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15 of the Best Beaches in Thailand that You NEED to Visit

Looking for the best beaches in Thailand? After spending months at a time traveling around Thailand year after year, here are our top picks in the country! In Thailand, most of the beaches have exactly what people are looking for which is why it's a top destination for beachgoers and travelers. I...

7 Things to Do in Koh Lipe That You Can’t Miss

Koh Lipe is a relatively undiscovered paradise, situated in the Andaman sea, 60 km from the Thai mainland and only 30 km from Langkawi, Malaysia. It’s the southernmost Thai island and one of more than fifty that form the Adang archipelago. The island is covered with lush vegetation, has beautiful...

11 Things to Do in Krabi That You Can’t Miss

Krabi is a group of beautiful islands located in the southern part of Thailand, a tropical country framed in with gorgeous shorelines. When in Thailand, one shouldn’t pass up a chance to visit Krabi. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for incredible beaches, fun activities, and sightseeing, here ...
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What’s in the Bag: Island Hopping Essentials

Island hopping has to be one of the best activities that you can do when traveling around a tropical destination. As soon as I step on a boat, I instantly relax. Wind blowing on my face, water splashing about, and the warm rays of the sun gently basking on me. Whether you’re island hopping around th...
Mountain view of a Thai island

A Guide to Choosing the Right Thai Islands to Visit

It is no secret that people flock to Thailand mainly to be able to frolic in warm sunny beaches with crystal clear waters. I mean, after all, Thailand is a pretty perfect destination for this given its many coastal islands and paradise like places to visit. However, one thing that you will find when...

Best Things to do in Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Koh Tao is a place in Thailand that has been popularized not only by its pristine beaches but moreover for its awesome underwater life. Arguably, the name Koh Tao translates to Turtle Island which some say is due to the shape of the island while others say it’s due to the large amounts of turtles th...

Koh Nang Yuan Island: Everything You Need to Know

Located not too far from the idyllic diving islands of Koh Tao is an island called Koh Nang Yuan. You might have seen photos of it. The enticing aquamarine waters, the white sand, and the picturesque rocks setting the perfect scene. Due to its close location to popular islands like Koh Tao and Koh S...
Two boats moored on the beach of an island

Komodo Boat Trip Review: Lombok to Flores

We were in the Gili Islands, happily enjoying our days biking, snorkeling, working, and getting our travel feet back. After deciding that our next destination were to be Flores and the Komodo National Park, we started looking into how to get there. It would either be a 24 hour grueling bus and ferry...