Is Miami Safe to Visit? What You Need to Know About Safety in Miami

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Many people planning trips to south Florida often have the same question – “is it safe in Miami”?

While beautiful beaches, warm sunshine, and legendary nightlife are some of the first things that come to mind when picturing this much-loved city, Miami also has a reputation for being full of crime, drugs, and spring break crowds that are sometimes out of control.

Though we would love to overlook this vibrant city’s bad sides and focus solely on the incredible culture and beautiful scenery, we are here to give you all the facts about safety in Miami.

Whether you’re in Miami visiting family and friends or simply looking for a fun beach getaway, read on for the latest updates about Miami Safety.

Quick Answer: It is Safe in Miami?

Is Miami safe? The quick answer is yes, especially for tourists.

Miami is one of the most popular vacation destinations in America, and you’ll find large swaths of resorts from North Beach down to South Beach. The port of Miami is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, and the airport is also a central hub for travelers from around the world.

Miami sees millions of visitors each year, and needless to say, tourism is one of the city’s main incomes. This has resulted in the local government investing large amounts of money to keep the most popular areas safe and attractive for visitors.

That being said, Miami is the 7th largest city in the U.S. in terms of population, and we would be lying if we said that there was absolutely no risk in visiting this metropolis. There are a few things you should be aware of and keep in mind when it comes to safety in Miami.

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Safety in Miami: What You Should Know

Those worried about any potential risks while traveling may wonder, “why visit Miami in the first place”? Miami Beach is in the top ten places to visit in Florida, and it is ranked #2 for the best nightlife in the whole country by the U.S. News & World Report travel rankings.

You would think that such a popular destination would also be at the top of the list for safe places to visit, right?

Well, as with many big cities, Miami and Miami Beach do have a set of risks that you should be aware of before your trip.

Some of the main areas of concern when it comes to Miami safety include:

  • Theft: Pickpocketing and purse snatching are some of the most common issues in Miami for tourists, so keep your bags close and your wallets tucked in tight no matter where you are in the city.

    Even some of the safe areas in Miami are prone to attract eager pickpockets looking for distracted tourists, so be especially vigilant on the crowded downtown streets and keep a close eye on your bags while you’re at the beach. Of course, you could always invest in a money belt or anti-theft travel purse for extra peace of mind.

  • Weather: Another hazard comes in the form of weather. Florida has their fair share of hurricanes, so if you’re visiting between June and November be sure to check the tropical storms forecast before you get to Miami.

    You’ll also want to take note of the weather before heading to the beach (hurricane or no). If at all possible, grab a spot near a lifeguard station and be sure to check the flags before entering the water.

    If the flag is green, you’re good to go, yellow represents some riptides that are good for surfing but not so great for kiddos, purple means wildlife (think jellyfish), and red signals that entry into the water is forbidden.

  • Spring breakers: The question of how safe is South Beach Miami really depends on what time of year you are visiting. If your trip is planned anywhere between late February and mid-April, you can bet that Miami Beach will be overflowing with crowds of rowdy spring breakers (especially South Beach).

    For the most part, these college students are more of an annoyance than a danger, but sometimes the drinking does get out of control and the police have a hard time reigning in the troublemakers.

  • Zika: The Zika virus has recently been detected in Miami, and although not a huge cause for concern for the average traveler, pregnant women (and women hoping to become pregnant in the near future) should avoid the area.
  • Homelessness: Though you won’t notice it in most of the safe areas in Miami, the city does have a fair amount of people experiencing homelessness. So long as you avoid walking by yourself through overhead passes you won’t need to worry, as this is where much of the houseless population resides.
  • Gun crime: One of the most serious concerns in the Miami area is gun violence. Although some statistics can be traced back to gang-related crime, Miami-Dade county has already seen a significant uptick in gun violence this year.

    Most of the reported shootings have taken place in the northern end of the county, and it’s important to be aware of the more dangerous areas in Miami.

is it safe in miami

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Safest Areas in Miami (And Which Ones to Avoid)

Safety in Miami has a lot to do with where you are. Most tourists stick to the popular areas and stay well away from the dodgier parts of town. Let’s dive into the safest areas in Miami and which ones to avoid.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Miami for tourists, and some of the most popular include Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and North Beach. Key Biscayne is a great place to go to avoid the spring break crowds, and this is where you will find most of the locals unwinding.

The two most dangerous areas in Miami are Overtown and Liberty City, and these neighborhoods should be avoided both day and night if possible. Petty theft is rampant along the busy avenue of Washington Street in South Beach and this is especially true between 8th and 11th Street, so keep your bags and wallets close while in this area.

No matter where you are in Miami, it’s a good idea to avoid the beach at night, especially if you are traveling solo.

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Is Miami Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

The short answer is yes, Miami is a safe spot for solo female travelers, and it’s a pretty fun place to explore alone, too.

Miami is an entertaining city, and you’re not likely to get bored, even by yourself. You can spend your days lazing by the beach, checking out the various museums around town, or tasting your way through all the best restaurants. Check out these safety tips for solo female travelers heading to Miami.

Pick a secure place to stay

You’ll find plenty of hostels around town if you’re looking to meet some fellow travelers, and if you’re concerned about safety, you can always choose a hotel with a 24-hour concierge service. Be sure to check reviews from other solo female travelers before you book.

Avoid the bad parts of town

Of course, you’ll have to be smart, and you should avoid the bad parts of Miami like Overtown and Liberty City, and avoid going anywhere alone after dark (especially the beaches). Unfortunately, women are often more likely to be targets of theft, so no matter where you are in the city be hyper-aware of all of your belongings.

Drink responsibly

Although it may be tempting to indulge in the nightlife while in town, be sure not to overdo it, especially if you are out alone. Drinking responsibly also means keeping an eye on your drink at all times and never accepting a drink from a stranger – no matter how friendly they may appear.

As for solo female travelers anywhere in the world, trust your gut and avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations.

miami for solo travelers

Is Miami Safe for Families?

Though Miami is notorious for being a hot spot for rowdy spring breakers, it’s actually a great spot for families, too! There are tons of family-friendly activities in Miami, including a zoo, lots of parks, a children’s museum, and of course, the beach is never too far away. Be sure to keep the following safety tips in mind when planning a family trip to Miami.

Choose a family-friendly beach

Luckily, not all of Miami’s beaches are full of intoxicated spring breakers. If you’re worried about South Beach safety, head to North Beach. Here you’ll find plenty of family-friendly areas that are also less crowded – that’s a win-win in our book! You could also check out Key Biscayne for even fewer crowds and more local vibes.

No matter where you decide to lay your towels out, you’ll need to pay attention to the flags and their meanings. Green means calm waters, yellow signals rougher water, purple indicates that marine animals have been spotted (usually jellyfish), and red means that entering the water is prohibited.

Beach theft is unfortunately not uncommon, so be sure to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid leaving your area unattended if possible.

Pick a kid-friendly hotel

Good accommodation can make all the difference on a trip, especially when you’re traveling with kiddos. Many hotels in the Miami area have kid-friendly family bedrooms, and some of the ritzier resorts even offer child care services and kids clubs on-site.

Protect your little ones (and yourself!) from the elements

Miami can get hot and sunny, so make sure to apply (and reapply) plenty of sunscreen if you’re spending time outside. There has also been a recent Zika virus outbreak, so bug spray is not a bad idea either!

Top Tips for Staying Safe in Miami

  • No matter who you are or what your reason is for visiting, here are some additional tips for staying safe in Miami.
  • Take a taxi at night. This is especially good advice if you are traveling a long distance or are out by yourself.
  • Avoid the dangerous areas in Miami (specifically Liberty City and Overtown).
  • Be very aware of pickpockets in crowded areas, but never pat your pocket or bag where your most valuable things are located!
  • Don’t leave your valuables alone at the beach when you go into the water. Beach theft is a real concern in Miami, so either lock your valuables in the hotel room, have a friend watch your belongings, or consider purchasing a dry bag that you can bring into the water with you.
  • Watch the local news to find out about any hurricanes or other serious weather.
  • Heed the beach flags and know what the different colors mean (purple = dangerous marine life, red = dangerous swimming conditions).
  • Pay attention to local laws. Although Miami is a fun place to party, marijuana is not legal in the state of Florida and even small amounts can result in jail time or a hefty fine.
  • Have some fun in the sun but be sure to protect yourself from sunstroke (think sunscreen, hats, and shade).

How to Get to Miami and Airport Safety

Now that you’re up to date on Miami safety, you can start planning on how you’re going to get there.

Flying into Miami is the most convenient option, especially if you’re coming from far away. Miami is a huge hub for international travel, and the airport sees millions of passengers coming into the city every single day.

This is great news for travelers arriving from outside of the country, but there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to safety in Miami Airport.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that you have all the correct paperwork and documentation to enter the country if you’re coming from abroad. If you are a foreign citizen you will need to apply for an ESTA USA visa before booking your flight and make sure that you have proof of any COVID-19 tests or vaccinations that are required to enter the country.

miami airport safety

Once inside the airport, make sure to keep your luggage close, as this airport has a reputation for making bags disappear!

To get into town, taking a taxi is the safest option, just be sure to get a licensed cab from a uniformed representative outside of the baggage claim area.

So there you have it. Miami is a safe city for travelers, so long as you are aware of your surroundings and don’t venture too far off the beaten path. Like any major city, there are certain threats to be cognizant of.

Now that you know what to look out for, we wish you a safe and pleasant trip!

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