Karibu Watch Review: The All-Around Travel Watch

written by local expert Tom Rogers

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Having spent the last three years traveling the world for work, I’ve been in search for the perfect adventure watch to take along my trips. Admittedly, I’m not a watch guy mainly because I can never seem to find one that suits every type of occasion. Something to wear during a casual lunch meeting with a client, something to take with me during my many treks and adventures, or even something as simple as a watch I can wear on a night out. Sure, if I really wanted, I could just get multiple watches to wear on different occasions like most people but being that everything that I own fits in a small backpack, this isn’t an option.

The lack of versatile options has made me nonchalant to the fact that a good watch is something that every traveler should have. To help remedy this dilemma, I decided to try out Karibu Watches.

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Karibu Watch Features

The Karibu Watch is an all-around rugged watch designed for intrepid explorers with some of its key features including a date feature, scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass and a 42mm stainless steel case. For all you watch fanatics out there, here’s a complete list of the features of this carefully crafted travel watch.

Karibu Watch Specs:

  • Quartz Swiss Ronda movement
  • Dual time
  • Date feature
  • 10atm water resistance
  • 42mm case
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • 20mm lug
  • Luminous dials and markings

karibu watch review

On paper, it sounds like the perfect adventure watch but I wanted to give it a test run myself to see if it would be something that I would actually use on my travels.

At that time I was ordering it, I was based in Chiang Mai, Thailand so I had the watch sent out to me there. To my surprise, the watch arrived in no time which almost never happens while in Asia! The packaging of the watch itself was beautiful and I was pleasantly surprised that it also came with interchangeable straps allowing you to change the look and feel of the watch.

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Ultimate Travel Watch

I took my watch with me on two big adventures. One was traveling around Thailand and the other was when I went to Mt. Everest Basecamp. These two trips allowed me to test out the versatility of the watch as they were two opposite climates and environments.

Overall Look

First things first, when I was browsing online, I wasn’t too sure if the watch had the right look for traveling. As soon as it arrived though, it started growing on me. It felt quite sturdy yet didn’t feel too casual or too formal for an all around watch. I ordered the silver and blue combo and really liked how it looked when it arrived.

The straps are lightweight, waterproof, and as previously mentioned, interchangeable. Other colors include orange and a dark navy green which I love. karibu thailand

Dual Time Feature

Hands down, one of the best features of the Karibu Watch is the dual time feature. This for me makes it a game changer to other watches out there. Since I am constantly traveling, keeping track of what time it is in the UK (where my family is at) is something that’s pretty important to me. So the fact that the Karibu watch can show me dual timezones simultaneously is pretty awesome.

The Dual Time feature on the Karibu Watch works with a standard 12-hour dial with a separate dual hand that works as a 24-hour clock located in the middle. Admittedly, the two smaller hands confused me at first but it is something that grows on you.

In the watches that have the black face, the color of the smaller 24 hand clock stands out more making it less confusing. This feature makes it ideal for frequent travelers like myself. karibu watch closeup

Versatility & Affordability

Last but not the least, I love how affordable the watch is. Considering it is something that I can use outdoors, underwater, and even on meetings, I think the watch is very reasonably priced. As I currently write this review, the watches are priced between £175-195 making it pretty affordable compared to other adventure watches out there.


One of the things that surprised me the most is that the Karibu watch is also waterproof up to 100m. Coming from someone who constantly surfs, swims, and dives, this feature is great! Although it doesn’t look like most rugged underwater watches, the fact that I can use it for almost any occasion makes it the ultimate travel adventure watch. karibu watch waterproof

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Overall Thoughts on the Karibu Watch

In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised with this watch and how it looks and feels. The functionality paired with its versatility is on point. I liked it so much that I even ordered one for my dad for his birthday. The dual time feature is something that I think is pretty clever and is something that I now consistently use.

I like the casual look of it and the fact that you can dress it up or even dress it down. The silicone watch straps mean that it can be used in almost any environment. In fact, I took my Karibu watch from a warm 36°C in Thailand to a freezing -20°C when I was in Nepal. Needless to say, I was impressed. Proving to be an awesome travel watch, I am very pleased with my choice and will happily take this watch with me on my next adventure.

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Product Information 

Disclaimer: This watch was sent to us to try out but as always, our opinion is solely ours. We will always be 100% honest with all our reviews.

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