olive Ridley turtles return each year to lay their eggs. From August to November, visit this remote beach to watch and help guide baby turtles as they make their way into the world and the vast Pacific Ocean.

There is a 6:00pm turtle release and you can volunteer between 9:00pm and 2:00am.

22. Explore Lagunas de Chacahua

It’s time to get off the beaten path and into wild Oaxaca. A road trip in Oaxaca is not complete without visiting Oaxaca’s Parque Nacional Lagunas de Chacahua, the Chacahua Lakes National Park.

To reach Chacahua, you will need to take a boat ride through the maze-like and crocodile-filled mangrove forests of Chacahua lagoon. Skilled pilots deftly maneuver long boats through tiny openings, speeding amongst thick tangles of mangroves. The boat ride to reach the beach is an adventure in itself.

Once there, you will be rewarded with miles of deserted beaches, a great surf break, and total relaxation. 

Basic accommodation is available and booking in advance is only essential if you want to stay somewhere particular or if your trip coincides with the Mexican holiday season. There are no ATMs available, but there are restaurants and bars and stores selling basic goods. This is the place to come and relax, read a book, and catch some rays.

Watch out for the crocs.

Lagunas de Chacahua National Park

23. Visit San Jose del Pacifico

Nestled high in the Sierra Sur mountains, halfway between the city of Oaxaca and the coast, is San Jose del Pacifico. 2,500 meters above sea level, this mountain town sits above the clouds but on a clear day, the view stretches all the way to the Pacific coast, some 60 kilometers away. 

Here in the misty mountains, lush green forests offer vastly different vegetation from the cactus-covered Oaxaca Valley to the north or palm-tree-lined coast to the south.

The town boasts incredible natural beauty, traditional temazcal sweat lodge ceremonies, and a reputation as a place of restorative power. Also of special significance here are the hongos magico, the local psilocybin mushroom, psilocybe mexicana, which grow abundantly in the mountains. 

Against this backdrop, an arts and bohemian counterculture has emerged. It is a place to unplug, to unwind, to reconnect with nature, and to rejuvenate body and mind.

24. Hike the Pueblos Mancomunados

For a truly local experience, make the journey out to the Pueblo Mancomunados which is a collection of eight small villages in the Sierra Norte mountain range. Explore this beautiful part of the world via the extensive hiking trails that connect these eight pueblos.

This cooperative of traditional Zapotec villages here has long pooled resources as part of an ongoing alliance. Today, the Pueblo Mancomunados aims to bring awareness and tourism to the culturally significant region. 

For visitors, the Pueblos Mancomunados offers a glimpse into the rural life of the communities here in this naturally spectacular alpine region.

25. Celebrate Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

Día de los Muertos, or The Day of the Dead, is one of Mexico’s most iconic and exciting cultural celebrations. And nowhere celebrates Día de Los Muertos quite like Oaxaca. The Day of the Dead celebrations are known for month-long festivities, incredible costumes, and exciting parades.

Celebrated primarily between November 1 and November 3, the state of Oaxaca and particularly Oaxaca city, is abuzz in the month leading up to the official fiesta. It is one of the best expressions of Mexican culture and is an incredible experience.

People dress up and paint their faces, parades move through the streets playing music, dancing, and setting off fireworks in huge mobile parties, and families and friends visit cemeteries not to mourn but to remember and celebrate with loved ones that have passed on.

Getting swept up in this incredible celebration of life, death and remembrance is, hands down, one of the best things to do in Oaxaca.

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

26. Explore Wild Huatulco

Here, 30,000 acres of stunning beaches and wild coastal forests have been designated a national park. The park is bordered to the east by the town of La Crucita and to the west by the small beach village of San Agustin. 

With only one road into the park and limited beach access, the best option for accessing Huatulco’s stunning and lonely beaches and experiencing its dramatic and rugged coastline is by boat. 

Tours can be organized starting in La Crucita or San Augustin. La Crucita is large and developed, with a tourism scene and popular hotel option.

The tiny beach village of San Agustin is beautiful and surprisingly busy with a local community that runs on fishing and tourism. Fishing boats bob in the calm turquoise waters which are protected by the headlands at either end of the beach and the Isla de San Agustin in front.

Tip: For an adventurous day out in Huatulco, check out this half-day excursion! You’ll get wet and wild with rafting and snorkeling on the agenda, plus a chance to take in scenic views of the area. If you prefer to stay dry, then an ATV drive through Huatuclo’s jungle and beach landscapes may be up your alley!

Check out Mexico Travel Tips for more on traveling Mexico!

Best Day Trips from Oaxaca

If you’re looking to take a quick trip within reach of Oaxaca, check out some of the ones below!


Known for being a famous archeological site, Mitla was around for about three centuries before the Spanish arrived in the early 1500s. The architecture is different from other sites in the area because it has a good mix of Mixtec and Zapotec designs. 

Along with the ancient ruins, you can also see traditional Spanish churches among the Zapotec temples. Mitla is about 45 minutes from Oaxaca making it an excellent choice for a half-day trip. 

If you want to spend the full day exploring the area, you can combine Mitla with Yagul. It’s right next to the Mitla site and has mosaics and ancient temples as well. 

San Bartolo Coyotepec 

While there are many things to see in San Bartolo Coyotepec, it’s mostly recommended for travelers that have an interest in pottery, ceramics, and art. Here, you’ll see locally made barro negro (black clay pottery). 

A local tour guide can tell you about the history of the pottery and how it got started in the region. You’ll also learn about the famous Dona Rosa and how she learned the technique of polishing the pieces and refiring them in the kin. 

Because od Dona Rosa, San Barolo Coyotepec became famous for its shiny black pottery. Since the 1950s, tourists have been flocking to the area to buy pottery. 

Before leaving, definitely buy a piece to take home as a souvenir! The prices can be expensive, but most shops have small pieces that are reasonably priced. 

The black pottery is for decoration, but you can buy the unpolished ones if you want pottery that is more practical and can be used for storage. 

San Bartolo Coyotepec 
Barro Negro Potery

Teotitlan del Valle

While researching Oaxaca, chances are you’ve seen many pictures of the traditional woven rugs that come from this area. Most are made and sold in Teotitlan del Valle. Definitely head here for the best shopping when it comes to textiles and rugs. 

All the rugs are handmade. Most people have small shops right outside their homes. You can meet local families and see how they make these woven rugs. You can even see how they dye the wool to make bright and rich colors. 

Teotitlan del Valle is still a traditional Mexican village. You’ll feel almost like you went back in time as soon as you arrive. Make sure to try tejate while you’re here. Although you can order it anywhere in Oaxaca, it’s better in Teotitlan. 

San Antonio Arrazola 

Alebrijes are famous in Oaxaca and they come from San Antonio Arrazola. They are the colorful carved features you see around the region representing mythical creatures in Mexican history. The creatures can range from a two-headed dog to a whimsical snake with feet. 

San Antonio Arrazola is the best place to buy one since they have a huge variety. You can wander the shops and see hundreds of shelves of them. 

Most artists make small figurine creatures if you’re looking for a smaller item you can fit inside your suitcase. 

San Antonio Arrazola is just outside Oaxaca City near Monte Alban. You can easily visit both places on the same day!

handicrafts from San Antonio Arrazola

Tlacolula Sunday Market 

Local markets are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture of Oaxaca. While there are markets throughout the week in different areas, the Tlacolula Sunday Market is by far one of the best ones. 

You can easily get here on the local bus in less than 30 minutes. If you want an easy half-day trip, Tlacolula is the place to go! 

Every Sunday, vendors from nearby cities come to Tlacolua and host a huge market with mezcal, pottery, baskets, and textiles. Most of the sellers come from Santiago Matatlan and San Bartolo Coyotepec. 

You can also buy fresh vegetables, local fruit, and meat. Some of the vendors offer the option to cook them for you, so you can enjoy a hot lunch before heading back to Oaxaca City. 

Visit the Best Mezcal Towns 

Oaxaca is the perfect place to visit a few mezcal bars, but you will need to take a day trip to the countryside to see where Mezcal is made. The most popular cities for a quick day trip are Santiago Matatlán and Santa Catarina Minas. 

Many of the distilleries are open to the public, but booking a tour is a better option. This way you can have a guide to take you through the mezcal-making process and share information about the local families that run the distillery. 

You can also tour the agave fields and have a mezcal tasting at the end of the tour. 

mezcal fields

Santa Maria Atzompa 

About 20 minutes from Oaxaca City, you’ll find Santa Maria Atzompa. This small city is known for their green glazed pottery. It used to be a traditional Zapotec village and many of the people still follow the traditional Zapotec way of life. 

You can take a pottery class and watch how the locals glaze and make it. While green pottery is their speciality, they also have red clay pottery and polychrome pottery. 

Check out the handicraft markets to buy a few pieces before heading back to Oaxaca! Señor del Coro and La Asunción are the two main markets. They both sell the same things. You’ll find plates, glasses, pots, flowerpots, and tons of other things!

Things to do in Oaxaca FAQ

How many days do you need for Oaxaca?

To visit Oaxaca, you need at least 3 days. This should be enough time to experience local life, go sightseeing, and take a day trip. If you aren’t on a strict schedule though, try to spend 5-7 days so you can take more day trips and not feel rushed with your itinerary.

What are the top attractions to visit in Oaxaca?

The attractions in Oaxaca are endless. The most popular ones for tourists are relaxing at one of the beaches including Mazunte or Zipolite. Wild Huatuloco and Pueblos Mancomunados are also some of the best sites to see. Most people also do a food or walking tour with a local guide to get to know the city better.

What is Oaxaca known for?

Oaxaca is most known for historic buildings and churches including the famous Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Many people come to Oaxaca to see the popular Mercado 20 de Noviembre. It’s one of the best places to try local cuisine and buy traditional Mexican desserts at one of the many food stalls. 

Oaxaca is also well known because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can experience the amazing colonial architecture and learn more about the Zapotec culture while in Oaxaca City.
If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, try visiting Oaxaca during Day of the Dead.

Is Oaxaca cheap?

Oaxaca is much more budget-friendly compared to other tourist cities like Mexico City or Cancun. Food and hotel prices are cheap. It’s also one of the top places in Mexico for expats since monthly rent and bills are super affordable. If you’re looking for a great destination without needing to break the bank, Oaxaca is a perfect place to visit. 

This post was originally written by Kelli Lovett, but has since been updated by the Adventure in You team.

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