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Booking an Airbnb is one of the best ways to take advantage of your holiday, no matter where you’re going. That’s why we’ve put together this Airbnb packing list to ensure that you have all you need for success, no matter what stay you book.

The top perk of staying in an Airbnb is getting access to not just a room, but an entire home as well. With Airbnb, you’ll obviously have a bathroom at your disposal, and generally a kitchen, too. This means packing a few extras so you don’t miss out on what your Airbnb has to offer. 

Since it’s not just another standard hotel stay, there are a few items that you may consider bringing along for a stress-free stay. This packing list covers them all!

The Ultimate Airbnb Packing List

No matter what kind of Airbnb you book, this Airbnb packing list has all you need for a comfortable and successful stay. 

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Airbnb Essentials

These Airbnb essentials should be at the top of your packing list, no matter what kind of stay you’re headed off to.

If safety is a concern when it comes to staying at an Airbnb, these items should dispel your worries and also keep you nice and comfortable through anything. 

First Aid Kit

Safety first! It’s unlikely you’ll know where the host keeps bandaids, or if they have any in the first place. To air on the side of caution, pack yourself a travel first aid kit in case any minor ailments arise. 


In the event of a power outage (or a midnight trip to the bathroom), it’s a good idea to pack a flashlight for your Airbnb stay. Though it’s unlikely, it’s better to be prepared with a little extra light. You can even bring along a keyring flashlight that you can repurpose outside of your stay. 


If you’re nervous about leaving your belongings in an Airbnb (though all hosts are vetted by the platform for security) you can bring along a padlock to keep them safe when you step out. This is especially handy as Airbnb offers both private and shared rooms, in addition to entire homes. 

Either use the padlock to secure your bags in a closet or lock your bags themselves! This way no prying hands can make their way into your valuables. 

Doorstop Wedge

If you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb and are skeptical when it comes to safety, bring a doorstop wedge to give yourself some peace of mind. Just jam it under the door before you go to sleep and no one will be able to get in – key or not!

Phone Charger / Adapter

Most Airbnbs won’t provide a phone charger, so be sure to pack your own! If you’re traveling abroad and are staying at an Airbnb, be sure to bring along an international adapter so that you can keep your electronics fully juiced up. 

Ear Plugs

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve stayed at an Airbnb and there’s been surprise construction outside the window, or a rowdy bar just below the apartment. Pack ear plugs so that you can sleep through anything… They’re worth throwing in your bag even if you don’t use them!

House Shoes

The last Airbnb essential for a comfortable stay are house shoes. Bring along your favorite pair of cozy footwear that you can pad around the house in.

Travel Must: One Airbnb essential that’s a must-have is travel insurance. Trust us, it’s one of those things you don’t want to leave home without. We recommend either World Nomads or Safety Wing, depending on the type of traveler you are.

What to Pack for an Airbnb Kitchen

One of the biggest perks to staying at an Airbnb is having access to a full kitchen most of the time. This means that you’re able to cook meals when you feel like it, brew coffee in the morning, and pack yourself snacks for nearby adventures. 

You’ll find that some Airbnb kitchens come totally stocked with everything you need for your stay, while others may be slightly sparser. However, generally, Airbnb kitchens have pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls and whatever else you’d require for basic cooking.

While this may be enough for most people, if you plan on doing tons of cooking at your Airbnb or are a long term guest, there are a few Airbnb kitchen packing list items that are worth bringing along. 

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Morning Drinks

The top notch Airbnbs will provide coffee and tea for guests, but this is never a guarantee. It’s worth throwing a bag of beans or a few tea sachets in your luggage for your stay.  Plus, if you’re picky about your morning routine, you’ll definitely find comfort in sipping your favorite beverage at your Airbnb. 

Portable Coffee Maker

Again, most Airbnbs will have some way to make coffee, be it a machine or just a basic kettle, but if you like your coffee gourmet and strong like I do, pack a portable coffee maker or french press to start your days right. 

Travel Mug

While we’re riding the coffee train, I always recommend bringing along a travel mug to an Airbnb so that if you’re in a rush to explore when you wake up, you can dump it in the cup and take it on your adventures. 

Basic Groceries

One must-have for Airbnb kitchens are basic groceries. Your host will provide the infrastructure, but food is unlikely. Depending on your stay, there may be plenty of stores around to grab what you need, but if you’re off on a remote trip, it pays to bring along everything you’ll want to eat.

Even if you don’t plan on cooking a ton at your Airbnb, it’s always a good idea to bring a bag of pasta and some breakfast food just in case.  

Condiments / Seasoning

The last thing you’ll need for your Airbnb kitchen are your favorite condiments or seasonings! Sometimes there’s salt and pepper, but that’s not always the case, so packing a little container of each will go a long way. The same goes for olive oil and any other seasonings you can’t cook without. 

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Airbnb Bathroom Must-Haves

Depending on your Airbnb, you’ll either have access to a shared bathroom or your own private one. Either way, there are a few items to bring along to make your Airbnb bathroom feel more like home. 

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Your Favorite Toiletries

The number one bathroom Airbnb must have are your toiletries. Though some Airbnb hosts stock their bathrooms with products, many leave you to your own devices. Bring along a travel size:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Face wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste

Since I have particular bathroom products I like, I fill up a set of reusable travel bottles if I’m staying at an Airbnb so I don’t have to leave them behind. If you’re not picky, you can always bring along a pre-made set of travel toiletries

Washcloth / Loofa

If a washcloth or loofa is essential to your bathroom routine, don’t forget to back them!

Blow Dryer / Hair Straightener

Sometimes Airbnbs will have a hair dryer for you to use, but I won’t count on it if it’s not included in the listing. If you use heat products daily, you may want to consider packing a travel size version for your stay. 

Beach Towel

Does Airbnb provide towels? The answer is typically yes, for bathroom use. Double check the listing to ensure that they’re included. 

However, if you’re headed to a sunny spot, your host probably won’t provide beach towels so you’ll want to bring your own for lounging on the sand. 

Laundry Detergent

The last thing you’ll want to bring to stay nice and clean at your Airbnb is laundry detergent. Many listings have in-unit laundry machines or one in the complex. If you don’t feel like lugging along a giant bottle of liquid detergent, opt for pods, which are great for travel. 

The Fun Stuff

To round out your Airbnb packing list, here are some fun items you may want to tuck into your bag before taking off.

From music to games to TV accessories, these items will turn an Airbnb into the ultimate staycation pad. 


Enjoy dance parties or background music during your stay with a portable speaker. Sometimes Airbnbs have sound systems, but it’s never a guarantee. 

I love these speakers because they’re waterproof – perfect for if your Airbnb has a pool or hot tub. 


When you’re laying low at your Airbnb or if you’ve booked a place that’s simply too nice to leave, whip out some games to keep yourselves entertained. 

A deck of cards always comes in handy, and so does a portable game of Bananagrams, Monopoly, and Catan (Tom & Anna’s favorite!). 

TV Stick

Most Airbnbs have the luxury of a TV and some properties even include bonuses like Netflix, Hulu, and more. That being said, if it’s not included in the listing, there probably isn’t a Smart TV. 

But you can pack a TV stick to tune into your favorite shows even when you’re far from home. Simply plug this tiny piece of tech into the TV and you’ll have your top streaming preferences at your fingertips. 

P.S., This makes for an awesome travel gift for any frequent jetsetters in your life!

Workout Gear

If you’re one of those people that exercises on vacation, first of all, I admire your grind! And second of all, don’t forget your gear. 

Remember to pack items like your yoga mat, resistance bands, or even a portable set of weights to get your sweat on wherever you are. 

Oh, and sneakers don’t hurt either. 

Travel Router

Planning on working from an Airbnb? Most include WiFi, but if you’re worried, you may want to consider packing a travel router to avoid spotty Zoom calls. 

Additional Airbnb Tips for Guests

Besides the items on this Airbnb packing list, there are a few additional Airbnb tips for guests to make your stay smooth and stress free. 

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Double Check The Listing

Since every Airbnb is different, it’s super important to double check your listing to make crystal clear what’s included and what’s not. This way there won’t be any surprises at check in, and you’ll be able to pack properly for your stay.

It’s also worth reading the house rules to know what’s acceptable during your stay and what the host expects of their guests. 

Print Out Important Info

I’ll never forget the time it took me three hours to check into my Airbnb in Thailand because I hadn’t copied down any of the information and didn’t have cell service to check the app.

From then on, I’ve always printed out or copied the most important information down so I can get to my Airbnb even without my phone.

Important information includes:

  • Airbnb address
  • Check in instructions (are you meeting the host, or did they leave you a key?)
  • Host’s contact information
  • Parking instructions

Having all of this on hand will make sure that you’ll be able to check in without any worries. 

Remember, This Isn’t a Hotel!

While Airbnb provides unique stays around the world, they aren’t hotels! As such, you should treat the space with the same respect you’d treat a family or friend’s pad that they’ve let you crash at. 

Keeping the place tidy and making sure it’s clean before checkout goes a long way in terms of respect for your host and your Airbnb rating! Do the dishes, pick up your trash and leave the space the way you found it. Remember, hosts can leave you reviews, too.

Leave a Review

Help the guests after you by leaving an honest review at the end of your stay. Was the place fully stocked with everything you needed? Is there something you wish you brought along? These tidbits are super valuable for not only those staying after you, but for your host as well. 

Packing for an Airbnb is way more simple than packing for other vacations. Simply bring along whatever you need daily at home, plus a few extras and you should be just fine. 

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