I have to admit that I am one of those people who always buy crappy cheap sunglasses. Even though sunglasses are a staple in my everyday life, I can never seem to bring myself to buy a pair which I know will break in a month. I am sadly one of those people who always seem to sit on their sunnies which end up bending them in odd places. With that in mind, when we first heard about SunGod and their “Adventure Proof ” sunglasses, I have to say I was intrigued.

Given that I hate having foggy lenses and always worrying about UV protection, my partner Tom and I agreed it was time to find a pair that suited our lifestyle.tom-anna-basecamp

SunGod Customizable Sunglasses

One of the things I love the most about SunGod is that they are fully customizable. Like a kid in a candy shop, you can mix and match your lenses and frames and even purchase additional lens kits if you feel like updating your look and style.

Our main motivation behind ordering high-quality eyewear was because we were heading to Everest Basecamp. We knew that we would be facing some pretty harsh conditions so getting a high-quality pair that was polarized was essential.

For our trip, we both choose the Renegades style which featured their trademark 4k optic lenses. There are three parts that you can customize, the frame, the lenses, and the color of the SunGod icons on the side. During this process, you can also opt to get their standard lenses or their polarized 4ko lenses.


SunGod Glasses: What Are They Made Of?

Driven by the fact that most expensive sunglasses brands break too easily, the team behind SunGod wanted to create high-quality eyewear that was both affordable and would last a lifetime. This is why they dubbed their glasses “Adventure Proof” which meant that it has a lifetime guarantee against breakage. This means that they will repair or replace the glasses free of charge.

I have to admit that one of the reasons why I can never keep a pair of sunglasses is also because I am the world’s biggest clutz. Throughout the duration of me having these glasses, I had managed to drop them over a waterfall, they slipped out of my shirt while I was scrambling up a cliff, not to mention the few times I dropped them en route to Everest Base Camp.

I’m happy to say that not only has my Renegades survived all that and more, the lenses are still scratch free and looks as good as new which in my opinion is pretty damn impressive. Tom even jokingly teased that he was happy we found these as they are “Anna-proof.”

For all you sunglasses pros out there, the frames are made out of a durable memory polymer which makes it insanely flexible. Listed below are a few of the tech specs of the eyewear.

SunGod Tech Specs:

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Triple Layer Scratch Resistance Lens
  • Flexible Frame
  • Anti-Reflective Lens Coating
  • 2mm Polycarbonate Lens (4ko)

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What We Love About Them

Besides the fact that they are super sturdy, the lens quality is amazing. I choose the Polarized 4ko Fire while Tom went with the Polarized 4ko Blue as both these lenses had low VLT (visible light transmission) which is essential in snowy places.

The lens quality is pretty amazing, always letting in just the right amount of sunlight which we loved. Tom has had Laser Eye surgery done and although his eyesight is now 20/10, he tends to be very sensitive when it comes to bright lights so having a good pair with him on our adventures was a game changer.

I love the fact that all the SunGod sunglasses are customizable as it just makes the process of designing your lens so much more fun. I am already debating on ordering another lens kit just so I can change things up when I tire of the look.

Last but not least, I love how affordable these sunglasses are! Compared to big brands out there, their sunnies start at £45 and £65+ for polarized lenses. reflection-sungod

Overall Thoughts on SunGod

Overall, these sunglasses are well made, affordable, and pretty sturdy. Along with the renegades which we chose, they also have other styles such as the Classics 2 or the PacebreakersSo if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses to take with you on your adventures, these bad boys are perfect for the job.

Plus points as they also ship anywhere in the world. We were in Chiang Mai Thailand when we ordered ours and they arrived in no time which is a huge surprise as things often get lost in the mail while in Asia. Given that we travel for a living, we’re super happy that we’ve found a decent pair of sunglasses to take with us as we adventure around the world.

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