20 Best Restaurants in Holbox That You Need To Try (2024)

written by local expert Kayla Garritano

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Planning to eat your way around the best restaurants in Holbox? We got you covered.

Isla Holbox, Mexico is a beautiful tropical island on the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. While you can visit and relax on the stunning beaches looking at the crystal-clear blue and bioluminescent water, Holbox is also known for sea turtles and whale sharks that you can see swimming around (and go snorkeling with!). 

And while you’re planning out your trip to Holbox, you might think about the Island’s incredible scenery as well as how this car-free island allows you to venture around on foot and lets you do tropical activities like kayaking, boat tours, and kitesurfing. 

However, what is not talked about enough, and what might be overlooked when planning your trip, is their delicious array of food to choose from. The Adventure in You team frequented Holbox when they lived in Mexico and have eaten their way around some of the best restaurants in the island.

Whether you plan on visiting Holbox with kids, on a day trip or staying in one of the many accommodations on-site for an extended period of time, you should know some of the best food spots to choose from so you can plan ahead. 

From quick bites to culinary adventures, there’s a meal for every budget and a dish for every taste bud. Check out twenty of the best restaurants in Holbox to make your visit even more perfect when you arrive.

Best Restaurants in Holbox
Founders of this blog, Tom and Anna eating their way around Holbox

Things to Do in Holbox Highlights

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Best Restaurants in Isla Holbox

1. Raices

Location: Raices

Get your social media ready, because Raices offers the perfect photo-worthy beach atmosphere while you dine. It features a beach bar with swings, palapa umbrellas, lounge chairs, and hammocks, a perfect chill vibe while eating fish that was caught on the same day. 

Your Instagram friends are going to be jealous of this one! It is one of the best local beachside restaurants in Holbox. Good, simple food with swoon worthy views.

Best Restaurants in Holbox

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Location: LUUMA

If you are looking to treat yourself to an extravagant experience, look no further than LUUMA. This vibrant space serves Mexican and cosmopolitan cuisine such as tapas, ceviche, and empanadas. You can also sip on artisan cocktails while listening to live music, getting wrapped up in their garden-themed setting.

3. Arte Sano Vegan Group

Location: Arte Sano Vegan Group

A vegan restaurant may not be the first place you think of when eating on a tropical island, but Arte Sano Vegan Group was ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, making it a fan-favorite with tourists. 

Visitors raved about how they served deliciously healthy food in big portions and how the staff was friendly, making this an all-around pleasant experience. Try one of their vegan pina coladas to really set the tropical vibes!

4. Rosa Mexicano

Location: Rosa Mexicano

No matter whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Rosa Mexicano serves some of the most delicious food on the island because it’s all freshly caught and then prepped and cooked to order. 

One dish that stands out is their traditional slow-cooked Mexican dish, pibil (pulled pork), which you can wash down with their freshly squeezed watermelon martini.  

5. ROOTS Pizza a Leña

Location: ROOTS Pizza a Leña

In need of a different type of cuisine? Try ROOTS Pizza, which is known for its international dishes with a local twist. 

Go in and enjoy their famous lobster pizza pie, or try another unique offering like “The Yucateca” and “The Poblana,” all with a delicious crust that continuously gets raved about. With friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll be talking about this pace post-trip.

Best Restaurants in Holbox
The lobster pizza at Roots is famous in Holbox!

6. Restaurante Viva Zapata

Location: Restaurante Viva Zapata

In need of a dinner location that’s vibrant and lively? Restaurante Viva Zapata offers just that, along with amazing food. A combination of the fresh seafood dishes with the friendly staff and colorful decor makes it the perfect restaurant for fun and excitement. If you want to skip the food, take a seat at the bar and enjoy pina Coladas, mint mojitos, spicy mezcal on the rocks, or one of their many other affordable drink options.

7. Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant

Location: Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant

Ranking #2 on TripAdvisor, Casa Nostra Roof Restaurant offers incredible bites, like their lobster pasta, that reviewers can’t stop raving about. The Italian and seafood spot also offers a great selection of wine and drinks, starting for lunch and ending with a nightcap. 

The rooftop atmosphere provides a new way of seeing Holbox, making it a perfect place to enjoy a meal.

8. Tierra Mia Juice and Coffee

Location: Tierra Mia Juice and Coffee

Whether you are just starting your morning or need a midday pick-me-up. Tierra Mia Juice and Coffee is a perfect quick-service spot with everything made fresh. This environmentally-friendly cafe offers a range of drinks from smoothies to coffee to juices (imported from Chiapas), and food like light breakfasts and lunches.

9. Taco Queto

Location: Taco Queto

Stop by this no-frills, quick-service restaurant for some delectable street tacos. Taco Queto has a reputation for being some of the best tacos in Holbox, and we think it is thanks to their popular al pastor ones- trust us, they are delicious!

You’ll be able to make your own, starting by choosing your tortilla, then adding your toppings. You can also try some quesadillas, burritos, or gringas along with your tacos. 

Check out our guide to the best Mexican Tacos to find out all the different varieties!

Best Restaurants in Holbox
The Al Pastor taco at Taco Queto is a must eat!

10. Parador 33

Location: Parador 33

Looking to stray away from the classic Latin dishes Holbox has to offer? Try Parador 33, a restaurant that serves up an Argentine/Uruguayan fusion of flavors. From their homemade bread and plates of pasta to their Uruguayan countryside grass-fed and free-range meat, you will be enjoying a delectable meal in a setting that’ll transport you to a Mediterranean vision. 

11. Ser Esencia Restaurant

Location: Ser Esencia Restaurant

Visiting Ser Esencia Restaurant means you will be dining in a place started by one of Mexico’s most acclaimed chefs, Roberto Solis. Chef Andrés Fernández and his team whip up delectable dishes in this modern fusion restaurant of Mayan cultural flavors with modern cooking techniques, located in the CaSandra Boutique Hotel. Try everything from sashimi to a chocolate tamale dessert…with a delicious margarita to drink, of course. 

12. Big Fish

Location: Big Fish

Big Fish has a unique menu that makes visitors and locals intrigued to try thanks to the blend of Mexican pacific coast and Caribbean traditional flavors. From tostadas to ceviche to tacos, there’s not a food item seafood lovers won’t enjoy. 

Its restaurant atmosphere matches the vibe of the island, laid back and relaxed, making this a perfect lunch spot for your day of relaxing at the beach. 

13. Ceviches la Chingada

Location: Ceviches la Chingada

With the word in its name, it is expected that Ceviches la Chingada has some fantastic types of ceviche dishes. If you want to try something else, explore their incredible seafood tacos or seafood dishes that are large in portions, all for an inexpensive price. 

See why this is a hotspot with the locals in Holbox! 

Best Restaurants in Holbox

14. Painapol

Location: Painapol

Painapol has ranked #3 best restaurants in Holbox on TripAdvisor, with one review even saying it was “delicious fresh food made with love in a beautiful interior. 

Stop in bright and early before you start your day for breakfast and brunch, enjoying their refreshing offerings of smoothie bowls or other breakfast delights. The wait may be long, but it will be worth it once you sit down!

15. El Sushi de Holbox

Location: El Sushi de Holbox

Still in need of some good fish but want to try a different cuisine? El Sushi de Holbox is the spot to be for Japanese cuisine, with a Mexican flare to boot. Enjoy a large array of sushi rolls or turn your meal into a bowl. 

The menu also consists of noodles, salads, and even empanadas. Don’t feel like going out? The restaurant delivers so you can enjoy your food even in the comfort of your hotel.

16. Alma Bar

Location: Alma Bar

Ranked one of the best spots under “Cheap Eats” on TripAdvisor, Alma Bar is a great beach paradise to relax with a drink in hand and enjoy small bites like guacamole. Located in the Villas Tiburon Hotel on the third floor, you can enjoy poolside views and just unwind with a cocktail. 

It may not be the spot to satisfy your hunger or food cravings, but it can make for a great beach break or evening drink spot. 

17. El Chapulim

Location: El Chapulim

The first-class eatery like no other, El Chapulim is a super popular restaurant that has a certificate of excellence. What makes it unique is that the restaurant has no menu. Instead, lucky diners visit and are offered a choice of four main courses, three delicious fish/seafood, and one meat dish, along with drinks and homemade desserts. 

It is also the only Holbox restaurant where the owner is the chef who also takes your order, making this a very personalized experience. We had a lobster dinner here and it was divine!

Best Restaurants in Holbox
Enjoying the lobster dish with walnuts at El Chapulim

18. Salma

Location: Salma

A place so good, a reviewer on TripAdvisor wrote that Salma is a “must-put on your Holbox to-do list.” Enjoy delicious grilled seafood like octopus and salmon thanks to the chefs who cook in the open on a wood-fired grill. 

For an extra “shot” of fun, the restaurant even has a small bar dedicated to just making shots. This exciting atmosphere calls for a good experience all around.

19. Casa De Asadores Martin & Santo

Location: Casa De Asadores Martin & Santo

One of the best steakhouse restaurants in Holbox, Casa De Asadores Martin & Santo is the perfect dinner spot for quality food. All food is cooked on an open fire, and you can get an assortment of meats, from steak to Argentine chorizo. 

You also can’t go wrong with any of their drinks, whether it’s from a quality bottle of wine or blended on-site for a frozen margarita.  

20. Le Jardin Panaderia/Cafeteria

Location: Le Jardin Panaderia/Cafeteria

Ranked the best bakery in Holbox on TripAdvisor, Le Jardin Panaderia/Cafeteria offers exquisite French pastries such as a pan de chocolate and a roll de Canela y pasas, which is a cinnamon roll with raisins. 

You can also stop in and eat a heavier breakfast such as an omelet. Top it off with a specialty coffee or tea and you are all set to start your day!

Best Restaurants in Holbox

Holbox Restaurants FAQ

What are the most popular restaurants on Holbox Island?

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from when deciding what to eat in Holbox. However, some of the most popular restaurants in Holbox Island depend on the reviews and recommendations by locals and travelers. Some of my top recommendations are:

1. Raices
2. Ceviches la Chingada 
3. ROOTS Pizza a Leña
4. Taco Queto
5. El Chapulim

What are the best restaurants in Holbox Island that deliver?

According to TripAdvisor, some of the best restaurants that deliver (and are ranked very well by reviewers) include the following:

El Sushi de Holbox (Japanese, Sushi, Asian)
ROOTS Pizza a Lena (Pizza)
La Pinsa (Italian, Pizza)
La Tapatia (Mexican, Latin, Street Food)
Babalu Yei Yei (Pizza, International, Italian Food)

How much is dinner in Holbox?

Dinner in Holbox may vary in pricing depending on the restaurant you choose and what you want to eat. For example, you can get street food or can enjoy a no-frills quick-service food place for $1. 

Or, you can enjoy a more upscale, sit-down, reservations-only place for $8-10. The beauty of Holbox is that there is a restaurant for everyone’s budget, so there is no pressure to eat at a fancier restaurant.

What are the best beach restaurants in Holbox?

Since Holbox is an island, you’re never shy of finding restaurants on the beach or with a water view. However, we believe that one of the best beach restaurants in Holbox is Raices, part of a beach club and marina. 

They take relaxing to a new level with their hammocks and beach swings, but also give you the freshest seafood, catching it the same day you eat it! If you’re looking for a more laid-back, less food, and more cocktail-type place, try the Alma Bar. 

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Best Restaurants in Holbox | Planning to eat your way around the best restaurants in Holbox? We got you covered. From quick bites to culinary adventures, there’s a meal for every budget and a dish for every taste bud. Check out twenty of the best restaurants in Holbox to make your visit even more perfect when you arrive. #islaholbox #holboxmexico #holboxrestaurants
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