Vietnam Packing List: Ultimate Guide on What to Pack

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Wondering what to pack for your trip to Vietnam? We were in the same boat once and after a reader asked us this question, we decided to put together this complete Vietnam packing list guide.

Both Anna and I traveled all over Vietnam for 2 months, and as our long-time readers will know, it’s actually where we met, so the country is one of our favorites.

What to Pack For Vietnam?

As we say in all our packing list guides, do not overpack. Similar to other Southeast Asia countries, you really don’t need to take a lot with you. I personally rode a motorbike across Vietnam so I have added certain items to extra lists when applicable.

Now, without further delay, here is a complete recommended packing list for Vietnam for both men and women.

Choosing the Right Travel Bag

For any trip that I plan, the first thing I do is decide on what travel bag to take with me. Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is rugged. Even in large cities, don’t always expect even pathways and sidewalks.

This is why we recommend backpacks which will give you a lot more mobility when moving around. In this table below, you can find some of our recommended travel backpacks. If you have a bad back as I do, I also recommend getting a convertible backpack/wheely bag.

This will allow you to wheel your bag for the most part and carry it around when needed. We’ve been personally traveling with Osprey for the last few years and absolutely love all of their products. If you want more options, click on the button below to see our full guide on the best travel backpacks.

View Best Travel Bags

Osprey Farpoint
- Carry On Compatible
- Opens like a suitcase
- Padded Straps
- Recommended for Men
- Has a sleeve for electronics

Osprey Fairview
- Carry On Compatible
- Opens like a suitcase
- Padded Straps
- Recommended for Women
- Has a sleeve for electronics

Osprey Meridian
- Carry On Compatible
- Convertible to a backpack
- Has an electronic sleeve

Nomatic Pack
- Multiple compartments
- Padded Straps
- Waterproof Material
Click Here to See Price

Vietnam Clothing Packing List

For the most part, Vietnam is a hot country! Even during monsoon season, expect to sweat despite the continuous rain. While there are some places in the country that relatively have cooler weather, it’s best if you plan what to pack around the heat and humidity.

Listed below are some of my recommended items on what to bring for your trip.



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Accessories: Packing Essentials

What you bring on your travels to Vietnam will depend on your travel style is. As we are digital nomads, we do pack/carry more gadgets than the usual backpacker, so feel free to leave a few of the items out of your list.

If Riding a Motorbike:

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Travel Electronics

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If you’re not a pro blogger/ photographer, we suggest to keep the electronics to a minimum.

Toiletries Packing List



Again like we say for other countries when packing for Vietnam focus on which activity you will be doing most of.

If you are planning to ride a motorbike across the country take a few spare t-shirts that you won’t miss after the trip (trust me, you won’t want to wear after your trip!)

Travel Must: At the risk of sounding like your parents, make sure you get travel insurance before hitting the road. Trust us, it’s one of those things you don’t want to leave home without. We recommend either World Nomads or Safety Wing, depending on the type of traveler you are.

Transport  in Vietnam

To help you make the most out of your trip, we recommend downloading the Skyscanner App to help you find cheap deals.

When it comes to booking buses, trains, or boats, we recommend using either Bookaway or 12Go website. You can easily look up schedules and book things on the go which is super handy, especially when traveling during peak seasons.

Accommodation in Vietnam

There are loads of places to stay in Vietnam for all types of budgets. There are hotels, hostels, guesthouses and more, all available for your booking at a much lower price than Western countries (win!).

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