13 Things to Do in Tarifa, Spain (Updated 2023)

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Tarifa, the most southerly city on the Iberian Peninsula, is a mecca for all activities involving wind. This laid-back and slightly hippyish town in the province of Cadiz is known as the wind capital of Europe. When the Levenate and Poniente winds blow, the beaches are full of kites of every description.

But there is so much more to Tarifa than wind and kites. It’s a hub of activity, where visitors can enjoy both the mighty Atlantic and gentler Mediterranean seas, an incredible mountain backdrop begging to be hiked and biked, and a vibrant and cool cafe scene.

Read on to find out how to make the most of your time in Tarifa.

Tarifa, Spain: A Quick Guide

Before I walk you through the best things to do in Tarifa, Spain, let me quickly share why you need to make this destination a part of your Spanish travel bucket list. Located in the Andalucian side of Spain, Tarifa is a Spanish city closest to the African continent.

In fact, you can cross over for a day trip…but more on that later! Located just a few hours away from popular destinations like Malaga and Seville, this little seaside town is known for its beautiful beaches, and its rough and rugged surf.

Due to its location, it also gets A LOT of wind making it a mecca for adventure seekers all over the world.

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Best Time to Visit Tarifa

If you’re looking for some sun and sand, the best time to visit Tarifa is during the summer months (mid June until mid September). This is when you can expect sunny skies and little to no rainfall.

While Spring season (March- mid June) can also be a good time to visit, there still might be periods of bad weather.

If you’re there to enjoy the kitesurfing/ windsurfing, although you can technically do it all year round, the wind starts to pump from April to October.

tarifa spain beach
Punta Paloma Beach in Tarifa, Spain

Tour Highlights in Tarifa

  • Kitsurfing lessons- Join this local tour as you do kite surfing lessons in the beaches of Tarifa with a certified instructor.
  • Tarifa to Tangiers Day Trip- Discover a new continent as you join this fun day trip to Tangiers, Morocco from Tarifa where you can walk around the Medina (local market) and more.
  • Dolphin Watching in Gibraltar- See the beautiful dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar in this wildlife boat cruise.

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Best Things to Do in Tarifa

Okay, without further ado, here are our top recommendations on what to do in this stunning seaside town! While there are a wide plethora of things to do in Tarifa, do keep in mind that during the windy months, some places are TOO windy making it difficult to sightsee and walk around.

With that being said, there is plenty to do even when the wind is pumping!

1. Learn to Kite-Surf in Tarifa Spain

If you don’t already kite-surf (and if you do, you’ll know all about Tarifa’s incredible beaches and clean wind), then here is the place to learn.

Come in the summer months for pretty much guaranteed sun, smooth winds, and a huge variety of kite schools. With mile upon mile of pristine sands stretching from Playa de los Lances to Playa Valdevaqueros and beyond to the bay of Punta Paloma, there is no shortage of places to start your kite-surfing education.

Learning to kitesurf in Tarifa is so much fun; like-minded wind junkies are all looking to catch the next gust and master the skill. A day on the water will exhilarate you, and within a week you’ll be taking your first solo outing.

Come prepared though; it’s hard work and you will spend more time in the water than on your board!

kite-surfing in tarifa

2.Join a Surf Camp in Tarifa

Joining a surf camp in Tarifa is a great way to experience one of the best kite surfing and wind surfing destinations in the world.

Surf camps in Tarifa offer a range of accommodation options, from shared dormitories to private rooms, and they provide surf lessons and equipment rentals for all levels of surfers.

These camps also offer other activities, such as yoga classes, excursions to local attractions, and cultural activities.

Click here to see a few of the best surf camps in Tarifa!

joining a kitesurfing camp in Tarifa is good fun!

3. Go Dolphin & Whale Watching

From April to October, you can take a boat trip from Tarifa to see sperm, pilot, fin and orca whales as well as lively dolphins. Sail to the Strait of Gibraltar on this Dolphin and whale watching tour and prepare to be amazed.

Orcas are the main draw here as they follow the migrating bluefin tuna as they move from the Med to the Atlantic to spawn. Watching these beautiful whales and their antics as they catch tuna and work as a pod to round them up is fascinating and a real privilege.

4. Hike along Parque Natural del Estrecho

There are hundreds of trails in the mountains north of Tarifa and along the beautiful coastlines on both sides of the peninsula, all within the Parque Natural del Estrecho.  Not all are well documented or signed but with the help of an app such as View Ranger, finding an awesome hike is easy.

Hike up to the iconic La Pena and wander amongst the hundreds of wind-turbines across the ridge or head for El Bujeo and the most incredible views across the Straits of Gibraltar to the majestic Jebel Musa in Morocco.

For a gentler hike, try the Colada de la Costa on the Mediterranean coast, with its weird and wonderful rock formations. Alternatively, head north on the Atlantic Coast to the Cape of Trafalgar, the remote and windswept cabo and scene of the historic battle of the same name.

For more information on hiking in Tarifa, click here.

la pena hike in tarifa, spain

5. Go Rock Climbing in Tarifa

Whether you’re new to climbing or an experienced climber with your own equipment, there’ll be a route to suit you on the San Bartolo range in Betis.

This tiny village offers access to over 280 routes with glorious views of the Atlantic, the Riff Mountains in North Africa, and Punta Paloma beach. Routes vary between 8m and 90m, and all are on hard-quality sandstone and well bolted.

Why not try your hand at yoga rock climbing or full moon climbing…we’re not sure what either involve but they sound intriguing!

You can also boulder here, the discipline of climbing on smaller rock formations without a rope and harness, which may appeal if you don’t like heights or are new to rock climbing.

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6. Eat Like a Local

Head for the charming Old Town of Tarifa where you will find a great variety of cafes and bars serving fabulous desayuno (breakfast), from chocolate y churros and tostada to Mexican-style egg dishes and the absolutely to-die-for Spanish jamon.

Later in the day, try some tapas with a glass of crisp, chilled wine or a cold beer for lunch.  This is usually served around 2pm and can go on for several hours, well into the Spanish siesta that is still observed and much treasured.

Even later in the day, it is the Spanish way to have coffee and cake to keep you going until dinner, often served after 10pm.  Eating like a local not only means enjoying fantastic Spanish tapas, jamon, and sea-food but also changing your dining times; it makes sense when it’s still 30°C at 9pm!

Spanish food is one of our favorite cuisines and its easy to see why.

One other food tip: try the local red tuna when you’re in Tarifa.  It is literally caught off the coast by the small fishing fleet using traditional methods and will be served to you on the day it is caught.  It’s the best tuna we’ve ever eaten!

A few restaurant recommendations in Tarifa:

  • Bar El Frances
  • Silos 19
  • Braseria Vaca Loca

7. Head for Baelo Claudia

Accessible from Tarifa by car or a great 20km cycle through Betis, Baelo Claudia is an incredibly well-preserved Roman village by the sea.

Free to enter, these Roman ruins are extensive and remarkably intact.  The views from here across the wide bay to the mountains beyond will leave you in no doubt as to why the Romans wanted to live here.

baelo claudia, roman ruins near Tarifa

8. Watch the Sunset at Playa de los Lances

Located around 20 minutes away from the historic center, making your way to Playa de los Lances for sunset is one of our favorite things to do in Tarifa. You can either bring a beach mat with you or opt to go in one of the many bars along the coastline.

Sit down, relax, and enjoy a few sundowners (or two). Remember to bring a light jacket because as soon as the sun drops, it can get cold due to the wind.

9. Go Diving

Whether you’re a beginner or a certified diver or prefer to snorkel, you can do so in the Mediterranean while you’re in Tarifa.

The meeting of two seas creates a specific bio-diverse environment, rich in marine life, which makes diving in Tarifa a great experience. Plus, the water is crystal clear and warm during the summer months.

10. Take a Bike Ride

Cycling is one of the most popular activities in Tarifa after kite-surfing. It’s all about the mountains here; whether you want to challenge yourself to a steep uphill, or fly down the mountains on fat tyres, you can do it in Tarifa.

Perhaps you prefer a flat amble along the coast roads? You can do that too.

There are numerous cycling routes for all skill and fitness levels.  Take a group tour or hire bikes and head out with a map — for us the best way to do it! You’ll get lost, see incredible scenery, and find new trails and places to explore.

11. Enjoy the Nightlife in Tarifa

Work hard and play hard is definitely practiced here in Tarifa!

Head for the Old Town and in particular Calle Santisima Trinidad, a street lined with clubs and lounge bars. Partying won’t start until after midnight though, as most Spaniards will still be enjoying dinner at 11pm!

12. Chill at the Beach

After all the activity, take some time to chill and relax at the beach.

There are beaches here to suit all tastes. If you like big expanses of open sands and a few waves, then head for Playa de los Lances right in town. At the most southerly point of the beach, you will find cafes and chiringuitos (beach restaurants) serving coffee, beer and snack food. All are great places to hang out for a few hours, see, and be seen.

If you prefer your beach with a little more natural interest, then head west along the Colada de la Costa route for stunning sandy coves with incredible rock formations to explore. There are no chiringuitos here though, you might want to take a picnic!

Colada de la Costa in Tarifa

13. Spend the Day in Jerez de la Frontera

An hour north of Tarifa is the charming and typically Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera, known as Jerez.

Jerez is in the famous sherry triangle. Visit and tour a bodega, where you will find out how sherry is produced and get to taste all the different types. Sherry used to be seen as an aperitif for the elderly but there is so much more to it.

We’re sherry converts. We spent a happy afternoon wandering the tabancos (sherry bars) of Jerez in search of the perfect Pedro Ximenez, the intensely sweet and sticky dessert sherry that we fell in love with!

Jerez is also famous for its flamenco tradition. The Festival of Flamenco is held annually in February and March, and it’s a true Spanish spectacle of fantastic, colourful music, and dance.

Also check out the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Arts, where you can watch the iconic beautiful and high-stepping thoroughbred horses go through their paces.

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14. Take a Day Trip to Tangiers, Morocco

Just an hour away by fast-cat is Morocco and the port city of Tangiers.  It is very possible to head here for a day and see the best that the city has to offer.

Book your boat ticket online for the best deal and step into a different world. Tangiers is colourful, raw, and in your face loud! Expect to be approached by numerous Moroccans selling tours, taxi rides, meals, or just asking for money.

Get past this and head for the Medina, with its old walls and gates beckoning you in.

Here you will find cafes, squares, and souks selling everything you can possibly imagine. Show any interest and you will struggle to leave without making a purchase — the Berbers are known for their salesmanship!

Head to the quieter Kasbah area of the Medina for lunch. Then enjoy a stroll through the cobbled streets, lined with whitewashed buildings and gorgeous old wooden doors. Stop at one of the many hubbly-bubbly cafes and enjoy the Moroccan ambiance and mint tea.

Tangiers will stir emotion; it’s a love-it or hate-it sort of place!

Travel Tip: For a hassle-free way to experience Tangier, opt for a full-day guided tour! The tour includes round-trip ferry tickets, a local guide, a walking tour as well as lunch.

Where to Stay in Tarifa

Tarifa has a ton of options when it comes to hotel accommodations. Here are our best recommendations.

  • If you’re looking for a fun yet functional apartment, the Lances Beach Penthouses are hard to beat. Offering fantastic oceanfront views, this place is a gem!
  • On another note, if you’re in the market for a romantic holiday, The Riad offers the perfect Adults Only getaway. Located right in the old town, this place is equipped with spa services, a hammam, and more.
  • Last on our list is the beautiful Hotel Punta Sur which is a lush oasis located right by the beach.

If you want more recommendations, you can also read our full article on the best hotels in Tarifa!

We hope that our recommendations of things to do in Tarifa will help you discover and enjoy this perfect little corner of Spain, which we have come to love.

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