Guide to Experiencing the Best of Barcelona Nightlife (2024)

written by local expert Tilly Brogan

Tilly's friends always joke that she can only spend max 12 months in a place before she gets bored. While Manchester based (for now!), she's previously lived in Barcelona, Spain and has just got back from an 8-month trip backpacking around South America.

It’s true what they say – Barcelona Nightlife is one of the best things about the city. The only explanation I can give as to why is because the Spanish (and the Catalans) like to start the day off slow – but really go hard in the evening.

I’m talking about not going to the club before 1 am and not getting home at least before 4, but more on this later…

While I was living in the city, I spent the majority of my time searching for the best bars in Barcelona and trying pretty much all the clubs in Barcelona, as well. During my time, I found a few favorites.

Given just how lively and busy Barcelona is, it doesn’t take much to find a party in the city. However, discovering the best of Barcelona nightlife can be a bit of a minefield. That’s why I’ve written this handy guide.

people in the club
People enjoying the nightlife at a club

Best Night Clubs in Barcelona

There are tons of great nightclubs dotted all over the city, making them a must-see on your Barcelona itinerary!

However, the party in Barcelona doesn’t get started until later. I can’t tell you how many predrinks I went to that started at 11 pm, and we didn’t leave for the club until gone 1 am.

Even if you’re not hanging out with the locals and you’re clubbing like an international expat instead, it’s still not worth going to the club until much later since it’ll be super quiet.

That being said, it’s normal for clubs in Barcelona to have a last entry time, so make sure to get there for that hour so you can still get in. But like most things in Spain, this is generally pretty lax.

The dress code for clubbing in Barcelona varies from club to club. However, a general rule of thumb is to leave your beachwear at home and avoid wearing trainers.

So, text your friends to be around yours for 10 pm to start drinking, and then hit up the following:

1. Sala Apolo

The thing I loved about Sala Apolo is its wide variety of music genres. Yes, there is a thing as too much reggaeton. For the very best of Indie Rock, don’t miss Sala Apolo’s infamous Nasty Mondays – definitely the biggest club night at this venue.

If you go to Sala Apolo on Wednesdays, you can also get down to a bit of reggae. The only word of advice I have for this club (contrary to everything I’ve said above) is to try and get here before 1 am because they quickly reach capacity.

2. Disco City Hall

Disco City Hall is a great club for those who want to dance to Barcelona’s second most popular music genre: techno and house.

This club is favored by both locals and travelers so you know it’s a good one. Not to mention the DJs who play at Disco City Hall are typically local talent who know exactly how to get the crowd on their feet.

People partying in a club in Barcelona
People partying in a club in Barcelona

3. Sala Razzmatazz

Why does Razzmatazz have five separate rooms in just one club? Who knows. But it makes for one hell of a time.

As one of the largest nightclubs in Barcelona, Razzmatazz has something for everyone. This includes indie, electronic music, and pop.

Just make sure to wear comfy shoes for when you inevitably have to quickly run between rooms because your favorite song has just come on.

4. Otto Zutz

While Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood is more known for its bar and square drinking culture, there are a few good clubs up that way. In particular, Otto Zutz. Head here for 3 floors of hip-hop, R&B, and house music.

But don’t be fooled by the multi-level makeup of this club, Otto Zutz is surprisingly intimate with just an entire capacity of 1,000 people. If I remember rightly, they make the drinks here strong.

5. Moog

If you’ve got a group that’s pretty much split into half techno-fans and half pop-lovers, Moog is your best bet. Combining these two great (but let’s be honest very different music genres) Moog plays pop-orientated sets in its top-floor mirror room, and house music and underground techno in the basement.

This club is centrally located just off La Rambla which makes it a great choice for a Barcelona nightclub if you’re staying very central.

6. Input

For a night of great techno, head to Input. This high-end dance club hosts a range of DJs from around the world, and with walls designed to amplify their sound, you’ll quickly be immersed in their unforgettable sets.

Even if you’re not a massive techno and dance fan, it’s worth heading to Input for their electric projection screens, laser lighting, and very powerful sound system.

DJ decks at a club
DJ decks at a club

7. Sutton

If someone suggests going to Sutton nightclub, know one thing: it’s real fancy. This high-end club is located pretty centrally just a short distance from Gaudi’s Casa Mila and has become known for its extravagant decor – and even more extravagant clientele.

Expect to find fashion designers, sports stars, and even politicians in Sutton’s four walls, with the average age of this upscale clientele ranging between 25 to 40.

So, if you’ve packed your heels and don’t mind stumbling up and down Passeig de Gracia to get there, Sutton will definitely be a great evening.

8. Sidecar

While the majority of nightclubs in Barcelona focus on playing reggaeton, pop hits, and electronic and house music, Sidecar is that club in Barcelona that plays well, everything else. I’m talking indie, punk, rock, experimental… everything under this alternative umbrella.

One of the great things about Sidecar is that you can listen to both DJ sets, and live concerts. Both are often held on the same night. Which, according to my calculations, means a long night of dancing well into the early hours of the morning.

9. Club Arena

The most prominent gay club in Barcelona is Club Arena. Like most LGBTQ+ venues around the world, expect a crowd-pleasing playlist of dance hits, pop songs, and a sprinkling of house and electro music.

Just a short walk away is Club Arena’s sister club, Aire. This club has been designed for the lesbian community and plays a mixture of pop with some more Latin hits. I’ve been to both, and both are great.

Just remember that while everyone is welcome (whether you’re part of the queer community or not), be respectful to everyone inside.

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Barcelona Clubs on the Beach

The nightclubs on the beach in Barcelona are a little more touristy and more expensive than those in the rest of the city. However, they’re still a great night out if you choose the right one.

An obvious benefit of going to one of the following Barcelona beach clubs is that you can watch the sunrise when you inevitably leave the club in the early hours of the morning. Just be warned that the next day will definitely be a complete and total write-off!

Since Barcelona’s beach clubs are more popular with visitors and those on vacation, they have a fancier dress code. So if you’ve come to the city with some heels and a nice dress, this is your chance to wear it.

aerial view of city with beach and ocean in spain
Beach parties are one of the best ways to experience Barcelona nightlife

1. Pacha

Much like the original Pacha in Ibiza, Barcelona’s version of this iconic nightclub is known for hosting internationally renowned DJs for an international crowd. And just like Pacha in Ibiza, this Barcelona beach club is always just as busy.

Frequented by both locals and tourists alike, there’s a reason Pacha is probably the most famous beach club in Barcelona, and one of the most famous clubs in the entire city, too.

2. Carpe Diem Lounge Club

From Ibiza to Morroco, the decor at the Carpe Diem Lounge Club (or CDLC for short) will have you wondering just when you left Barcelona and were plonked in the middle of North Africa.

Seriously though, the mesmerizing medley of Mediterranean, African, and Arabian culture in CDLC makes the club nights of tech, deep house, and hip hop even more fun.

While CDLC welcomes all party-goers, you’ll likely also find lots of affluent yacht owners blowing off some steam on private tables and on the dance floor!

Sunrises on a relaxing sandy beach at a Barcelona beach bar
You can enjoy sunrises during beach parties in Barcelona

3. Opium

If you’ve been down to the beach in Barcelona already, you’ve likely seen Opium. In fact, most of Opium’s clientele are people who have passed the club during the day and are curious to see what happens at night.

The answer? Mostly international pop music with a focus on the American charts. This is pretty appropriate given Opium also has a bit of a Las Vegas feel to it.

Since Opium is very popular with tourists, it’s worth heading there before 1 am if you can.

4. Shoko

Out of Barcelona’s many beach clubs, Shoko is perhaps the most exclusive; a restaurant serving Asian food in the day turns into a nightclub playing R&B and house music in the evening.

While a little more on the pricier side, Shoko is known for its big-name events and DJs which some would say more than makes up for its expensive drinks list.

5. Wet Deck, W Hotel

I’ve mentioned in other articles that the W Hotel has a great rooftop bar. But what I haven’t mentioned yet is they also put on pretty good club nights, too.

Every Sunday throughout summer, Wet Deck parties welcome some of the world’s best DJs to create a signature soundtrack for the closing of the weekend.

So good are these parties that it’s worth booking a VIP table in advance to make sure you get in. Also, even though it’s a pool party, the dress code is still pretty smart. Make sure you keep that in mind!

Best Places Live Music Bars in Barcelona 

Given the rich musical heritage of Barcelona and the fact the city has churned out so many incredible artists and musicians, it’s no surprise that Barcelona’s live music scene is just as unbelievable as its offering of nightclubs. 

Whether it’s jazz, rock, blues, or even a dance troupe performance, there are plenty of places to watch unforgettable live performances in the city.

And while I haven’t included them in my list of the best places for live music in Barcelona because they’re already mentioned above, Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo also put on live music gigs around their club nights.

If you’re looking for unique things to do in Barcelona, make sure you check at least one of the spots out!

A mic on display at a music hall and bar
Visiting a live music bar can be a great way to experience Barcelona nightlife

1. Jamboree

Jamboree is Barcelona’s equivalent of La La Land. Well, specifically that scene when Ryan Gosling is playing at the Jazz Bar, and Emma Stone just looks at him adoringly.

This jazz cellar in central Plaza Real is every Jazz-lovers dream and has seen many incredible artists like Bill Coleman and Chet Baker play there.

As well as Jazz, you can also watch live performances of other musical genres namely blues, swing, and flamenco. The best night to visit Jamboree? Mondays, for their infamous WTF Jam Sessions.

2. Harlem Jazz Club

Another popular spot for jazz lovers in Barcelona is Harlem Jazz Club. As the oldest concert hall in the city, the intimate performance venue where the musicians play lets them really connect with the audience.

Live music at Harlem Jazz Club is played most days of the week, but it’s also worth looking out for the nights of Contes i Cuentos. This local initiative sees storytellers narrate gripping tales to an audience of adults, and after the event finishes, the venue turns into a lively club.

3. Luz de Gas

If you ask a local where to go for live music in Barcelona, they’ll likely suggest Luz de Gas. This renovated old music hall has since become known for its incredible live music scene, covering a range of musical genres like blues, disco, rock, and jazz.

Luz de Gaz welcomes both local and international artists to perform for its audience and even puts on benefit concerts for local causes in Barcelona.

Compared to the other live music venues on this list, Luz de Gas generally has an older crowd, and audience members can often be found enjoying a tasty meal with a cocktail as they watch the on-stage performances.

4. Bikini

Open since 1953, Bikini Barcelona is the oldest nightclub venue in the city. Many pass this hidden gem due to its secret location in the quiet streets of the Les Corts area. However, upon entering you’ll soon be hit with a great buzz coming from the excited crowds.

As well as being the oldest nightclub in Barcelona, Bikini also wins another coveted title: it’s known for having one of the best sound systems in the city. This makes it perfect for the number of concerts from national and international artists that Bikini puts on every week.

5. Slow Barcelona

One of the great things about live music venues in Barcelona is that anywhere can be a venue. For example, Slow Barcelona is a cocteleria, or a cocktail bar. This means you can sip on one of their many cocktail offerings while also enjoying some great live music.

Every Friday and Saturday from 9:30 pm, an eclectic mix of bands play funk, rock, pop, and electro in Slow’s upstairs club room. After they finish, the DJs come in to keep the party going…

6. Soda Acustic

Barcelona’s Gracia district is a hub for live music on any day of the week; while locals drink cans of Estrella sat down with friends around one of the neighborhood’s many squares, a guitarist will almost certainly plonk themselves in the middle of the congregation… but then Soda Acustic came along.

With live music three or four nights a week, this bar gathers up the Bohemian residents of Gracia, enticing them to leave the squares and come into their own four walls.

Their most famous night is Sunday, when one of Barcelona’s most famous Brazilian music collectives, D’Dom, performs a truly unforgettable set.

7. Big Bang Bar

I would normally warn tourists about heading towards the Raval district at night, however, Big Bang Bar is worth it.

With daily concerts from Wednesday to Sunday and tickets starting cheap at around €5, this live music venue is a great choice for those wanting to see a live performance during their time in Barcelona.

Just a small heads up if you are going into the Raval neighborhood, always be wary of your belongings and watch out for pickpockets.

Music Festivals in Barcelona

As well as a host of fantastic live music venues, Barcelona also has several brilliant music festivals, inviting acts from all around the world to perform at various places in the city.

Some of the most popular music festivals in Barcelona are:

  • Cruilla: a music festival with both big names and up-and-coming stars. This festival also promotes social inclusion by including immigrant associations and other non-governmental entities.
  • Primavera Sound: A 3-day event welcoming both local and international artists in Forum de Barcelona, one of the city’s most unique venues. This is where I saw Lizzo for the first time.
  • Sonar: Also known as one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the whole of Spain.
Barcelona party club with people dancing and a performer on stage
There are several music festivals in Barcelona each year

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Barcelona Nightlife Tours

A city center nightclub? A boogie down by the beach? A cocktail at one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona? A live jazz performance in a hidden secret bar? A classic cocktail bar?

If you can’t quite decide on just one venue, a nightlife tour around the city will help you explore some of Barcelona’s best nighttime secrets.

Barcelona Bar Crawl

If you’re traveling solo but still want to head out and experience everything that Barcelona nightlife has to offer, a Barcelona Bar Crawl is a great solution.

With an expat or Barcelona local in charge, you can see some of the best pubs and bars in the city, before ending up at a lively club to boogie the rest of the night away.

Barcelona Tipsy Tour

A slightly different spin on the traditional bar crawl, this Barcelona Tipsy Tour will take you to some of the city’s best-kept drinking secrets.

You’ll also taste some of the best traditional Spanish and Catalan drinks like cava, sangria, vermouth, and chupitos (shots!), as you learn some of Barcelona’s most twisted tales. Think of it as part walking tour, part knee’s up.

Barcelona Pub Crawl

To get the biggest bang for your buck, this Barcelona pub crawl takes you to a minimum of four bars and clubs in the city. With an expert guide leading the party, expect great drinks, great drinking spots, and of course, drinking games.

barcelona bar with liquors
Liquors on display at a Barcelona pub

Conclusion on Barcelona’s Nightlife

Simply put, it’s worth adding Barcelona to your Spain itinerary if you want to party the night away! With so much to see and so many events to attend, even the biggest party-goer would find Barcelona’s nightlife a little overwhelming.

Fancy a quiet getaway? Then check out some of Barcelona’s best cafes instead! It’s the perfect way to wind down after a busy day trip from the city.

No matter what sort of night you’re after, this guide should help narrow down exactly how to spend your evenings in one of the best cities on earth. Salut!

FAQ on Nightlife in Barcelona

What part of Barcelona is best for nightlife?

The Gothic Quarter is the best place to find bars and smaller more local clubs, with Plaza Real home to some of the city’s most famous venues. Port Olimpic is where you can find all of Barcelona’s beach clubs.

What time do people go clubbing in Barcelona?

Night-outs in Barcelona generally start at around 11 pm to midnight and don’t finish until sunrise. While most clubs in the city start opening around 10 pm, they won’t start getting busy with locals until well past midnight. The only exception is Barcelona’s beach clubs which start getting busier early since they usually attract more tourists than locals.

Does Barcelona have a good nightlife?

Barcelona is one of the best cities for nightlife in the whole of Spain. The city has something for every type of party-goer; from bustling beachside venues to hidden cozy bars, and even exclusive high-end clubs. You’ll be spoilt for choice for clubbing in Barcelona.

Is clubbing in Barcelona expensive?

Compared to other European cities, going out in Barcelona isn’t expensive. However, it’s also not the cheapest. Entry to a club costs on average 15€ to 20€ and usually includes one drink. Since they make the drinks strong in Barcelona, this means you’ll only probably need one or two for the rest of the evening.

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