For those that have followed our journey from the very beginning know that we’ve been on the road for the last 5 years. Sure, we tend to take on a few home bases along the way but we only still just travel with our one backpack.

When I first left to travel, I had a large 65L backpack which saw me through summers in Europe and winter in the US. A few years later, I wanted to downsize which is why I started traveling with a smaller 40L bag.

This year, I made the decision to transition to a rolling suitcase because I’ve had enough of carrying heavy backpacks while getting lost in unknown streets. #levelingup However, I still know that as an adventure traveler, there are places where my wheeled bag can’t go which is why I started looking for a convertible backpack.

Osprey Meridian 60L

Now as I have committed to downsizing my gear, I mainly choose the Osprey Meridian due to its size. The main bag is 44L which is the largest size approved for a carry-on bag. Along with the pack comes a 16L daypack which can hold my laptop and other valuables.

Although I haven’t fully mastered the art of minimalism, I am trying to get a smaller backpack and carry just the basic necessities with me.

Although it looks slightly bulky in size, once detached, I can use either just the day pack on its own or the main back even for short weekend trips.

My partner Tom and I are in love with Osprey. In fact, our entire Adventure in You team have their bags. From the Osprey Farpoint to their hiking daypacks, it is a brand that we genuinely love and use.osprey-meridian

Meridian 60L Specs

Weight: 3.8 kg
Maximum Dimensions (cm): 56 (l) x 36 (w) x 23 (d)
Pack Volume: 60L = 44L Main Pack + 16L Daypack
Main Fabric: 1680D Ballistic Nylon

Features of the Meridian

Convertible Backpack

I have a bad back which is why I am steering clear of lifting heavy things which is why I was decided on getting a convertible backpack. Out of all the big backpack brands, this one stood out the most. It has loads of good reviews and looked really sturdy.

The last thing I would want would be to get a convertible bag where the wheels would fall off. I liked the idea that I could wheel this bag through rough terrain (i.e. Europe’s cobblestone lined streets) or carry it on my back when needed.

Admittedly, with the number of things I have packed inside, I would probably avoid carrying it on my back. However, I like the versatility as there are some days where we end up in far-flung places where my wheels can’t take me. This is a great in-between adventures bag.

Despite having wheels and a sturdy handle, the weight of the actual backpack is pretty light which was something I was generally surprised with. I’ve actually had backpacks heavier than this one so this came as a real treat. A few reviews say that they are on the heavier side but I honestly thought the opposite!Osprey meridian review

Internal Compression Straps

Given that I carry my whole life in this bag, I do have a lot of stuff which thankfully fit thanks to two things. The magic of packing cubes and the built-in internal compression straps. The compression straps are just a handy way of keeping everything inside and is something that I’ve always loved about suitcases.inside-of-osprey-bag

Padded Laptop Sleeve

Given that we work online, having a dedicated space for my computer is a must! The day bag which detaches from the main backpack has a built-in laptop area which can fit both our computers and other electronics. When we aren’t moving around, I usually detach the day bag and carry it around for the day.

Since we got to Spain, the day bag has proven to be my everyday companion from the co-working space to the beach. As mentioned, it is large enough that it can fit most of our electronics while still holding its shape. Due to its design, the back promotes air ventilation and is never too heavy to carry around.

Again, this makes all the difference for someone like me with a bad back! I also love how everything attaches together which means that during big travel days, I am only ever really wheeling one bag around.laptop-sleeve

Carry-On Option

As the main bag is a 40L which is the largest possible size for carry-on, I like having that option. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to make use of this feature as I have far too much electronics and gadgets to adhere to the carry on weight limit.

However, as we like to slow travel (and stay in places for 1-2 months at a time), this is a great option when we do mini trips to places. Rather than taking a large backpack, I can easily pack a weeks worth of clothes (aka. everything I have) and take it with me.

What I Love About the Osprey Meridian

Overall, I love the overall design of the bag. Admittedly, there isn’t much room in the bag so if you have a lot of items with you, consider getting the 75L one rather than the 60L. With that being said, since I still want to hold myself accountable to minimizing what I travel with, it is perfect for me as I don’t really need much more.

This also refrains me from making unnecessary clothing purchases while on the road. The best part and feature of this bag is the detachable daypack which I carry with me everywhere! It is light, compact, and packs really well.

If you have a bad back (or just want to make the switch towards wheeled backpacks) and can keep your clothes and items to a minimum, get this bag without a doubt.

For long-term travelers like myself, as mentioned, consider the space before you make a purchase. However, if you’re just looking for a great bag for weekend trips or city breaks, this is definitely the bag for you.

It is well-made, has loads of compartments and well thought out features and is generally just a great bag. Overall, I honestly believe that Osprey is one of the best bag manufacturers out there. I have never been disappointed with any of their products and would happily recommend them to anyone.osprey-bag

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