Surf and Yoga Retreats in Portugal 

written by local expert Catrin Lynn

Catrin is a history enthusiast based in Wales. Her passions are her animals, exploring the Welsh mountains with her husband, wellness, and traveling to different European cities.

Looking for the best surf and yoga retreats in Portugal? You’ve come to the right place.

Today we’re talking about the perfect combo that can elevate your vacation from ‘fun’ to ‘unforgettable’ – Surf and Yoga camps.

And the cherry on top? You’ll be riding those waves and finding your Zen in one of the most stunning coastlines on the globe – Portugal!

Nestled on the edge of Western Europe, Portugal has long been a hidden gem among the surf community. There are a wide plethora of surf camps in Portugal and recently, yoga enthusiasts are discovering its magic too.

With its endless stretches of sandy beaches, amazing weather, and world-class waves, this country has turned into a surfers’ paradise. 

Whether you’re a pro who knows their pipeline from their cutback or a novice who thinks a ‘duck dive’ involves actual ducks, there’s a wave for everyone here! Yoga and surf retreats have gained popularity over the last couple of years and for good reason too as it’s the perfect combination.

Without further delay, here are our top picks for the best surf and yoga retreats in Portugal.

Surf and Yoga Retreats in Portugal Table

Surf CampLocationLengthBook Surf Camps
Yoga and Surf Camp in PortoPorto, Portugal8 DaysView Prices
Fluidity Eco Yoga and Surf Camp near PortoNear Porto3 DaysView Prices
Moka Surfhouse & Yoga RetreatEriceira6 DaysView Prices
Surfing and Yoga Holiday in PenichePeniche, Portugal8 DaysView Prices
Star Pine LodgeColares, Portugal5 DaysView Prices
Moka Surf House & Yoga RetreatEriceira, Portugal4 DaysView Prices
Yoga and Surf Retreat in Columbeira, Portugal Columbeira, Portugal7 daysView Prices
Yoga and Surf Holiday in Maiorca, Figueira da Foz Maiorca, Portugal7 daysView Prices
Surfcamp 360Santa Cruz, Portugal8 DaysView Prices
Boa Onda GuesthousePeniche, Portugal5 daysView Prices
Paddle surfing in Sagres Algarve Region, Portugal

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Best Surf and Yoga Retreats in Portugal

1. 8 Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Porto 

Location: Porto, Portugal
8 Days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

This isn’t just a surf camp, it’s a complete oasis, offering both surfing and yoga in a virgin beach paradise that’s one of Portugal’s best-kept secrets.

Located just 30 kilometers south of Porto, you’re guaranteed to find a unique, natural rhythm within yourself as you take on both these calming and energizing activities. 

Your instructors will ensure you’re safe in the water and make sure you’re having the time of your life. With the addition of international yoga instructors taking you through a mix of sessions, you’ll find your body and mind in perfect harmony as you end your days with restorative yoga sessions under the setting sun.

What to Expect:

This Surf Camp is more than just surf lessons, it’s an all-inclusive experience with a ton of extras. The accommodation comes in the form of an Ocean Lodge that’s as beautiful as it sounds. 

With access to a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering, you have the freedom to prepare your own meals. The lodge also boasts a fitness center, sports area, and even an outdoor pool area with sunbeds.

In addition to your surf and yoga sessions, your downtime can be filled with guided SUP tours, ocean walks, bike rides along Portugal’s best trail network, and professional massages for an extra charge.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights accommodation in the Ocean Lodge
  • 7 breakfast buffets
  • 6 days of surf lessons, totaling 12 hours
  • Transportation to the top surf spots
  • Unlimited use of surfboards and wetsuits
  • Surf insurance
  • 8 yoga sessions (material included)
  • Fully equipped kitchen for self-catering
  • Access to the lodge’s swimming pool, fitness center, and sports area
  • Mountain bikes for use
  • Pick-up from the local train station in Ovar
  • Access to drinking water and tea

Get ready to dive into a surf and yoga experience that balances high-octane adventure with soothing tranquility. 

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking to ride the best waves, or a yoga practitioner seeking inner peace, this surf camp in Porto, Portugal is the perfect destination to unplug, unwind, and uncover a new side of yourself.

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2. 3 Day Fluidity Eco Yoga and Surf Camp near Porto 

Location: Near Porto
Length: 3 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level: Welcoming all levels, from beginners to seasoned yogis.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

In just three days, this surf and yoga camp offers you the opportunity to dive deep into the beautiful blend of surf and yoga. 

Situated at one of Portugal’s secret surf gems, Furadouro, this camp will help you discover a new flow within yourself – a harmony of power, peace, and fluidity. 

The unique combination of surfing under the guidance of local professional instructors, with restorative Yin yoga sessions led by internationally renowned yoga instructors, sets this camp apart. The luxury of the Ocean Lodge and the exhilarating adventures in the ocean will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. 

This isn’t just a surf camp, it’s an adventure that feeds your soul and can offer a whole new perspective on life.

What to Expect:

With 2 days of surfing and yoga, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the best of both worlds. The accommodation is in the stunning Ocean Lodge, where you’ll find comfort and luxury hand in hand.

Besides the guided activities, there’s plenty to enjoy, from access to the swimming pool, fitness center, and sports area to the use of mountain bikes. With the freedom to self-cater using the fully-equipped kitchen, you can cook up your own meals or sample some local cuisine.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 2 nights’ accommodation in the beautiful Ocean Lodge
  • 2 breakfast buffets to fuel your adventurous days
  • 2 days of surf lessons, with 4 hours of pure surf
  • Transport to the best surf spots
  • Unlimited use of surfboards and wetsuits
  • Surf insurance for your peace of mind
  • 2 Yin yoga sessions (160 minutes total) with materials included
  • Fully equipped kitchen for self-catering
  • Access to the swimming pool, fitness center, and sports area
  • Use of mountain bikes
  • Pick-up service from the local Ovar train station
  • Access to drinking water and teas

3. 6 Day Amazing Surfing and Yoga Holiday in Ericeira, Lisbon

Location: Ericeira
Length: 6 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level: From beginners to experienced yogis, all levels are catered for.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

Embrace the waves and welcome tranquility at Moka Surfhouse & Yoga Retreat, where the sun shines bright and the vibes are light. This surf camp in Ericeira brings together the best of both worlds, offering yoga sessions that promote strength and flexibility, and thrilling surf lessons tailored to your level. 

What’s more, the serene surroundings and the nourishing vegetarian cuisine add a touch of wellness that sets this retreat apart. The Moka team is all about sharing the laid-back atmosphere of their home, under the powerful Portuguese sun.

So, if you’re after a break from the daily grind or seeking an activity-filled getaway in a charming locale, this package has got your name written all over it! The surfing in Ericeira is absolutely incredible and is considered one of the most popular spots in Portugal.

What to Expect:

Get ready for six days of balanced bliss! Your day will begin with a dynamic yoga class in the morning and will conclude with a slower, restorative session in the evening. When it’s time to hit the waves, the surf school’s qualified instructors will guide you through each step, ensuring you get the most out of each lesson. 

And when it comes to accommodation, you’ll be staying in a place that radiates relaxation and invites comfort. With daily transfers to town and beaches, and access to all the camp’s facilities, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 nights of accommodation that feel like home
  • 5 healthy breakfasts to kickstart your day
  • 4 delectable vegetarian dinners
  • 1 daily yoga class (75/90 minutes each) featuring meditation/pranayama or yoga Nidra
  • 3 two-hour surf lessons with all necessary equipment provided
  • 1 soothing massage to pamper yourself
  • Daily local transfers to town and beaches
  • Unlimited access to the camp’s facilities

4. 8 Day Surfing and Yoga Holiday in Peniche

Location: Peniche, Portugal
8 Days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or you’re a seasoned yogi, this retreat is for you.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

You’re in for a treat with this incredible surf and yoga retreat that’s designed to help you strike the perfect balance between mind and body. Through yoga, you’ll boost your flexibility, improve your posture, and find an inner peace that you’ll carry with you long after you’ve rolled up your yoga mat. 

Coupled with the thrill of riding the waves, you’ll live your best life in this haven of harmony. This isn’t just about surfing or yoga; it’s about living in the moment, following your breath and the waves, in a place where sporty souls and zen masters meet.

What to Expect:

Ready to start each day with a delicious healthy breakfast before jumping into an exciting surf lesson? In the afternoons, unwind with varied yoga classes in a private studio under the guidance of professional teachers. They’ve got mats and props at the ready; all you need to bring is your comfy clothes. 

The guesthouse offers comfortable and welcoming accommodations, perfect for relaxation after a day filled with physical activity. And let’s not forget the all-day availability of fresh fruit, tea, and coffee – a nice little perk to keep you energized and hydrated!

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 7 nights of cozy accommodation to rest and recharge
  • A healthy breakfast buffet each morning to kickstart your day
  • 6 exhilarating surf lessons to get your adrenaline pumping
  • 7 yoga lessons to help you find your balance and enhance your flexibility
  • Fresh fruit and tea are available all day to keep you refreshed
  • Free use of the chill-out lounge for your relaxation moments
  • Transport to and from the best surf spots
  • A surfboard that matches your skill level and a suitable wetsuit for your surf lessons
  • Yoga mats and accessories provided for all yoga sessions

5. 5 Day Surf and Yoga Holiday in Colares

Location: Colares, Portugal
5 Days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

Get ready to let the outdoorsy in you shine through at Star Pine Lodge, nestled in the breathtaking Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais and just a stone’s throw from Praia Grande beach. 

This retreat is the brainchild of outdoor sports enthusiasts who envisioned the perfect spot for indulging in their passions. Besides surfing the epic waves and finding your zen with yoga, you’ll have a smorgasbord of other thrilling activities to choose from like rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. 

This retreat stands out for its warm, friendly vibes that make it super easy to connect with fellow travelers and feel right at home from the get-go. And with the stunning UNESCO world heritage town of Sintra, Cascais, and Lisbon just a day trip away, there’s no shortage of breathtaking sights to explore.

What to Expect:

Each day of your stay will be packed with 2 hours of surf classes designed for your skill level, and 1-hour evening yoga sessions to help you relax and recharge. The accommodation is nothing short of comfy and inviting, perfect for your rest and relaxation needs. 

You’ll have free rein over the pool, yoga & fitness area, garden, and common kitchen – so feel free to make yourself at home. And with a breakfast buffet and lunch package included, you’ll have all the fuel you need for your active days.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 4 nights of homey accommodation
  • Breakfast buffet and lunch package to keep you energized
  • 3 days of 2-hour surf classes tailored to your level
  • 3 days of 1-hour evening yoga sessions to help you unwind
  • Free access to the pool, yoga & fitness area, garden, and common kitchen
  • Surfboard matched to your level and a suitable wetsuit
  • Yoga mats and accessories for all your yoga sessions

6. 4 Day Amazing Surfing and Yoga Holiday in Ericeira, Lisbon

Location: Ericeira, Portugal
4 Days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
The retreat is designed for all yoga levels, from budding yogis to advanced practitioners.

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

Ever imagined merging the thrill of riding the waves with the calming effect of yoga? Your dream just became a reality at Moka Surf House & Yoga Retreat. This retreat is designed to help you reconnect with nature, ramp up your strength, and flexibility, and find peace amidst Portugal’s beautiful landscape. 

The friendly Moka team will welcome you into their home with a relaxing ambiance and rejuvenating Portuguese sunshine. What’s not to love?

What to Expect:

Get ready for a flexible daily schedule designed to ensure you always catch the best waves for your surf lesson. You’ll be in the safe hands of experienced instructors who’ll guide you through every step and supply you with all the necessary surf gear. Plus, you get to pick from two daily yoga classes, each designed to energize or relax you. 

This place offers comfortable accommodation where you can unwind after a day full of adventure. You’ll also enjoy daily local transfers to the town and beaches, so you can explore to your heart’s content.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • Cozy accommodation for 3 nights
  • Kickstart your day with 3 healthy breakfasts
  • Relish in 2 delicious vegetarian dinners
  • Unwind with daily yoga classes, including meditation/pranayama or yoga Nidra
  • Get your adrenaline pumping with 2 two-hour surf lessons, all equipment included
  • Enjoy a one-hour soothing massage
  • Hassle-free daily local transfers to the town and beaches
  • Full access to the camp’s facilities

7. 7 Day Yoga and Surf Retreat in Columbeira, Portugal 

Location: Columbeira, Portugal
7 days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

We absolutely love this retreat for its holistic combination of yoga and surfing, making it a power-packed experience of wellness and adventure. 

With the Silver Coast’s majestic beaches just a stone’s throw away and an enchanting Portuguese Quinta to call your home, this retreat lets you soak in nature’s charm as you flex those muscles. Oh, and did we mention the soul-fulfilling food you get to relish every day?

What to Expect:

Feel the warmth of traditional Portuguese hospitality as you check into a charming Quinta, secluded in nature’s lap. From practicing yoga in a fully-equipped studio to riding the waves in Portugal’s surfing hub, your days are going to be action-filled and lively. 

And when it’s time to unwind, cozy gardens, hiking trails, and a fireplace await your company. The retreat also offers optional activities like stand-up paddling and visits to the medieval town of Obidos.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • Daily yoga classes that work your body and calm your mind
  • Surf theory sessions and practical lessons with skilled instructors
  • All necessary surfing equipment and beach transfers
  • Healthy, energy-boosting breakfast buffet to kick-start your day
  • Fruits, tea, and water are available all-day
  • Delectable daily lunch and dinner to satiate your cravings
  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodation in a traditional Portuguese Quinta.

8. 7 Day Yoga and Surf Holiday in Maiorca, Figueira da Foz 

Location: Maiorca, Portugal.
7 days
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Yoga Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

We can’t help but fall head over heels for this surf and yoga retreat that delivers an unmatched blend of tranquility, adventure, and wellness. 

Located just 15 minutes from the coastline, Quinta d’Anta puts you right in the middle of Portugal’s prime surf spots. It’s not just about catching waves and flexing muscles, it’s also about finding your zen in the countryside.

What to Expect:

Stay in a boutique-style hotel that exudes a warm, relaxed vibe, making it a perfect setting for your in-and-out yoga sessions. Besides surfing at renowned spots, you can enhance your wave-riding skills through daily functional training sessions. Plus, you’ve got mountain bikes, a fitness center, and a swimming pool at your disposal. And for those laid-back days? The Nalu QdA Beach House offers the perfect chill-out area.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 6 days of guided surf lessons tailored to your skill level
  • Daily functional training sessions to help you master the waves
  • Daily yoga classes that span different styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, Aerial, and SUP
  • Free surf sessions using the complimentary surf equipment
  • 6 nights of accommodation in private rooms
  • Healthy and hearty breakfasts to fuel your days
  • Transfers to the surf spots for seamless commuting
  • Unrestricted use of swimming pool, mountain bikes, and fitness center
  • Parking and surf insurance for peace of mind.

Dive into a 7-day journey of rejuvenation and adrenaline at Maiorca, Figueira da Foz, where serene yoga meets thrilling surfing amidst Portugal’s captivating countryside – a perfect escape for the mind, body, and soul.

9. 8 Day Surfing and Yoga Holiday in Santa Cruz 

Location: Santa Cruz, Portugal
Skill Level:
Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced
Yoga Level:
All levels

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

Surfcamp 360 goes beyond the ordinary by creating a unique experience that’s all about building a family of surfers and yogis. With a spectrum of accommodations and a range of yoga and surf offerings, it’s perfect for adventurers, amateurs, or lone wolves who are eager to be part of a warm, inviting community. 

Plus, it’s nestled in an ideal location close to popular surf spots and the captivating Santa Cruz Beach.

What to Expect:

Immerse yourself in a cozy environment that’s more like a home than a camp. Enjoy fun-filled days with a balanced blend of yoga and surf lessons, or venture on a hiking trail. Cap off the day with a relaxing 45-minute massage before enjoying a communal dinner with your new family. 

Your accommodation will be a haven of rest after a day’s adventure, and don’t forget the daily breakfast to fuel your surfing and yoga sessions.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 surf lessons to ride the waves like a pro (2 hours each)
  • 5 Hatha yoga classes to stretch and rejuvenate (scheduled at 7:30)
  • A hiking adventure to explore the beauty of the locale
  • 45-minute massage to ease your muscles
  • Delicious breakfast served daily
  • A special welcome dinner on Monday to start your journey on a high note
  • Convenient airport transfers for a hassle-free trip.

10. 5 Day Surf and Yoga Holiday in Peniche

Location: Peniche, Portugal
5 days
Skill Level:
All skill levels
Yoga Level:
Beginner to Expert

Why We Recommend This Surf Camp:

At Boa Onda Guesthouse, you’ll find a wonderful blend of surf and serenity. This retreat is unique in its ability to connect body and mind through the combined practice of yoga and surfing. 

Plus, how often can you find a place where you can sleep to the sound of the waves, enjoy awe-inspiring sunsets post-surf, and find yourself in one of the most famous surf spots in Portugal?

What to Expect:

Expect to find a homely, friendly environment where you can chill after your surf lessons, relax with friends or enjoy solitude while taking in spectacular sea views. Wake each day to a healthy breakfast followed by exhilarating surf lessons, then soothe your body and spirit with afternoon yoga classes in the sea-view yoga room. Accommodation is cozy and comfortable, perfect for recharging after your daily adventures.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 4 invigorating surf lessons that will make you fall in love with the waves
  • 4 yoga sessions to relax your mind and body (Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga)
  • 4 nights of cozy accommodation to dream about your next surf
  • A delicious and healthy daily breakfast buffet
  • All-day fruit and tea for when you need a quick pick-me-up
  • Free use of the chill-out-lounge to wind down and connect
  • Wi-Fi to share your experiences with friends and family
  • Appropriate surfboard and wetsuit during your surf lessons
  • Convenient transport to and from the surf spot
  • Yoga mats and accessories, so you just need to come dressed comfortably.
5 Day Surf and Yoga Holiday in Peniche

Why Surfing and Yoga?

So, you’re wondering why surfing and yoga make such a fantastic duo, right? Well, grab a cup of tea and get comfy, because here’s the lowdown.

Firstly, they’re both all about balance, flexibility, and strength. On a surfboard, you’re constantly shifting your weight, finding your center, and adjusting to the flow of the waves. Yoga, in its essence, also requires balance and flexibility, as you transition from one pose to the next and hold your body in certain positions. 

Hence, practicing yoga can directly enhance your surfing performance. And who wouldn’t want to catch waves more smoothly, right?

Secondly, yoga is all about connecting with your breath, and trust me when I say, breath control is a total game changer when it comes to surfing. Surfing can be demanding, and at times even a bit nerve-wracking, especially when you’re facing those bigger waves. 

This is where the deep, mindful breathing techniques learned through yoga come in. They help to keep you calm, centered, and focused, enabling you to surf with a clearer mind.

Next up, let’s talk about strength and endurance. Both surfing and yoga provide a full-body workout. While surfing demands a lot of upper body and core strength (for paddling and getting up on the board), yoga offers a holistic approach to strength building. 

Poses like Downward Dog or Warrior series strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and legs, which are key muscles used in surfing.

Lastly, both surfing and yoga have deep roots in philosophy and spirituality, with a profound emphasis on living in the moment and connecting with nature. Whether you’re riding a wave or flowing through a Vinyasa sequence, both activities encourage a deep sense of presence, pushing aside daily stress and distractions.

In a nutshell, the combination of surfing and yoga provides a harmonious blend of excitement and relaxation, physical challenge and mental tranquility, strength, and flexibility. It’s not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle; a perfect recipe for a healthy body, a calm mind, and an invigorated spirit. So why not hit the waves and the mat, and experience the magic yourself? Surf’s up and Namaste, my friend!

Surfing in the west coast Portugal

Best Time to Visit Portugal

Portugal, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and world-class surf, is a gem any time of the year. If sightseeing is your thing, spring (March to June) and fall (September to November) are just right – mild weather and fewer tourists make these periods ideal.

As for surfing, Portugal turns it up a notch in autumn, especially from September to November. Consistent swells and perfect wave conditions dominate, especially in hotspots like the Algarve, Peniche, and Ericeira. Summer months (June-August) can be fun for beginners with smaller, more manageable waves.

Remember, Portugal’s climate can vary significantly from the sunny Algarve to the cooler northern regions. So pack accordingly, and get set for an unforgettable Portuguese adventure!


And there you have it! Portugal’s best surf camps, where yoga meets surf, offering the ultimate revitalizing getaway. Whether you’re an expert surfer, a yoga lover, or a beginner exploring both worlds, Portugal’s got you covered all year round.

But it’s not just about the place or the activities – it’s about the connections you make. So why wait? 

Book that surf camp, try a yoga pose at sunset and enjoy Portugal’s captivating culture. You’ll come for surf and yoga but stay for the mouth-watering pastries and delightful wine.

So, when’s your trip to Portugal? The waves and yoga mat are ready. Safe travels and namaste!

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