Devour Barcelona Review: Best Food Tours in Barcelona

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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I have a confession.

I am slightly obsessed with food. No scratch that. I am VERY obsessed with food.

Given that I travel for a living, a lot of my time is spent googling the best local food jaunts. For the month of August, my partner Tom and I decided to spend a month living in Barcelona which literally translates to me dying and going to foodie heaven.

While there are many “tourist trap” places, there are also heaps of hidden gems with literally the best food ever. During our time there, we were on a mission to find the best food joints and although we may have indulged a little bit too much, every single bit was worth it.

We recruited the help of the guys at Devour Food Tours as after all, who best to point us to the best local eats than locals themselves?

While we only managed to do two of their food tours in Barcelona, we have previously gone on one in Madrid as well which is why we know these guys know their stuff.

Insider Boqueria Market Tour in Barcelona

While famous La Boqueria Market is no secret, having someone take us there while giving us the background of each stall and local produce makes it 100x better.

We met up with our guide, the lovely Lior bright and early, ready to explore the market before the crowds arrive.

For those of you that are wondering, La Boqueria is one of the best things to do in Barcelona and is literally what good dreams are made of.

la boqueria market Barcelona

Stalls of every type of food imaginable. From fresh produce, local chocolates, family run cheese, and delicatessen shops, the list is endless. If you’re into food, this place is heaven.

One of the best things about Devour Tours is their dedication to supporting local businesses which is why most of their tours take you to small family-run enterprises.

In typical Catalunian fashion, you cannot start the day without coffee which is why we headed to the famous Quim de la Boqueria.

While many people head here to try their Huevos Fritos con Chipironcitos (Fried egg with baby squid), we came here for a quick cortado which was indeed the perfect start for the morning then went back for the squid after the tour.

During this cup of coffee, Lior told us about the history of the market and how it has evolved into such a large tourist attraction.

spanish food in Barcelona

We then spent the next few hours working our way around the market sampling the local cheese, olives, Jamon Iberico, and other local delicacies that are just too delicious to describe. We went from stall to stall tasting a few of the best eats that the locals eat on an everyday basis.

Given that I love food, I was fascinated by the history of the local produce and how food here is considered to be such a huge part of the local culture. Some stops like Granja Viader were not located in the market itself (but was close enough to be considered a must!)

Here, we had the most incredible hot chocolate “Suizo” which we ate with Melindros or ladyfingers. In fact, it’s a great spot to grab coffee or tea in Barcelona!

This thick hot chocolate was creamy and rich yet not overly sweet like most hot chocolates. While I prefer savory things, Tom on the other hand still talks about this meal.

Other things that stood out for me during this tour was our stop at Galiot where we got to sample slices of Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico. These melt in your mouth slices of cured ham were unreal and is a local staple in Barcelona.

To be perfectly honest, walking around La Boqueria Market is an experience in itself but being able to understand where the food came from and how it has evolved has given me a brand new insight on the way locals view their cuisine. Lior was also super knowledgeable about the Barcelona food scene and gave us a ton of local recommendations on where to go!

If food markets fascinate you, the insider tour around La Boqueria is a must-do!

Apart from this tour, they also offer other market tours such a walk through Gracia and the local markets alongside with many tapas neighborhood tours.

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Must-Try Dishes in La Boqueria Market

Because we loved this tour so much, we even created a quick video featuring a few of the must-eat things in the market. Be warned though… the video has so much #foodporn that getting hungry is inevitable!

Evening Tapas and Wine Tour in Barcelona

One cannot simply leave Barcelona without experiencing a night tapas and wine food tour. Because we had such a lovely time with the market tour, we decided to spend one of our last few evenings in Barcelona wining and dining with the team at Devour Tours.

We met our host Fintan who wowed us through the night with his incredible knowledge of wine and local food.

Generally speaking, wine and tapas is good almost everywhere in Barcelona, however, Fintan took us to the best local tapas joints, giving us a taste of the best local dishes that each place had to offer.

Not a fan of wine? Then check out some of the best cocktail bars in Barcelona instead!


We started our evening in Bodega La Puntual where we tried some Vermouth alongside with possibly the best patatas bravas that I’ve had while in the city. Fintan explained the history of Vermouth and why its such a widely drank beverage here in Catalunya. 

As the night progressed, we visited two more tapas bars in the Gracia Neighborhood where we drank far too many varieties of wine. From reds, rose, whites, to the famous local cava produced in Catalan, we were definitely spoilt for choice.

Apart from the wine, the tapas that we ate that night was also amazing. One particular place, ElDiset had the most amazing Tosta with flavors that I still dream about.

Tosta is essentially a fancy word for a slice of bread with toppings. While we tried two different variations, Tosta with crumbled blue cheese, strawberry jam, and flambéed apple was to die for.

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patatas bravas

While the entire night became a blur of good food and wine, shared with newfound friends from all over the world, it further reinforced to me what food is all about.

One of the reasons why I am obsessed with food is because it has the power to bring people together, recreate memories, and most of all, help you create new ones.

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Overall Thoughts of Devour Barcelona

In the end, Tom and I were glad that we spent one of our last few evenings in Barcelona doing this food tour. Not only did we gain insight into the local cuisine and wine (oh-my-god-the-wine!), it was also the perfect ending to our time in Barcelona.

If you enjoy good food and wine, this Barcelona food tour is a must! Fintan our guide was amazing at what he does and clearly knew what he was talking about. We left the tapas and wine tour albeit slightly tipsy as we proceeded to party the night away with our new found tapas-loving friends.

Our Review: Devour Barcelona Food Tours

Overall, these two food tours were definitely a highlight during our time in Barcelona. It allowed us to really understand the cuisine better and gain local insight to the best places to eat and drink. The team at Devour Barcelona are extremely knowledgable and passionate about what they do. They brought us to the best eats around the city and gave us tons of local recommendations.

Friendly and knowledgable guides
Lots of variety in food
Good balance of food and history
Can be pricey (but worth the local knowledge and insight IMO)

Check Booking Options

wine tapas tour

Given that food is so close to the heart of the Spanish culture, getting to know the country through their local delicacies is highly recommended.

Devour Tours offer various tours all over the country (such as San Sebastian and Seville), and is a must-do in our books while visiting Barcelona.

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