Home Made Hostel in Budapest | Full Accommodation Review

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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We went to Budapest with absolutely no expectations. We stumbled upon Home Made hostel online and instantly knew that we wanted to check it out. Home Made hostel really lives up to its quirky name because as soon as you walk in, you immediately feel like you are walking into someone’s home.

Much like everything in Budapest, it was located in the second floor of an old building. Unassuming from the outside but warm and cozy on the inside. Upon entering, we were instantly amused by the quirky décor and small bits and bob here and there. The female receptionist warmly welcomed us and showed us to our room for the night.

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The Private Room

For the first night, we got to stay in one of their private apartments which was pretty awesome. The apartment itself was located next door to the hostel which gave it a lot of privacy. It had its own kitchen and hallway and was a little home away from home. The bedroom was a large spacious area which had an old room feel to it. There was a large armour cabinet, a huge bed, and a loft area which was currently being used for storage. The bed was very comfortable which was perfect as I was down with the flu for the most part of our time there. We really enjoyed the peace and quiet that the room offered, making it an ideal base while exploring Budapest.

private room homemade

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The Dorm Rooms at Home Made Hostel

After the first night, we moved to the dorm rooms and were immediately amused by the design and style of the rooms. Upon entering the room, you would see three beds at the bottom and three more in the loft area. The room was very spacious and was unlike any other dorm room area that we have been in. We were given the beds in the loft which was great as at this point, although I wasn’t as sick as I was on the first night, I still wanted a bit of privacy. The beds in this hostel was one of the most comfortable ones that we have stayed in. They had a good mattress and a cozy comforter which makes all the difference after a full day of sightseeing. (RELATED: How I survived Europe on a Budget)

hostel dorm budapest

Home Made Hostel

Home Made Hostel was actually located in a pretty central area, being a good 10-15 minutes away from most of the tourist attractions. It is also located right next to a metro stop.. Very handy! There were plenty of restaurants and fast food stalls nearby which was very convenient. Because it was Winter time and the amount of guests were manageable, the staff made a freshly cooked breakfast to those that availed for it. homemade hostel Since we were there for three nights, we got to eat three different breakfast meals which was nice compared to the usual buffet style that hostels often lay out. During those three days, we had fried eggs and arugula, waffles, and French toast (Hungarian style, of course). The fact that the staff made these fresh every day was awesome and was very much appreciated. (READ: A Guide to Planning your Eurotrip)

In one of the rooms, they even had a large lounge bed area where guests can laze around, watch movies, or just read a book. The hostel was full of brochures and guides on different activities to do. The staff also gives great recommendations on where to go for food. DSC_0230

Home Made Hostel has a small kitchen common area which was very well equipped. Guests could cook there for free and avail of their many available spices which is quite nice. Given that backpackers are always trying to save as much as they can, the kitchen was always full of life with a pleasant aroma of people cooking and talking. This naturally, fit in the whole home atmosphere that the hostel was going for.

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Our Experience at Home Made Hostel

Overall, our stay at Home Made hostel was good. The only comment we have is that we wish the staff would remind guests who are entering the dorm at night to be quiet. On both nights in the dorm, we were awaken by loud noises of people moving around the room. Although we know that this isn’t the fault of the hostel, maybe a reminder to new guests about dorm room etiquette is needed. reception desk homemade hostel During one of the evenings, Tom even had to go to the male member of staff to ask him to turn down the music at 11 in the evening because we were trying to sleep. Apart from those small hiccups, we enjoyed our stay at Home Made Hostel and would recommend this hostel to people who are looking for a comfortable place to stay in, while exploring Budapest.

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Please note that some services  from Home Made Hostel were complimentary, however, all opinions are ours and remain completely unbiased.

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