14 Things To Do In Nusa Dua Bali that You Can’t Miss

written by local expert Anna Faustino

Anna is a co-founder of Adventure in You and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She has spent time living in Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, and Spain and is our local expert in these areas. Her expertise on travel, gear, and building businesses have been featured on Foundr, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and more.

When the conversation of an island vacation comes up, certain places automatically come to mind: Bora Bora, the Barbados, or even the Seychelles. Another well-known tropical island that comes to mind is Bali. Located in Indonesia, Bali is known for its mountains, coral reefs, and beaches and has been our home away from home for the last year or so.

While we mostly stay in Canggu, another area called Nusa Dua, located in southern Bali is an adventure traveler’s paradise and it shouldn’t be missed. There’s sun, beach, and adventure all around. Not sure what to do in Nusa Dua? Here are a few of my top recommendations for Nusa Dua.

Explore the Best Nusa Dua Beaches

There’s no point of traveling to an Island paradise like Nusa Dua and not taking advantage of the beaches as much as you can. Bali has numerous public beaches such as Pantai Geger, Blue Point and Nusa Dua beach where you can soak up some sun and enjoy the ambiance of your tropical vacation. Listed below are a few of my favorite Nusa Dua beaches which I recommend you visit:

  • Samuh Beach (Pantai Samuh)
  • Nusa Dua Beach (Pantai Mengiat)
  • Geger beach
  • Sawangan Beach (Nikko Beach)
  • Pandawa Beach (Pantai Pandawa)

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Go Snorkeling

Speaking of the beach, another great activity to do in Nusa Dua is to go snorkeling, Bali has a host of spectacular underwater creatures that are just waiting to be discovered. Being an island of many beaches, the options are truly endless.

In Nusa Dua itself, Pantai Mengiat has an off-shore reef break where you can snorkle around. If you’re up for going on a day trip, one of the most popular snorkeling beaches is Menjangan Island which houses the marine national park. You may also choose to explore the waters of Tulamben which is home to the remains of the USAT Liberty that sunk during World War 2.

Alternatively, you can also go underwater sea walking! This is such a fun experience and is well recommended.

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snorkeling in bali

Editor’s Note: Looking for places to stay in Nusa Dua? Check out our Nusa Dua Villas guide to help you find affordable places to stay for your trip.

See Nusa Dua Villas

Watch the Water Blow

Ever wanted to see water literally erupt from the sea dozens of feet into the sky? Well, you’re in luck because the Nusa Dua beach is home to a water blow that shows just this. A result of rock formations and the tides, the water blow is truly a miracle of nature and a must-see for anyone visiting.

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Get Your Grill On

Of all the eating spots in Nusa Dua, the Nusa Dua Beach Grill is a pretty popular option and is frequented by many. It has the benefit of being located right next to the beach which makes it easier to grab a bite while still exploring.

Sitting in the shade and enjoying the beach view while eating fresh-caught seafood is truly an experience to have. While there are so many dishes to try when it comes to Indonesian food, sometimes, nothing beats freshly grilled seafood served with a hefty portion of serving of sambal.

Visit Bumbu Bali

One of Bali’s most famous restaurants, Bumbu Bali is known for its extensive selection of traditional Indonesian food. Their seafood is legendary throughout the island and is the perfect dinner spot. It even has a cooking school for those who want to learn some Indonesian cooking to take home with them.

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indonesia food

Go Shopping At Bali Collection

If you’re the type of person that likes to shop, then a visit to Bali Collection is in order. The Bali Collection has a bit of everything for everyone: a large selection of department stores, restaurants that are both western and Indonesian and many places to get souvenirs of your trip.

Visit Puja Mandala

If you’re one to visit religious monuments then the Puja Mandala is definitely for you. A symbol of religious equality and tolerance, the Mandala features a mosque, two churches, a Buddhist temple and an Indian Temple.

Enjoy a Few Water Sports

One of the great appeals of island holidays in joining in and trying out a few water sports. Luckily, Nusa Dua has these in abundance. From jet-skiing to parasailing, there’s always something to do in the water. Although both jet-skiing and parasailing are tons of fun, flyboarding is the newest, trendiest watersport.

It has become a social media phenomenon and a high demand activity for visitors to the island. Flyboarding involves wearing special footwear that is attached to a surfboard with attached water pumps. The water pressure builds and carries the rider into the air which gives them the sensation of flying. Think Iron Man…Oh yeah!

View Flyboard Tours

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flyboarding bali

Stroll Down the Nusa Dua Promenade

If you’re looking for some downtime, there’s really no better place to take a nice evening stroll than on the Nusa Dua Promenade. The Promenade has a 7km paved walking path that eventually leads to a fork in the road which each lead to temples.

Go Seawalking

Fancy seeing all the beautiful sealife but don’t want to get your hair wet? Well, then sea walking is the perfect activity for you. Seawalking involves going to a designated dive site and wearing a special head cover that enables you to see sealife while staying dry. This is particularly good for those who either have a fear of deep water or those who simply don’t want to enter the sea. Although I personally prefer regular snorkeling, for those who want to do something a little bit more unique, sea walking can be a great experience.

Join a Cycling Tour

Cycling tours are a great and fun way to explore the island and while looking for things to do in Nusa Dua, biking tours give an up close and personal look at the scenery. It´s also a great way to meet locals and keeps you active during your stay. You can decide to do a day biking tour or simply rent a bike for the whole time you’re there.

biking bali

Catch the Devan Show

One of the biggest crowd-pullers of Nusa Dua is the Devan show. A play depicting a boy and girl who find a magic chest, the Devan show is used to highlight the beauty of each island and is filled from start to finish with acrobatics, choreography and is one of the most unmissable parts of the island experience. Of all the things to do in Nusa Dua, this is one of the most essential.

View Cultural Show

Experience Pirates’ Bay

Take a trip to a real-life pirate ship with the pirate’s bay. A recreated outdoor pirate ship experience, the pirate’s bay features a booty hunt, replica pirate’s ship, and restaurants. You also have the option to dress up in a pirate costume for the day, which is one of the biggest crowd-pleasers. It’s a great option for people who are traveling with children or who just want to release their inner child.

Visit the Surf N´ Turf Park

Surf enthusiasts would be thrilled to visit the surf and turf park. This waterpark features a variety of indoor waves and instructors in place to assist those less experienced. It also has an on-site beach club with swimming pools which makes it the perfect fit for family outings.

Fortunately, there are no shortage of fun and exciting things to see, do and experience in Nusa Dua. The hardest part will be choosing which activities to place at the top of your priority list.

Transportation Around Nusa Dua and the Rest of Bali

Transportation is a bit of a mission in Indonesia as it is pretty spread apart.

We recommend using Bookaway or 12Go website to view bus, boat, and train schedules ahead of time. We’ve used these websites all over Asia and it saves us the hassle of lining up in travel agencies or bus stations.

This saves you a lot of time as trying to sort out tickets using a travel agent is a pain! In Bali, I suggest downloading the Blue Bird Taxi App to help you get around from one place to the next.

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