7 Best Surf Camps in Lombok, Indonesia (2024 Guide)

written by local expert Xabin Zabaljauregui

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Are you searching for the best surf camps in Lombok? Then look no further!

I’ve spent the past few years in and out of Indonesia surfing as much as possible. Although most of that time has been in Bali, I love the surfing culture in Lombok.

Lombok is an island just east of Bali separated by the Lombok Straight. Lombok is known to have a more tranquil atmosphere compared to Bali and is reminiscent to Bali before it became popular. Despite their many similarities, I’ve found the surf between Bali and Lombok can be quite different.

Lombok offers the same consistency and year-round surf but is oddly empty most of the time. It also features a similar diversity catering to all surfers regardless of skill or experience.

Other than the crowding and tourism, the biggest difference in surfing between the islands is the access to the waves. You may have to travel and even take a boat, but it’s paid back in the isolation and privacy you receive for such a beautiful place.

Lombok flies under the radar in terms of tourism making it perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers to step up their game. It also has some of the most world-renowned waves at Desert Point (appealing to the pros).

The surf camps in Lombok mirror the area’s surfing culture appealing to all surfers while providing the same quality services, accommodation, and locations as any other surf hub.

These camps come with a complete package typically offering accommodation, food, surf lessons, and even some yoga sessions.

Whether you’re aiming to catch your first wave or enhance your current surfing skills, our list of the finest surfing camps in Lombok makes a great starting point for your next adventure.

A surfer riding the waves in Lombok, Indonesia
A surfer riding the waves in Lombok, Indonesia

Best Surf Camps in Lombok

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1. 7-Day Intermediate Surf Camp in Ekas Surf Resort

Location: Ekas, Lombok
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Lower Intermediate, Intermediate

Embark on the ultimate surfing adventure with Ekas Surf Resort’s 7-day surf camp in the pristine Ekas Bay, Lombok. Designed for lower intermediate and intermediate surfers, this retreat offers an immersive experience filled with surfing, relaxation, personal exploration, and social activities, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lombok.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

With a strategic location in Ekas Bay, Ekas Surf Resort provides easy access to six diverse surf breaks within a five-minute radius, catering to all levels of surfers. Whether you’re into fun beachies, perfect A-Frames, or barreling lefts and rights, you’ll have the opportunity to surf every day at your own pace.

Your 7-day experience includes a minimum of 10 hours of guided surf sessions with two qualified instructors, unlimited use of surf boats and equipment (surfboards and leashes), and two photo/video analysis workshops by the head coach.

Daily sessions of meditation, breathing exercises, surf mobility, stretching, and a yoga class specifically designed to improve your surfing technique are also part of the package.

Accommodation at Ekas Surf Resort consists of seven spacious twin and double bedrooms, each uniquely decorated with authentic Lombok features. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, a mini-bar fridge, and modern Western-style bathrooms.

The resort takes pride in offering modern, clean, safe, and comfortable accommodations, complemented by daily cleaning, free Wi-Fi, and a safety deposit box.

What to Expect:

Throughout your 7-day surf retreat, you’ll enjoy guided surf sessions, personalized coaching, and engaging workshops to enhance your surfing skills. The resort’s focus on holistic well-being includes daily meditation, breathing exercises, surf mobility, stretching, and a dedicated yoga class.

With free airport or harbor pick-up and drop-off, delicious daily meals, and a supportive environment, Ekas Surf Resort ensures a memorable and transformative experience.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 6 nights accommodation at Ekas Surf Resort
  • Minimum 10 hours of guided surf sessions
  • Unlimited use of surf boat and surf equipment (surfboards and leashes)
  • 2x photo/ video analysis workshops by the head coach
  • Daily meditation, breathing, surf mobility, and stretching sessions
  • 1 yoga class designed to improve surfing technique
  • Free airport or harbor pick up and drop off
  • 3 delicious meals daily
  • Comfortable amenities including air-conditioning, mini bar, and Wi-Fi
7 Day Intermediate Surf Camp in Ekas Surf Resort
Three people surfing in Lombok, Indonesia

2. 7-Day Surf, Exercise, and Recovery Camp

Location: Kuta, Lombok
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Join Soul Retreats and Loka Lombok for an exhilarating 7-day surf retreat in the picturesque Kuta, Lombok. This unique experience is tailored around fitness, fun, and the thrill of surfing.

With a fully equipped gym and recovery center at Loka Lombok, your retreat includes daily workouts, recovery sessions, mobility training, and breathwork. This contributes to your overall well-being and enhances your surfing skills.

The location in Kuta Lombok allows flexibility for surfers of all abilities to have an incredible time.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This 7-day retreat promises an unforgettable week with 5 days of surfing, surfboard hire, and surf conditions suitable for all levels – from beginners to advanced surfers. The daily fitness activities, including workouts and breathwork sessions, are designed to complement and enhance your surfing experience.

This camp also offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering friendships that will last beyond the week.

Accommodation is provided at Loka Village, a brand-new luxury twin-share or single-room resort area exclusively for guests. The resort boasts state-of-the-art fitness facilities, including a fully functioning gym and a recovery center with a sauna, ice baths, and magnesium pools.

What to Expect:

Your 7-day surf camp at Loka Lombok will be filled with daily surfing sessions, personalized fitness activities, and opportunities for recovery and relaxation.

The camp is suitable for surfers of all skill levels, and the supportive atmosphere ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience. With comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, and a focus on holistic well-being, this retreat provides the perfect balance of fitness, fun, and surfing adventure.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 days of surfing with surfboard hire included
  • Surf conditions suitable for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Daily workouts, breathwork sessions, and mobility training
  • 6 nights’ accommodation at Loka Village
  • All meals included
  • Access to a fully functioning gym and recovery center with a sauna, ice baths, and magnesium pools
7 Day Surf, Exercise, and Recovery Camp
Surfing in Lombok is one of the best activities to enjoy as you explore Indonesia

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3. 6-Day Easy Surf Camp for Beginners and Intermediates

Location: Lombok
Length: 6 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Discover the thrill of surfing in the captivating landscapes of Lombok with DHM’s 6-day Easy Surf Camp designed for beginners and intermediates. From the moment you arrive until your departure, DHM promises an unforgettable experience filled with the adrenaline of surfing, the beauty of the destination, and immersion in the local culture.

Whether you’re a novice or have some surfing experience, DHM ensures you catch the waves of a lifetime while connecting with nature.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This 6-day surf camp is tailored for surfers of all levels, offering 2-hour surf sessions daily with the use of all surf gear included. Delight in daily breakfasts and a barbecue dinner, providing you with the energy needed for your surfing adventures.

Roundtrip land and beach transfers are part of the package, ensuring your seamless travel experience. With the added bonus of a one-hour yoga session, this camp blends surfing, relaxation, and fitness for a well-rounded retreat.

Accommodation options include shared dorms, private standard (double room with a private bathroom), and luxury (double room with a private bathroom). Enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi and choose between an air-conditioned or fan room. The pool, just a few steps away from your accommodation, offers a tranquil setting for relaxation.

What to Expect:

Your 6-day surf retreat in Lombok will be packed with daily surf sessions tailored to your skill level, ensuring progress and enjoyment. The accommodation choices cater to various preferences, from shared dorms for a social atmosphere to private rooms for added privacy.

With the inclusion of a yoga session and picturesque surroundings, this surf camp provides a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 5 nights accommodation in shared dorm, private standard, or luxury rooms
  • 2-hour surf sessions daily
  • Use of all surf gear
  • Daily breakfast and one barbecue dinner
  • Roundtrip land and beach transfers
  • 1 one-hour yoga session
  • Wi-Fi and a choice between air-conditioned or fan room
  • Tranquil pool setting for relaxation
  • Coffee, tea, and water are provided 24 hours
6 Day Easy Surf Camp for Beginners and Intermediates
Two people surfing in Lombok, Indonesia

4. 3-Day Semi-Private Surf Camp with Kubu Surf School

Location: Gili Trawangan, Lombok
Length: 3 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Immerse yourself in the world of surfing with Kubu Surf School’s 3-day Semi-Private Surf Camp on the beautiful island of Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Established in 2007, Kubu Surf School is dedicated to introducing beginners to the joys of surfing while offering progressive lessons for individuals of all skill levels.

This camp is designed to teach paddling, standing up, dropping into waves, and riding across them, ensuring that participants leave with the skills to surf independently.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This 3-day surf camp offers an intensive learning experience with 2 surf lessons conducted by qualified surf instructors. The program also includes a photography GoPro session, allowing you to capture and relive your surfing moments.

With two nights’ accommodation in an ensuite private room at Rumah Canaria Bungalows, your stay is complemented by the peaceful surroundings of coconut tree fields and white sand.

Accommodation at Rumah Canaria Bungalows includes semi-private single or double rooms with bamboo furnishings. The traditional bamboo bungalows provide an authentic Indonesian experience, featuring an outdoor shower under coconut trees and an outdoor toilet.

Guests have access to a garden and a communal area for relaxation. The bungalows are conveniently located only five minute’s walk from the beach and offer a kitchen equipped with a fridge and stove for those who wish to cook their own meals.

What to Expect:

During your 3-day surf camp, you’ll receive personalized instruction from qualified surf instructors, ensuring that beginners stand up and ride their first wave on the first day. For intermediate and advanced surfers, the focus is on skill enhancement and refining techniques.

The accommodation at Rumah Canaria Bungalows provides a comfortable and authentic setting for relaxation, making this surf camp an ideal choice for those seeking a short yet impactful surfing experience.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 2 surf lessons with qualified surf instructors
  • Photography GoPro session
  • 2 nights’ accommodation in an ensuite private room
  • Use of surfboard, booties, and wetsuit
  • Daily breakfast
  • Free coffee, tea, and drinking water all-day
  • Semi-private single or double room options
  • Access to a communal kitchen for self-cooking
  • Peaceful garden setting
  • Enchanting outdoor shower under coconut trees
  • Live music option on Friday and Saturday nights
3 Day Semi-Private Surf Camp with Kubu Surf School
Surfing is a great holiday activity for adventurous travelers, especially in Lombok

5. 4-Day Affordable Surf Camp for Family with Kids

Location: Senggigi, Lombok
Length: 4 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Experience a memorable family surf adventure with Nayaka Surf School’s 4-day Affordable Surf Camp in Senggigi, Lombok.

Specifically designed for families with kids (ages 7 to 14), this package offers a unique blend of private and semi-private surf lessons to cater to different skill levels within the family. Enjoy the waves of the stunning Senggigi beach while ensuring a safe and personalized learning experience for both kids and adults.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This 4-day surf camp provides three surf lessons with experienced instructors, offering private instruction for the kids and semi-private lessons for the adults. All necessary surfing equipment is included, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Nayaka Surf School emphasizes beginner-friendly lessons and provides board rentals for practice. The family-friendly accommodation options include a standard stay at Nayaka Surf Camp or the choice to stay in a nearby luxury 4-star hotel.

Accommodation at Nayaka Surf Camp or D’Batur Hotel includes air conditioning, hot and freshwater showers, towels, wardrobes, a minibar, a 32″ TV, and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy the convenience of room service in a comfortable and family-friendly environment.

What to Expect:

During your 4-day family surf camp, each member of the family will receive tailored surf lessons to match their skill level. Kids will benefit from private instructors, while adults will enjoy semi-private lessons. The accommodation provides a relaxed atmosphere, and the location in Senggigi allows for easy exploration of the local surroundings.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 3 surf lessons with experienced instructors
  • All surfing equipment provided
  • Private instructors for kids, semi-private classes for adults
  • Beginner-friendly surfing lessons and board rental
  • Transportation during the surfing program
  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Nayaka Surf Camp or D’Batur Hotel
  • Free daily breakfast
  • Air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi in the rooms
  • Room service and convenient facilities
  • An affordable and enjoyable family surf experience
4 Day Affordable Surf Camp for Family with Kids
A child surfing in Indonesia

6. 8-Day Luxury Boutique Surf Camp with Xanadu Surf and Yoga

Location: Kuta, Lombok
Length: 8 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Indulge in an unparalleled surf and wellness experience with the 8-day Luxury Boutique Surf Camp in Kuta, Lombok. Nestled on a hilltop, this boutique retreat promises a perfect balance between invigorating surf sessions and relaxing wellness activities.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings while enjoying the intimate ambiance, personalized service, and a carefully crafted surf program.

Why We Recommend this Surf Camp:

This 8-day luxury surf camp is tailored for those seeking a high-end experience, offering a comprehensive program that includes 6 surf sessions with experienced instructors. The package encompasses video analysis, surf theory, land drills, surf strength training, and yoga sessions, ensuring a well-rounded approach to surfing and wellness.

Enjoy a pranayama/meditation session, a sunset trip, a Coco, Sambal, and Coffee workshop, and a film night for a holistic experience.

Accommodation at this hilltop retreat includes spacious and cozy dining areas, indoor and outdoor lounges, an infinity pool with ocean views, a yoga shala with ocean views, and a spa. Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury, eliminating the need to choose between a surf holiday and ultimate relaxation.

What to Expect:

During your 8-day retreat, you’ll benefit from a carefully crafted surf program that combines surf sessions, video analysis, yoga, and wellness activities. The luxurious amenities and intimate setting create an environment for both active engagement and relaxation. The program ensures you make progress in your surfing skills while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

Surf Camp Inclusions:

  • 6 surf sessions with experienced instructors
  • Video analysis, surf theory, land drills, and surf strength training
  • 3 yoga sessions + 1 pranayama/ meditation session
  • Sunset trip, Coco, Sambal, and Coffee workshop, and film night
  • 7 nights accommodation on a hilltop
  • Daily breakfast and healthy surf snacks + welcome dinner
  • Shuttle to the town center
  • Infinity pool with ocean views
  • Spa facilities for relaxation
8 Day Luxury Boutique Surf Camp with Xanadu Surf and Yoga
A group of people getting ready to go surfing in Lombok, Indonesia

7. 7-Day Surf Trip in Bali and Lombok

Location: Bali and Lombok
Length: 7 Days
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Embark on a thrilling 7-day surf adventure with Soda Sand Surf Escapes, a surf experience that begins in Bali and concludes in Kuta, Lombok.

This surf trip is crafted to unite surfers from diverse backgrounds, fostering lasting connections while providing an unforgettable surfing experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced surfer, this program is designed to enhance your confidence and joy in surfing.

Why We Recommend this Surf Trip:

Soda Sand Surf Escapes offers a dynamic surf trip that spans Bali and Lombok, showcasing two breathtaking surf destinations. The program includes 6 surf lessons with experienced instructors, 1 ice bath recovery session, a surf skate session, surf photo analysis, and a rejuvenating yoga class.

With a mix of surf-focused activities and relaxing moments, this trip ensures a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for surfers of all levels.

Accommodations during the surf escape include private twin rooms and private dorms. In Canggu, you’ll stay in a charming new surf house, blending modern amenities with local charm. As you journey to Lombok, you’ll experience the luxury and serenity of well-appointed hotels surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking views.

What to Expect:

Throughout the 7-day surf trip, you’ll engage in surf lessons, ice bath recovery, surf skate sessions, and yoga classes, catering to your skill level. The carefully selected accommodations provide a comfortable retreat, enhancing the overall experience of the surf escape.

The program encourages connections with like-minded individuals, making it a memorable and enriching surf adventure.

Surf Trip Inclusions:

  • 6 surf lessons and 1 ice bath recovery
  • 1 surf skate session and surf photo analysis
  • 1 yoga class
  • All transport throughout Bali and Lombok
  • Daily breakfast and 2 dinners
  • 6 nights’ accommodation in private twin rooms and private dorms
  • A mix of charming surf houses and well-appointed hotels
  • Opportunity to explore diverse surf destinations
  • Connection with like-minded individuals
  • An unforgettable blend of surfing, relaxation, and exploration
7 Day Surf Trip in Bali and Lombok
Riding the waves in Lombok

Surfing in Lombok

Surfing in Lombok began in the 1970s when groups of surfers were exploring the previously discovered Bali era. It was during this time that they discovered what many consider the best left-hand barrel waves in the world, Desert Point.

These surfers kept the spot a secret for over 10 years; no talking, no pictures, and no maps. This resulted in Lombok not becoming more popular until the 90s and growing into one of the biggest tourist attractions in that area today.

Some of the most popular surf spots in Lombok include the previously mentioned Desert Point aka Bangko Bangko, the beginner-friendly sandy waves at Selong Belanak, and one of the more busy spots, Don-Don.

Don-Don is one of our favorite spots as we stayed in the nearby village of Gerupuk during our stay in Lombok.

These breaks offer diverse wave types such as left and right-hand reef breaks, long and hollow tubes, and A-frame peaks.

Lombok (and Indonesia as a whole) is a year-round surfing spot making the best seasons to surf dependent on your preferences: location, waves, and experience.

Similar to Bali, the best quality surf is generally during their dry season, May to August, where you’ll see bigger and more consistent swells on the south and west coasts.

The wet season, November to March, offers smaller and less consistent waves. However, these conditions are more favorable for beginners and intermediates to learn and improve.

Throughout this time, Lombok offers a plethora of surf camps that cater to all preferences. Ranging from 3 to 8 days and located all over the island, you’re sure to find a surf camp that aligns with your needs and helps you create an unforgettable experience.

Pack your bags and get ready for your next surfing adventure in the island paradise of Lombok, Indonesia.

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