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Thinking of going white water rafting in Bali? We recently did this in Ubud down the Ayung River and this was our experience.

The Ayung River is the longest river on the Indonesian island of Bali. It runs 75 km from the northern mountain ranges and discharges into the Badung Strait at Sanur near Denpasar.

As always, we do our research and partner up with a good company for our Adventure reviews. True enough, we weren’t disappointed. Bali Sobek was the first white water company with over 25 years of experience in providing adventure tours.

Reception area for white water rafting

Bali White Water Tours

If you’re looking on going on any white water rafting tours while in Bali, here are a couple of great suggestions.

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White Water Rafting in Ubud Bali

We reached the starting point of the river at 9:30 and were welcomed into their awesome eco-friendly structure overlooking the lush forest of Ubud. As soon as we were outfitted with the proper gear, we started the trek down to the river which was an easy walk down a very loooooong flight of stairs (think 500 steps). The view during the trek down though, definitely worth it!

When we got to the bottom, our guide proceeded to give us a safety brief and explained some do’s and don’ts for our trip. We were just four people on the boat, and together with a Lebanese couple, we proceeded to start our rafting trip.

A man walking down outdoor steps with a paddle

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The rapids itself were pretty mellow, given that they varied from class II to class III. We were generally cruising at a steady pace as we took the time to marvel at the things around us. The scenery was FANTASTIC! Deep valleys and cascading waterfalls surrounded us as we drifted through the lush forest in the very heart of Ubud.

There were some rather exciting rapids which caused us to almost tip over, but in general, they were pretty mellow, perfect for those that wanted to fully enjoy the scenery. The rapids are calm enough as well for families with children.

A group of people white water rafting

Insider Tip: If you want a more intense white water experience, Bali Sobek also does tours in the Telaga Waja River which is pretty much class III rapids all throughout!

We made one pit stop to the side of the river where there was a local family who set up shop selling drinks, fresh coconut and some snacks. Although there are many tour providers, Bali Sobek was very well run and organized. A lot of the other rafting providers stopped way earlier in the river, but since Bali Sobek was one of the firsts, they chose an ending spot which was right after some pretty epic rapids!

At the beginning of the trip, the jungle was really lush and beautiful, but sadly, at the very end of the river, large resorts were sprawled out by the river side. Don’t get me wrong, there were beautiful resorts, but they didn’t add much to the overall feel of the experience as I would have preferred to be surrounded by nature all throughout.

After about two hours of paddling down the river, we reached our final stop. We then began our ascend up the long flight of stairs as we headed to Bali Sobek’s garden restaurant.

There, they had clean showers with towels for those that wanted to shower. After, we proceeded to eat our way through their delicious buffet of traditional Indonesian food. By that time, we didn’t realize how hungry we really were, until we saw the food!

Bowls of traditional Indonesian dishes

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What to Bring for Rafting

  • Swimming gear
  • Shorts
  • A rashguard (or a long sleeved shirt if you easily get cold)
  • Sandals/aqua shoes
  • Change of clothes
  • Waterproof camera (trust us, the scenery definitely calls for it!)

The company provides dry bags to safely store your belongings during the trip.

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Bali Sobek White Water Rafting Package Pricing and Details

The rafting tour costs $79 which includes:

  • all the equipment (raft, paddle, lifejacket, helmet)
  • $100 insurance coverage
  • buffet lunch at their garden restaurant.
A group of people white water rafting

White Water Rafting Bali Review Conclusion

The team behind Bali Sobek were all very professional, making sure that each step of the tour was easy and convenient for us. Their equipment and crew were some of the best that we saw on the river that day. The level of professionalism that everyone had was rather impressive. Since we drove to the starting point with our motorbike, they even arranged for one of their staff members to drive our bike to the end point so we didn’t have to worry about taking a taxi back. How awesome was that!

We headed back to where we were staying in Ubud, fully satisfied and happy. Overall, we really enjoyed our experience and highly recommend this adventure company.

A group of people white water rafting

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  1. I would love to try white water rafting again, and this looks like a beautiful place to do it! Looks like there are so many adventurous things to do in Bali!!

  2. Whitewater rafting is one of those things I can’t decide if I ever want to try again or not. I did it once in Panama and loved it once I got over being terrified but the idea of doing it again scares me!

  3. I thought this looked like a nice rafting tour then I saw the buffet at the end. That is impressive! I prefer to spend a bit more money for a more professional and organized tour like with Bali Sobek instead of going with someone cheaper. It looks like a great way to experience the natural beauty of Bali.

  4. I really like this adventure metre you put in your blog. I remember my water rafting experience, we were crazy enough to climb mt. Batur for sunrise then straight to water rafting. What were we thinking, right ? But it was fun nonetheless.


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