12 Best Beaches in Uluwatu That You Need to Visit (2024 Guide)

written by local expert Catrin Lynn

Catrin is a history enthusiast based in Wales. Her passions are her animals, exploring the Welsh mountains with her husband, wellness, and traveling to different European cities.

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Bali, look no further than Uluwatu.

In this guide, I will walk you through the best beaches in Uluwatu, plus give you tips on how to visit them, things to do, and more.

Frankly speaking, you must add Uluwatu to your Bali itinerary if you enjoy outstanding, beautiful white sand beaches and exhilarating surfing opportunities. 

Uluwatu is located in the Bukit Peninsula and is home to the highest rated beaches that you will find in Bali. The beaches in Uluwatu provide world-class surf breaks, temples, gorgeous sunset viewing points, and a backdrop of greenery and dramatic limestone cliffs. 

Founders of this blog, Anna and Tom lived in Uluwatu Bali for 3 months and it’s easy to see why with the chilled-out surfer hotspots and stunning backdrops of rock formations and gorgeous beaches. 

They’re chiming in on this article to make sure there are tons of local tips to help you have the best time exploring the beaches of Uluwatu.

Bingin Beach, Uluwatu Beach, and Padang Padang are among the most famous beaches in the area but I’m going to take you through the top 12 beaches in Uluwatu and provide you with useful tips to get the most out of your trip. 

Whether you are looking for surfing, exploring, topping up the tan, or relaxing away from the crowds, there is something in Uluwatu for everyone.

Keep on reading as I share my full Uluwatu Beach guide where I give tips, information on how to visit each beach, and more.

balangan beach
Balangan Beach in Uluwatu

Best Uluwatu, Bali Beach Tours

Below are a couple of highly rated activities based in Uluwatu that we recommend doing!

sunset at Uluwatu
Tom and Anna, Founders of this blog enjoying the sunset in one of Uluwatu’s many beaches.

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Map of Uluwatu Beaches

As the beaches of Uluwatu are pretty spread out, I decided to create this map as a visual guide for you.

All of these points are marked on Google maps, making them easy to find.

Map of the Beaches of Uluwatu
Map of the Beaches of Uluwatu

The Ultimate Uluwatu Beach Guide

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1. Dreamland Beach, Bali

Location: Dreamland Beach Map 

Beach is perfect for: Surfing, Clear turquoise seas, Easily accessible

Entrance / Parking Fee: 5000 IDR / $0.32USD

As soon as you see a photo of Dreamland beach, you’ll quickly understand why it is so popular with tourists.

It is one of the best beaches in Bali with its white sand and beautiful blue waters. Dreamland Beach is quite big so there’s enough room to sit back, relax and soak up the sun without it feeling too crowded.

It’s also a popular spot for surfers with its big waves and provides a good break for beginners that’s a short way into the sea.

It can get busy during peak times so it’s not as peaceful as some of the other beaches in Uluwatu. There are also some restaurants and bars here where you can get some food and drink.

Compared to the beaches in Canggu, Dreamland Beach has white sand, making it very picturesque.

During peak season, Pantai Dreamland isn’t ideal for swimming due to the large waves but is perfect for long walks and watching the many surfers that come to these shores.

On calmer days, you can definitely find people swimming here!

Thanks to the soft white sand, Dreamland Beach is one of the best Uluwatu beaches you can visit.

The beach in Dreamland is a short walk from the parking area and is easily accessible unlike the other beaches in Uluwatu that are on this list.

Dreamland Beach
Enjoying our morning walk in Dreamland Beach

2. Nyang Nyang beach, Bali 

Location: Nyang Nyang Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Escaping the crowds, White sands, Exploring rock pools

Entrance/ Parking Fee: 2000 IDR/$0.13USD

Nyang Nyang beach is a long stretch of white sand and spectacular blue waves that is more secluded and remote than other beaches in Uluwatu. 

You’ll need to walk down a long path down a cliffside, which can be uneven in parts so wear appropriate footwear. There are no vendors here at Nyang Nyang so take supplies of food and water with you. 

If you visit Pantai Nyang Nyang during low tide, you will find a couple small rock pools to dip your toes in. I don’t recommend swimming here during low tide as the reef will be visible. You can also find a graffitied shipwreck on the waters edge which is popular for photo opportunities. 

During high tide, Nyang Nyang is a great place to surf as it gets quite a bit of a swell. The currents can be strong during high tide so be careful if you are looking to swim. A great spot for swimming can be found in front of Bubble Hotel.

Nyang Nyang doesn’t have any shade so I would not recommend visiting during the heat of the day, and would probably be more comfortable to visit early in the morning or after 4pm. 

Right next to Nyang Nyang Beach is Karang Boma Cliff which provides some of the best views of the Uluwatu coastline and I would recommend adding this stop to your itinerary. 

Nyang Nyang beach 
The rough and rugged shores of Nyang Nyang Beach

3. Green Bowl Beach, Bali

Location: Green Bowl Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Escaping the crowds, Best white sands, Exploring caves, Perfect for experienced surfers

Entrance fee/ parking: 5000 IDR/ $0.32 USD

Next up for our Uluwatu beach guide is Green Bowl. Green Bowl beach is the most secluded of all the beaches in Uluwatu. It has a very chilled vibe so perfect if you want to escape the crowds and relax. It is one of our favorite Uluwatu beaches.

The access to the beach isn’t the easiest with hundreds of concrete steps down a cliff face so be careful and take your time. However, the views at the end make the trip worth it!

I would not recommend visiting Green Bowl at the hottest part of the day due to the walk back up the steps! There are some shacks in the parking area where you can get some supplies before heading down to the beach.

Once you’re at Green Bowl beach, you have a 30 meter coastal strip of golden, soft sand to relax and sunbathe. 

There are also two caves you can explore in and relax away from the sun. There is also a little Hindu temple to find in one of the caves. 

If surfing is your thing, Green Bowl beach is perfect for you with its powerful right break and is uncrowded. 

Green Bowl Beach

4. Balangan Beach, Bali

Location: Balangan Beach

Beach is perfect for: Surfing for all abilities, World famous sunset views, Exploring caves and hidden temples

Entrance fee / parking: 5000 IDR/$0.32 USD

Balangan beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Bali and it has so much to offer you. You have two entry points to get to Balangan beach, the path on the far right will take you to the instafamous view point and down some concrete steps to the beach. 

Although the area around Balagan is still developing, the beach itself still has its authentic touch and isn’t too busy with tourists. 

Surfing is popular at Balangan with the waves attracting both beginner and more experienced surfers. It has long left waves that break off right into the bay. If you want to learn, visit Balangan during a mid to high tide as the reef is less exposed. 

This applies if you are looking to swim in the sea, but be careful as the waves can be strong. The beach is long and wide, making it an ideal place for beach walks!

Balangan beach is one of the best Uluwatu beaches that still has a very local vibe.

There are some local warungs to serve local food, or if you need rehydrating from the sun you can drink a refreshing coconut and lounge on the beach for hours. 

Balangan Beach

There are also caves and hidden temples that can be found and explored at Balangan beach. 

The busiest time to visit Balangan is at sunset as it’s very popular for photographs of the gorgeous sunset view. Balangan has one of the best views for sunset amongst the many Uluwatu beaches.

If you are looking for a quieter experience, I would recommend visiting in the morning or early afternoon where you can enjoy a spot all to yourself!  

Sunsets at Balangan Beach
Watching the sunset overlooking Balangan Beach, Uluwatu

5. Thomas Beach, Bali

Location: Thomas Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Escaping the crowds, Surfing for beginners

Entrance fee: Free

Thomas Beach is a 200 meter stretch of breathtaking white sands and clear turquoise waves is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Uluwatu. 

Often overlooked, Thomas Beach is perfect for lounging and swimming and it doesn’t get too crowded. 

To get to Thomas Beach, keep an eye out for Suka Espresso Cafe as the entrance to Thomas Beach is right across it.

There is a narrow pathway going all the way down to Thomas Beach which you just follow.

When you get to Thomas beach, expect to see a long stretch of beach, small caves and rocky outcrops during low tide. Due to it’s reef formations, there won’t be much opportunity for swimming during low tide, however, when the tides are right, the waters here are perfect!

Pantai Thomas (Thomas Beach) will occasionally pick up the swell that rolls in from the southern beaches, which provides an excellent opportunity to surf some uncrowded waves. 

These conditions make it particularly good for beginner surfers. You can rent a surfboard here too at the northern part of the beach. Thomas Beach also has a number of warungs (local eateries) to get some drinks or food. 

6. Padang Padang Beach, Bali 

Location: Padang Padang Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Famous surfing spot, Swimming 

Entrance: 15,000 IDR/ $0.97 USD per person, Parking: 5,000 IDR /$0.3 USD

Padang Padang attracts crowds as it’s one of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu. Its soft golden sand and world famous surf break have attracted many travelers over the years. 

After paying the entrance fee, you will walk down some steps and pass some monkeys, and you will discover the semicircular cove with golden sands which is surrounded by lush vegetation. 

During our last visit, there was a local ceremony going on which was beautiful to watch!

As it’s a small beach, it can get pretty crowded so if you are not planning on surfing or spending time in the sea I would suggest arriving early and not spending much time here. 

Padang Padang is home to a famous surf sport and the break attracts both beginners and more experienced surfers. Beginner surfers can also get lessons here. The clear blue sea also provides an ideal opportunity for snorkeling. 

To make the most of the surfing opportunity, I would suggest visiting when the tide is mid to high. If you’re not interested in swimming or surfing, you can visit Padang Padang during the low tide where you can explore caves, rock formations and small tidal pools.

There are a couple of local stalls here where you can grab a refreshing drink or some simple snacks.

Padang padang beach ceremony

7. Suluban Beach & Uluwatu Beach

Location: Suluban Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: World renowned surfing, Gorgeous Sunset Views, Caves and hidden beach

Parking Fee: 5000 IDR/$0.32 USD motorbike/15000 IDR/$0.97 USD for a car.

Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach, is one of the most famous beaches in Uluwatu and is located side by side with Uluwatu Beach. 

Suluban Beach is a unique beach that’s concealed by limestone formations that has a lot to explore. You can either enter Suluban Beach via the google map link above, or you can park up at a number of the bars on the cliffside before walking down concrete steps to reach the beach. 

If you are hanging around for sunset, I would highly recommend stopping at one of the bars for a beer or two to sit and soak in the unspoilt views.

Due to the cove shape, Suluban Beach is a popular surf break, with waves up to 5 meters tall. It holds international surf events year round and so attracts big groups of surfers. 

The tide breaks better on a mid to low tide here but it can be surfed on all tides. The cove shape also covers half the beach from the sun, ideal if you want to sit out of the heat of the sun.

The beach will be wider on a lower tide so it’ll be more spacious to relax or to sit and watch the surfers. 

You can also take advantage of the low tide to explore the Suluban Cave beach which leads to a hidden beach.

When you go to Suluban beach cave, you will also find a shipwreck on the most southern end of the beach which has been covered by graffiti artists. 

Apart from being one of the best beaches in Uluwatu, it is also home to one Uluwatu’s famous surf bars, Single Fin.

If you happen to be in Ulu on a weekend, make sure to drop by Single Fin for some fantastic music during its “Sunday Sessions”.

Suluban & Uluwatu Beach
Sunsets at Single Fin Uluwatu

8. Melasti Beach, Uluwatu

Location: Melasti Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Swimming, Snorkeling, Relaxing

Entrance / Parking Fee: 5000 IDR/ $0.32 USD per person, 2 000 IDR/$0.13 USD scooter parking.

Melasti Beach is a gorgeous beach of soft white sand and crystal clear sea located below a high cliff. The unspoilt blue sea with its calm waves makes it the perfect location for swimming and snorkeling. 

During low tide you can walk out to the corals and spot some of the many starfish living among them.

There has been rapid development over the last few years at Melasti Beach which includes bars and clubs, which of course attracts the crowds. Despite this, it is still one of the best beaches in Uluwatu, Bali thanks to its gorgeous long white sand.

However, with that being said, some of our favorite Uluwatu beach clubs like Sundays Beach Club and Palmila Bali are located in Melasti Beach. We LOVE Sundays Beach Club located at the very end of Melasti Beach and recommend getting a day pass and spending the day there. 

The beach is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and the “elevator” going down offers some of the best views in the Bukit.

We spent many days lounging by Sunday’s Beach club, enjoying the beautiful white sand beach, a fresh coconut, and the delicious food.

If you want to escape the crowds, just head further down the beach to a quieter part. The atmosphere is more relaxed here and you will find some local warungs where you can pick up some cheap local food and drinks.

9. Pandawa Beach, Bali

Location: Pandawa Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Swimming, Beautiful setting, Plenty of facilities & activities

Entrance fee: 15 000 IDR/ $1 USD per person

Pandawa beach is another stunning beach of powdery, white sands and clear blue seas that is surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs. 

The road to Pandawa Beach splits into two, if you turn left you will head for the less touristy part with local restaurants and if you go right you will go towards the main tourist area.

Pandawa Beach was once referred to as the “secret beach”, but is now one of the most developed beaches in Uluwatu with a plethora of facilities such as toilets, showers, restaurants, and food stalls. 

There are also a number of activities you can choose from here. If you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, you will find some sun waves here or you can head out in a canoe to explore the clear sea or even just swim. 

If the tide is low, grab your snorkel and explore along the coast. As the reef isn’t close to the shoreline in Pandawa Beach which means you are safe during both high and low tides. 

If you have come here to relax, you can rent a sun bed to relax or head for a traditional Balinese massage. There truly is something for everyone here!

10. Pantai Tegal Wangi Beach, Uluwatu

Location: Tegal Wangi Beach Map

Beach is perfect for: Sunset Views, Tidal Pools and Caves

Entrance / Parking Fee: 2 000 IDR/ $0.13 USD

Tegal Wangi Beach is similar to Green Bowl Beach with its caves to explore and white sandy beach, but it’s a lot more accessible.

The most impressive thing about Tegal Wangi Beach are the unspoilt views of the Bukit coastline, and as the beach is west facing, it’s also a wonderful place to view the sunset. 

Tegal Wangi beach is a little less known to tourists, so although the beach is small, it is never crowded. So if you’re looking for a quiet beach in Uluwatu, head here.

The best time to explore the beach is during a low tide. You can relax in a natural tide pool or you can walk and discover the two caves.

Tourists and locals flock to the beach during sunset, so I would suggest getting early enough to grab your spot to view one of the best sunsets in South Bali! 

Tegal Wangi beach is one of the least developed beaches with only one or two vendors selling drinks so make sure to take supplies of water and food with you!

Lots of water, a beach umbrella for shade, and of course sunscreen. It is one of the best beaches in Uluwatu and is a favorite amongst locals.

Pantai Tegal Wangi Beach
Beautiful natural swimming pools

11. Bingin Beach, Uluwatu

Location: Bingin Beach Map

Beach perfect for: Surfing world class waves, Relaxing away from the crowds

Entrance / Parking Fee:  5 000 IDR/ $0.32 USD

Bingin Beach is a beautiful, pristine beach with exotic boulders and rocks green with seaweed. 

To get to Bingin beach itself, you have to walk down this steep and narrow path but when you get there, you can see a ton of beach bars and restaurants where you can spend the day chilling and relaxing. 

During low tide, this is another beach that is great to explore. You can take a stroll to another beach, Pantai Cemongkak or if you fancy a longer walk, you can even reach Dreamland Beach.

If in the area, I recommend checking out Kelly’s Warung or Lucky Fish Lounge for some fantastic seafood.

Bingin Beach
Enjoying a seafood lunch at Bingin Beach

Despite this, Bingin Beach is a surfers paradise with its laid back atmosphere and world renowned surf break. 

The dry season is the best time to surf at Bingin, and it works best in offshore winds from the East and the ideal swell direction is from the southwest. 

The conditions are ideal if you are learning and you can get lessons here at Bingin, check out the waves beforehand as they can get quite big! If you are looking to swim, stick to the left hand side when tides are high and always wear swim shoes due to the reef. 

Bingin Beach is also a perfect place to relax, escape the crowds and the stresses of day to day life. If this sounds like something you need, grab a Bintang, sit back and soak up the sun!

Bingin Beach
Bingin is one of Uluwatu’s Best Beaches

12. Jimbaran Beach, Bali

Location: Jimbaran Beach Map

Another popular beach in Uluwatu is Jimbaran Bay. Although it is more known for having fancy resorts, its 4km-long beach is a great place to go to for seafood. 

Lined with tons of seafood restaurants, this spot is worth visiting even for just a meal. It is a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike so expect there to be crowds.

This is probably one of the most “built up” out of all the Uluwatu beaches as there are a lot of resorts along the coast.

Jimbaran beach

Best Beach Clubs in Uluwatu

If you’re looking to spend a few hours hanging around in a beach club, Uluwatu won’t disappoint! Amongst the many beaches in Uluwatu, you will find a variety of beach clubs which allow you to use their facilities for a minimal day fee.

Here are a few of our favorite ones:

Sundays Beach Club

As mentioned earlier, Sundays Beach Club is hands down our favorite spot in Uluwatu! It’s right on the beach with the most amazing soft sand and super clear water.

If you buy a day pass, you get to use the facilities (sun beds), kayaks, and snorkels.

The food and drinks are always so good, and the staff are super friendly. We recommend Sundays Beach Club to everyone that visits Ulu.

Karma Kandara Beach

Located right next to Sunday’s is Karama Kandara. This hotel has a stunning beach club that is pretty popular amongst beach goers.

You can access this beach club from the hotel or by walking to the very end of Pantai Melasti.

El Kabron Beach Club

While this beach club in Uluwatu isn’t located right on the beach, it does give you insane views of both Dreamland Beach and Bingin Beach.

This beautiful beach club has an infinity pool overlooking the waters, giving you unlimited views of the stunning cliffs around Uluwatu.

sundays beach club
The view going to Sunday’s Beach Club

Tips for Visiting the Beaches in Uluwatu, Bali

If you are looking to swim or surf, the best advice I can give you is to check the tide in Uluwatu before visiting. You can use Magicseaweed to check the surf and tide conditions.

Uluwatu is known for their surf, so although there are tons of Uluwatu beaches to visit, it’s best to do some research prior.

Compared to the beaches in Canggu which have volcanic sand, the beaches in Uluwatu have white sand, giving you that picture perfect beach photo!

Keep in mind that low tides can uncover a sharp reef so not recommended for swimming but it would be ideal to explore the coastline and the rock pools. High tides can shrink the size of the beach and crash against the cliff but are more appropriate for surfing.

The beaches in Uluwatu, Bali are quite far apart so you will have to organize transport, you could rent a motorbike or organize a private half day tour, both are inexpensive. 

If you decide to drive a scooter, please be careful! Ensure to always wear your helmet, drive slow and carry your international driving license with you. 

Note: Looking to improve your surfing skills? Check out our guide to the best surfing camps in Bali!

Do note that some of these a lot of the Uluwatu beaches have no facilities so make sure you bring your own supplies.

If you’re looking for tips on what to take with you, check out our Bali packing list! Take plenty of water to each beach, especially as some have a long walk to get to!

Pandawa Beach
Pantai Pandawa is one of the best beaches in Uluwatu

Best Time to Visit Uluwatu, Bali

You can visit Uluwatu all year round and enjoy this awe-inspiring paradise at decent temperatures (the yearly average is 29 degrees celsius!). Depending on your to-do list, there could be a more appropriate time for your visit. 

If you are eager to ride the epic waves or engage in other exhilarating water activities, the best time to visit would be during the summer months from June to August

If you are looking for smaller waves or are a beginner surfer, then visiting between September and November would be a better time to visit.  

Rainy reason is between December and March with an average of 19 days of rain in January. If you are looking to avoid the crowds and have a laid back holiday, this would be a great time to visit.

Hopefully, this article has given you a ton of tips and information on which beaches to visit while in Uluwatu. As you can see, even if you’re not a surfer, there are plenty of beaches to explore and wander around in.

Balangan beach uluwatu
Scenic shot of Balangan Beach from our morning walks in Uluwatu

History of Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu, located on the southern tip of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia, is a picturesque destination known for its dramatic cliffs, turquoise waters, and idyllic beaches.

The name “Uluwatu” is derived from two Balinese words: “ulu” meaning “land’s end” and “watu” meaning “rock.” The region’s natural beauty and world-class surf breaks have made it a popular spot for travelers seeking a tranquil escape and surf enthusiasts alike.

Over the years, Uluwatu has grown from a humble fishing village to a sought-after destination for tourists and surfers.

The discovery of the area’s exceptional surf breaks in the 1970s by Australian surfers helped put Uluwatu on the map as a global surfing hotspot.

Today, the region offers a unique blend of luxury resorts, local homestays, and a thriving surf culture, attracting visitors from all corners of the globe.

Despite its increasing popularity, Uluwatu has managed to retain its serene atmosphere and traditional charm, making it a perfect destination for those looking to experience the authentic Balinese way of life.

When visiting Uluwatu, be sure to explore its fascinating history, take part in local customs, and appreciate the stunning natural landscapes that make this region so special.

beaches in Uluwatu
Enjoying the view of one of the many beautiful beaches in Uluwatu

Where to Stay in Uluwatu

Uluwatu offers a wide range of accommodations to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its visitors. From luxury resorts with breathtaking views to budget-friendly homestays, there’s something for everyone.

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

Perched atop a cliff with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort offers guests a luxurious and tranquil stay.

This 5-star resort features spacious rooms and villas, an infinity pool, a spa, and a selection of on-site dining options. In addition, the resort is conveniently located near the famous Uluwatu Temple and some of the area’s best surf spots.

Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu

Another upscale option, Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu, provides guests with modern and stylish accommodations. This 5-star property boasts two outdoor pools, a fitness center, a spa, and several on-site restaurants.

The hotel is situated near popular attractions such as Padang Padang Beach, Suluban Beach, and Uluwatu Temple.

Le Cliff Bali

Le Cliff Bali is a charming boutique hotel nestled on the edge of a cliff, offering stunning ocean views. With stylish and comfortable rooms, this hotel is perfect for those seeking an intimate and serene environment. Located near popular surf breaks and just a short drive from Uluwatu Temple, Le Cliff Bali is a great base for exploring the area.

Le Grande Bali

A peaceful oasis set amidst lush landscapes, Le Grande Bali offers a rejuvenating stay for guests seeking relaxation and comfort. This 4-star hotel boasts spacious rooms, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a luxurious spa.

With its convenient location near the New Kuta Golf Course, Dreamland Beach, and other popular attractions, Le Grande Bali provides an excellent base for exploring the wonders of Uluwatu.

If you need more accommodation suggestions, check out our guide to the best Villas in Uluwatu.

FAQ on the Best Beaches in Uluwatu

Can you swim at Uluwatu Beach?

The tall waves and strong current make it an amazing place for surfing, but Uluwatu Beach is not recommended for swimming. However, in this article, we recommend a ton of other beaches that are great for swimming.

What is the best beach in Uluwatu?

All the beaches are incredible, but I think Nyang Nyang is the best beach with its perfect white sands and gorgeous sea that you can swim or surf in. It’s also quieter than other beaches in Uluwatu so it’s perfect for relaxing and escaping the crowds. Another favorite is Pantai Melasti.

Is Uluwatu Bali worth visiting?

Absolutely, you can experience paradise with the beaches that Uluwatu has to offer.

Can you swim at Bingin Beach?

Yes, you can definitely swim at Bingin Beach, just be careful of the reef. I’d recommend swimming during mid to high tide as the reef will be covered more.

Where are the white sand beaches in Bali?

Unlike the beaches in Bali which are known to be black, Uluwatu is known for its white sandy beaches so head to one of its gorgeous beaches. We recommend visiting Melasti Beach (either on your own or going to a beach club) or Bingin Beach.

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