Best Bali Villas Under $100: Top Deals in 2024

written by local expert Becky Rogers

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Imagine yourself in a private villa in Bali, waking up to a freshly cooked breakfast delivered to your patio, and spending your days relaxing in your own pool all to yourself.

Sounds like heaven, but what’s the catch? Truth is, there isn’t one!

We all know that Bali is known for its warm weather, affordable accommodation, and cheap food, but we just don’t seem to include luxury villas in our budget when we’re planning our travels.

But you don’t need to burn a hole in your bank account just to have an indulgent holiday in Bali. Don’t be afraid to look at what is on offer because you can, in fact, have a luxury stay in Bali with all the trimmings at a reasonable price.

To help you find the best villas in Bali with an affordable price tag, we’ve put together our list of the best villas in Bali under $100, across different areas of the island.

Quick Answer: Best Bali Villas Under $100

Best Airbnb Villas in Bali

Best Villas in Canggu

Best Villas in Nusa Dua / Jimbaran

Best Villas in Seminyak

Best Villas in Ubud

More Bali Villas We Love

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Where to Stay in Bali: Neighborhood Guide

Bali is bigger than you think, and where you stay can have a big impact on how much you enjoy your trip.

Most travelers base themselves in either south or central Bali as these are the areas with a high concentration of accommodations and attractions.

nature in bali

Before you decide where to stay, here’s a quick introduction to the most popular areas in Bali.


Surfers, Canggu is your jam. The eight-mile stretch of beach here is heaven for those seeking the best waves on the island.

Less developed than other areas mentioned here, Canggu retains much of its local charm as a sleepy fishing village. Without much nightlife or shopping, days in Canggu are calm and relaxing. It’s the best area for a serene vacation filled with sun, sea, and sun — without any of the crowds.

While much of Canggu remains undeveloped for now, there are some great accommodation options that have sprung up. Prices here are generally more affordable than its hip neighbor, Seminyak.


If you want to be in the thick of all the action, be it surfing or partying, Kuta is the place for you. The beach, active (and cheap) nightlife scene, and availability of budget accommodations make this the landing ground for young travelers wanting to live it up in Bali.

Soak in the sun and surf during the day. Fill up on some cheap and tasty eats, then dance the night away in the many bars and clubs. All that — without breaking the bank! If an affordable, fun beach getaway is what you’re after, Kuta’s a great place to be.

That said, if you’re looking to stay in a villa, we would suggest choosing other areas where you can get better options and deals.

Nusa Dua / Jimbaran

If you really want to pamper yourself, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran could be for you. Known as the high-end neighborhoods in Bali, these two areas are host to numerous luxury accommodations.

Home to stunning beaches and elegant spas, this is the spot to be if you want to completely relax and simply enjoy a five-star holiday. Nusa Dua and Jimbaran are ideal for taking in the beautiful sea scenery, spoiling yourself with some spa treatments, and just taking a break from your frantic everyday life.

And while they are known for being more expensive, there are still some good deals on villas to be had, if you know where to look!


Looking for an upmarket Bali experience? Check out Seminyak, which is the “it” place to be if you’re in Bali.

Classy restaurants and bars. Luxurious villas. Stunning beaches. Indulgent spa treatments. Peace and tranquility with a dash of style. That’s what Seminyak offers.

Spend the day lounging by your private pool or sunning by the beach. Grab a drink or two at Potato Head to pass away the afternoon. Nightlife in Seminyak is classy but relaxed. Take your pick of the quality bars and clubs in the area for a fun time.

You may think that a villa in Seminyak is out of your budget, but we’ve got your back. If you dig deeper (as we have), there are some affordable gems in the area.


In search of culture, mountains, and greenery? Head to Ubud, an area in central Bali known as the island’s cultural center. Surrounded by rice fields and lush greenery, this area is ideal for a quiet nature getaway.

While the beach may be a 45-minute drive away, there’s much to take up your time in Ubud.

Ubud is home to some of the most beautiful temples in Bali, making it the epicenter of Balinese spirituality. If you’re keen to take in more of Bali’s traditions, spirituality and history, Ubud could be a great base for you. Amenities such as yoga, meditation, and health spas are easily found here and are a great draw for many visitors to Bali.

Accommodations in this area are typically nestled within nature, creating an ideal atmosphere for a rejuvenating holiday.

Which Area Should You Choose for Your Bali Trip? 

Now that you have a brief overview of the popular areas in Bali, it’s clear that not every neighborhood will suit every traveler.

surfing in bali

We suggest deciding what you want to do during your Bali trip. Having a focus will make it easier to decide which areas suit you best. For instance, if lounging by the beach is a must, then Ubud isn’t for you. For surfing, you may want to choose Nusa Dua or Jimbaran so that you’re closer to the best surfing sites.

Remember: Bali is larger than you think, so you don’t want to waste your holiday commuting or driving every day.

Your budget should also be a consideration. Some neighborhoods command higher accommodation prices, and you could get more bang for your buck by staying in another area that offers similar attractions. That said, if you’re willing to compromise a bit, most areas do have affordable options that can fit your small budget.

With all that in mind, we’ve picked out some of the best Bali villas in the various neighborhoods that have a price tag of $100 and under. If you prefer to stay in an Airbnb, we also have some suggestions for you!

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Best Airbnb Villas in Bali

While Bali has lots of accommodation options, resorts and hotels aren’t the only choice. If you prefer to go the Airbnb route, you can find some amazing deals for beautiful villas in Bali. Here are four stunning Bali villas under $100 on Airbnb. 

A Stylish & Unique Ubud Bungalow

bali villa under $100 in ubud
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Ubud; 7-minute scooter ride from Ubud Market, and Ubud Palace

Superhost: Yes

Price Range: From $35 per night

This super stylish villa is an amazing choice, especially if you’re a couple on vacation. This quiet home is designed in white and black, with wood furniture. The aesthetic is just gorgeous and so Insta-worthy!

The space consists of a large bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a patio, and an outdoor kitchen and dining area under a vine-covered roof. You also have access to the common outdoor area which includes sunbeds and a shared pool.

Set in a lush garden, this cozy villa is an absolute steal at its price. 

Check prices and read reviews: Airbnb

An Earthy-Hued Cliffside Pad (Ubud)

villa in ubud, bali
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Ubud; 3-minute scooter ride from Ubud Central

Superhost: Yes

Price Range: From $55 per night

This elegant villa is an appealing mix: it’s contemporary in design, with wood accents that perfectly match its rustic location in the jungles of Ubud.

Suitable for a solo traveler, couple, or a duo of friends, this Bali Airbnb is a lovely spot to retreat into nature in style and comfort. The interior is one huge room with a king-size bed, a seating area, and the kitchen along one wall. The bathroom is absolutely huge!

You also have a large outdoor area where you can lounge about, plus a private pool that looks out into the jungle. 

Check prices and read reviews: Airbnb

Loft Style Villa with Pool and Ricefield View (Seminyak)

villa in seminyak, bali under $100
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Type: Entire Home (3BR, 3B)

Location: Seminyak; shops and restaurants within walking distance

Superhost: Yes

Price Range: From $80 per night 

Located in a quiet part of the Seminyak, this Airbnb villa is a great way to be near enough to the action while still enjoying a more nature-centric stay. Surrounded by rice fields, this is the perfect villa for some serenity. 

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this villa can sleep up to six people comfortably. The main area of the house has an open concept that combines the kitchen, dining room, living room, and the pool. 

It’s the little things that really elevate the design and look of this villa. Beautiful tiles, intriguing artwork, and unique furniture pieces make this a uber cool place to stay while in Bali. 

Check prices and read reviews: Airbnb

Rare Secluded Slice of Paradise in Central Seminyak

bali villa under $100 in seminyak
Images courtesy of Airbnb

Type: Entire Home (4BR, 2B)

Location: Seminyak; 5 minutes from the beach

Superhost: Yes

Price Range: From $86 per night

For large groups looking for lots of space, this sprawling Airbnb villa in Seminyak is a top pick. With four bedrooms ad two bathrooms, this space can sleep up up 11 guests. 

Styled in an open way, this villa exudes a rustic Balinese charm but with all the comforts of home. The huge living room is a great place to hang out and relax, and there’s a full kitchen if you want to prepare your own food. The bedrooms are clad in wood with canopied bed for a dreamy look. 

The surroundings are equally charming. Wander around the lush gardens, chill out in the veranda, or have a soak in the private pool. 

This is a beautiful, spacious villa for an unforgettable holiday!

Check prices and read reviews: Airbnb

Best Villas in Canggu

The Apartments Canggu (from $44 per night)

Room Type: Studios | One-bedroom | Two-bedroom | Three-bedroom apartments (some with private pools)

Pool: Yes

Location: near Echo Beach

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $44-86 per night

Located just 15 minutes away from the popular Echo Beach, these modern apartments/villas at The Apartments Canggu feature everything you could ever want… and more!

Whether you’re solo, a couple, or a group, there are apartments that can fit your needs.The rooms are luxuriously designed, complete with even basic kitchen facilities. The outdoor pool is the perfect place to chill and relax during a hot day. If you’re seeking some privacy, go for the apartments with a private pool!

Apart from the modern facilities, the best part about these apartments has to be the location. Nestled right in the middle of rice fields, expect to have a few days of nothing but peace and quiet.

Guests love the convenient location, the well-designed apartments and pool, as well as the warm and friendly staff. You’re sure to have an excellent stay here!

Compare prices and read reviews:  Booking.comAgoda

The Canggu Boutique Villas & Spa (from $82 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom | Two-bedroom | Three-bedroom villas with private pools

Pool: Yes

Location: near Berawa Beach

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $95-470 per night

The Canggu Boutique Villas & Spa are an ideal place to stay if you like to throw in some adventure with your relaxation.

Unlike many others, these villas are perfectly located within a short drive from Seminyak area, Berawa Beach and the famous surfing spot at Echo Beach. So make use of the free bicycles and shuttle service, or hire a motorbike!

The villas themselves are very comfortable and private, offering rooms with pool views and an open terrace. When you’re not catching up on sleep on their comfy beds, lounge by the pool or take a relaxing soak in the bathtub.

Whether you want a quick bite before your adventures or a proper sit-down evening meal, the on-site restaurant is ideal for everything. Warm and helpful staff round out what should be an excellent experience at these Canggu villas.

Compare prices and read reviews: Booking.comAgoda

Zoe Villa Canggu Bali (from $93 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom villa with private pool

Pool: Yes

Location: near Canggu Beach

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $93-170 per night

Located a 1km walk away from Canggu Beach, Zoe Villa Canggu is an ideal place to relax and practice the art of doing nothing.

The one-bedroom villa is perfect for solo travelers, couples or small families who want some privacy while in Canggu.

Each villa comes with a kitchenette, private pool, and bathtub which is all you would ever want for a relaxing getaway in Bali. The villas are luxurious and is perfect for those looking to splurge a bit without having to break the bank!

Guests rave about the service here, as well as how spacious and comfortable the villas are.

For those who want to explore on their own, you can easily rent scooters via the villa. But if not, you’re not too far away from restaurants, cafes, and shopping.

Compare prices and read reviews: Booking.comAgoda

Canggu Rooftop Villas (from $100 per night)

Room Type: Rooftop studio | One-bedroom rooftop with private pool | Two-bedroom villas with and without private pool

Pool: Yes

Location: near Nerawa Beach

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $100 per night

Located just a stone’s throw away from the beach, the Canggu Rooftop Villa are bright, modern, and very stylish.

Offering rooftop studio villas as well as villas with private pools, this stunning property is a steal considering it’s only a few minutes walk away from the beach. After a fun day at the beach, you can relax in your spacious and comfortable villa. Take in the beautiful sunset or have a night swim to cap off your day.

Guests love the layout of the villas, the warm and sincere service and, of course, the views from the rooftop.

If you can stretch your budget a bit, Canggu Rooftop Villas is a great choice for a rejuvenating stay in Bali.

Compare prices and read reviews: Booking.comAgoda

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Best Villas in Nusa Dua / Jimbaran

Alindra Villa (from $75 per night)

Room Type: Suites | One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas (some with private pools)

Pool: Yes

Location: Nusa Dua

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $75-280 per night

If you’re looking for a quiet getaway, the Alindra Villa located near Jimbaran and Nusa Dua is the perfect place to stay.

Located in the middle of an unassuming street, walking into the resort compound will be a pleasant surprise. Landscaped gardens and Balinese decor await you!

With many villa types available, Alindra Villa can cater to small groups as well. The villas are well-appointed with luxurious interiors. Some units even have a hot tub! During your stay, watch the stress melt away as you relax in your villa with a private pool and enjoy the stunning resort compound that surrounds the place.

From bathtubs, private pools, and a scrumptious buffet breakfast meal, this place comes highly recommended!

Compare prices and read reviews:  Booking.comAgoda

Terrace Bali Villa (from $71 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas with private pools

Pool: Yes

Location: Nusa Dua

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $71-140 per night

If you’re traveling either solo or as a couple, this is one of the best value-for-money villas in Canggu! Terrace Bali Villas offer one-bedroom villas with a private pool at only $71 per night.

The villas are designed for comfort, each equipped with their own private pool, large flatscreen TV, and kitchen facilities. If you can tear yourself away from the serenity of your villa, take advantage of the free shuttle that takes you to the beach.

According to guest reviews, they felt very comfortable during their stay and loved the privacy and quiet afforded here. They also complimented the staff who were always on hand to help and accommodate guest requests.

Compare prices and read reviews: Booking.comAgoda

Natah Bale Villas (from $90 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas

Pool: Yes

Location: Jimbaran Beach

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $90-160 per night

Perfectly located in Sanur, you can stay in these luxury villas for less than half the price of hotels by the beach!

At the Natah Bale Villas, It only takes you 5 minutes to walk to the beach, and you are surrounded by plenty of restaurants and shops. If you’re really not one for walking, blue bird taxis are always around to take you into town for a dollar or two.

These villas are incredibly spacious and well-maintained, with housekeeping cleaning twice daily. Each modern villa is fully equipped with a kitchen, dining area, living area and outdoor lounging area on the terrace.

Surrounded by tropical gardens, the staff often indulge in soccer games with guests!

Compare prices and read reviews: Booking.comAgoda

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read our guide to the best villas in Nusa Dua!

More Nusa Dua Villas 

Best Villas in Seminyak

Juada Garden (from $30 per night)

Room Type: Queen rooms |Two-bedroom | Three-bedroom villas

Pool: Yes

Location: Seminyak

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $30-150 per night

Juada Garden is the perfect place to stay if you like to explore the Seminyak area.

Tucked away from a busy street, the villas are just a short walk away from Double Six Beach, Legian Beach and Bintang Supermarket. If you hire a car or bike, you’re also only a 20-minute drive from Kuta Beach and Kuta Art Market and the Ngurah Rai International Airport (they do offer complimentary pickup/drop off).

Apart from the obvious thumbs up for the location, the resort also prides itself on its spacious villas. Although roomy, the villas have a very home-like feel to them and are decorated with dark wooden furnishings. Some also come with a very inviting private turquoise pool!

Tip: This resort is known for upgrading people to private villas for free, so try to go during the off-peak season!

Compare prices and read reviews:  Booking.comAgoda

Putu Bali Villa & Spa (from $50 per night)

Room Type: Deluxe | Premier rooms | One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas

Pool: Yes

Location: Seminyak

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $50-190 per night

An absolutely stunning resort, Putu Bali Villas & Spa is an ideal place for a peaceful retreat.

Perfect for you to bask in those EatPrayLove vibes, the resort is modern with a traditional Balinese feel. It offers relaxing spa treatments, al fresco dining and an overall chilled atmosphere. Even in the pool, you will be surrounded by relaxing water features, warm lighting, and lush greenery!

If you’re the type who prefers an action-filled trip, there is a gym onsite, as well as a bar, and a 10-minute walk will take you to the beach for endless water activities.

For more privacy and luxury, opt for their one-bedroom or two-bedroom villas. They come complete with a kitchenette as well as a large bathroom with a rain shower and bathtub.

Compare prices and read reviews:Booking.comAgoda

Ilot Bali Residence – Villas (from $64 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom villas

Pool: Yes

Location: Seminyak

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $64-210 per night

Want to stay in the heart of Seminyak? Take a look at the villas at Ilot Bali Residence.

Guests rave about the fantastic location and living experience. The villa is described as spacious and clean, and you’ll love the indulgence of relaxing in your own private pool. With only 8 villas on the compound, you’re assured warm and friendly service from the staff.

If you’re up for a spot of exploration, downtown Seminyak is only a short walk away. Also within walking distance are Ku De Ta Restaurant and Potato Head Beach Club, where you can grab a drink and savor the beautiful sunset.

At only $64 per night for a one-bedroom villa, Ilot Bali is a steal!

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

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Best Villas in Ubud

Kishi Kishi Ubud Villas & Spa (from $38 a night)

Room Type: One-bedroom villas

Pool: Yes

Location: Ubud

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $38-52 per night

Nestled in the middle of the rice fields, Kishi Kishi Ubud Villas & Spa is an amazing escape from busy Ubud.

While the villas are modern and comfortable, the star is the outdoor pool set in a beautiful garden. There’s also in-house massage and spa treatments for guests who want to relax and make the most of their holiday.

Guests love the quiet tranquility and the amazing views.

If you’re up for some action, the resort offers a free shuttle to the center of town so you can make the most sightseeing around Ubud.

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Kakul Villa Ubud (from $82 per night)

Room Type: Double rooms | Suites | One-bedroom | Two-bedroom | Three-bedroom (some with private pools)

Pool: Yes

Location: Ubud

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $21-268 per night

Located closer to the city center than most villas, Kakul Villa Ubud is a great choice if you want to maximize your exploration of Ubud.

Hiking is particularly popular around this area and you’re only about 2 miles away from popular spots such as Monkey Forest, Elephant Cave, Ubud Market and the Palace. The resort also offers a free shuttle into central Ubud which is really useful.

As well as the incredible location, the resort also exceeds standards in accommodation. There are double and suite rooms, if you’re on a tighter budget. But if you have a bit to spare in your holiday funds, their one-bedroom villas start at only $82 per night.

The modern villas are furnished with stylish décor and offer a refreshing private pool, with the resort boasting a spa that is worth a visit or two. If you’re so relaxed you can’t make it out for food, you can order breakfast and evening meals to your villa to dine in privacy.

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Umae Villa (from $90 per night)

Room Type: Luxury suites | One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas with private pools

Pool: Yes

Location: Ubud

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $90-195 per night

If you’re heading to Monkey Forest and are a hiking enthusiast, Umae Villa is the perfect place to stay as it is right around the corner!

Hidden from the busy streets, surrounded by beautiful rice fields, Umae Villa offers a surprisingly peaceful getaway. The villas in the resort are very elegant, featuring semi-open dining areas and spacious bedrooms overlooking the private pool.

Just a stone’s throw away from great local restaurants and shops, you have the best of both worlds. If you want to explore further, you can take a free shuttle into downtown Ubud, or a short walk to the Yoga Barn Studio and the famous Bebek Bengil Restaurant.

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

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More Bali Villas

Apart from the ones listed above, here are more Bali villas worth checking out.

From luxurious Bali family villas that won’t break the bank to incredible pool villas that will make your jaw drop, there’s simply heaps of places to stay in Bali that are worth splurging on.

Best Family Villas Bali
Best Private Pool Villas Bali
Best Uluwatu Villas

Villa Adi (from $48 per night)

Room Type: One-bedroom | Two-bedroom villas | Rooftop villas with private pools

Pool: Yes

Location: Eastern Bali (Amed)

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $48-98 per night

Located in stunning Amed, Villa Adi is surrounded by lush tropical gardens with amazing views of Mount Agung in the background.

Sounds amazing right? The villas here are open plan, decorated with wooden furnishings that run from the bedroom right out to your private patio. With a convenience store on the property, you can prepare your own food in your kitchen and sit on your patio next to the pool while you eat.

Although you’re situated in a leafy paradise, the beach is only a short walk away. For more active travelers, you can try your hand at scuba diving and snorkeling. This area is also known for its Japanese shipwreck diving, sunset and sunrise boat trips, and yoga retreats.

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Villa Puspa (from $65 per night)

Room Type: Villas with private pools

Pool: Yes

Location: Near Tanah Lot

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $65-100 per night

If a hot tub is on your checklist, Villa Puspa is a winner.

Relax in your own hot tub and pool in your private piece of heaven. You’ve even got a spacious shaded terrace alongside your pool, complete with a dining table and comfortable sofas. Plus an outdoor bath!

There is just something about these villas that make them so luxurious. You get your own private entrance for ultimate privacy. The villas are incredibly modern with minimalistic furnishings, and make you want to kick back and chill just by looking at them.

As well as the accommodation, the area is perfect. Tanah Lot is the ideal place to hire bikes and experience the Balinese countryside, with its scenic rice fields and temples. End off a fun day by having a relaxing dinner at a restaurant with sunset views.

Compare prices and read reviews: | Agoda

Villa Shantitara Bungalows (from $57 per night)

Room Type: Superior | Family bungalows

Pool: Yes

Location: Sanur

Wifi: Yes

Price Range: $57 per night

To experience a hidden gem in Sanur, try Villa Shantitara Bungalows.

Comprising of 4 villas, you can soak in rest and relaxation during your stay here. Each villa boasts of unique decorations and provides privacy, although they are located around a beautiful garden and pool area.

Guests love the outdoor bathrooms with showers, the lush surroundings and the peace and quiet. They also compliment the attentive host who’s on hand to provide tips and recommendations on the best things to do.

At only $57 per night for a family villa that sleeps four, Villa Shantitara Bungalows is a great affordable option for families or groups of friends.

Check prices and read reviews: Agoda

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