Weather in Mexico in October Weather Info + Travel Tips (2024 Guide)

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Are you booking a trip to Mexico and wondering what the weather is like in Mexico in October?

Well wonder no more, I will go through the weather in October, where to go and what to do.

You’re in the right hands too, the Adventure in You team has traveled and lived in Mexico, so they are full of insider trips you can count on for your October trip.

If you’re planning to visit Mexico during the month of October, keep reading so we can help you plan an amazing trip while taking into account the weather.

Aerial shot of Mexico City
Weather in Mexico in October is becoming milder and more tolerable

Weather in Mexico Month on Month Guide

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Weather in Mexico in October

In a nutshell, October is still part of the rainy season so expect some showers, however, as always, Mexico weather in October varies, depending on where you go.

The good news is, the temperatures are becoming milder and more tolerable. It will be more comfortable to explore the cities and top sights in October.

With that being said, expect to find rain in some places as it’s still the rainy season, but this will ease off from the second half of the month.

Mexico weather in October is considered a transition month between the wet season and the dry season in this region, so the chances of rain are low but not impossible.

When is Rainy Season in Mexico?

The rainy season runs from May to October in Mexico so you will see some rain depending on where you go. October is the second rainiest month for the Yucatan Peninsula, this eases off after the first two weeks.

The wet season in Mexico, also known as the “green season”, typically runs from May to October, with the heaviest rains falling in the months of June, July, and August. However, as mentioned, by October the wet season starts to come to an end, so the chances of rain are lower compared to the previous months.

The amount of rainfall can vary depending on the region, with some areas receiving more rainfall than others.

In Mexico City, the rainy season is usually over by October, with only occasional showers. On the Pacific coast, which includes popular tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, the chances of rain are low during October, with only occasional thunderstorms.

The Yucatan Peninsula, which includes places like Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen, is also starting to transition to the dry season in October, with only occasional showers. Located near the Caribbean sea, these places are popular amongst those who want to visit Mexico.

It’s worth noting that the weather can be unpredictable, and the amount of rainfall can vary from year to year.

Average Temperatures for Mexico in October

Temperatures vary throughout Mexico in October. On average, temperatures are becoming milder with the average temperature being 81°F.

In Mexico City, located in Central Mexico, the weather starts to cool down as the dry season approaches. The average high temperature is around 75°F (24°C) and the average low temperature is around 55°F (13°C) with low chances of rain.

On the Pacific coast, the weather is generally warm and dry with average high temperatures in the low 80s Fahrenheit (around 28-29°C) and low temperatures in the mid 60°F(around 18-19°C). The chances of rain are low, but it is always important to check the weather forecast closer to your trip.

Baja California will see temperatures as high as 90°F which is perfect for enjoying the beaches.

In the Yucatan Peninsula, which includes popular tourist destinations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, you can expect to also experience warm weather in October with average high temperatures in the mid 80s Fahrenheit (around 29-30°C) and average low temperatures in the mid 70°F(around 23-24°C).

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Why Visit Mexico in October?

October offers an opportunity to explore both the cultural and natural side of Mexico. With the rain easing and humidity levels dropping, you can enjoy all the sites and activities more comfortably.

The second half of October will be warmer, and it’ll be less busy with visitors. So if you’re looking for some sunshine or for a quieter visit, book for then.

Overall, if you’re planning on visiting Mexico during this month, you can expect fewer crowds, making it an ideal time to visit.

Popular Places to Visit in Mexico in October

There are 9 places noted below that are not only worth visiting, but will provide you with the optimum weather conditions for your trip.

Crowded place in Mexico City
Expect warm weather in October in Mexico City

1. Mexico City in October

Mexico City starts to dry out in October with the end of the rainy season in sight and the afternoon showers disbanding.

The average temperature for Mexico City is 75°F in October so you can enjoy some warmth in the daytime.

The city experiences clear skies and the sun is usually shining, making it a great time to explore the many outdoor attractions the city has to offer.

As the city is located at a high elevation, the temperature can drop significantly during the night and early morning, so it’s a good idea to pack a light sweater or jacket for the cooler evenings. The clear skies also make it ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the city’s many museums, parks and historic sites.

With the drier and warmer weather that October offers, you can make the most of everything that Mexico City offers. You could check out this very popular Teotihuacan Hot Air Balloon Tour, this trip to Xochimilco or this cooking class.

For more recommendations on Mexico City, check out Things to Do in Mexico City or this 4 day Mexico Itinerary guide.

October is in the middle of the high season for Mexico City so there can be large crowds here so make sure to book your stay as soon as possible!

Weather in Mexico City in October

mexico city weather
Mexico City weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)

2. San Miguel de Allende in October

October provides mild temperatures in San Miguel de Allende with temperatures reaching a high of 76°F. The humidity levels are around 83% so it can feel a bit warmer.

Temperatures can dip to as low as 50°F, so you might want to consider taking a variety of clothing options, or layers to be prepared for both the high and low temperatures.

There is a small chance of rain in October, but this is still minimal. Being a city, San Miguel de Allende has plenty to offer whatever the weather.

There is always something going on in San Miguel de Allende, and October is no exception. Halloween in particular is celebrated with nighttime parades to haunted houses or ghost tours. There will be plenty going on at the end of October.

If you are looking to explore the city, you can check out the best eats in the city on this highly rated food tour.

Still, looking for somewhere to stay? Here are our Best Airbnb and Vacation Homes in San Miguel de Allende.

Weather in San Miguel de Allende in October

San Miguel de Allende weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful Beach of Cancun, Mexico

3. Cancun in October

October is a great time to visit the popular Cancun! Not only are the temperatures more manageable, but it’s also a quieter tourism time. You will be able to enjoy all that Cancun has to offer in a much more relaxing atmosphere.

With temperatures around 80°F, it is warm enough to enjoy the beaches but not too overbearing so you can visit Chichen Itza without worrying about the heat. The linked tour also includes other popular stops like Tulum ruins and cenotes.

The rain will also ease as the month goes on so you won’t have to carry lots of waterproof clothing!

If you are looking for more information on visiting Cancun in October, or any other month then read our Best Time to Go to Cancun.

October is still in the hurricane season so there is a chance of a hurricane. However, it is very rare for a hurricane to directly affect Cancun.

Just keep this in mind and ensure you have travel insurance that covers hurricanes if you are planning to visit Cancun in September or October.

Weather in Cancun in October

cancun weather
Cancun weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)

4. Oaxaca City in October

A city that bursts with culture and history, Oaxaca is somewhere you can visit in every weather. Fortunately, Oaxaca also enjoys a year-round pleasant climate as its elevated 5,000 feet above sea level.

October is a brilliant time to visit Oaxaca, one because of the weather, but if you visit towards the end of the month you can enjoy the Day of the Dead celebrations. This is one of Oaxaca’s most popular times so make sure you book in advance!

Expect to see tons of colorful decorations, street parties, and celebrations! Honestly, this city comes to life during the Dia de los Muertos celebrations.

You will see very little rain in October and temperatures will be around 80°F. The days will still feel warm, but the evenings can get cold with temperatures dropping to 55°F.

Looking for something to do? You can’t miss these Things to Do in Oaxaca.

We also have some information on safety while visiting Oaxaca in Is Oaxaca Safe to Visit?

Weather in Oaxaca City in October

oaxaca weather
Oaxaca City weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Boat riding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas has a perfect weather for sun chasers in October!

5. Cabo San Lucas in October

Things are heating up in Cabo San Lucas in October. With an average temperature of 88°F and barely any rain, it’s the perfect weather for sun chasers.

The humidity drops significantly in October to 49% making the hot temperatures a lot more bearable.

If you visit Cabo San Lucas towards the end of the month, you can enjoy clear blue skies with the clouds from its rainy season the previous month disappearing.

You can get some time in the sea with this popular open boat cruise or awe at the marine life in this Kayak to the Arch, Lovers Beach & Snorkel trip.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in October

cabo san lucas weather
Cabo San Lucas weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful beach of Balandra in Mexico

6. La Paz in October

La Paz is hot in October, like most months in La Paz. Temperatures sit around 89°F. As the humidity is relatively low, this will feel comfortable.

There are on average 4 rainy days in La Paz in October, but even then, the rain is minimal so it won’t change your trip.

You can sit back and relax on one of the gorgeous beaches in October, and you have plenty to choose from with Balandra Beach, La Concha, El Tecolote, or Playa Escondida. Just make sure to keep hydrated and use whatever sun protection works for you.

If you are looking for a unique experience when visiting La Paz, check out this Whale Shark snorkeling tour with a local marine biologist.

October is the low season for La Paz, so you can expect smaller crowds and some cheaper deals to visit.

Weather in La Paz in October

La Paz weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)

7. Guadalajara in October

The state capital of Jalisco, referred to as the land of tequila, offers spring-like weather throughout the year.

There is some rain in October, but it’s significantly less than in the previous months. You will enjoy a pleasant climate with temperatures in the mid 70s°F.

You might consider bringing some long sleeve tops and trousers to combat the chillier days.

Not only can you enjoy the weather in Guadalajara, but you also have Mariachi music, tequila, and rich gastronomy. There are highly-rated tours to help you make the most out of Guadalajara; Tequila and Pyramids tour or this full day tequila tasting tour.

Due to the incredibly popular Festival Internacional Cervantino, we recommend booking your accommodation in advance if you’re planning to visit in October.

Popular church to visit in Merida, Mexico

8. Merida in October

October is just leaving the rainy season behind and the humidity levels are dropping. October is a comfortable month compared to its previous months.

The temperature will be around 90°F in the evening and cools down to 70°F in the evenings. You may get the odd shower in October, but these won’t last long.

Take advantage of these cooler temperatures by taking a tour to Chichen Itza and the yellow city Izmal.

Looking for a cool down when it does get hot? Visit these amazing Merida Cenotes.

If you are planning to visit Merida for Dia de los Muertos which starts on 31st October, make sure to book in advance to not be disappointed.

You could get some deals if you visit earlier in October as it’s not yet the high season.

Weather in Merida in October

merida weather
Merida weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)

9. Playa del Carmen in October

Playa del Carmen is another popular tourist destination that has a wonderful year-round climate for you to enjoy. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Playa boasts a breathtaking coastline of white sand beaches.

October is a great time to enjoy one of the many popular beaches such as Parque Fundadores, Coco Reef, and Playacar Beach. October provides highs of 87°F.

The sea temperature is also around 82°F, making it very comfortable for you to swim or enjoy any water-based activities.

October is in the rainy season for Playa, but this won’t affect your trip as there is only rainfall on an average of 3 days.

Playa is also known for its resorts so check out our Best Hotels in Playa del Carmen.

You might be wondering how safe this popular tourist destination is, check out Is Playa del Carmen Safe for Travelers?

Weather in Playa del Carmen in October

playa del carmen weather
Playa del Carmen weather in October (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Landmarks to visit in Mexico

Events in Mexico in October

Festival Internacional Cervantino Celebrated in Guanajuato since 1972, arts and culture take center stage in one of the world’s most respected international cultural events. You can enjoy exhibitions from different countries that include music, dance, theatre, cinema, and visual arts.

Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) – 31st October -2nd November – One of the biggest and most widespread celebrations in Mexico, where the loved ones of the deceased celebrate and honor their lives. There are intimate ceremonies such as candlelit memorials, or if you head to Mexico City, you will see concerts and parades.

Feria del Alfeñique – Taking place in Toluca, this annual event of selling traditional sugar skulls is to build up to Dia de Los Muertos. You can buy candies and chocolates in the shape of skulls to decorate altars during the festival.

Morelia International Film Festival – Taking place during the second week of October, this annual festival aims to promote Mexican cinema talents. Anyone with cinematic interests should attend this festival.

Baja Culinary Fest – Noted as one of Mexico’s best gastronomic events, you can enjoy all the best culinary talents throughout Tijuana. Lasting 4 days, its aim is to showcase the best of Baja.

Warm weather in Mexico

FAQ on Spending October in Mexico

Should I go to Mexico in October?

October is a great month to visit Mexico. The weather is mostly excellent and it’s not in the high season so it will be cheaper and quieter to visit. The latter half of the month will be better as the rainy season has already eased up.

What are the major festivals in Mexico in October?

There are a couple of festivals in Mexico in October, Feria del Alfenique is the preparation of the Day of the Dead festival which starts on 31st October. You can read more on the festivals above. The best place to celebrate this festival is in Oaxaca!

What is the weather like in Cancun in October?

Cancun starts to cool down in October, but the average temperature is still around 87°F. With an average of 8 days of rain and 8 inches of rainfall, October is the second wettest month for Cancun.

Please bear in mind that October is the peak month for hurricanes. Although there hasn’t been a severe hurricane in Cancun since 2005, it’s worth considering before heading to Cancun in October. If you want to play it safe, plan your trip in the 2nd half of the month.

What month is the day of the dead in Mexico?

Day of the dead, or Dia De Muertos, starts on the 31st of October and ends on November 2nd. This is when the deceased are remembered by their relatives and celebrations take place across Mexico.

Looking for more articles on Mexico? Check out our full guide below.

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