14 Must Visit Barcelona cocktail bars (2024)

written by local expert Tilly Brogan

Tilly's friends always joke that she can only spend max 12 months in a place before she gets bored. While Manchester based (for now!), she's previously lived in Barcelona, Spain and has just got back from an 8-month trip backpacking around South America.

Finding the best Barcelona cocktail bars was always at the top of my priority list when friends came to visit me while living in the city.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing I loved more than drinking a can of cold €1 Estrella with my colleagues on the beach after work. Or even, going on dates and exploring Barcelona’s best rooftop bars with a sangria in hand.

However, a really great cocktail bar with signature cocktails and really well-done classics can sometimes be just the hidden gem you’re looking for. If you ever find yourself hankering for a dry martini or longing for a perfectly made old-fashioned in Barcelona, head to these 14 must-visit cocktail bars in the Catalan capital.

cocktail bar in Barcelona
There are so many amazing cocktail bars in Barcelona!

Barcelona cocktail bars that you can’t miss

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1. Mariposa Negra

Have you ever heard of the famous Catalan writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón? Well, not only are his novels the perfect beach read, but they also inspired the creation of this kooky hidden cocktail bar in El Born.

Mariposa Negra is undoubtedly one of the most unique places to drink cocktails in Barcelona. Not only do they 3D print their cocktail glasses and make their own craft cocktails, but they also open early – great for keen cocktail drinkers who like getting merry just after lunch.

The signature cocktail at Mariposa Negra is their Malaostia. With Himalayan salted homemade limoncello, lemon, fresh basil, cream, and boldo, this cocktail will have you dying to know more about the clandestine surgeon in Zafón’s book, who created monsters that later haunted the nights of Barcelona…

mariposa negra cocktail bar in barcelona
Image Courtesy of Mariposa Negra

2. Dr Stravinsky

From one lab-inspired cocktail bar to another, Dr Stravinsky is the answer to the age-old question: what would drinking in an apothecary feel like?

The walls at Dr Stravinsky are lined with bottles that look like potions and the bar staff are always on hand to create their signature concoctions with homemade infusions and mixes. But don’t worry, they don’t use the old-school lab equipment that’s lying around in their creations!

If the distorting mirrors, water-filled flasks, and homemade essential oils contained in jars are making it hard to choose from the cocktail menu, try a Camp Nou. This refreshing cocktail is made with dill, cilantro, and thyme syrup, house-distilled gin, lime, and camomile. It’ll definitely give you something else to talk about if you don’t know where to begin with the crazy decor.

dr stravinsky cocktail bar in barcelona, spain
Image Courtesy of Dr Stravinsky

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3. Old Fashioned

El Born isn’t the only district in Barcelona that’s great for cocktails. Slightly outside the city center, you can find Old Fashioned in the Gracia neighborhood. You can guess what this cocktail bar is famous for…

Catering to just 30 people at a time, Old Fashioned is one of the best Barcelona cocktail bars for couples whose dream date night is trying 15 variations of this signature cocktail. They also offer 30 different G&T combos. Yes, you read that right.

On your way back to Fontana metro station, why not take a wander through one of Gracia’s many squares to see some live music?

old fashioned
Image Courtesy of Old Fashioned

4. Hemingway Gin & Cocktail

If you visited Old Fashioned and liked what you saw, the next place you should head to grab a cocktail in Barcelona is Hemingway Cocktail Bar. Why? Because both these incredible cocktail joints are run by the same owner.

Despite only opening in 2017, Hemingway Cocktail Bar has quickly shot up the rankings in the city – rankings I have definitely unconsciously contributed to.

There are two potential reasons for this. One, the bar only uses the finest spirits and freshest ingredients in their drinks (seriously, they press all their citrus juices daily). Two, the bar takes its name from one of the most famous and influential writers in literary history.

So, while Ernest Hemingway first visited the Catalan capital almost a century before this cocktail bar was established, why miss the chance to enjoy a great Barcelona cocktail in his memory? After all, it’s what he (probably) would have wanted.

hemingway gin and cocktail bar
Tom enjoying his drink at Hemingway Gin & Cocktail

5. Boadas

Speaking of old legends, Boadas is Barcelona’s oldest cocktail bar. How old? Well, put it this way, it’s been famous for its impeccable martinis since way back in the 1930s.

Despite being open for almost a century, little has changed in this classic cocktail bar – which Hemingway actually frequented all those years ago. This fascinating den still stands the test of time, which I guess is a test measured by how good the drinks still are. Spoiler alert: They’re very good.

If you’re looking for cocktail bars that are a hit with the locals, Boadas is your place. Aside from a few tourists who have read some Barcelona city guides, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s not a regular in Boadas.

Two last bits of advice. I recommend wearing something a little smarter for Boadas (they’ve recently brought in a dress code). Oh, and try the Boadas. It’s the house cocktail, and very yummy.

boadas bar in barcelona
Image Courtesy of Boadas

6. Paradiso

Barcelona ranks highly in a lot of things. It ranks highly in delicious Catalan food, and jaw-dropping architecture and it ranks highly in my heart. However, Paradiso cocktail bar in the Born district has also been ranked as one of the top 50 bars in the entire world…

And rightly so! First off, you find this secret cocktail bar by entering a very unassuming pastrami sandwich shop. Once you’ve located Paradiso, you’ll be greeted with the most elegant cave-like setup you’ve ever seen, complete with mixologists doing what they do best, mixing cocktails.

You can’t reserve a table at Paradiso (and yes, the connotation of the name certainly isn’t lost on me!) so you have to take your chances. But with cocktails on the menu, like the Gelato Paradiso made from vodka, turmeric, sheep’s milk kefir, walnut bitters, and nitro foam, this cocktail bar in Barcelona is definitely well worth the wait.

paradiso drink
Image Courtesy of Paradiso

7. Two Schmucks

Paradiso isn’t the only one of Barcelona’s bars on the world’s best bars list. Two Schmucks in Barcelona’s hipster Raval district also makes it on the list!

Founded by a Swede and a Brit, but now run by two French women, Two Schmucks perfectly encapsulates the global draw of Barcelona for expats – especially with a name based on a Jewish word for fool from the United States!

But it’s not just the international patchwork origins that make Two Schmucks a ‘five-star dive’ bar – they also do damn good cocktails. This bar is definitely one for those who like to be adventurous with their drinks. For example, you can grab a drink that blends Jerusalem artichoke with olive oil and white chocolate.

However, the location of Two Schmucks also makes this place one of the most interesting bars to visit in Barcelona; once known for prostitution and pickpocketing, El Raval is now considered uber-cool. The perfect spot for somewhere like Two Schmucks.

Although, please still be careful of pickpockets. They’re the worst.

two schmuks cocktail
Image Courtesy of Two Schmuks

8. The Roof

In my humble opinion, the only thing that could possibly make a cocktail better is drinking it on a rooftop. If like me, you love gazing at all the ant-sized people on the street below with a mojito in hand, The Roof might be the place for you.

You can find The Roof (part of the Barcelona EDITION hotel) in the heart of the Old City, which makes it a great bar to visit before dinner. Remember, if you want to eat like the locals, you’re not eating until 9pm!

For a rooftop bar in the center of Barcelona, The Roof is far quieter than other cocktail bars in the city. This means you can enjoy some of the bar’s lip-smackingly tasty cocktails while taking in some of the best panoramic views across old town Barcelona – away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

They don’t tell you this in the guidebooks, but the only way to properly appreciate Barcelona Cathedral is to do it while sipping The Roof’s Muay Thai Kick: a cocktail made with rum, Kaffir lime-infused sake and raspberry cordial.

But shh, that’s a trade secret.

9. The Alchemix

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect cocktail bar – then having to leave to find food. But there’s zero chance of running into this first-world problem at The Alchemix.

Created from the big brains of chef Sergi Palacín and bar manager Ignacio Ussia, this gastro-cocktail bar offers some of the most Instagram-worthy drinks in Barcelona, and food to match.

Picture this. You order a cocktail called Mrs. Potts and Little Chip. You think you know what’s coming. You don’t. You have no idea.

Suddenly, a steaming teapot and a chipped teacup appear in front of you. You lift up the lid and wafts of tea, rosewater, lychee and hibiscus careen into your senses. Yup, there’s gin in that too.

Long story short, The Alchemix is the best place in the city if you want drinks that are just as delicious as the food. It’s also the best spot if you want your followers to know that yes, you did go to Barcelona last week.

preparing drinks at alchemix
Founder of this blog preparing their drinks at The Alchemix

10. Las Vermudas

Love it or hate it, you need to try vermouth at least once on your visit to Barcelona. Luckily, Las Vermudas cocktail bar is the best place to sample every Catalan’s favorite fortified wine.

With over 100 different kinds of vermouth, Las Vermudas has experts in both its bars in Gracia and Sant Antoni who can guide you toward the perfect type.

For complete vermouth beginners, I recommend Las Vermudas’ vermouth-based cocktails. They’re a great starting point for a very very slippery slope – big vermouth fan, over here!

Aside from some pretty great vermouth, Las Vermudas is also one of the most interactive cocktail bars in Barcelona. The bar puts on weekly cocktail workshops to help turn you into a cocktail-making pro. If you keep cocktail ingredients in your house, you’ll be inspired every time you open the fridge door!

shots at las vermudas
Image Courtesy of Las Vermudas

11. 14 de la Rosa

For someone who’s a big believer that it’s 8’o clock somewhere, it’s no surprise that 14 de la Rosa managed to make its way onto this list.

This Barcelona cafe bar is one of those places that’s relaxed enough to go at any time of the day but still has that nice vintage flair that doesn’t make you feel guilty for ordering an espresso martini at midday.

As well as natural wines, great mocktails, tasty snacks, and small plates, the cocktail menu at 14 de la Rosa is second to none. They offer all the best and most timeless classics, but done really really well.

But that doesn’t mean 14 de la Rosa is stuck in the cocktail past, either. They also like to add a twist to their much-loved classic cocktails. Consider trying the Final Word, a cocktail with mezcal, cherry, celery, lime juice, cacao, and Chartreuse.

There’s just something about this place that makes my 1920s cocktail bar fantasy come to life. But that could just be the fact that the bar staff are all in waistcoats and bow ties…

14 de la rosa cocktail bar
Image Courtesy of 14 de la Rosa

12. Boca Chica

Speaking of my vintage cocktail bar fantasy, old Hollywood-inspired Boca Chica is a great chic cocktail bar for when you’re after drinks that are oh-so-fancy.

Boca’s Chica’s ornate bar sparkles with mirrors to the ceiling, plush seating, and twinkle-lit greenery, making it one of the most cinematic bars to go people-watching. This is great considering Boca Chica attracts some of Barcelona’s most stylish residents – mainly due to its rapidly filling reservation list.

While cocktails here don’t come cheap, they also don’t disappoint. Surely there’s no better liquid accompaniment to scallops served in the shell and pork cheeks with potato foam than one of Boca Chica’s signature gin cocktails (I recommend the one served smoking from dry ice).

In the lull between cocktail rounds, don’t miss your chance to check out the bathroom completely decked out with hundreds of mirrors. By the time you get back to your table, the bar’s midnight DJ will already be setting up.

drinks at boca chica
Image Courtesy of Boca Chica

13. Tribal Cafe

There’s no doubt the El Born neighborhood has the highest number of cocktail bars in Barcelona. However, sometimes it’s nice to go a little off the beaten track. Especially when the mojitos and caipirinhas in Tribal Cafe are just as good.

You can find Tribal Cafe in Poble Sec, a neighborhood mainly known for the must-visit club Sala Apolo, and one long pedestrianized street full of pintxos bars; the latter where Tribal Cafe is based.

Decorated with handmade puppets, heavy curtains, and dimmed lights, Tribal Cafe is any theatrics fantasy. Particularly when the theatric enjoys washing down a killer cocktail with great pintxos (traditional snacks from the Basque Country that comprise various ingredients held in place by a toothpick on a piece of bread).

The cocktail and pintxos combo at Tribal Cafe is a perfect way to start any good night out in Barcelona, and great for lining your stomach before things get heavier – only if you’re not a coeliac, of course.

14. La Terraza de Anna

If you’ve done your research before going on holiday to Barcelona, you’ll have seen lots of photos of the city’s beautiful sunsets. One of the best places to take in these breathtaking tangerine hues is a rooftop bar like La Terraza de Anna.

With a wide selection of drinks that definitely won’t break the bank (or the holiday fund), order from a number of heavenly cocktails, local wines, and even spirits.

My personal fave is their Sangria de Cava: a sangria made with cava instead of the traditional red wine, perfect for summer evenings and of course, watching the sun go down over the city.

I’ll hold my hands up here, though. There is one thing even better than the incredible cava-based sangria at La Terraza de Anna. It’s the rooftop views overlooking Gaudi’s Casa Batlló and the rest of Passeig de Gracia…

Oh, and they serve great vegetarian-friendly food!

la terraza de anna
Image Courtesy of La Terraza de Anna

Conclusion on Barcelona’s Cocktail Bars

It’s no secret that Barcelona has one of the best nightlife scenes in the whole of Western Europe. And a big part of what makes Barcelona nights out so great is the cocktail culture.

There’s just something about the cocktail bars in Barcelona that’s so effortlessly cool. Secret kooky dive bars, rooftop bars for sunset gazing – even the high-end cocktail bars are unique in their own special way.

It doesn’t matter what part of the city you’re staying in – or which tours and day trips you’re planning to discover while you’re in Barcelona – you’re guaranteed to find a new favorite cocktail bar in the Catalan capital during your stay. The same can be said for cafes and coffee shops!


FAQ on Barcelona’s Cocktail Bars

What cocktail is Barcelona known for?

There isn’t a staple cocktail Barcelona is known for and every bar in the city has its own signature creation. However, a popular cocktail is a Jerez Cocktail since sherry has been making a big comeback in Spain and Barcelona. You’ll also catch locals in Barcelona enjoying a cold glass of Spanish cava.

How much is a cocktail in Barcelona?

While the price of a cocktail in a city center club in Barcelona is €12, the prices will mostly vary depending on the cocktail bar and the area of the city it’s in.

Where do tourists drink in Barcelona?

The El Born neighborhood is a popular choice for tourists looking for bars in Barcelona. However, there are also many great cocktail bars in the Gracia and Eixample areas.

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