Weather in Mexico in September Weather Info + Travel Tips (2024 Guide)

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Are you planning your trip and wondering if the weather in Mexico in September is any good?

While September isn’t an ideal time to go to Mexico, it is better in some places than in others.

Fortunately, the Adventure in You team has traveled and lived in Mexico, so we are full of insider tips and ideas to help make the most of your trip.

I will go through the top places to visit and what the weather will be like so you can plan your activities.

Mexico City with dark clouds weather
September is the wettest month for Mexico

Weather in Mexico Month on Month Guide

Want to find out what the weather in Mexico is like month on month? Check out our other articles for an in-depth guide on planning your trip.

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Weather in Mexico in September

In a nutshell, September is the wettest month for Mexico and after October, it has the biggest chance of hurricanes.

September is generally considered to be the peak of the hurricane season in Mexico, with the greatest risk for tropical storm and hurricane activity. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June- November, with the majority of storms occurring in September and October.

Mexico’s Pacific coast also has a separate hurricane season that runs from May-November 30th, with the majority of storms occurring during September and October.

However, this does not mean there are not good places to visit that you can still enjoy. Los Cabos enjoys maximum temperatures of 86°F and you will enjoy up to 93°F in Merida, but you should expect some showers too.

In Mexico City, the average high temperature is around 77-82 °F (25-28 °C) and the average low temperature is around 55-64 °F (13-18 °C), with relatively low chance of rain.

On the Yucatan Peninsula, the weather is generally warm and humid, with high temperatures around 91-97 °F (33-36 °C) and low temperatures around 75-77 °F (24-25 °C) with a relatively low chance of rain as well.

On the Pacific coast, September is considered the start of the rainy season, with warm and humid weather, high temperatures around 91-97 °F (33-36 °C) and low temperatures around 75-77 °F (24-25 °C) and relatively high chance of rain.

As usual, it is always wise to check the local forecast and follow the advice of local authorities while planning your trip.

When is Rainy season in Mexico?

Mexico’s rainy season runs from May to October so you’re very likely to see rain during your visit in September. Some places will have heavier downpours than others, but they will ease towards the end of the month.

In October, the rainy season is typically winding down in many parts of the country, but it can still be active in some regions.

Mexico City generally sees the end of the rainy season in October, with average rainfall of around 1 inch (25 mm) per month. On the Yucatan Peninsula, the rainy / hurricane season usually ends in October, with average rainfall around 2 inches (50 mm) per month.

On the Pacific coast, the rainy season usually continues into October, with the heaviest rainfall typically occurring in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, and Oaxaca.

The average rainfall can be around 4-8 inches (100-200 mm) per month in these areas during October.

In Puerto Vallarta, there is still a chance of rain and thunderstorms, however the frequency and intensity usually decrease as the month goes by. Average rainfall in Puerto Vallarta for the month of October is around 4-5 inches (100-125 mm) per month

Average Temperatures for Mexico in September

The average temperature for Mexico in September is 82°F, but this doesn’t provide an accurate picture for all regions as it varies.

The cities will be cooler on average but the beaches can still reach up to 95°C in September. You will likely get an afternoon shower on the coast which will help cool you down!

Overall, Mexico weather in September varies greatly depending on where you go.

Why Visit Mexico in September

Mexico is a year-round travel destination, and September is no exception to that. It may still be in the rainy season but with some planning, you can definitely enjoy the most that Mexico has to offer.

The cities will be cooler in September so it will make it easier to explore all the sights without getting overheated. Towards the end of the month, the crowds will become smaller, so your money may stretch further.

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Popular Places to Visit in Mexico in September

To help you make the best out of the weather in Mexico in September, I have listed a few amazing places for you to check out before booking your trip to Mexico in September.

Keep on reading to find weather information and some tips on places to visit.

Busy days in place of Mexico City
September is the first month of Autumn in Mexico City

1. Mexico City in September

A vibrant, lively city and September is a wonderful month to visit Mexico City as it’s the first month of Autumn. Mexico weather during this period is pleasant, albeit a bit humid.

Located in central Mexico, you can expect minimum temperatures of 52°F and a maximum temperature of 21°F, which will make exploring this incredible city very manageable and comfortable.

It will feel a little warmer as the humidity levels reach up to 77%. There will still be some rain, with showers taking place most afternoons. Make sure to take a waterproof coat or jacket.

The high season for Mexico City runs from September to November, so you can expect it to be busier during this time. I would recommend booking accommodation and activities in advance.

Mexico City has plenty to offer that will shelter you from the afternoon showers. You could check the Templo Mayor & Anthropology Museum Guided Tour.

I would recommend doing outside activities early in the day before the rain comes. You can float down canals in this Xochimilco, Coyoacan, Frida Kahlo & UNAM for an unforgettable trip!

For more ideas on what to do in Mexico City, check out our Things to Do in Mexico City.

Weather in Mexico City in September

mexico city weather
Mexico City weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)

2. San Miguel de Allende in September

A town full of beautiful architecture, San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town located on the edges of Guanajuato.

San Miguel de Allende can be both hot and wet in September. The average temperature of 78°F and it rains on average 8 days in a month.

I would recommend taking a waterproof jacket and also shorts and t-shirts to bare the heat.

The temperature can go down to 55°F in the evenings.

The city has plenty to offer, with museums and art galleries aplenty. There is always an event for you to enjoy. In September, the Grito is a huge celebration of independence in Mexico. You can enjoy crowds cheering along with the Mayor and it ends in a spectacular firework display.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, we have some great suggestions in Best Airbnb and Vacation Homes in San Miguel de Allende.

Enjoy this tour to the Pyramids by an archaeologist as well as this Music Tour to get a feel of the creative and artistic side to San Miguel de Allende.

Weather in San Miguel de Allende in September

San Miguel de Allende weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Warm weather in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas is a great place to visit in Mexico in September

3. Cabo San Lucas in September

Due to its year-round sunshine paired with its glorious beaches, Cabo San Lucas is a popular destination.

It will be warm in September, around 80°F so it’s ideal for the beach or discovering the town. The humidity levels are high in September so ensure to wear cool clothes and stay hydrated.

September is considered the wettest month, with most rain falling within the first 15 days. This won’t affect your plans as the showers don’t last long.

You will get more for your money by visiting in September as its low season for Cabo.

Take advantage of this by enjoying incredible beaches like Lovers Beach, Santa Maria Beach or El Medano beach.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy a tour, why not book a 4-Hour Snorkeling Cruise with Open Bar  or tickle your taste buds with this Downtown Food-Tasting Walking Tour

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in September

cabo san lucas weather
Cabo San Lucas weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)

4. Oaxaca City in September

A city that is full of culture, history, and majestic churches, Oaxaca is one of the best cities in Latin America. With all it has to offer, you can visit Oaxaca at any time of the year.

You can expect an average temperature of 82°F in September. It can drop to 60°F in the evenings. You will still feel the warmth without it being overbearing, making it easier to explore the city.

You will need to bring a waterproof jacket as there will be some rainfall, with around 19 rainy days.

Enjoy an Oaxacan feast in this Traditional Oaxacan cooking class. Or if you don’t want to cook, simply enjoy street food tour in Oaxaca.

Discover our Things to Do in Oaxaca, Mexico That You Can’t Miss in this article.

If you are wondering about safety in Oaxaca, check out our tips in Is Oaxaca Safe to Visit?

Weather in Oaxaca City in September

oaxaca weather
Oaxaca City weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)
White sand beach of Cancun, Mexico
Cancun on a beautiful sunny day!

5. Cancun in September

September is when the temperatures start to ease from the scorching summer months.

It is still hot with temperatures varying between 87°F and 90°F and with humidity levels around 80%, it will feel cooler than if you were to visit in July or August.

With this hot weather, it would be advisable to spend time in the waters to help keep you cool. There are plenty of options in Cancun with gorgeous Caribbean beaches, and swimming pools or you could check out one of the cenotes. We recommend this Cenote tour which also visits the popular Tulum ruins.

If you are keen to check out Chichen Itza, this trip Experience Chichen Itza & Cenote Ik-Kil will be a great option because you can cool off in a relaxing dip in the cenotes.

There is a slight chance of rain in Cancun with an average of 7 rainy days. The rain doesn’t tend to last long, even storms don’t last all day.

September does carry the highest chance of a hurricane. Just keep this in mind and ensure you have travel insurance that covers hurricanes if you are planning to visit Cancun in September or October. Other places to visit during this time if you’re staying in the Yucatan area are Playa del Carmen, Cozumel Island and Tulum.

Not sure when to travel to Cancun? Check out our guide – Best Time to Go to Cancun.

Weather in Cancun in September

cancun weather
Cancun weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)
White sand beach of La Paz, Mexico

6. La Paz in September

The capital city of Baja California offers a great, year-round climate with around 340 days of the year providing pleasant weather.

It is known for its beautiful beaches and this is something you can enjoy in September with temperatures up to 91°F.

September is technically the wettest month, however, it is unlikely you will see any rain with only 2.7mm of rainfall for the month!

September is one of the quieter months for tourism in La Paz so your money will stretch further when it comes to accommodation and flights.

The weather provides the perfect setting for almost all activities available in La Paz, you could enjoy a Espírito Santo Island Tour and Sea Lion Encounter, Sandboarding Tour or something a little more chill like having an Mexican Mezcal and tequila tasting.

Weather in La Paz in September

La Paz weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)

7. Valle de Guadalupe in September

Set in Baja California, Valle de Guadalupe offers rolling landscapes of lush greenery and blue skies. It is made up of a number of wineries that produce around 90% of all Mexican wine.

It is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and we can understand why. Valle de Guadalupe offers a laid-back atmosphere and year-round sunshine.

September is one of the hotter months with temperatures around 86°F, but this will feel comfortable as humidity levels will only be around 50%. It can still feel hot so make sure to keep cool and hydrated!

It is rare for it to rain in September so you can wear your usual summer clothes to keep you cool.

Enjoy this Wine and Dine Tour or if you’d prefer something more personalized, then check out a private tour. Take a look at these Gorgeous Stays in Valle de Guadalupe to book your stay.

Weather in Valle de Guadalupe in September

Valle de Guadalupe weather in September (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Wet road in Mexico

Events in Mexico in September

Mexico Independence Day – 15th September – A national holiday for Mexico. Mexico’s Independence Day is marked by a reenactment of the revolution, and an abundance of celebrations with dancing, fireworks, and more. Head to Mexico City, Guanajuato, Cancun, Queretaro or Tequila for the best celebrations.

The Fiestas de Septiembre– This is one of the most popular festivals in Mexico City, which typically takes place in the last week of September. The festival features traditional Mexican music, dance, food and art, as well as parades, bullfights and other cultural events.

Reto al Tepozteco –  The town of Tepoztlan celebrates the Spanish colonial culture in this annual celebration where processing is led toward the mountaintop and food and drinks are offered. You will also enjoy chinelo folk dances, fireworks, and a food festival.

Oaxaca Flavors– Showcasing the wonderful flavors of Oaxaca, you can taste all the delicious food Oaxaca has to offer. It takes place at the end of September in the Oaxaca Convention Centre along with restaurants throughout the city.

Beautiful old church in Mexico

FAQ on Spending September in Mexico

Is September a good time to go to Mexico?

September is still a good time to visit Mexico, depending on where you go. The weather can be described as hot and wet in Mexico in September, but luckily the rain doesn’t tend to last long. Sticking to the pacific coast during this time is recommendeded.

Where to go diving in Mexico in September?

You can visit the Yucatan Peninsula to enjoy a world-class diving experience with the turquoise clear seas and incredible sea life.

What to do in the Yucatan in September?

You are spoilt for choice of what to do in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can relax on a Caribbean beach, visit one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Chichen Itza, take a refreshing dip in a cenote or enjoy one of the countless nature encounters. Expect a couple of showers as this is the wettest time of the year.

Does it rain in Mexico in September?

Yes, you will likely see rain if you visit Mexico in September as it’s still part of the rainy season which lasts until October. You can still enjoy warm temperatures in September on the Mexican coast. Enjoy strolling the city streets in cooler temperatures.

How is the weather in Mexico in September?

September is the wettest month for Mexico with an average temperature of 65°F for the whole country. The weather does depend on where you are. 

The list of places above gives you the best places to visit in September and we would suggest checking for weather and monsoons before traveling to Mexico in September.

Looking for more articles on Mexico? Check out our full guide below.

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