Best Walking Shoes for Women Who Travel in 2024 (Be Stylish AND Comfortable!)

written by local expert Jane Elmets

Jane always knew she wasn't destined for a desk job... She has travelled all over the world and is passionate about noodles, sloths and her hiking boots! When she isn't busy adventuring around the world, you can find her reviewing travel gear and dishing out travel tips to all the places she's visited.

When putting together a packing list for any trip, the item that should be at the very top is walking shoes. A good pair of walking shoes is essential for travel because you’ll likely end up wearing them every day as you explore new cities and partake in thrilling adventures in unfamiliar territory.

Finding the ideal pair of walking shoes for travel is tricky because you want a pair that can easily be worn during the day and can make the transition to nighttime wear as well. But more importantly, you need something that will hold up to strenuous use while keeping your feet comfortable no matter how long the day.

So, we’ve put together this list of 12 of the best women’s walking shoes for travel. You’ll find the most stylish ones, the best sneakers, flats, and sandals. No matter which you choose you’ll have something comfy to wear for all of the walking that’s to be had!

Our Picks for Best Walking Shoes for Travel

Best Walking Shoes for Travel: Comparison

Here’s a comparison of all the best walking shoes for travel on this list. Keep reading below for full reviews of each pair!

Why It’s Important to Pick Comfortable Travel Shoes

One of the best ways to see a new place while traveling is to walk. Get lost in a city or follow locals through hidden paths to discover all that a new city, town, or country has in store. While on the go, your feet are truly your greatest asset.

Since walking and travel go hand-in-hand, it’s of the utmost important to have comfortable shoes that can come with you wherever your adventures take you.

woman walking in alley

Shoes that fit you well and offer decent support and structure will allow you to keep going all day long without your feet feeling tired or sore. With the perfect travel shoes, you should be able to walk over cobblestones or climb flight after flight of stairs.

When you find that ideal pair, you’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again, no matter where the winds take you.

Comfortable travel shoes can be tricky to find, but when you have them, they should last you for many trips to come.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Travel Shoes

There are some main qualities to look for when choosing the best walking shoes for travel. These components will make sure that you’re able to wear your shoes time and time again!


This may seem redundant, but when you’re choosing your walking shoes for travel, it’s essential that they are comfortable.

A pair of walking shoes that are comfortable will be your best friend, no matter where your little feet carry you.

If you actually want to put your walking shoes on at the beginning of the day, that’s how you know they’re comfortable. They shouldn’t rub against your feet or give you blisters, but rather hold your feet in place so you can enjoy the sights without constant readjustment.


For long days on your feet, you’re going to need a little bit of support. A good pair of walking shoes should provide you with this much-needed relief and allow you to conquer mile after mile with ease.

One of the main places you’ll find support in a walking shoe is in the arch area. Having arch support will keep your feet happy even when traveling long distances.

You’ll also find support in a sturdy shoe body and a frame that fits your feet well. When your feet are snug inside a shoe instead of flailing about, you’ll feel supported no matter where you’re walking.


The best walking shoes are versatile. You shouldn’t have to pack a pair of shoes that you can walk around in during the day, another pair for evenings out, and then another pair for any other occasion.

You should have a pair that does it all.

An ideal pair of walking shoes are ones that you can wear with any outfit, during any time of the day, and throw on no matter where your itinerary takes you.

woman walking on boardwalk with bag


Whatever you do, be sure you pick a pair of walking shoes that are durable. The last thing you want is a strap falling off or the sole coming loose while you’re trying to enjoy a trip.

Walking shoes are an investment, so we suggest picking a pair that’s high quality and will last you for longer than just the trip to the airport.


Finally, when choosing the best walking shoes for travel, you’re going to want a pair that let your feet breathe.

Because you’ll probably be walking a ton wherever you end up, sweaty feet are inevitable. But a good pair of walking shoes should be able to wick the moisture away from your feet and keep you feeling cool and comfortable as you conquer far-off lands.

Sandals are the most breathable option because they’re completely open, but you’ll find plenty of closed toed shoes that will still give your feet a breath of fresh air.

12 Best Walking Shoes for Travel

It can be tough to find a good pair of walking shoes for travel. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming, and how are you supposed to know anything about the quality or feeling of the shoes?

To help you out with this, we’ve picked out the best walking shoes in four different categories so you can find a pair for your next trip, regardless of what style you’re looking for.

Most Stylish Walking Shoes

When it comes to walking shoes, the key is comfort over fashion always.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other? Here are three pairs of ultra stylish walking shoes that will noy only keep you comfortable and but also look extra cute in all your pictures.

Haan Women’s Grand Crosscourt Flatform Slip-on

Material: Nubuck leather

What We Love: Stylish | Durable | Good support | 4 colors

In terms of most stylish walking shoes for travel, the Cole Haan Flatforms takes the cake.

Made of nubuck leather, you know these shoes are ultra durable — plus with Cole Haan’s reputation, you can’t expect anything less.

These slip-on are super versatile and will go with any outfit, from sundresses or a pair of jeans and a tank. They also come in four gorgeous colors so you’re sure to find one that suits your personal style best.

You may think these shoes wouldn’t be great for walking because of the slight platform sole. However, the exact opposite is the case. The Flatforms are ultra comfy and offer added support as you wander along streets in a new city.

Vionic Women’s Splendid Midi Perf Slip-on

Material: Leather body | Rubber outsole

What We Love: Stylish | Advanced arch support | Pastel colors

If you’re looking for a stylish slip-on without a platform, these ones from Vionic are just downright pretty.

Coming in simple and pastel colors, these shoes are easy to throw on no matter where you’re going. Made of a leather body and rubber outsole, these shoes are no joke when it comes to durability.

Speaking of no joke, the comfort level of these shoes is through the roof with a footbed designed specifically by a podiatrist. No doubt, these shoes will keep you stable, supported, and feeling good for the duration of your travels.

These are the best shoes you can get if you’re looking for advanced arch support.

Don’t be worried about getting hot in this slip-on because the beautifully designed cut-outs on the top of the shoe are there not only to catch eyes but to keep air flowing all day long.

SODA Chance Closed-Toe Multi-Strap Ankle Bootie

Material: Synthetic materials

What We Love: Stylish | Great for cool weather | Budget-friendly option

Autumn is one of the best times to travel, and booties are the ideal shoe choice for the season.

These little ankle boots are easy to slip on and get going with, plus they’re unbelievably cute and will match any outfit you have planned.

The Soda Chance booties are pretty typical in bootie fashion, with a small block heel and side zipper to make getting them on and off a breeze. But what really makes them stand out are the creatively placed cut outs on the side of the boot.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to wear everyday of your travels, these are an ideal choice because you’ll be able to walk with ease and comfort no matter which new city you’re visiting.

Best Travel Sneakers

If you’re not sure what your days have in store while traveling, sneakers are the safest bet. Just imagine getting caught hiking up a giant hill in a pair of flimsy flip-flops!

But let’s be real, the last thing you want is typical running shoes ruining that well-planned outfit.

Don’t worry! There are plenty of sneakers that will keep your feet comfortable while walking and look good in that Instagram post.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic

Material: 100% cotton | Rubber sole

What We Love: Classic look | Suitable for day and night | Many colors

For a classic look and feel while you stroll around museums and traverse night markets, go for a pair of Superga 2750s.

If you’re not familiar with Superga, they’re an Italian brand that specializes in these casual and comfy sneakers. No matter where you’re going, Supergas are an awesome choice because of their simple and timeless design.

They’re really comfortable with decent arch support, allowing you to have an easy walking day no matter how far or how long. And the rubber sole on the bottom of the shoes make them perfect for running through airports or rushing to catch the last metro.

Coming in several dozen colors, you have your fair choice when picking out a pair that’s right for you. But whatever you do, be sure to consult the sizing chart because they may run a little big!

Ecco Soft 7

Material: 100% full grain leather and suede | Textile lining

What We Love: Good arch support | Shock protection | 20 colors

A gorgeous pair of leather sneakers, this pair from Ecco are a sturdy and dependable option for all of your traveling escapades.

The Ecco Soft 7s have a dependable leather construction with a textile lining to keep the sneakers from rubbing your feet raw. While you may think that leather sneakers would be wildly uncomfortable, this pair is soft and flexible so the leather will start to form to your feet to give you the optimal fit.

Perfect for anyone who needs some arch support, lace these babies up and hit those cobblestone streets. You’ll find these have quite decent shock protection and will prevent feet fatigue with the plush interior.

These shoes come in 20 stunning colors options from classic to pastel to metallic and even a few patterns! They’re sure to complete any outfit for the traveling girl.

Crocs Women’s Citilane Roka Slip-on Sneaker

Material: Soft, flexible Matlite uppers | Croslite foam outsoles

What We Love: Good arch support | Foam cushioned sole | Breathable | 8 colors

Okay, I totally know what you’re thinking right now.“Crocs? Come on, no way.” Well, yes way.

This slip-on sneaker from Crocs couldn’t be further from their “iconic” sandal (you know the one I’m talking about!). Instead, it’s a classy-looking number that you can slip on and go, no matter where the roads take you.

If you’ve ever worn Crocs, you have to give them one thing: they’re darn comfortable. These sneakers are no exception. They have excellent arch support, foam cushioned sole, and the ultimate breathable panel on the top of the shoe. Does it get any better than that when you’re about to spend hours on your feet?

These cute slip-on sneakers come in six matte colors and two metallic ones. No one will ever believe they’re Crocs!

Best Travel Flats

Flats are a good way to go if you’re looking for something that you can wear all day and into the night. They have an inherently classy look and tend to go with any outfit from dresses to jeans.

But the trick is to find a pair that won’t give out on you when wearing them all day long.

Here are some dependable flats that you can wear again and again without getting foot fatigue or nasty blisters!

Cole Haan Women’s Bambra Skimmer

Material: Leather body | Synthetic sole

What We Love: Padded footbed | Lightweight | Looks great | Slight heel

Cole Haan appears on this list twice because if you’re looking for a mix of comfort and style, they really know what they’re doing.

The Bambra Skimmers are super cute with a nude leather body and snakeskin toe. They have a classic style with a twist, allowing you to stand out when you’re walking around a new neighborhood. The footbed is padded so you’ll feel comfortable being on your feet for long periods of time. The leather exterior is durable so they’re sure to last you for many trips to come.

One of the best things about these flats is they’re small and lightweight, making them ideal for sticking into your bag when you’re running low on space and need a cute option for footwear.

Sperry Women’s Seaport Levy Anchor Loafer

Material: 100% leather | Rubber sole

What We Love: Memory foam cushion | Great for day or night | Looks classy

For all nautical-related travels, Sperry’s are an awesome choice. Even if you won’t be by the water, these shoes are a practical pair to have when temperatures start climbing, no matter if you’re looking to dress up or stay casual.

These 100% leather shoes have a classic loafer feel with a rubber sole and slight heel to give you that extra boost of confidence. The top of the shoe has a gorgeous and discreet anchor detail that blends into the shoe but will help you stand out when noticed.

You’ll always feel comfortable when wearing these flats because they have a fully-lined inside with a memory foam cushion. Can you say luxurious or what?

Wear these shoes anywhere along the road, as they’re flexible, versatile, and the perfect flats for travel. The only thing to note is that sizing runs narrow, so they may not be suitable if you have wide feet.

Alexis Leroy Espadrille Loafer Flat

Material: Synthetic materials | Rubber sole

What We Love: Memory foam cushion | Lightweight | Super cute | Ideal for warm weather

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe to complete any warm weather outfit, look no further than these espadrilles from Alexis Leroy.

Made of synthetic materials, these espadrilles have the classic look with the woven wrap-around above the sole and a similar looking toe cap. Under the woven band is a rubber sole that will give you enough traction as you walk around, without looking bulky.

The insole of these shoes is made of cushioned memory foam, so you’ll be comfortable as long as these are on your feet. Plus, they’re rather lightweight so they won’t add precious pounds to your luggage when you’re ready to take off.

A note about the sizing of these shoes: they tend to fit a bit wide so you may want to size down when ordering!

Best Travel Sandals

If your travels are taking you somewhere warm, the last thing you want is your feet to be cramped into closed-toe shoes. Sandals are the obvious pick in this situation but you want to be sure you pick a pair you can wear anywhere from cobblestone streets in summer to the beaches on a sandy cost.

Here are three sandals that are perfect for walking in while keeping your feet nice and cool on the hottest days.


Material: Leather | Rubber sole

What We Love: Long-lasting | Durable | Good arch support

As far as travel sandals go, in my book, Rainbows are number one. I’ve been a Rainbows fan for years, and can confidently say that if you’re looking for the best pair of flip-flops to do anything in, these are the ones.

Made of high quality leather with a rubber sole, Rainbows are extremely durable and extra comfortable once they’re broken in. You can wear them for years before they start to wear out (I wore mine for 5!), making them perfect for adventuring around in.

Most flip flops tend to be flat, but Rainbows offer unreal arch support so your feet never get sore when you’re walking around loads. Not to mention they start to form to your feet after enough wears!

If you’re looking for the most stylish option, I highly recommend these ones with the braided strap. But if you’re looking for something more simple, don’t fear! There are ones with plain straps that come in different neutral shades.

The most important thing with Rainbows though is to break them in! It takes several wears until they’re comfortable, but once you get to that point, you’ll never wear another pair of flip-flops.

Plaka Flat Sandals for Women

Material: Stretch-to-fit soft nylon | Rubber sole

What We Love: Handmade | Looks unique | Water-resistant | 14 colors

A really unique sandal option is this pair from Plaka.

Handmade, the braided straps of these shoes will really stand out, especially with all the bright color options available. Since they’re made of nylon, they’ll have a soft feel and stretch to fit your feet! With the side ropes, these shoes will keep your feet in place better than standard flip-flops so they’re great for walking around in.

Plus, they’re water-resistant so you can wear them on any kind of adventure.

If you don’t mind walking on flat shoes, these are an awesome option if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes to add to your travel bag.

Athlefit Women’s Platform Sandals Espadrille

Material: Faux leather | Rubber sole

What We Love: Cushioned footbed | Platform wedge heel | Color/pattern options

Like shoes that give you a little bit of height? These platform espadrilles are perfect for any outfit and they’re suitable for walking around in!

Besides being super cute, these sandals will be a treat for your feet with a generously cushioned and curved footbed for maximum comfort while wearing them.

It may be painful to think about walking around in a pair of wedges all day, but under the braided platform of these wedges is a durable rubber sole that has plenty of traction so you won’t go slipping and sliding anywhere.

Choose from classic colors or trendy patterns like cheetah print and snakeskin. Whichever you choose, you’re going to look amazing in these!

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Tips for Buying Travel Shoes Online

Buying travel shoes online can be tricky because you can’t try them on to make sure they’re really what you’re looking for. Here are some tips to help you mitigate this process and end up with a pair that you’re in love with.

Check the Sizing!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is keep your eyes on size and fit of the shoes you’re after.

Many brands will make a note of how the size of their shoes run in the product description, whether they’re best for wide or narrow feet or if you need to size down for the right fit.

Whenever possible, look for a sizing chart to get the most accurate fit. It may also be good idea to check out some user reviews to see what others say regarding sizing.

Read Reviews

One of the best you can do when buying shoes online is to read reviews. Many people don’t hesitate to leave their honest opinion about anything online, shoes included.

When picking out a pair that you like, be sure to read the reviews to get the general consensus on the shoes. Are they durable? Made of nice materials? Fit as expected?

You can typically find all of this information (and more!) in reviews, so be sure to check them out before your purchase.

Note the Return Policy

Finally, be sure to note the return policy of the shoes you’re interested in buying.

While they may look perfect online, when they arrive there’s a chance that they turn out to be less than desirable or just plain different than you expected.

Make sure you get shoes with a flexible return policy so that you can either exchange them for a new pair or get a full refund, if that’s what you’re after.

How to Survive Long Days on Your Feet

Let’s face it, walking every day on a vacation can be extremely taxing. To ensure that you can survive an entire trip of prancing around, consider these tips to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

woman sitting with her feet up

Break in Your Shoes

The biggest piece of advice I can give you for surviving long days on your feet is to make sure your shoes are properly broken in.

If you’re wearing shoes right out of the box, you’re risking walking around in a stiff shoe that rubs you the wrong way and creates vicious blisters that will bother you for the rest of your trip.

To prevent this, wear your shoes around the house when you first get them or throw them on to run errands. Just having them on your feet will begin to soften the material, making them ready to wear on more strenuous days.

Invest in Insoles

While the aim of this list is to provide you with the most comfortable shoes for walking, you may need an extra insert to give you as much padded protection as possible.

By putting a pair of insoles in your shoes, you’re creating an even greater cushion to walk on and employing added support to further prevent feet fatigue.

Most insoles allow you to cut or shape them based on your foot size or specific shoe, making them a flexible option for all of your walking needs. Dr. Scholl’s makes some awesome ones that I actually use whenever I’m traveling with closed-toe shoes.

Take Care of Your Feet

Finally, the key to survival is to take care of yourself and your feet. At some point, you’re sure to experience a bit of soreness or pain from covering so much ground. If this starts to happen, raise your feet to circulate blood or soak them in a warm bath.

If you’re traveling around an Asian country (namely, Thailand), consider springing for an inexpensive massage to get you going again!

No matter which way you choose, taking care of your feet is the best way to ensure you’ll be able to wake up the next day and do it all over again.

ladies walking in a city

So what do you think? Surprised that there are so many pairs of comfortable walking shoes that don’t have the traditional athletic look to them? No matter what you’re looking for, there’s always a perfect pair of walking shoes right around the corner that will be able to accompany you anywhere, far and wide.

Hopefully, this list helped you find your new travel companion!

Need more footwear? We’ve got you covered!

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