The 10 Best Surf Spots in Spain (Don’t Miss Out!)

When I think of Spain, I think of calm Mediterranean beaches, amazing food and a whole lot of culture. There is no wonder why it is the number one location for Europeans to holiday!

What a lot of people don’t know is if you head north, you will find 500 miles of coastline with some of the best waves for surfing. Spain is one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe with great waves all-year round, perfect for all levels of surfers.

To help guide you on where to go, here is our list of the 10 best surf spots in Spain – in no particular order!

Mundaka – Considered Spain’s Most Famous Wave!

Best Time to Go: Between October to April, with NW swell and off-shore S wind.

Home to some of the most perfect waves and only a 90 min drive from San Sebastian, Mundaka is known as one of Spain’s best surf spots with arguably the world’s best river mouth wave!

From years of natural deposit, sculpted by the tide and current, a long and curved sandbank was made. The result? An impressive 12ft barreling left wave that never sections or closes out.

The best part, apart from the obvious monster wave, is that these waves are suitable for intermediate to experienced surfers!

mundaka spain surfer
Photo By: Surfglassy |via Flickr Creative Commons


Best Time to Go: Between September to April, with N and NW swell and S/SE winds.

Warning: Meñakoz is a highly dangerous, big-wave spot for experts only!

With an old reputation among European big riders as an extreme surf spot, Meñakoz is becoming increasingly popular and a regular place to surf. However, be aware that the locals won’t tolerate people who are inexperienced in surfing big waves.

If you feel confident to take on the challenge, prepare yourself for hazards such as razor-sharp rocks, very strong rips, two-wave hold downs, and potentially broken boards or worse, broken bones!

Other than that, enjoy the powerful right hands starting from mid to high tide and holding to 18ft.


Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with N and NW swell and off-shore S/SW winds.

Razo beach is a long stretch of sand with many sandbanks that produce A-frame waves ideal for every surf level. As the beach is so open, its exposure guarantees consistently good waves even in the smallest of swells.

Rarely crowded, this makes this spot one of the best places to learn to surf in Spain! The stretch of beach and constant waves are set against a stunning backdrop, with camping sites and a surf school nearby.

If you’re a beginner or just want to perfect your technique, ArtSurfCamp is located in this perfect surf spot which is ideal for extended stays! Dedicate some days to surfing and chilling — you can thank me later.

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Razo Spain surf spots
Photo By: Miguel Navaza |via Flickr Creative Commons


Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with N and NW swell and off-shore S/SW winds.

Considered as Mundaka’s little sister, here you’ll find a world-class river mouth left-hander slightly shorter than Mundaka but by no means less fun!

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, you can ride the perfect hollow lefts in low to mid tide for up to 3 meters. However, with the strong rips, this spot is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers only.

Being a favorite local spot and known for difficult surf, this beach will be crowded so get there early or stay close by at the town of Villaviciosa.

Sopelana – Producing Some of Spain’s Top Surfers!

Best Time to Go: Between October to April, with N and NW swell and off-shore S/SE wind.

Like most of Spain’s beaches, Sopelana is another great surf spot that is suitable for all levels of surfing all year round. It is a beautiful beach with a mix of sand and rock, known for its variety of waves.

At the western end of the beach, you will find a semi-permanent high-tide peak, where the rest of the beach has a range of peaks that break right and left and are fast and long with some hollow sections.

Sopelana is arguably the most crowded surf spot in Spain, so if you want a quiet surfing break, I’d give this one a skip.

Best surf spots in spain

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Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with big and medium swell from W and NW and off-shore E wind.

Calling all levels of surfers! Nemiña is a perfect spot for experiencing the awesome swell that parts of Spain get the entire year round. There are many west-facing beach breaks and river mouths that can be taken on by all kinds of surfers.

However, there is also a classic left at low to mid tide at the Ria de Lires that is highly recommended for experienced surfers! Located close to Razo beach, Nemiña is remote and quiet for most of the year, known more as a picturesque spot to watch the surf.


Best Time to Go: Between October to April, with small to medium N and NW swell and S winds.

Also increasing in popularity for surfing is Zarautz beach.

A sandy beach with awesome breaks and several peaks, this spot is almost always crowded and highly competitive for surfing. Most likely contributing to its popularity is that the WQS is hosted here every September. This goes to show the high-quality surf that is accessible here.

Suitable for surfers at any level, head down here to see what all the fuss is about. Just make sure you’re safe on the water by being aware of everyone around you.

zarautz surfing spain
Photo By: Asier Sarasua |via Flickr Creative Commons

Isla De Santa Marina

Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with N and NW swell and SE wind.

Known for its powerful right-hand reef break and big waves, this spot is recommended for intermediate to expert surfers.

For the more experienced surfers, you can paddle out from Loredo beach where you can have some fun in big barreling waves of up to 12ft! For the famous right-hander wave, this breaks on the western side of a rocky island away from the mainland.

Less experienced surfers can have just as much fun practicing in barrel sections from waves 5ft and upwards, which are spread over the whole beach. Located close to the village of Loredo, you can make use of all the smaller beaches around this area too.

Playa De Somo – the Most Consistent Waves in Spain!

Best Time to Go: Between November to April, with small to medium N and NW swell and offshore S winds

If a complete surf break is what you’re looking for, head to Playa de Somo! This beach has all the surfing facilities and is packed full of surf shops, campsites, and bars and restaurants. You could literally spend weeks here relaxing, surfing and socializing over drinks in the evening.

Oh, and did I mention the surf? Playa de Somo has consistent beach breaks with good peaks and handles up to 6 ft. With small to medium swells, these sandbanks produce waves suitable for all levels. Get your thriving surf scene here!

playa de somo Spain
Photo By: Julio Garcia |via Flickr Creative Commons

Roca Puta

Best Time to Go: Between October to April, with NW swell and S wind.

Although it doesn’t have the long barrels of Mundaka, Roca Puta has a lot of high-performance peaks throughout the year. Big over-head waves and handles up to 12ft attract many experienced surfers here.

The challenge is the classic heavy right-handers at low to mid tide that break in shallow water close to the rocks! As well as the crazy surf, the town’s beach is a stunning 2.5km strip, making it the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset.

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surfing in spain, sunset Whether you would love to visit all these spots yourself or take them on with an experienced guide, these swells are not to be missed!

With plenty of surf schools around, sign up and make the most of your time. Learn about the sport and take day trips to the best surf spots in Spain.

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Surf Camps in Spain

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