G-Defy Shoes Review: MATeem Athletic Shoes

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Looking for a detailed G-defy shoes review? In this article, I’m going to share my thoughts on the G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes to see if they’re as good as they say they are. 

Coming from someone with a fairly active lifestyle, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality footwear. 

If you’ve never heard of Gravity Defyer, aka G-Defy, they are a footwear company renowned for their comfortable and supportive footwear. Their shoes are designed with a keen focus on addressing the challenges faced by individuals who spend long hours on their feet.

Alexander Elnekaveh, founder of G-Defy, embarked on extensive research and development to find a solution to relieve his young nephew’s debilitating pain in his heel.

Assembling a team of experts, Alexander created groundbreaking VersoShock sole technology leading to the creation of the inaugural Gravity Defyer shoe in 2004. 

Gravity Defyer became a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing footwear featuring the patented VersoShock sole that relieved foot pains and aches. Keen to find out more? Keep on reading.

GDEFY MATeeM Athletic Shoes in white
G-Defy Shoes Review

G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes

G-Defy’s MATeeM Athletic Shoes are a cutting-edge line of footwear designed for athletes and active individuals. As with all G-Defy’s shoes, they incorporate VersoShock technology, providing superior shock absorption and energy return to enhance athletic performance.

With a focus on comfort, durability, and style, MATeeM Athletic Shoes claim to be a top choice for those seeking high-performance footwear for hiking, running, and other physical activities.

Time to find out if G-Defy’s MATeeM Athletic Shoes can really transform your life as they claim.


Although I always choose white shoes, G-Defy’s MATeeM Athletic Shoes are offered in eight different colors to appeal to anyone’s preference.

Making the same decision as always, I ran into the same issue, white shoes get dirty fast. It’s inevitable; however, they go well with any outfit and they just look better.

Unless making quick trips or errands out of the house in Dudes or slides, I have been wearing the MATeeMs everywhere: hiking, working out and even going out on a date. Their versatility is perfect for travelers who don’t want to compromise on fashion for comfort.

MATeeM Athletic Shoes in white
White G-Defy Shoes

Hybrid VersoShock® Technology

The G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes incorporate a revolutionary pain relief and recovery technology, known as Hybrid VersoShock blended with their VersoShock® technology with the full-sole shock absorption capabilities of their VersoCloud® spring cell sole.

Immediately after slipping the shoes on, I felt like I was walking on pillows. They made me feel super comfortable, yet I could feel their durability and safety when I wanted to be more active.

Trying many different shoes, I’ve always found that my feet will begin to cramp and hurt after a while. Four hours into a hike of walking on asphalt, dirt, and grass, I realized my feet felt great!

The verdict: The G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes absolutely help relieve pain and provide comfort. Combined with a front-rolling design that protects bones, joints, and muscles from harm, they accelerate the recovery process, making them perfect for those long walks, hikes, and days filled with adventure.

You can check out their website for more information about their VersoShock tech. They mention clinical studies showing that the technology can relieve knee pain up to 85%.

MATeem Athletic Shoes paired with black pants
G-Defy Shoes

G-Defy Shoes Review: Other Features of the MATeeM Athletic Shoes

Other than the color options and their patented VersoShock Technology, here are some notable features that I considered before making my purchase.


Although cost is essential when buying anything, shoes can be a dangerous game sometimes priced over hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes are slightly over the $130 average pricing at $160.

The purchase comes with a pair of Free Corrective Fit Orthotics that are typically valued at $50. These orthotics are specially designed to align your entire body, optimize your biomechanics, and offer the same quality comfort.

If you are an active person, proper shoes are essential to keep your body healthy. If you are willing to spend a little extra, the G-Defy MATeeM Athletic shoes provide you with $210 worth of product at a 24% discount.

For me, these shoes are priced at the typical amount for any good quality shoe while adding a free orthopedic advantage. Bottom line, I’m not afraid to spend money on things that will improve my overall health & quality of life so these shoes were a no-brainer, especially after reading all the raving reviews.

In my opinion, if you are an active traveler participating in many activities, this shoe is a steal as its versatility allows you to use it in all situations meaning you only have to pack one pair of shoes during your entire trip.

GDEFY Athletic Shoes in white
Comfortable G-Defy Shoes


This is the first shoe that I have ordered that attempts to address the issue of size variation between manufacturers and brands. Included in the shoebox is an extra pair of slim insoles that you are able to slide under your normal insoles.

These allow you to close the extra space causing your feet to slide around. I ordered a size US 10 which I would’ve normally recommended ordering a half size smaller as my foot slides, but the extra insole solves that issue.

I personally enjoy the loose fit allowing me to slip the shoe on and off with ease, and I am able to easily slip in the extra insoles when I am using the shoes in a more active environment.

Extra Height

I’m 5’8… the sole of the shoe is 2.3 inches… I’m perfectly comfortable with my height but come on. Who isn’t going to take an extra 2 inches of height?

MATeeM Athletic Shoes paired with brown pants
A man wearing G-Defy Shoes

Cleaning Process

The only negative that I found with the G-Defy MATeeM Athletic shoe is the way to clean it. They are not so simple to just throw in the washer and dryer making them a little more difficult to travel with.

G-Defy sells a shoe care kit on their website for $22 that includes clean, refresh, and protect products with a nylon bristle brush.

The kit is good for cleaning all shoe materials including nubuck, suede, and leather, but if you’re like me, cleaning shoes is such a pain. If I can’t wash them they’ll get dirty and stay dirty.

GDEFY Athletic Shoes
GDEFY Athletic Shoes

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Other G-Defy Products

G-Defy’s extensive lineup of shoes extends well beyond the MATeeM Athletic Shoes. Each pair in their collection is meticulously designed to cater to various needs and preferences, offering a combination of comfort, support, and style. 

Their diverse range features innovative technologies, such as the patented VersoShock® cushioning, ensuring that every step is a pain-free experience.

For comfort in the workplace or formal setting, you can opt for their line of G-Defy Oxfords. Looking for everyday shoes? Check out the Osage White Casual Shoes or the Brown Tolken Casual Shoes in the Casual section.

I have to say, the G-Defy Oxfords look super slick and are something I would consider buying for more formal occasions.

If you need something more durable specifically for hiking, take a look at the G-Defy Trail Lane Hiking Boots. They’ve got waterproof membrane lining and a slip-resistant outsole to keep you safe and comfortable on your adventures.

Need something more freeing? G-Defy offers a variety of sandals ranging from a more durable BA-LI Leather Sandal to the everyday Ron Sandals.

Whether you’re an active athlete looking for high-performance footwear, an avid traveler in need of comfortable walking shoes, or someone seeking everyday comfort with a fashion-forward twist, G-Defy has you covered.

If you want to see their other products, check out their full line here

G-Defy Shoes paired with black pants
G-Defy Shoes paired with black pants

Verdict on the G-Defy MATeem Athletic Shoes

The G-Defy MATeem Athletic Shoes are a great choice of footwear for active travelers looking for something stylish and comfortable.

For avid hikers in difficult terrain, these won’t replace hiking boots, but they are worth the purchase for easier excursions, casual wear, and workout gear.

Its VersoShock technology and free corrective-fit orthotics combine orthopedics into the normal purchase of shoes making comfort simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

The extra effort and cost to maintain and clean the shoes can be a hassle, but considering the quality, it’s worth it to occasionally take some time and freshen up your shoes.

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes considering the value of comfort and pain relief for the discounted price that is offered. In one week, these have become my go-to shoes during travels and my daily life. So comfy!

Our Review: G-Defy MATeem Athletic Shoes

Overall, the G-Defy MATeeM Athletic Shoes are a great and versatile shoe. With comfort and pain relief as the company’s priority, the shoe is perfect for those who are always moving and on their feet.

Super Comfortable
Adjustable Insoles
Relieves Pain
Can get dirty easily (mainly due to the color I chose)
Difficult to Clean

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