10 Best Hot Springs in Mexico [Updated 2024]

written by local expert Catrin Lynn

Catrin is a history enthusiast based in Wales. Her passions are her animals, exploring the Welsh mountains with her husband, wellness, and traveling to different European cities.

Looking for the best hot springs in Mexico? In this article, I will walk you through a few of my favorites.

When I think of Mexico, I think of the delicious food, idyllic beaches and historical temples, but Mexico is also blessed with some of the most dramatic landscapes and the hot springs in Mexico are very popular with tourists and locals. 

If you fancy taking a dip in the soothing natural hot springs, then you definitely need to add them to your list.

There are also so many benefits to visiting the hot springs, not only are they a perfect place to escape the typical crowds of tourists but they possess health and beauty benefits. 

The first dip I took in a hot spring was in Thailand and now I will jump at any chance to soak in the warm waters wherever I go, there’s no feeling like it! 

The hot springs in Mexico are located away from city centers and provide the perfect opportunity to get back to nature. 

Las Grutas Tolantongo
Enjoying the Aguas Termales in Grutas Tolantongo, one of the best hot springs in Mexico.

The Best Hot Springs in Mexico

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1. Las Grutas Tolantongo, Hidalgo

General entry cost: 150 MXN / 7.50 USD.

Location: Grutas Tolantongo Map

One of the best and most beautiful hot springs in Mexico that is very popular with tourists. Located about 4 hours north of Mexico City in Hidalgo. Las Grutas Tolantongo is one of the best escapes for relaxation you can do here in Mexico that boasts breathtaking views of Mezquital Valley. 

You will find heated pools towards the bottom of a steep canyon, which is surrounded by volcanic mountains. The heat from the mountains warm the water and infuse it with the natural minerals which provides a truly relaxing and invigorating experience. 

The hot springs are placed down a mountainside of lush green vegetation which creates a scenic outlook when you’re relaxing along with the therapeutic flow of the waters.  

It’s definitely one of the biggest hot springs with three hotel resorts and four natural ones, the thermal pools, the cave, the river and the tunnel. A visit to the caves and tunnels is a must here, it’s like going through a sauna with the water from the spring-fed river warming and creating a mineral-rich mist. 

You also need to head to the rope-hanging bridge which has incredible views across the canyon and all the hot springs filled with vivid blue waters. There are also restaurants here where you could grab some lunch, or if you need some thrills, there is a full scale zip wire you can check out. 

Make sure to get here early, as it gets busy, quick! See here for a complete guide on Las Grutas Tolantongo

You have a few options to experience these hot springs. You can go on an organized trip private tour, organize private transport, camp, or stay at one of the resort hotels. There are plenty of options for tours to Grutas De Tolantongo tours from Mexico city too!

las grutas tolantongo

2. Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca

General Entry Cost: 50 MXN / 2.50 USD. 

Location: Hierve el Agua Map

With its turquoise springs located on a mountain top and “petrified waterfalls”, these are one of the most impressive hot springs in Mexico.

Hierve el Agua is so popular that it had to close early 2020 due to the sheer volume of visitors which was putting a massive strain on the local communities. 

It has since reopened, but it’s best to check with locals or book a guided tour to ensure the site is open. With it being over an hour outside of Oaxaca City, you don’t want to make a wasted journey. 

Hierve el Agua is very remote, surrounded by desert landscape and rugged mountains. The walk from the entrance to Hierve el Agua is super short and accessible. The cliff for the waterfall rises over fifty meters and contains four springs. It is a stunning place and is one of the best things to do in Oaxaca.

You can choose to swim in the natural or artificial pools. The hot waters here are known for their healing qualities due to their high mineral content. The mineral content of the water also provides it with a beautiful turquoise green color. 

One of the pools is thrillingly close to the cliff’s edge, great for thrill seekers, but if you don’t have the head for heights, maybe stay back! 

You could also hike around Hierve el Agua to take in the views, it takes about an hour and will make soaking in the hot water even more refreshing. 

We recommend this local tour of Hierve el Agua which involves a bit of hiking, swimming in the natural pools, as well as enjoying a local Oaxacan meal.

Hierve El Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico

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3. El Geiser, Hidalgo

General Entry Cost: El Geiser is open 24 hours a day and costs 200 MXN/ 10 USD. 

Location: El Géiser

One of the best hot springs in Mexico, with a number of water parks and thermal water spas set in a beautiful green backdrop. Tecozutla sits on one of the largest volcanic vents in Latin America, and this is certainly taken advantage of with all of the best hot springs in Mexico built around it. 

The most amazing thing? Steam is released 24/7 through the vents, so it’s definitely worth making the trip. If relaxing in a hot spring isn’t enough for you, El Geiser Hidalgo also boasts a full water park with a zip wire if you seek more adventure from your trip!

You will also find grills here so you can bring your own food to grill or you can visit one of the two on-site restaurants.

4. La Gruta Spa, San Miguel de Allende

General Entry Cost: 250 MXN/ 12.50 USD 

Location: A Dolores Hidalgo km 10, 37893 El Cortijo, Gto., Mexico

Located in one of the safest towns in Mexico, and a world heritage sight, these wonderful hot springs offer a fantastic opportunity to relax. 

The man made sauna’s best feature is its underground tunnels which are flooded with thermal water. You will feel your pores open as you relax in the steam from the hot water. 

There are four thermal pools here, the stone tunnel and the main cavern are both man made and the two swimming pools. One swimming pool is located next to the restaurants and the other is a smaller but deeper pool. 

Additional services like massages and saunas are also offered for an extra fee (around 40 USD).

Once you’re finished floating about in the hot springs, you can lounge in the beautiful outdoor space and maybe grab some delicious and affordable Mexican food

La Gruta Spa
Photo from La Gruta Spa

5. Tlaco Ecological Water Park, Tlacotlapilco, Hidalgo

General Entry cost: 120 MXN / 6USD. 

Location: Carretera Progreso – Ixmiquilpan, 42757 Tlacotlapilco, Hgo., Mexico

If you are looking to relax with some added health benefits, you need to head to Tlaco Ecological Water Park. The thermal pool is kept between 35 and 40 C (95 and 104 F) and features a hydro massage which is amazing for relieving muscle tension, stress and improving poor blood circulation. 

You could also visit the thermal jacuzzi that’s located in the caves, the water is slightly hotter here 45C (113F). 

For an additional fee, you could also have a full-body massage, facial treatments or a full detox in a vapor room (and maybe sweat out the tequila from the night before) . You will feel like a brand new you! 

6. Los Azufres Spa Natural, Michoacan, Hidalgo

General Entry cost: 60 MXN/ 3 USD.

Location: Los Azufres Spa Natural

Located in the mountainous area of the Los Azufres region, the Los Azufres Spa Natural is the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. Located 150 miles from the capital city, Loz Azufres is an area of high geothermal energy as it’s located in volcanic mountains.  

There are two thermal pools to soak in here, the water is of high mineral content and sometimes reaches the temperature of 35oC. It’s also historically known by the ancient Purépechas for the healing properties of these baths and visitors from all over come to bask in the warm water and natural beauty. 

You will also enjoy additional spa treatments here; thermal mud bath, steam rooms and thermal water baths which all help your skin absorb the minerals of the elements. Not only can these minerals improve your health, but they’ll also leave your skin feeling silky smooth and rehydrated! 

There is an on-site restaurant here too so you could spend all day relaxing here. Or there are cabins here if you prefer to stay.Like most hot springs, I would recommend getting here early to avoid the crowds. 

Los Azufres Spa Natural
Photo from Spa Los Azufres

7. The Mayan Baths, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

General Entry Cost: 200 MXN / 10 USD.


If you’re feeling a bit fancier, you can combine nature with a luxury spa experience at the Mayan Baths. You can follow the pools down through the arched stones, quartz and crystal tunnels which are lit by over 100 candles, a truly gorgeous and relaxing paradise. 

The Mayan Baths also offers an outdoor space to relax in if you’re more of a sunseeker. 

The Mayan Baths are only open on weekends so you will need to plan this in advance before it gets booked up. Cost to enter will depend on the package you choose. 

8. Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan Hot Springs, Puerto Vallarta 

General Entry Cost: 45 MXN/ 2.30 USD. 

Location: Aguas Termales Nuevo Ixtlan

You will find these hot springs deep in the heart of the jungle. Surrounded by a lush green backdrop and soaking in the hot water, Aguas Termales is definitely a place to relax with a local feel. 

There are thermal pools varying in size that can fit between 2 and 6 people in each. You could book your own private pool if there is a group of you going. They are filled with natural water through a pipe that is kept at around 25oC but you can change the water temperature once you’re in.

You can also experience some homemade Mexican food here like tacos and quesadillas at the on-site restaurant. 

9. La Azufrosa Aguas Termales – Santa Gertrudis, Coahuila

General Entry Cost: 180 MXN/ 9USD.

Location: Aguas Termales La Azufrosa

If you want a truly relaxing experience away from the bustling crowds, then Agua Termales La Azufrosa are definitely for you!

Located in a hotel, the hot springs are open year round. The springs are claimed to help ease some health conditions such as heart disease and arthritis, and with the levels of salt and sulfur in the water you can literally sit back and float your troubles away in the warming and healing waters. 

They will also soothe any sunburn, and if you’re pasty like me and burns at the slightest look at the sun, this will be an excellent bonus! There are three pools of varying temperature with the hottest pool reaching temperatures as high as 45C and the coldest pool reaching 28C.

You can bring your own food to cook in the barbeque area, but you have to take your own coal for cooking. 

La Azufrosa Aguas Termales
Photo from La Azufrosa Aguas Termales

10. Agua Hedionda, Cuautla, Morelos 

General Entry Cost: 65 MXN/ 3.25 USD

Location: Agua Hedionda

Located only 60 miles from Mexico City, Agua Hedionda is one of the most popular resort style hot springs that Mexico has to offer with waterfalls, hydropools and water slides. It’s a pretty big place, measuring around six Olympic pools! 

The spring has a high sulfur content (Agua Hedionda translates to smelly water!) which is totally safe and healing for your skin. A couple of dips here can help improve nervous disorders, circulation problems and some arthritis! 

If there’s a group going, you can book a private pool which accommodates up to 15 people and there are also smaller pools and waterfalls to explore. 

What to Bring When Visiting a Mexico Hot Spring

To be prepared to visit the hot springs, you should take:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Comfortable shoes if you plan on exploring the more natural surroundings
  • Drinking water (all that relaxing heat can make you a little dehydrated)
  • Change of clothes
  • Cash (pesos) for admission fees and any food/drinks. 
  • A camera to capture all the insta- worthy beauty
  • Sunglasses and sun protection (clothing & cream)
Enjoying one of the best hot springs in Mexico, Hierve el Agua near Oaxaca

FAQ on the Best Hot Springs in Mexico

Are there natural hot springs in Mexico?

Yes, Mexico is home to some beautiful natural hot springs which are located in the outskirts of the cities. In this article, I featured a few of my favorite ones.

What are hot springs called in Mexico?

Hot springs are known as “aguas termales” in Spanish. 

Does Puerto Vallarta have hot springs?

Puerto Vallarta has plenty of hot springs nearby. One of the best hot springs in Puerto Vallarta is Aguas Termales Nuevo and Ixtlan Hot Springs mentioned above.

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