Standard Luggage: The Ultimate Smart Backpack for Work and Travel

written by local expert Becky Rogers

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I’m really not a bag type of girl. Seriously, I tend to live my life by the mantra “the smaller the bag (or no bag!), the better” so as you can imagine, when life calls for those moments when I need one, I don’t take the decision lightly.

Although I’m not a constant traveler, I do live the nomadic life, working online and switching locations when I choose to, so it was time that I needed a new daily backpack. This time, however, I was looking for a smarter one.  My usual go-to backpacks are daily bags, always lightweight, and ones that have great weight distribution features to support my back, but while these have been awesome on the travel and adventure side of my life, they didn’t satisfy my work needs.

When it came to meeting new clients, I finally got tired of rocking up with a disheveled and well-used backpack just to carry my laptop and thought it was time for something perhaps a tad more professional. Long story short, this is what started my search for the ultimate smart backpack for work and travel!

Why Standard Luggage?

I knew what I needed was a smart bag that was big enough to fit my laptop in but I was also looking for something that was still appropriate for travel. This way of thinking is what brought me to Standard Luggage. A company that creates modern, versatile and durable gear for the global traveler, I hit the jackpot when I came across this company; not only were their products sophisticated and stylish, but they were designed by travelers for travelers too!

Standard Luggage actually has a whole range called the Nomad Collection where each piece works together to make the ultimate travel system, so I think the question ended up being “why the hell not Standard Luggage?”Close up of Standard Luggage logo

Standard Luggage Daily Backpack: Top Features

The Daily Backpack is much more than a laptop bag, offering a three-in-one design so you can use it as a briefcase, backpack or messenger bag. This makes it great for a variety of uses from the airport to meetings! With a simple yet stylish aesthetic, some of the key features include:

  • Lockable zips
  • RFID-secure pocket
  • Integrated USB port
  • Collapsible water bottle pocket
  • Luggage sleeve
  • A variety of pockets and sleeves for various objects
  • Premium shoulder strap
  • Rain-cover
  • Included: Lifetime warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Straight away you can see that this bag screams versatility and security, and this is exactly what I wanted from my new work bag. All that was left to do was to test it out for myself to see if it actually was the ultimate smart backpack for work and travel!

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Ultimate Smart Backpack for Work and Travel

As well as the speedy delivery, I was also really surprised by the overall look and feel of the bag. I already knew that I would love it as it looked amazing and felt of such a high-quality. Plus I’m really a fan of grey so I was completely sold.

One of my absolute favorite things about this bag is that it can be used for almost anything! I say almost because you obviously wouldn’t use it to hike in the Amazon or trek Everest, but any other travel escapade it is still appropriate. With the three-in-one design, you can carry it in three different ways which really comes in handy.

I love this feature because although I mainly use the bag in its backpack form, there have been occasions where I have used both other ways from using it as a briefcase for meetings to a messenger bag for taking it on my travels as an additional carry on bag when flying.

As well as outside, it is also incredibly versatile inside! Containing multiple pockets and sleeves specifically for your wallet, keys, phone, laptop, tablet and camera and lenses, I could carry as many business and personal essentials that I needed without digging around in my bag to find them. This was a blessing when it came to having to unpack my electronics at airport security!

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Security Features

I love it when a product offers you features that you didn’t even know you wanted and this is exactly what Standard Luggage’s Daily Backpack did for me. The Daily comes with anti-theft features to prevent unwanted access to the bag to help keep your valuables safe such as lockable zips and an RFID Blocking Pocket to protect from identity theft.

One of my favorite security features, however, is just how the bag hugs the body. With the bag opening being right against your back, I could stand in a tram or train packed full of people and feel completely at ease that my valuables were safe. No other bag has ever given me this confidence, so just not having to check behind me every few seconds made this purchase completely worth it.


Last but not least, I can’t forget to mention the fact that the bag has a USB charging port for fuelling up devices on-the-go. I’m a stickler for letting my phone run out of charge, so this feature has already saved my butt on numerous occasions. When carrying a safety measure such as this with you at all times, you can be sure that you never run out of power when you need it most (because that is when it usually happens!).

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Our Verdict on the Standard Luggage Daily Backpack

Overall, I really do love this bag. It ticked all of my boxes and more, it looks and feels great and it has actually gotten me many compliments from clients of mine as well as travelers I’ve met along the way. Although advocated as a work backpack primarily, I was especially surprised how it hasn’t hindered my way of traveling at all, to the point where I have used it for weekend city breaks and even a week away with no problem.

Now it has gotten to the point where it has replaced my other backpacks to become my new daily bag, so I think I can safely say that I am happy to confirm that this is the ultimate smart backpack for work and travel! At least for me anyway.

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Disclaimer: This backpack was sent to us to try out but as always, our opinion is solely ours. We will always be 100% honest with all our reviews.

Product Information

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