Weather in Mexico in August Weather Info + Travel Tips (2024 Guide)

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Are you looking to spend time in Mexico in August? You might be curious if the weather in Mexico in August is suitable for your trip?

Well wonder no more, we have all the information for your August trip below. The Adventure in You team has traveled and lived in Mexico so can give you the most helpful tips that you can count on.

I will go through the top places to visit in August and provide you with all the weather insite you need to make the best decisions.

Let’s get started…

Big old cities in Mexico
Despite being in the rainy season, Mexico in August is HOT!

Weather in Mexico Month on Month Guide

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Weather in Mexico in August

The weather in Mexico in August continues to be warm with high temperatures, despite being in the rainy season. Generally speaking, Mexico is hot and dry in the North, while southern Mexico is humid, wet, and warm.

In Mexico City, for example, the average high temperature is around 80°F (27°C) and the average low temperature is around 60°F (15°C).

In the Pacific coast, cities like Acapulco has an average high temperature is around 90°F (32°C) and the average low temperature is around 75°F (24°C).

In the Yucatan Peninsula, specifically in Cancun, the average high temperature is around 88°F (31°C) and the average low temperature is around 78°F (26°C).

Baja California can see staggering temperatures of 110°F while the Pacific Coast will be slightly cooler at 95°F but you will see significantly more rain here. However, with that being said, there are still tons of places that are worth traveling to in Mexico in August.

When is Rainy Season in Mexico?

The rainy season runs from May to October in Mexico so you can expect to see rain if you visit in August. There will be less rain in some places over others.

Please note that hurricane season runs from early June to November in Mexico, so we recommend checking the weather before traveling within Mexico and planning your trip accordingly.

Generally, the Pacific coast and the Yucatan Peninsula tend to have the most rainfall during the summer months, while the central highlands and Mexico City tend to have less rainfall and more consistent sunshine.

Given the size of the country, Mexico weather can vary greatly depending on where you are. The best way to plan your trip is to keep track of the weather forecast on your chosen destinations.

Average Temperatures for Mexico in August

Although the temperatures vary across Mexico, it will be warm or hot wherever you go in Mexico in August.

La Paz in Baja will see highs of 97°F and Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo will see temperatures of  91°F. The lowest average temperature of 69°F is in the state of Hidalgo.

Why Visit Mexico in August?

August in Mexico is hot, so it’s perfect for those who are looking to spend time in the water or take part in water-based activities.

August is considered a low season for tourism in Mexico, which means that popular destinations such as beaches and archaeological sites will be less crowded and more pleasant to visit.

August in Mexico makes it a great time to visit for those who want to escape the crowds and get discounted accommodation and flights.

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Popular Places to Visit in Mexico in August

Here are 8 must-see places for your trip to Mexico. I have gathered this list based on the weather so you know you will have the best climate wherever you decide to go.

Beautiful photo of church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico has great weather in the month of August

1. San Miguel de Allende in August

This stunning and unassuming town is a perfect getaway for anyone who enjoys the arts, beautiful architecture, and good weather.

August in San Miguel de Allende has an average temperature of 75°F and as the humidity levels are low, you will find it very comfortable.

There will be some rain in August with an average of 12 days of rain for the month.

Due to the vast selection of activities in this town, you will always have options whatever the weather. For the dry days, you could stroll onto this Tacos and Tequila Food Walking Tour or enjoy a Vineyard Tour with Tastings. When it rains, you can Make Authentic Mexican Mole and Salsas.

We also have some great suggestions for places to stay in our guide on the best Airbnb and Vacation Homes in San Miguel de Allende.

Weather in San Miguel de Allende in August

San Miguel de Allende weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)

2. Cancun in August

A popular tourist destination to relax and enjoy the all-inclusive resorts, Cancun can be visited year-round.

Cancun in August, like much of Mexico, is hot! The average maximum temperature is 90°F, which may seem doable but with high humidity levels, it can feel over 100°F. This is the same for the nearby beach side town of Playa del Carmen.

You might have some rain in Cancun in August but there will be fewer visitors so you can enjoy the beauty of Cancun without the big crowds of the high season.

I’d recommend plenty of water based activities to help keep you cool from the high temperatures. Utilize the swimming pools and crystal-clear seas to keep you cool, or you could choose a water based trip!

This Jungle Tour Adventure with Speedboat and Snorkeling will give you plenty of time in the water, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and eager to learn a new skill, try out Scuba Diving for Beginners. Both are sure to keep you cool while exploring Cancun and is the perfect way to battle the warmer weather.

If you’re looking for some more advice on when to visit Cancun, check out our article, Best Time to Go to Cancun.

Weather in Cancun in August

cancun weather
Cancun weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Cloudy weather in Mexico City
Gloomy day in Mexico City

3. Mexico City in August

You can enjoy warm days in Mexico City in August with an average temperature of 75°F. You can comfortably enjoy the city in bearable and comfortable heat. This is the same for other places in Central Mexico.

 As August is still in the rainy season, you can expect some showers in the late afternoon. The average rainfall in Mexico City in August is around 20 mm (0.78 inches) which is considered low. However, it’s important to note that rainfall can vary greatly from year to year and even within the month.

Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do indoors to escape the showers in Mexico City with hundreds of museums and art galleries like Frida Kahlo Museum. Or check out a Lucha Libre Night for a night of entertainment and tacos.

For some more ideas of what to do while in Mexico City, check out Things to Do in Mexico City or our guide to Grutas de Tolantongo.

The temperatures can drop in the evenings, so along with a waterproof jacket, make sure to pack some layers for the evening.

Weather in Mexico City in August

mexico city weather
Mexico City weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)

4. La Paz in August

An underrated gem in Baja California, La Paz is a year-round destination that offers the best of the city and seaside.

The weather here in August is perfect for anyone looking for heat! With temperatures as high as 100°F, you will need to make sure you have adequate sun protection!

The ideal activity would be to just relax in the beaches as it may be too hot to do anything strenuous. You could head to Balandra Beach, Playa Escondido, or any of the pristine beaches to take a dip in the turquoise seas.

You could enjoy this Transparent Boat Tour with Mushroom Rock where you can discover coral and sea life or visit the famous Espiritu Santo Islands where you can swim with playful sea lions.

It may be one of the hottest months, but it’s also one of the quieter months for tourists so you won’t have to deal with big crowds in the sweltering heat!

Weather in La Paz in August

La Paz weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Tourist spots in Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxaca City has warm and enjoyable weather in August

5. Oaxaca City in August

Oaxaca is placed 5000 feet above sea level, and this elevation provides decent weather year-round.

The weather in Oaxaca City, in the south of Mexico, in August is generally warm and sunny. The average high temperature is around 83°F (28°C) and the average low temperature is around 63°F (17°C).

August is considered the transition month from the dry season to the rainy season in Oaxaca, and it is possible to have occasional rain, usually in the form of short thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening.

The humidity is moderate, and the sun shines for most of the day. The weather in Oaxaca City in August is generally pleasant, with comfortable temperatures. As mentioned, the average daily temperature in August is 83°F so it’s still quite warm and enjoyable.

Oaxaca City has a tremendous amount of culture to discover, in every weather! When it rains you can explore Oaxaca from the indoors, you could Paint Your Own Alebrije Workshop or try a Traditional Oaxacan cooking class.

When it’s not raining, I’d recommend this popular tour of Hierve el Agua.

For more recommendations of what to do in Oaxaca, check out the Things to Do in Oaxaca.

Wondering about safety during your trip? We’ve got your back, see our hints and tips in our guide – Is Oaxaca Safe to Visit?

Weather in Oaxaca City in August

oaxaca weather
Oaxaca City weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)

6. Cabo San Lucas in August

Cabo San Lucas is another popular destination among tourists and it’s easy to see why, spectacular beaches, high-end hotels, and second-to-none water-based activities.

Much like Cancun, Cabo San Lucas is a year-round destination. August will be hot, with temperatures averaging around 85°F with highs of 91°F. Make sure to take clothes to keep you cool and keep hydrated.

This is the perfect weather for relaxing on the beach, the water temperatures are also perfect for swimming, being around 78°F. Enjoy some water-based activities such as this Luxury Sailing Trip or 4-Hour Snorkeling Cruise with Open Bar (this one is sure to keep you hydrated!)

There is very little chance of rain in August, but being on the coast, you could experience a quick shower.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in August

cabo san lucas weather
Cabo San Lucas weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Grey weather in Vineyard in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico
Vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe

7. Valle de Guadalupe in August

Valle de Guadalupe is increasing in popularity with tourists. Nestled in the Ensenada Municipality area of Baja, Valle de Guadalupe annoys lovely weather and climate year-round.

You’ll need to pack light clothes for August as the average weather can soar up to 89°F. Luckily the humidity levels are around 50% so it won’t feel muggy.

There is also a very small chance of rain in August, so perfect for those looking for summer weather!

As always, it’s important to keep hydrated in the heat, and it just so happens that in August there is a wine festival in Valle de Guadalupe known as the Fiestas de la Vendimia. It may be busy during this time, but you can also experience wine tastings and parties where you can enjoy the local wine.

If you are not visiting during the festival, or you prefer some more privacy you can always do a group Wine and Dine Tour or if you’d prefer something more personalized, then check out a private tour.

If you are looking to book your accommodation, we recommend these Gorgeous Stays in Valle de Guadalupe.

Weather in Valle de Guadalupe in August

Valle de Guadalupe weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)

8. Bacalar in August

Bacalar is a magical town that is both quiet and beautiful, A spectacular place to escape the crowds of the busier cities and towns in Mexico.

Located at the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, Bacalar offers a great balance of relaxation but plenty of options for activities.

August in Bacalar can be classed as hot, even muggy, with temperatures around 88°F, with up to 80% humidity too it can feel very warm. It is especially important to make the most of the water-based activities during August.

There will be some rain in August with daily showers, but these do ease as the month continues so visit in the second half of August for some more stability.

You have to visit the Lagoon of Seven Colors for a truly unique and amazing experience. Check out these amazing Best Bacalar Tours.

Weather in Bacalar in August

bacalar weather
Bacalar weather in August (Photo via Weather and Climate)
Beautiful church in Mexico with doves

Events in Mexico in August

There aren’t any major celebrations in August in Mexico, but here are a couple of fun festivals to help you celebrate some of the wonderful aspects of Mexico:

Mariachi Festival in Guadalajara – Starting on the last Sunday in August, this festival celebrates Mariachi with parades along the main street in Guadalajara. You can also enjoy teams from around the globe competing in Charreria, a traditional Mexican sport.

Feast of the Assumption (Dia de la Asuncion) – This religious holiday, which falls on August 15th, honors the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven and is celebrated with processions and mass throughout the country.

Guelaguetza Festival – This traditional indigenous festival, held in Oaxaca City, celebrates the region’s Zapotec and Mixtec cultures with music, dance, and food. It is usually held in the last two weeks of July or the first two weeks of August.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia – This international film festival is held in Morelia, Michoacan and showcases the best of Mexican and international cinema. It is usually held in the second half of August.

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament in Baja California – A fishing competition that takes place in Buenavista, Baja California Sur.

Fiestas de la Vendimia – Taste and enjoy the local wines of Valle de Guadalupe with this festival that takes place in the first few weeks of August. Many of the wineries take part for you to celebrate their wines.

Beautiful landmark in Mexico

FAQ on Spending August in Mexico

Is August a good time to visit Mexico?

August is a good time to visit Mexico if you enjoy the hot weather. There are ways to cool down, like spending your days in the water. You can visit the Pacific Coast which is slightly cooler and enjoy some cooling rain showers if you do want to be a bit cooler.

Do Hurricanes happen in August in Riviera Maya?

Hurricane season run from June to November so although it is unlikely there will be a hurricane in Riviera Maya in August, however, it is possible. However, it is important to note that it is not impossible for a hurricane to occur in August and it is always wise to keep an eye on weather forecasts and alerts during your trip.

When is the best time of year to visit Mexico?

The best time of year to visit Mexico is between December to April. The High Season (between December and April) will have the best weather but it will be busy.

The low season (May to September) can offer discounts and deals for those looking to save on their travel and July and August, although in the rainy season is the best time for surfing.

Looking for more articles on Mexico? Check out our full guide below.

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