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Off the coast of Sihanoukville is the small island of Koh Rong Samloem. Consisting of a rugged jungle surrounded by pristine white beaches and blue waters, there isn’t a hell of a lot to do other than jungle trek or chill. The word “Samloem” actually translates to “drowsiness,” so the island kind of speaks for itself! Alongside its sister island Koh Rong, it has developed into a popular travel destination with tourists actually making up the core economy of Koh Rong Samloem since 2014. If visiting ‘lazy beach’ or ‘sunset beach’ sounds like your ideal break, then you need to book a few nights at one of these beach bungalows or villa resorts! To help you in planning your trip, here are our top picks for the best places to stay in Koh Rong Samloem for hotels and hostels.

Best Budget Places to Stay in Koh Rong Samloem

Easy Tiger Bungalow

Mad Monkey Backpacker’s Resort

Room Type: Dorms | Privates

Wifi: Yes

Near: private bay (40-minute trek Saracen Bay)

Price Range: $11-45 a night

If you’re looking for a fun place to stay while in Koh Rong, look no further as Mad Monkey is as good as it gets. Located in its own private bay which you can only reach by boat, this gem of a hostel offers well-maintained accommodations for a fraction of the price of other hotels. Be warned though as this is a party hostel so expect a few late nights drinking in the bar while watching the stars. Trust us, it’s epic.

To see prices and read reviews, check: Hostelworld 

Longvek Hostel

Room Type: Dorms

Wifi: Yes (at a cost)

Near: M’Pai Bay

Price Range: $5 a night

For a place unspoiled by tourism, head to the north of the island and stay at Longvek Hostel. The owner is apparently the kindest and most helpful man you’ll ever meet, who makes the whole hostel feel like home. There is also a real sense of community in the village, so expect local kids to drop by and hang out. The rooms are very basic but the beds are extremely comfortable. The hostel also provides equipment for snorkeling and trekking, but otherwise, expect to do nothing but relax at this remote location. (Prices for a bed in a mixed dorm is $5)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

The Beach Island Resort

Room Type: Dorms|Bungalows|Deluxe|VIP Bungalows

Wifi: No

Near: Sunset Beach

Price Range: $15-65 a night

Ever dreamt of staying in a beautiful location? Of waking up and stepping straight onto the beach? I’m sure a lot of you have and the reality is the Beach Island Resort. With its own private beach, the resort has a variety of water sports equipment for you to make use of in the day, while the evenings can be spent watching the sunset at sunset beach, eating at the a la carte restaurant and drinking cocktails at the on-site bar. Dorm rooms are basic but clean and the Khmer-style bungalows are spacious and comfortable with sea views. Pick up and drop off by boat to the nearest ferry is arranged by the hotel.  (Prices start at $15 for a dorm bed and $24 for a small bungalow)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

Easy Tiger Bungalows

Room Type: Dorms|Family Bungalows

Wifi: No

Near: M’Pai Bay

Price Range: $6-30 a night

Calling all budget travelers to Easy Tiger Bungalows! Situated near a local village and a 10-minute walk to the beach, the location is actually quite ideal, especially if you want to eat out at one of the many local restaurants around the area. The large basic bungalows at the resort each have a large veranda where you can enjoy a simple Asian breakfast. Centrally located plus reasonably cheap food and drinks, you’ll find everything you need around your doorstep. (Prices start at $6 for a dorm bed and $22 for a bungalow)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Hostel World | Agoda

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Best Mid-Range Places to Stay in Koh Rong Samloem

Freedom Island Bungalow

Freedom Island Bungalow

Room Type: Standard|Superior Bungalows

Wifi: No

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: $30-35 for private rooms

It might take a 30-minute drive from the airport to Sihanoukville boat station and then a 2-hour boat transfer to get here, but this remote and stunning island is worth it! Featuring a natural freshwater pool made by a waterfall, Freedom Island Bungalows feature simplistic furnishings and balconies for a close-up sea view. There is a restaurant on site but also two local restaurants nearby so you have more options. Although right on Saracen Beach, you can also take a 30-minute walk to the other side to Lazy Beach for more amazing white sand beaches and lots of restaurants and bars! (Prices start at $30 a night for a standard bungalow)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

Natural Island

Room Type: Bungalows

Wifi: Yes

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: $50-80 for private rooms

Located 40minutes away from the Sihanoukville boat station, Nature Island is a remote hotel offering beachside bungalows. Another stay in paradise, Natural Island bungalows are situated right in the middle of the beach in an area unspoiled by over development. Each bungalow is fan-cooled, with simple furnishings, a big terrace, and an outside dining area. If you want to chill for a few days on the beach surrounded by quiet and turquoise waters, then this is the place for you. (Prices of bungalows range from $50-80 a night depending on a garden or sea view)

To see prices and read reviews, check:| Agoda

Sweet Dreams Samloem

Room Type: Double Rooms|Bungalows

Wifi: Yes

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: $45-105 for private rooms

For paradise, at a mid-range price, you can stay at Sweet Dreams Samloem. With simply furnished and comfortable bungalows (and apparently the best hammocks, sun beds and parasols on the whole beach!), the location is simply beautiful and the best for a peaceful stay. Like a lot of places on the island, you can use the water sports equipment for free, breakfast is included and a shuttle boat can be arranged for a pick up from the pier. What is unique to this resort is the helpful staff who will cater to your needs at no extra cost and the fact that they serve amazing Italian coffee! (Prices range from $45 a night for a standard bungalow for two people up to $105 for a Bungalow with a sea view for 4 people)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

Best Luxurious Places to Stay in Koh Rong Samloem

The One Resort

The One Resort

Room Type: One-bed|Family|Deluxe Bungalows

Wifi: Yes

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: $90-140 for private rooms

The One Resort offers an outdoor pool, sundeck, private beach area, a restaurant, bar and a children’s playground. Being the only resort on the whole island that features an outdoor pool right on the beach, you can swim in the beautiful waters illuminated at night to watch the sunset. If that isn’t magical enough, end the evenings with a traditional Cambodian massage! With basic but spacious bungalows, good food and good vibes, The One Resort is luxury in its simplest form. (Prices of bungalows with a garden view start at $90 a night)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

Sol Beach Resort

Room Type: Villas

Wifi: Yes

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: $150-180 for private rooms

Travellers have called the Sol Beach Resort the best accommodation on the whole of Koh Rong Samloem island! The resort boasts Khmer-style beachfront villas, where every room is air-conditioned with either a private or shared bathroom. With cool and comfortable rooms, amazing food at the on-site open-air restaurant, a private beach,  water sport activities and car hire, there’s no wonder why travellers take a break from exploring and opt to spend their days here! Door-to-door shuttle services from Phnom Penh International Airport, including the ferry transfer, are also available. (Prices start at $150 a night for a beachfront villa with a sea view)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

Secret Paradise Resort

Room Type: Deluxe Bungalows

Wifi: Yes

Near: Saracen Bay

Price Range: Prices start at $112 for private rooms

Located on the best beach of the island, Secret Paradise Resort really lives up to it’s name! With a private entrance for guests, you really feel like you’re in your own little bubble (or deluxe bungalow!). The bungalows are fan-cooled and resemble a spacious modern house with a terrace. You even have the option of eating meals in the comfort of your own verandah or you can arrange to have a private romantic dinner on the beach! Whether you fancy soaking in the tranquility and idyllic atmosphere or hire a kayak and go snorkelling, you can get the best of both worlds here. Just make sure to book early, like a year in advance! This is not the kind of place you can rock up to, they will be fully booked. (Prices start at $112 a night for a deluxe sea view bungalow)

To see prices and read reviews, check: | Agoda

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