Best Surf Camps in Mexico (A Surfer’s Guide 2024)

written by local expert Tom Rogers

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Looking for the best surf camps in Mexico? I got you covered.

Sun-soaked beaches, warm turquoise waves, and a laid-back atmosphere make Mexico an absolute paradise for surf enthusiasts from around the world.

As a country blessed with miles of coastline and a plethora of world-class surf breaks, Mexico is the ultimate destination for those looking to hang ten in style.

From the powerful barrels of Puerto Escondido to the mellow longboard-friendly waves of Sayulita, there’s something for every surfer, regardless of their skill level.

After spending some time riding the waves in the idyllic surf town of Sayulita, I fell in love with the Mexican surf scene and couldn’t resist sharing my experiences with fellow travelers.

So, I decided to compile a list of the best surf camps in Mexico that will have you stoked for your next wave-riding adventure.

A surf camp in Mexico is more than just an opportunity to improve your surfing skills. It’s also an immersive experience that combines cultural exploration, delicious cuisine, and endless good vibes.

Plus, Mexican food is some of the best in the world. Quite frankly, there’s nothing better than a few tacos and a cold beer after a surf session!

At these camps, you can expect to find passionate instructors, tailored surf lessons, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your love for the ocean.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to conquer some of the world’s most famous breaks or a complete newbie hoping to catch your first wave, Mexico’s surf camps are sure to offer an unforgettable experience.

Check out some of my top picks, and get ready to discover the magic of surfing in Mexico!

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Surfing on the sea (Best Surf Camps in Mexico)

Best Surf Camps in Mexico Overview

Surf CampLocationLengthBook Surf Camps
Oasis Surf and Spanish School Surf CampPuerto Escondido, Oaxaca8 DaysView Prices
Pro Surfer Yoga and Surf CampPuerto Escondido, Oaxaca15 DaysView Prices
Cabo Surf RetreatSan José del Cabo, Baja California Sur7 DaysView Prices
Surfari MexicoTroncones, Mexico5 DaysView Prices
Punta Mita Surf CampPunta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico7 DaysView Prices
Sayulita Surf CampSayulita, Nayarit, Mexico10 DaysView Prices
Private Yoga and Surf Retreat Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico6 DaysView Prices

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Best Surf Camps in Mexico

1. Oasis Surf and Spanish School Surf Camp

Location: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, language, and surf scene of Puerto Escondido. It has Oasis Surf & Spanish School’s 8-day surf and Spanish camp.

This comprehensive program is tailored to your needs and surfing level. Guaranteeing an unforgettable experience as you learn to ride the waves and hone your Spanish skills.

Why we Recommend this Surf Camp:

Oasis Surf & Spanish School’s surf camp stands out because it offers a unique and immersive experience. It combines both surfing and Spanish lessons in a stunning beachside location. By participating in this camp, you’ll not only develop your surfing skills but also gain a deeper understanding of Mexican culture and language which we love.

Their experienced instructors are dedicated to providing personalized guidance. Ensuring that every participant, whether a beginner or an advanced surfer, receives the attention they need to progress.

Located in the heart of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Oasis Surf & Spanish School allows you to experience the rich Mexican folklore while exploring the magnificent beaches along the coastline.

The surf camp offers a wide range of daytime activities. It includes surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, tanning, and sports fishing, while the bustling nightlife features live music and a laid-back atmosphere.

With comfortable accommodations, tailored surf lessons, and the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging environment, the 8 Day Regular Spanish and Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido is the perfect choice for a truly memorable surf vacation in Mexico.

What to Expect:

Accommodations feature private rooms with housekeeping, coffee, drinkable water bottles, WiFi, a common area, and a pool.

Most units are designed as private apartments with fully-equipped kitchens, sitting areas, and/or terraces. A common kitchen is available for suites without private kitchens in La Barca. Air conditioning can be added upon request at an additional rate.

Each week, a photo or video session is held to capture a morning surf session. It has the material used for Friday’s coaching class and provided to students free of cost.

During the coaching session, surf instructors offer guidance and tips to help students progress in their surfing abilities.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights of accommodation in a private room with a small kitchen, private room and bathroom, terrace, garden, common area, and pool
  • Welcome activity
  • 1.5 hours of Spanish semi-private tuition from Monday to Friday
  • Yoga classes along the week
  • Learning material and final Spanish Diploma
  • 5 surf lessons
  • Surf theory class
  • Surf photos
  • Coaching session
  • Cleaning service every second day
  • Wifi
Oasis Surf and Spanish School Surf Camp
Beautiful ocean of Puerto Escondido for surfing

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2. Pro Surfer Yoga and Surf Camp

Location: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
Length: 15 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the world of surfing with the Pro Surfer Yoga and Surf Camp. This 15-day camp offers a comprehensive experience for surfers of all skill levels, providing not only top-notch surf instruction but also an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate with sunset yoga classes right at the camp every other day.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

The Pro Surfer Yoga and Surf Camp offers a well-rounded experience, combining surf lessons, yoga, and cultural immersion in the stunning location of Puerto Escondido.

With personalized surf classes tailored to your skill level and a low student-to-instructor ratio, you’ll receive the attention and guidance needed to take your surfing to the next level.

Stay just steps away from La Punta de Zicatela, one of Mexico’s best surf spots, and explore the hidden gems of the Pacific coast during your surf trips.

Plus, I love the combination of surf and yoga classes as both are linked to improve your overall surf performance.

What to Expect:

During your stay, you’ll be accommodated in the Experiencia Surf Camp’s residence, offering private, shared, and dorm rooms. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, linens, bath and hand towels, and weekly cleaning services in your room.

The 15-day program includes 10 surf lessons, a photo session, and six yoga classes designed specifically for surfers. You can expect surf classes to last two hours, with morning and afternoon sessions available.

The experienced instructors and quality surf equipment provided by Experiencia Puerto Escondido guarantee an awesome experience.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 14 nights of accommodation
  • 10 surf lessons with equipment included
  • 6 yoga classes for surfers
  • 1 photo session
  • Free Wi-Fi in rooms and common areas
  • Linens, bath and hand towels, and weekly cleaning services
Pro Surfer Yoga and Surf Camp
You will enjoy the big waves in Puerto Escondido

3. Cabo Surf Retreat: Exclusive Surf Experience for Beginners

Location: San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Beginner

Embrace the healing power of the ocean and indulge in a week of surfing, relaxation, and rejuvenation with Cabo Surf Retreat’s 7-day exclusive surf experience in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur.

This retreat is perfect for beginners looking to learn to surf, have fun, and celebrate life while enjoying the stunning beauty of Baja.

And trust me, this part of Mexico is beautifuuuul!

Note: If this is too long, the same company offers a 3-day surf camp with a similar program / inclusions.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

Cabo Surf Retreat offers a unique and personalized surf experience, with flexible schedules that allow you to go with the flow and chase the best waves. The experienced and certified instructors will guide you to the best surf spots and provide water coaching, advice, and tips to help you improve your surfing skills.

Safety is a top priority, with all instructors being CPR certified and ensuring that everyone surfs smart, knows their limits, and has fun while staying safe at all times.

The retreat includes a variety of activities, such as a guided art-walk through San José’s art district, an organic market visit (from November to April), and a camping night, Baja style, complete with bonfires and more.

This surf camp provides an unforgettable, authentic Baja experience.

What to Expect:

You’ll stay at The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo in San José del Cabo Downtown Area, featuring air-conditioned, female-only and male-only dormitories with private bathrooms.

A typical day at Cabo Surf Retreat includes a light, healthy breakfast, beach time, surf sessions, and sunset outdoor activities, such as SUP, hiking, biking, or horseback riding.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 6 nights of accommodation
  • 5 surf lessons with all equipment and professional instructors
  • 1 guided art-walk through San José Plaza and art district
  • 1 camping night
  • Organic market visit (only from November to April)
  • Rashguard, wetsuit (winter), surfboards, leash, wax, and organic waterproof sunblock
  • Friendly, expert, and bilingual guides
  • Ground transportation
  • Daily healthy breakfast and water
  • All taxes and fees
Cabo Surf Retreat Exclusive Surf Experience for Beginners

4. Surfari Mexico: 5-Day Surf Camp in Troncones

Location: Troncones, Mexico
Length: 5 Days
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Go on a thrilling surf holiday with Surfari Mexico, a surf camp that blends the excitement of surfing with the comfort of hassle-free travel.

Experience warm hospitality from the moment you arrive, with surf guides greeting you with a cold beer or refreshing lemonade, and ensuring you feel at home throughout your stay.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

Surfari Mexico offers a unique concept that allows you to maximize your time in the water while exploring three different surf spots in Troncones.

With a focus on intermediate and advanced surfers, this camp offers guided surf sessions and transports you to the best waves in the area, including left-handers as the most common break.

Stay at the Troncones Point Hostel, where you’ll have accommodation in a shared dorm. All meals, water, coffee, and tea are included in the price which is a pretty damn good deal.

What to Expect:

During this 5-day surf camp, you’ll enjoy 4 days of surfing with guided sessions, allowing you to experience a variety of waves in Troncones. Your surf guides will transport you to the best surf spots, including boat trips to surf points around the area, making the most of your time in the water.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 4 nights of accommodation in a shared dorm at Troncones Point Hostel
  • 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners
  • Water, coffee, and tea
  • Transports to 3 different surf spots
  • Surfboard included
Surfari Mexico 5-Day Surf Camp in Troncones
Enjoy your 5-day surf camp here in Troncones

5. Punta Mita Surf Camp: 7-Day Awesome Surf Camp

Location: Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Discover the best surf breaks in the Bay of Banderas with Punta Mita’s 7-day surf camp. With a variety of options for different skill levels, this surf camp caters to beginners, intermediates, and advanced surfers.

This surf camp can help hone your skills and build your confidence on the waves with the help of certified instructors. Based on conditions and tides, you will have the opportunity to explore various surf breaks in the region.

Note: If 7 days is too long for you, they also offer this 4-day surf camp with similar inclusions and programs.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This surf camp offers daily surf sessions with experienced instructors, ensuring that you make the most of your time in Punta Mita.

The camp includes transportation to surf lessons, making it easy for you to experience different surf breaks based on the conditions and tides. In addition, the camp provides high-quality surf equipment and rashguards for your convenience.

Accommodation options include the Mita Surf Studio and Mita Surf Apartment, both located near the surf shop and within walking distance of the beach.

Both options offer modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and a private kitchen and pool for the apartment guests.

What to Expect:

During this 7-day surf camp, enjoy daily surf lessons and improve your skills with the guidance of experienced instructors.

The camp provides all necessary surf equipment and rashguards, as well as transportation to and from the surf lessons. During this surf camp, you get to experience different surf breaks in the area and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Punta Mita.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 6 nights of accommodation in either Mita Surf Studio or Mita Surf Apartment
  • Daily surf lessons
  • Surf equipment (available at all times)
  • Private bathroom with towels
  • Transportation to surf lessons
  • Rashguard
  • Filtered drinking water
  • Private kitchen and pool (for Mita Surf Apartment guests)
  • Shampoo/conditioner
  • High-speed internet
Punta Mita Surf Camp 7-Day Awesome Surf Camp
surfing in Punta Mita’s long coastline

6. Sayulita Surf Camp: 10 Day Progressive Surf Camp with WildMex Surf and Adventures

Location: Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico
Length: 10 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

The 10-day progressive surf camp in Sayulita is perfect for those looking to improve their surfing skills and have an unforgettable experience. With top-quality instructors and ideal waves, you’ll be guided to the best surf spots based on your skill level.

WildMex Surf and Adventure offers three different accommodation options to suit your needs and preferences, whether you want a budget-friendly option, a lively atmosphere, or a quiet and relaxing private room.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This surf camp offers 8 instructed surf sessions, with continuous instructor follow-up for progressive learning. You’ll have access to over 300 surf and SUP boards and all the necessary equipment, including rashguards, booties, and wetsuit tops.

With land transfers to surf breaks, beach and pool access, and a choice of accommodations, this surf camp provides everything you need for an amazing surf experience in Sayulita.

What to Expect:

During your 10-day surf camp, you’ll enjoy daily surf sessions with qualified bilingual instructors, who will ensure your safety and make your lessons fun and enjoyable.

Depending on your progress, beginners will learn how to pop up correctly and catch their own waves, while intermediates will receive coaching to help them improve their surfing.

In the evenings, explore the vibrant surf town of Sayulita and experience its amazing restaurants, beach parties, salsa lessons, and more.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 9 nights of accommodation
  • 8 instructed surfing lessons
  • Rashguard, booties, and wetsuit top rental
  • Continuous instructor follow-up for progressive learning
  • Access and overnight use of WildMex’s surf and SUP boards
  • All surf transfers to surf breaks
  • Board insurance (does not cover loss or theft)
  • Beach and pool access
Sayulita Surf Camp 10 Day Progressive Surf Camp with WildMex Surf and Adventures

7. 6 Day Private Yoga and Surf Retreat

Location: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Length: 6 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Discover the perfect balance between relaxation and activity during this 6-day private yoga and surf/massage retreat at Barbarenas in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

Experience daily yoga sessions, surf lessons, and enjoy delicious vegan breakfasts and lunches. Stay in sustainable cabañas surrounded by tropical fauna and featuring ocean-view terraces.

Barbarenas is an eco-sustainable retreat, where you’ll find a hidden oasis filled with warmth and love for mother nature. During your stay, you’ll get to enjoy yoga, surfing, as well as healthy, nutritious vegan meals.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This surf camp offers a unique combination of surfing, yoga, and relaxation in a beautiful eco-sustainable retreat.

The surf lessons and yoga provide an excellent balance between physical activity and rejuvenation. The sustainable cabañas, surrounded by tropical fauna and featuring ocean-view terraces, create a serene and comfortable environment to unwind.

What to Expect:

During your 6-day retreat, you’ll immerse yourself in yoga, surf lessons (or massages), and holistic ceremonies. The eco-construction and natural materials used in the bungalows offer a unique and comfortable experience, with each bungalow featuring artwork by Cuban artist Yunior Marino and a spacious terrace.

Relax in the common areas, such as the chlorine-free pool, open kitchen, and yoga rooftop, and enjoy daily vegan or vegetarian breakfast and lunch prepared with fresh, organic ingredients.

Additionally, the holistic ceremonies offered every other day, such as kirtan, meditation, cacao ceremony, sound healing, temazcal, or ice bath, further enhance the overall well-being of the participants during their stay.

Retreat Inclusions:

  • Accommodation in a private room or full bungalow
  • Up to three yoga classes a day
  • A surf lesson every other day
  • Daily vegan breakfast and lunch
  • Water, tea, coffee, fruit, and snacks daily
  • Mat, blocks, and accessories provided
  • Access to a holistic ceremony every other day (kirtan, meditation, cacao ceremony, sound healing, temazcal, or ice bath)
6 Day Private Yoga and Surf Retreat

Surfing in Mexico

Now that we’ve covered some of the best surf camps in Mexico, let me give you a brief rundown on how surfing got started and where the best spots are.

The history of surfing in Mexico can be traced back when Californian surfers first ventured south of the border in search of uncrowded breaks and unspoiled beaches. Places like Ensaneda are considered the birthplace of Mexican surfing.

Since then, the Mexican surf scene has grown exponentially, offering a diverse array of world-class surf spots for wave riders of all abilities.

Best Surf Spots in Mexico

1. Puerto Escondido

Known for its famous break, Zicatela, or the “Mexican Pipeline,” this powerful beach break features hollow, fast barrels, perfect for advanced surfers looking for a thrilling ride. Although Zicatela is their most famous spot, they also have a few breaks that are beginner friendly.

Puerto Escondido is one of the most famous spots in all of Mexico and is visited by many all year round.

2. Sayulita

The minute you step into Sayulita, all you get are surfer vibes! This cute and colorful town is a crowd favorite due to its beginner-friendly breaks like La Lancha and Sayulita Beach. These surf spots offer up long, mellow waves ideal for longboarding and leisurely surf sessions.

Longboarding here was insanely fun. If you’re looking for something a little less crowded, I recommend you head to nearby San Pancho (15 mins away). The main surf spot here is in the far southern end of Playa San Pancho. Here, you can expect to find more shortboard, punchier waves.

Surfing in Sayulita, Mexico

3. Troncones

Troncones, a charming and relatively untouched beach village, can be found nestled along the coastline of Guerrero, just 20 miles northwest of Zihuatanejo.

With its serene ambiance and unspoiled beauty, Troncones offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of more touristy destinations. Its uncrowded beaches and laid-back atmosphere create the perfect setting for a tranquil surf getaway, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting surroundings and catch some fantastic waves in peace.

This charming village has something for every skill level, with breaks such as Troncones Point and Manzanillo Bay, ranging from gentle rolling waves to more challenging point breaks.

4. San Juanico (Scorpion Bay)

Located in Baja California Sur, San Juanico or Scorpion Bay as the locals call it is home to one of the longest right-hand point breaks in the world.

This spot is a dream come true for experienced longboarders and shortboarders alike. With multiple sections along the point, surfers can enjoy rides of up to a mile on a good day, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Getting to Scorpion Bay can be a bit of an adventure in itself, as it’s tucked away from the main tourist routes. The journey typically involves navigating dirt roads and passing through small desert towns, which only adds to the region’s rugged charm.

Once there, you’ll be rewarded with pristine, uncrowded beaches and a strong sense of camaraderie among the surfers who make the trek. There are a few accommodations and restaurants that cater to surfers who journey out here.

5. Punta de Mita, Nayarit

 Located near Puerto Vallarta, this destination features breaks like El Anclote and La Bahia, offering long, peeling right-handers that are perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers.

La Bahia or the cove is a sick spot and the best way to get there is by water taxi from Punta de Mita, otherwise it’s a 30 minutes walk over the rocks from El Anclote beach. Otherwise, other surf spots like Playa La Lancha, and Veneros are good spots as well.

Mexico’s extensive coastline provides a variety of wave types, from mellow longboard waves to heavy, barreling beach breaks.

The best seasons for surfing in Mexico depend on the region you plan to visit. The Pacific coast, including Puerto Escondido and Sayulita, generally experiences the best swell from May to October, while the Baja California Peninsula sees consistent surf year-round, with the peak season running from November to April.

Regardless of the time of year, Mexico’s warm water and consistent waves make it a haven for surfers in search of the perfect ride.

In conclusion, Mexico offers an incredible variety of surf camps for all skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an experienced surfer seeking new challenges, there’s a surf camp tailored just for you.

Enjoy the pristine beaches, warm waters, delicious food, and vibrant culture that Mexico has to offer, while improving your surfing skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

The combination of visiting an incredible country while going on some unforgettable surf experiences make these surf camps a must-visit destination for any surf enthusiast.

Sunrise over Punta de Mita, Mexico

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