The 15 Best Hotels in Bacalar For The Ultimate Escape

written by local expert Anna Faustino

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Bacalar is a small, beautiful town located in the Lagoon of Seven Colors. It isn’t the most popular town but quickly gaining traction when in the Yucatan Peninsula because of its serene environment and picturesque sights.

If you’re looking for Bacalar hotels to stay in during your vacation, then you’re in the right place! 

For those planning to visit the fascinating Bacalar Lagoon in Mexico, it may feel overwhelming to sift through the many types of accommodations to book.

The Adventure in You team has spent time both traveling and living in Mexico, and Bacalar was a place that we frequented. 

With that in mind, keep on reading as we share the best hotels in Bacalar to consider based on various factors like location, budget, and your needs!

A beautiful spot in Bacalar Beach

Hotels in Bacalar Along the Coastal Road

If you would like to book Bacalar hotels along the coastal road for convenience, here are a few excellent choices:

1. Akalki Hotel

What you will love about this hotel is how quiet and relaxing it is. You can truly find peace as you explore the many facilities Akalki Hotel offers. Moreover, it’s near many tourist attractions so you won’t have trouble roaming around outside the accommodation.

Besides the extremely comfortable rooms and delicious food, you can also enjoy yourself in the hotel with the many onsite activities, such as yoga or simply watching the water flow with a refreshing drink on hand. 

The best part is how the Laguna is right in front of the cabins, so you can truly immerse yourself in Bacalar’s beauty. It’s perfect for couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary.

2. Mia Bacalar Luxury Resort and Spa

For those who want a luxury resort in Bacalar with everything you could possibly desire, then the Mia Bacalar is your best bet. They offer world-class accommodation with all the amenities and services you’ll need, along with delicious food choices. Moreover, it’s only a few steps from Xtocmoc and right by Lake Bacalar!

Many people have described the hotel as Heaven on Earth, where they can take in the dreamy views and impressive architecture. You can truly feel the best of Mexico with this luxury resort, especially with the staff ready to tend to your needs.

You can also destress and receive the pampering you deserve from the hotel spa, which offers various massage treatments. While it’s on the expensive side, it’s surely worth the price for the luxurious experience.

3. The Carolina Bacalar

The Carolina Bacalar is another wonderful hotel known for its comfortable accommodation with the softest beds you will sleep on! They have a lovely veranda area where you can breathe in fresh air from the waters and take in the views of Lake Bacalar.

There are many outdoor activities you can do in the hotel as well, including access to free kayaks and paddleboards to truly enjoy the waters. Another huge plus is its location, as The Carolina is not only by the Laguna but near many delicious restaurants. It’s fairly walkable from the center so you have a better experience exploring Bacalar.

If you’re looking for something with more nature and the beach element into it, then this is the place for you. It’s a tropical getaway that anyone will enjoy, from the appetizing food down to the relaxing rooms.

4. Hotel Amainah Bacalar

For those who want more modern and stylish hotels, then you will love Hotel Amainah! This is a hotel that boasts elegant design elements all around the vicinity. Moreover, they have one of the most modern rooms around Bacalar.

At Hotel Amainah, you can find every amenity you’ll want and need for the ultimate R&R, such as a bar, garden, hot tub, swimming pool, sun terrace, and a whole lot more. You can even avail of a room with private balconies featuring hammocks and spectacular views of the Lagoon.

Moreover, there are other luxury amenities to take advantage of, so you won’t ever want to leave. This 4-star hotel also has delicious food that you can enjoy with a view.

5. Mayanah Condo Hotel Bacalar

If you’re looking for something on a budget, we highly recommend the Mayanah Condo hotel. It’s in a great location where you’ll be minutes away from all the attractions, and you can enjoy well-designed and comfortable rooms with everything you need for long-term stays. You have your private kitchen, soft beds, and all the amenities you need to unwind after a day out.

The hotel is also suitable for families, as it is spacious, and you can choose different accommodations to suit your group size.

While you can walk to major attractions like the Lagoon, you can also take a car or the ADO bus, which is just around the corner. Even at its affordable price, you won’t feel like you’re scrimping because you’ll feel comfortable throughout your stay.

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Bacalar Hotels Located Outside Town

Here are some Bacalar hotels outside town that are still strategically located so you can visit the beautiful places of the town:

1. Hotel Sun-ha

This hotel is set just less than a kilometer from Bacalar and less than four kilometers from Calderita. It’s a simple accommodation but with a natural jungle design in mind, so you truly feel like you’re in the tropics!

Many guests have raved about the appetizing breakfasts the hotel rolls out, as well as the many spaces conducive to work and relaxation. Furthermore, they have their own garden and viewing deck where you can lay out and enjoy the views of Bacalar.

While this hotel is slightly smaller compared to other luxury hotels and resorts, they offer the similar amenities

2. Hotel Laguna Bacalar

The Hotel Laguna Bacalar is the oldest hotel in the town, and one of the most popular ones at that. It’s known for the stunning view it offers virtually everywhere you go within the property.

While it looks a bit worn out from the outside, wait until you head inside your room. The rooms are very spacious and fancily decorated, so you know it isn’t just an old hotel. Another huge plus is the huge window walls where you get a complete view of the blue lagoon’s seven shades. It’s a sight to behold!

You will also love how peaceful the surroundings are. Again, expect a slightly dated structure, but I believe that’s the charm of it.

3. Hotel Tropic

Bacalar Hotel_Hotel Tropic

Here’s another fun and hip hotel located just right outside of town! It’s less than eight kilometers away from Rancho Bacalar. Many people will love the pops of color amid the natural elements of the hotel.

Also, while Hotel Tropic is a bit outside Bacalar, you still get stunning views of the Laguna Bacalar. Many guests have raved about the comfortable accommodation and views, along with the complete amenities to make your stay a memorable one.

Another nice part about the hotel is its little bar by the lake, where you can relax. You can even avail outdoor water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding, so you’ll never get bored in the hotel.

You’ll truly feel like it’s a beach getaway in Hotel Tropic. Make sure you head to their pier to the lagoon, where you have unique views you can’t find anywhere else.

View on

4. The Yak Lake House

The Yak Lake House is the ultimate hotel for groups of friends and couples! This isn’t a family-friendly hotel as they only allow adults to check-in. Expect a lot of fun events, a place where you can have a bonfire, water activities, and other fun activities you can do at affordable prices.

Many guests love the comfort all the rooms bring, along with the various accommodation types to suit small to big groups. If you are a solo traveler, you can check into a mixed dormitory room to save money and meet fellow travelers.

This accommodation also provides their own access to the lagoon and will organize many activities, so there will always be something fun to do!

5. Blue Palm Bacalar

The Blue Palm Bacalar is another amazing accommodation and a popular one at that, so make sure you book in advance! This hotel features everything you need, including a beautiful pool, a scrumptious breakfast, and a strategic location where you can explore Bacalar with ease.

It’s located merely two blocks from the waters, so you get to enjoy the views while being able to engage in various outdoor activities. One thing everyone also raves about is the exceptional staff, who go up and beyond to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Blue Palm also offers free bike rentals to explore the town while burning calories! When you aren’t out in Bacalar, you can stay by the pool and enjoy refreshing drinks or food with all the fresh air and good company.

Boutique Hotels Located in Bacalar Town

Boutique hotels are fun, stylish, and worth checking into. Plus, they are usually slightly more affordable and strategically located, so that’s a plus! Here are some Bacalar boutique hotels to consider:

1. La Galuna Bacalar

This is a stylish boutique hotel filled with modern wooden elements to set the atmosphere. It’s like you’re in paradise in this exquisite property!

La Galuna is fairly new so expect not only stylish rooms but spacious ones that look and feel modern. Every room will have updated amenities, along with a private bathroom and plunge pool. It’s luxurious without breaking the bank!

Breakfast is free and will be served by the outdoor pool, so you can feast on delicious meals with a lovely view and fresh air. It’s perfect for any kind of traveler, from solo travelers to couples, groups of friends to families. There’s a room spacious enough for everyone!

All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned by daily housekeeping, and there will be an entire staff who will ensure you have a great stay. Everyone is hospitable and ready to accommodate your wants and needs.

2. Hotel Eco Boutique Makaaba

When you step into the property of Hotel Eco Boutique, you will be blown away by the fantastic design! It’s a new hotel so you’ll have all the new amenities. But it isn’t just a hotel, it’s also a holistic center where you can go on a complete getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.

You can attend yoga shala classes to destress, enjoy a nutritious meal by the pool, head to the vegetable garden for fresh air, or even observe the process of melipona bee cultivation.

The hotel practices eco-friendliness and sustainability as much as possible, and they encourage you to do the same during your stay. Avail of their free bike rental so you can explore Bacalar, or head to the sun terrace to bask under the sunlight.

3. Hotel Aires

This is a hip hotel that will impress everyone the moment they walk in because of the graffiti art in the reception. It exudes the homey feeling with the cozy rooms begging you to stay and sleep in before your long trip!

While the hotel and its rooms are simply decorated, they exude class and style. Moreover, you will be at the center of Bacalar, where you’re a mere walking distance between the waters and the town plaza. Expect a continental buffet breakfast by the open area, then you can head over to the pool to lounge.

The entire area has an all-natural atmosphere, with every inch of the property giving off the peaceful atmosphere meant for vacation.

4. Toto Blue Boutique Hotel

This is a simple hotel with colorful interiors and natural elements all around, emphasizing a homey ambiance. It has a mix of Greece’s interior designs from the blue tiling to Mexico’s wooden elements in its furniture. Don’t forget all the pops of color around the property, too!

This quirky hotel offers what you need for a cozy stay, including soft beds, private bathrooms, television with satellite channels, and free WiFI. Moreover, they offer free bike rentals for guests and a tour desk so you can have outings scheduled according to where you want to go.

Waking to Laguna Bacalar takes only ten minutes, and with their excellent customer service, you can schedule more Bacalar tours to get the most out of your trip.

5. Khaban Bacalar Boutique Hotel

Now, this is one of the most aesthetic boutique hotels you’ll find in Bacalar! The Khaban Hotel Boutique perfectly combines the jungle tropics with beach vibes, with its beautifully painted walls and foliage all over the property. The Khaban boutique hotel will definitely have you feeling like you’re far away from the city and entering a modern jungle… Without the dangerous animals!

Moreover, their rooms are well-designed with their own kitchen, which is perfect for long-term stays. They also offer free American breakfasts in their restaurants, where you can enjoy other delicious meals throughout your day.

The boutique hotel also features a spacious garden and terrace to take in the views of the laguna. You can even book a sailing trip to get a closer look and feel of the beautiful waters!

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Bacalar Hotels: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bacalar worth visiting?

Short answer: YES! Bacalar may not have a similar wild party scene and nightlife compared to other Mexican beach towns, but it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural environment.
There are also other amazing spots to explore in Bacalar, such as the Bacalar Lagoon, Mayan ruins, cenotes, and many historical landmarks.

Do Bacalar hotels have WiFi?

Yes, most hotels in Bacalar have a reliable WiFi connection. If you’re unsure, you can ask the hotel about their WiFi or check previous guest reviews if they experienced good Internet in the hotel you plan on staying in.

What are the best hotels near Lake Bacalar?

Some of the best hotels near Lake Bacalar include the Carolina Bacalar, Mayanah Condohotel Bacalar by Rotamundos, and the Hotel Amainah Bacalar. You can expect stellar views of Lake Bacalar from here and be able to join activities in the area with ease.

What are the best luxury hotels in Bacalar?

If you’re looking for luxury, then you will want to consider booking your trip in Bacalar hotels like Mia Bacular Luxury Resort & Spa or the Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique.
These hotels are known for their luxury facilities and stellar customer service, so you will be taken care of the entire time.

How much is a hotel in Bacalar?

Hotel prices will depend on the location and its overall quality. Luxury 4- and 5-star hotels can go upwards of $200 a night, while 2-stay hotels are around $25 a night. On average, expect to pay around $100 a night for accommodation.

How long should I stay in Bacalar?

While this depends on your schedule and preferences, it’s best to spend at least two full days in the beautiful area. At least one of those days should be spent on a boat trip on Lake Bacalar. Another day must be spent at Los Rapidos. Ideally, it’s best to spend around three days in Bacalar to truly explore the area.

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