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Cambodia is an alluring country that is rich in both culture and beautiful landscapes. Browse through these photos and fall in love with their enchanting ruins, ancient temples, and jaw dropping landscapes. Despite their horrific past, the Cambodian people are warm and welcoming, eager to show off their home. Journey with us into this ancient land as we marvel at this beautiful country.

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Marvel at the spectacular temples and ancient ruins around Angkor Wat

Cambodia Angkor PhotoPhoto of Angkor Wat Angkor Temple PicturePhoto of monksPhoto of Cambodia TemplesPhoto of monkPhoto of Cambodian person

Visit Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh to see it’s rich yet dark pasts21 museumCambodia prisonPhoto of cambodia

Spent a few days in Cambodia’s beaches which can rival those of other Asian countriesPhoto of cambodia

Visit the floating village on Tonle Sap lake which is home to many local familiesPhoto of cambodian woman boatsPhoto of cambodian fishermanBoat in Cambodia While you’re exploring, meet the most amazing people and get to know their local culture and way of lifePhoto of cambodian manPhoto of Cambodian woman Photo of Cambodian womanPhoto of cambodian man Photo of Cambodian girl

Hopefully, these photos have convinced you to explore more of this beautiful country and find out for yourselves what makes Cambodia so special and alluring to travelers.

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