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Ahh packing! A process which many of us dread, especially if you’re constantly traveling from one place to another. If there is one thing I cannot recommend enough as a frequent traveler, it is the magic of packing cubes. Many of our readers ask us if travel packing cubes are really necessary and we always respond with the same line. “Absolutely yes, they are worth every penny!” Unlike using your own plastic or zip lock bags, packing cubes are ultralight with semi-rigid walls. As they have no built in compartments, they not only organize your things, but they also ensure that you can’t over pack. Bonus! If you’re looking for packing cubes that keep you organized and ensure you keep those flight weight restrictions, we’ve put together a list of best packing cubes to help you do just that!

Packing Cubes Comparison Table

Packing CubesPhotoBagsSizeMaterialPrice
eBags Packing Cubes3S/M/LNylon$
Zero Grid Packing Cubes3S/S/LRipstop Nylon$$
TravelWise Packing Cubes
5S/M/M/LNylon and Mesh$
Shacke Pack Packing Cubes4S/M/L/XLWaterproof Nylon$
Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector Cubes3S/M/LSilnylon Ripstop$$
Sea to Summit Traveling Light Garment Mesh Bag1S/M/L availableUltra-Sil$$
Evatex Travel Packing Cubes4S/M/L/XLNylon Mesh$
PRO Packing Cubes & Compression Pouches4XS/S/M/LNylon$
Rusoji Premium Packing Cube System6S/S/M/M/L/LNylon Mesh$$

Best Packing Cubes for Backpacking

eBags Packing Cubes

Kicking off our list has to be eBag’s three-piece set, featuring a small, medium and large cube all at a bargain price! What’s great is that these cubes have a mesh and fabric combo that make up their top wall, which allows for breathability but also the visibility of their contents. Other advantageous features include YKK corded double zipper pulls, webbing handles to carry them and the fact that they are machine washable. One of the most popular brands of packing cube, these babies are made out of nylon, they are easy to compress and they weigh just 12 oz all together! Available in a variety of colors with the option of deciding what combination of sizes that you want, the eBag’s are a great choice for all your packing extravaganzas! Click Here For More Details

Zero Grid Packing Cubes

Zero Grid offer a couple of great options with packing cubes, but the one that makes the list is the 4 piece assorted set. Consisting of one large cube, 2 smaller cubes, and 1 drawstring shoe bag which is waterproof, these cubes are made of great quality tear-resistant nylon so they are very durable. Similar to the e-Bags, Zero Grid cubes have dual YKK zippers with paracord pulls and a mesh lid for ventilation. However, the edges are reinforced to give these cubes a sturdy structure, yet they’re flexible enough to squeeze in some extra packing if you’re desperate! For durable cubes that are suitable for suitcases, backpacks or duffle bags, this black set is an ideal choice! Click Here For More Details

Other great options: The Zero Grid Travel Space Saver Bags Compression Storage & Packing Organizers

TravelWise Packing Cubes

This five-piece packing set with TravelWise is most popularly used to organize your things for a weekend getaway. Very similar to the eBags, this assorted set is slightly cheaper and offers a deeper depth of cube; they also have a fabric lid with a mesh ‘window’ in the center. Although deeper, these cubes are easily compressed, so you can stack cubes and have them fit in your luggage nicely. Available in teal, silver and purple, these are perhaps more suited for the female traveler or those who want slightly bigger cubes! Click Here For More Details

Shacke Pack Packing Cubes

What we love about Shacke’s four-piece packing cubes is that their set includes a pretty handy laundry bag! I’m sure many of you hate packing dirty clothes with your unworn items, so this small drawstring bag is a godsend! Honed as being the ‘best bang for your buck’ Shacke’s cubes are ideal for regular travelers. Offering a range of sizes, all with high quality, water resistant nylon and a great level of durability, these cubes not only look good, but they provide you with a very deep depth. Going back to the aesthetics, the cubes have an X design mesh on their lid which looks stylish and prevents the cubes from bulging when they are slightly overfilled. Practical and attractive, win-win! Click Here For More Details

Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector Cubes

For another big name at an affordable price, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Spector range is always a safe choice bet, especially if you are a weight-conscious traveler! Offering a diverse range of sizes and shapes, you can get these cubes as tubes, quarters, halves or full, which are perfect for any type of bag or luggage that you have. What we also love, is that you can buy the cubes separately as well as in a set! Full of well thought of features, the main one that travelers favor is the ultralight sil nylon ripstop material. Not only does it save on weight, but, unlike mesh cubes, it also saves your clothes from getting wet when you have a leak emergency. Thanks Eagle Creek!  Also in the same range is the Specter compression cubes, ideal for extreme space saving! Click Here For More Details

Other great options: Specter compression cubes, ideal for extreme space saving!

Sea to Summit Traveling Light Garment Mesh Bag

Another brand known for their reliability, durability and down right awesome traveling gear, is Sea to Summit! Their light garment mesh bag, in particular, is a perfect balance of lightweight and durability. Constructed out of water-resistant Ultra-Sil™ fabric, complete with YKK zip access, easy carrying handles, and mesh tops, this model is nothing but convenient to use. Available in three different sizes and four different colors, this set has your packing needs covered! Click Here For More Details

Other great options: Sea to Summit Packing Cell

Evatex Travel Packing Cubes

Choosing between black, blue, yellow, orange and gray, this four-piece travel set by Evatex will ensure that you travel is style. Weighing 1 pound in total, these Evatex cubes have all the classic features: nylon fabric, mesh windows, and durable zipper closures all at an affordable price! Its unique selling point? The set also includes a small cosmetic bag, perfect for actual cosmetics or small valuable items that you don’t want to get lost. Another aesthetically pleasing design, Evatex really knock the nail on the head with what we want from a packing cube. Click Here For More Details

PRO Packing Cubes & Compression Pouches

A very popular choice for packing is PRO’s Packing and Compression Pouches. This four-piece set is available in a huge variety of colors and consists of a large cube, two medium cubes, and a small bag. Although incredibly slick in design, the popularity stems from the high quality that you get for an affordable price. Thanks to the compression element of these packs, unlike many other cubes, these guys will give you an extra 30% packing space! If this isn’t setting off positive vibes for you yet, PRO also offer a lifetime guarantee just to give you peace of mind, cheers guys! Click Here For More Details

Rusoji Premium Packing Cube System

A whopping six-piece set, the Rusoji cubes are ideal for any length or type of travel or garment. The choice doesn’t end there either, as you can also choose between black, purple, gray or blue cubes, whatever doesn’t clash with your luggage! Although one of the most expensive packing cube sets, they are still fairly low-priced for the quality that you get, bearing in mind that you also get two of each size (small, medium and large). Also boasting mesh windows and handles and the fact that you can hand wash them, these cubes are another great choice when you’re looking to organize your luggage. Click Here For More Details

Bagail Packing Cubes

Last but not least is the highly reviewed Bagail  Packing Cube six piece set! Available in six different color options, you get two large, two medium and two small cubes with this set, each with a mesh top and strong zipper fastenings. Popular for their performance and durability, these sizes are perfect for use in both luggage and your carry-on. Handy right? If you’re looking for a slightly larger and stylish packing cube set, Bagail products won’t let you down! Click Here For More Details

Tips on How to Use Packing Cubes

Obviously packing cubes are used to organize your things, so it is completely dependent on each individual how you use them. However, with that being said, these are a few ways that you can use them to really make your life easier!

  1. Organize According to Type – one for tops and one for bottoms, by rolling items and packing by category, you not only organize your suitcase so that things are easier to find, but you also avoid creasing and cut down on the amount that you pack! Nothing makes you realize just how much you’re taking more than packing 7 or so shirts in the same cube!
  2. Organize According to Outfit – if you’re not traveling for a long period of time, you could plan out your outfits ahead of time and pack one or more in each cube. Using this method, you could even pack one day and night outfit in each cube so that you only need to unpack one at a time! This will also help you pack less by thinking about what you’ll actually use.
  3. Organize According to Person – sharing your luggage with a friend or partner? Cubes are great ways to separate your things with someone else. Plus if you get different colors, it just makes packing fun!

So, packing cubes. Convinced of their magic yet or not? We think they are a pretty convenient addition to our packing, especially when you’re carrying small items that you don’t want to lose! Combined with well-planned packing lists, capsule wardrobes, and the determination to travel light, packing cubes are something we can’t recommend enough. If you need any more help or advice about packing lists you can check our other articles for some awesome tips.

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Disclaimer: Adventure In You is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites at no additional cost to you. Please note we only link to products & services we personally use or trust.