Best Surf Camps in France: A Surfer’s Guide 2024

written by local expert Tom Rogers

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Looking to improve your surf skills by attending a surf camp in France? In this article, I will walk you through the best surf camps in France plus give you a few tips on when to catch the best waves.

If you’re looking for a place to surf in Europe, France always comes up as a good contender. France, with its breathtaking Atlantic coastline, is a true haven for surf enthusiasts seeking the perfect wave.

Offering a diverse range of surf spots, from the powerful breaks of Hossegor to the mellow, beginner-friendly waves of Biarritz, France caters to surfers of all skill levels.

When you head here, you’ll quickly discover that the country’s picturesque coastal towns and vibrant surf culture make it an ideal destination for attending a surf camp.

French surf camps provide an unforgettable experience, combining expert instruction, camaraderie, and a laid-back atmosphere. This will help you fine-tune your surfing skills while enjoying the beauty of France’s coast.

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer seeking new challenges or a complete beginner looking for a supportive learning environment, you’ll find a surf camp tailored to your needs.

Expect to spend your days riding the waves, exploring the charming beach towns, and indulging in delicious French cuisine.

With the guidance of experienced instructors, you’ll hone your surfing techniques and gain a deeper understanding of wave dynamics, all while making new friends and soaking in the stunning views.

Sounds good? Here’s my list of the best surf camps in France, plus what to expect from them.

Surfing in Biarritz

Best Surf Camps in France Overview

Surf CampLocationLengthBook Surf Camps
Chill Camp with Moilets SurfMoliets-Plage, Landes, France8 DaysView Prices
Surf Camp for All LevelsMimizan-Plage, France8 DaysView Prices
Surf Camp in LandesMessanges, Landes, France7 DaysView Prices
Surf Camp for WomenBiarritz, France8 DaysView Prices
Ultimate Deluxe Surf and Yoga HolidayMoliets, Landes, France8 DaysView Prices
Surf Camp and Immersive French LessonsCapbreton-Hossegor, near Biarritz, France8 DaysView Prices

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Best Surf Camps in France

1. 8 Day Surf Chill Camp with Moilets Surf

Location: Moliets-Plage, Landes, France
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

The Moliets surf camp offers a perfect blend of exhilarating surf lessons, immersive cultural experiences, and fun-filled social events. From learning to ride the waves to indulging in a traditional French wine and cheese night, this surf camp caters to a wide range of interests, making it an ideal getaway for solo travelers, couples, and groups alike.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

The Moliets surf camp is not just about learning to ride the waves; it’s also about creating unforgettable memories and fostering a sense of community among fellow surf enthusiasts.

With a wide range of fun activities and events, such as live music, open mic nights, the legendary Pub Quiz, a fancy-dress flunky ball tournament, a traditional French wine and cheese eve, and starlit outdoor surf movie nights, there’s always something exciting happening at the camp.

The camp’s location in the picturesque Moliets-Plage offers easy access to the beach. While the lush pine forests provide a serene and tranquil setting.

I also personally love that they offer tailored surf courses for various skill levels, catering to beginners, improvers, and intermediate surfers. This ensures that every participant gets the right amount of guidance and support to hone their skills.

The surf instructors are experienced and dedicated to helping you advance your surfing abilities. Whether you’re learning the basics or focusing on more advanced techniques.

What to Expect:

During this 8-day surf camp, you’ll be able to sharpen your surfing skills with experienced instructors. Instructors will provide four surf lessons, a breath and balance workshop, and a 90-minute surf theory session.

The camp offers a range of accommodation options, from shared to private bell tents, all equipped with comfortable mattresses and additional upgrade options for added comfort.

Besides surfing, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings, enjoy the laid-back beach vibes, and make new friends from around the globe.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 breakfast buffets, 6 picnic lunches, and 4 dinners
  • 6-session surf course (4 surf lessons + 1 breath and balance workshop + 1 surf theory (90 minutes each)
  • Use of equipment during surf lessons
  • Free use of all surf camp and campsite facilities
  • Authentic French wine and cheese night
Enjoy the waves of Moliets-Plage, Landes, France

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2. 8 Day Surflife Surf Camp for All Levels

Location: Mimizan-Plage, France
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The Surflife Surf Camp offers an exceptional experience for surfers of all levels, set in the beautiful location of Mimizan-Plage, France.

This surf camp provides the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, with its cozy glamping accommodations, access to a stunning and uncrowded beach, and a wide range of surf lessons catering to various skill levels.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

What I love the most about this camp is the location. l’Especier has been recognized as one of this coast’s most stunning beaches.

It is a wonderful getaway without people, with a long coastline that stretches into the distance, located just outside of Mimizan-plage town.

The camp also offers a family-friendly environment, making it an ideal choice for solo travelers, couples, families, or groups of friends.

What to Expect:

At the Surflife Surf Camp, you can expect to be surrounded by nature and enjoy comfortable glamping accommodations in stylish tipi tents. The camp is divided into two separate areas to cater to both families and adult travelers.

Guests can enjoy access to the campsite’s amenities, such as a swimming pool, restaurant, Wi-Fi area, supermarket, and sanitary facilities with warm showers.

Throughout your stay, you’ll benefit from professional and experienced instructors who will guide you through 4 x 1.5-hour surf lessons tailored to your skill level.

Additionally, you’ll have unlimited access to surf, body, and skimboards for 7 days to practice and improve your skills at your own pace.

Beyond the surf lessons, you’ll also enjoy daily breakfast buffets, 5 nights’ dinners, and the opportunity to socialize with fellow guests at the surf bar for after-surf drinks.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights glamping accommodation
  • Daily breakfast buffet and 5 nights’ dinners
  • 4 x 1.5-hour surfing lessons (for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers)
  • 7 days of surfing equipment (skim, body, and surfboards)
  • Unlimited access to surf camp facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 crew support
Big waves in Mimizan-Plage, France

3. 7 Day Progression Surf Camp in Landes

Location: Messanges, Landes, France
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The Nature Surf Camp, inspired by Australian backpacker culture, is designed to provide a comfortable and friendly environment for surf enthusiasts.

Set on 2500 square meters of wooded land close to Messanges town and the ocean, this eco-friendly camp is perfect for those seeking a combination of nature, relaxation, and surfing.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

The 7 Day Progression Surf Camp by Nature Surf Camp offers an exceptional surf experience with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices and pedagogical teaching methods.

The unique accommodation options cater to various preferences, from solo travelers to couples and families.

The camp also boasts a range of additional facilities, including an Indonesian Faré, jacuzzi, pool, ping-pong table, and more, ensuring a fun and relaxing stay for guests.

What to Expect:

At the Nature Surf Camp, guests can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with various accommodation options to suit different needs. The surf lessons, held at the nearby Messanges beach, are tailored to different skill levels, ensuring everyone benefits from the professional instructors’ guidance.

Surf gear and wetsuits are provided during lesson hours, and guests can enjoy the camp’s amenities, such as the jacuzzi and various entertainment options.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 surfing lessons (for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers)
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in eco-friendly surf camp
  • Use of surf gear and wetsuits during lesson hours
  • Welcome drink upon arrival
  • Daily breakfast (except on Sunday, only in mid and high seasons)

4. 8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp for Women

Location: Biarritz, France
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Salty Surf Club’s 8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp for Women is designed to teach, share, and inspire a passion for surfing and the sea.

Set in Biarritz, the beach house offers a comfortable stay and an endless summer experience with a range of activities, including surfing lessons, yoga classes, and plant-based meals.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This women-only surf camp focuses on creating a supportive and empowering environment for female surfers. The combination of surf lessons, yoga classes, surf training, and other activities fosters personal growth and connection with like-minded individuals.

The professional photo album of the experience is a special touch that allows you to remember this epic experience.

What to Expect:

At the 8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp for Women, guests can expect a comprehensive surf program with practical and theoretical lessons, photo analysis sessions, and surf training.

Daily yoga classes cater to all levels and provide an opportunity for relaxation and mindfulness. The camp also includes a plant-based brunch, co-working area with excellent Wi-Fi, and transfers to surf lessons and adventures.

This is a great option for digital nomads like us as you get access to a co-working spot with good wifi!

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 practical surf lessons (1.5 hours each) with experienced local surfers
  • 5 theoretical surf classes (30 minutes each)
  • Daily yoga classes for all levels
  • 2 surf training sessions
  • 1 surf photo analysis session
  • 1 Surfboards for Beginners Workshop by Catherine Girard
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily plant-based brunch
  • Professional photo album of the experience
  • Use of surfboard, wetsuit, and booties during lesson hours
  • Accident insurance for surf classes
  • Transfers to surf lessons and adventures
Surfer having fun with the waves in Biarritz, France

5. 8 Day Ultimate Deluxe Surf and Yoga Holiday

Location: Moliets, Landes, France
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Join an unforgettable summer adventure at Star Surf Camps Moliets. This 8-day surf and yoga holiday offers a perfect blend of surfing, yoga, and relaxation.

Enjoy comfortable guest tents, a yoga tent, and an array of entertainment options, including hammocks, beach cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, and table tennis.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

The Ultimate Deluxe Surf and Yoga Holiday offers a well-rounded experience with a 6-session surf course, daily yoga classes, delicious meals, and an exciting entertainment program.

 The camp’s professional and enthusiastic instructors make surfing and yoga accessible to participants of all skill levels. The authentic French wine and cheese night adds a touch of local flavor to the experience.

After all, no trip to France is complete without gorging yourself with wine and cheese.

What to Expect:

During the 8 Day Ultimate Deluxe Surf and Yoga Holiday, guests will enjoy 5 practical surf lessons, a surf theory session, and 5 yoga sessions. The camp provides all necessary equipment, including surfboards, wetsuits, and yoga mats. The surf camp also offers an entertainment program, ensuring guests have plenty of fun both on and off the waves.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights accommodation with mattress and electricity
  • 6 breakfast buffets, 6 picnic lunches, and 4 dinners
  • 6-session surf course, including 5 practical surf lessons (90 minutes each), 1 breath & balance workshop, and 1 surf theory session (90 minutes)
  • Use of surf equipment during lessons
  • 5 yoga sessions (75 minutes each)
  • Famous Star Surf atmosphere and entertainment program
  • Authentic French wine and cheese night
  • Free use of all surf camp and campsite facilities
Enjoy your summer adventure with yoga and surfing in Moliets, France

6. 8 Day Surf Camp and Immersive French Lessons

Location: Capbreton-Hossegor, near Biarritz, France
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Combine your passion for surfing with an immersive French learning experience on this unique 8-day language surf camp near Biarritz, France.

Located along the famous French Atlantic coast, you’ll enjoy surf lessons, French classes, and relaxation in a beautiful wooden surf mansion.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

This surf camp offers a fantastic opportunity to improve both your surfing skills and your French.

With experienced surf instructors, dedicated French trainers, and a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll quickly build your confidence in the water and in conversation.

The accommodation and amenities, including daily breakfast and two group dinners, ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

What to Expect:

During your 8-day surf camp, you’ll participate in 5 days of 2-hour surf lessons and over 10 hours of French classes, focusing on surf and beach vocabulary.

A French trainer will always be nearby to assist you, and you’ll have access to French books and an app to enhance your learning. In addition, you’ll have the option to join daily yoga sessions with Sidney to unwind after a day of surfing and French classes.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 days of 2-hour surf lessons
  • Surf equipment in all sizes, including wetsuits
  • 10+ hours of French classes
  • French books and app
  • 7 nights accommodation in a wooden surf mansion
  • Daily breakfast
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and natural and mineral water
  • 2 dinners with alcoholic beverages

Surfing in France

Surfing in France has a rich history that dates back to the late 1950s when it was first introduced by the American writer and surfer, Peter Viertel who was there to shoot The Sun Also Rises.

Apparently, he and a friend smuggled in the surfboards to France via Spain due to high import fees. This sparked the birth of French surfing culture.

Over the years, the sport gained traction among the French population, and the stunning coastlines of the Landes region and southwest France transformed into Europe’s surfing mecca.

Hossegor, Biarritz, and Anglet became iconic surf destinations that attracted surfers from all over the world.

The annual Quiksilver Pro France, part of the World Surf League Championship Tour, has further cemented France’s position on the global surfing map.

Today, France boasts a vibrant surf scene with numerous surf schools, camps, and competitions, continuing to inspire and captivate surfers of all skill levels.

France is home to numerous excellent surfing spots, but the following five are considered the most popular among surfers.

If you want to read our full guide on France surfing spots, check out our article.

1. Hossegor

Located in the Landes region along the southwest coast of France, Hossegor is famous for its powerful and hollow beach breaks that offer world-class waves.

As the site of the annual Quiksilver Pro France competition, Hossegor attracts professional surfers and enthusiasts from around the world. The area is known for its fast, powerful waves, making it suitable primarily for experienced surfers.

Key spots in Hossegor include La Gravière, Les Culs Nuls, and La Nord, each offering a unique surfing experience.

2. Biarritz

Often referred to as the birthplace of surfing in France, Biarritz is a picturesque coastal town on the Basque coast.

It offers a variety of beach breaks and reef breaks suitable for surfers of all levels.

The Grande Plage, a long sandy beach in the heart of Biarritz, is a popular spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, while Côte des Basques, with its stunning cliffside backdrop, provides more challenging waves for experienced surfers.

Biarritz’s rich surfing history and vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for surfers. It is also a stone throw away from Spain’s popular foodie spot, San Sebastian.

Calm ocean in Biarritz, France

3. Anglet

Situated just north of Biarritz, Anglet is known for its diverse range of surf breaks along a 4.5-kilometer stretch of coastline. The 11 beaches that make up Anglet’s coastline provide a variety of beach breaks that cater to surfers of all skill levels.

Popular spots include Les Cavaliers, known for its powerful waves and La Madrague, a more sheltered spot ideal for beginners. Anglet’s lively surf scene and consistent waves make it a popular choice among surfers visiting the region.

4. La Gravière

Located in Hossegor, La Gravière is renowned for its powerful barrels and is considered one of the best beach breaks in Europe.

This surf spot is known for producing fast, hollow waves that are a favorite among experienced surfers.

The challenging nature of La Gravière’s waves, along with its strong currents, make it less suitable for beginners. However, for those who are up for the challenge, La Gravière offers an exhilarating surfing experience.

5. Lacanau

Situated on the Atlantic coast near Bordeaux, Lacanau is a popular surfing destination that caters to surfers of all abilities.

Its consistent beach breaks, combined with a lively surf scene, make it an attractive spot for both local and international surfers. Lacanau is also home to the annual Lacanau Pro surf competition, drawing large crowds and top surfers.

Key surf spots in Lacanau include La Nord, La Sud, and L’Horizon, each offering a unique experience for surfers of various skill levels.

In conclusion, France offers an incredible variety of surf spots and surf camps that cater to enthusiasts of all skill levels.

From the powerful waves of Hossegor and La Gravière to the beginner-friendly breaks of Biarritz and Lacanau, there is no shortage of amazing experiences to be had along the French coastline.

With a rich surfing history, a vibrant surf culture, and an abundance of picturesque coastal towns to explore, France is undoubtedly one of the top surfing destinations in the world.

Surfing in big waves of Lacanau
Surfing in Bordeaux, Lacanau

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time surfer, immersing yourself in one of the many surf camps in France is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience filled with thrilling rides, unforgettable memories, and a newfound appreciation for the exhilarating sport of surfing.

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