15 Best Hiking Sandals of 2024

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Looking for the best hiking sandals out there?

There’s no better feeling than releasing your feet from sweaty boots after a long hike. But what if you could have this feeling throughout your entire day on trail? Hiking sandals give you the support you need for a day of hiking without squeezing your feet into completely enclosed shoes.

The best hiking sandals give you similar support and protection as hiking shoes while being comfortable, convenient, and awesome for summer days. They’re a practical pair of hiking shoes as you’ll be able to tromp through mud and cross streams without having to worry about finishing your day in soggy boots.

If you’re looking to one-up your summer hiking game, take a look at our picks for the best hiking sandals! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish with the right ones.

In this article, I will give out some a few recommendations on the best hiking sandals to take on your adventures.

Hiking sandals camino de santiago
Editor of this blog, Anna putting her hiking sandals to the test during the Camino de Santiago walk from Portugal to Spain

Our Picks for Best Hiking Sandals 2024

Hiking Sandals: Comparison Table

Best Hiking Sandals 2024

We’re coming to you with our selection of 15 of the best hiking sandals available in 2024. Each pair was thoughtfully chosen for its features, durability, and versatility.

Hopefully these suggestions will lead you to your new trail companion!

Teva Terra Fi5 Sandal

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 1lb 13oz

What We Love: Multiple points for adjustment | Quick drying | Long-lasting

As a little kid, you almost definitely had a pair of Tevas. At least I did, along with every other child in my neighborhood, at my summer camp, and in my elementary school class.

Teva is a well-known, dependable brand that is pretty much king of the outdoor sandal game.

The Terra Fi5 Sandals are a great shoe for warm weather trekking, as they can be put on easily, mold to your foot, and adjust to fit just right. The material is versatile and quick drying, which makes them awesome for taking on the road with you. These Teva sandals are extremely reliable and long-lasting, with velcro straps for easy securing and adjustment in three different places.

I love this model because the heel absorbs shock, making them perfect for rugged trail wear, and the outsole is made to give you the best traction possible. Plus, their design even allows you to slip on a pair of socks while wearing them for a little bit of added comfort.

While they’re pretty expensive, users rave about how durable and well-made they are so these Tevas are a worthwhile investment.

Teva Katavi Outdoor Sandal

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 12oz

What We Love: Multiple points for adjustment | Great arch support | Good traction

Another awesome hiking sandal from Teva, the Katavi has all the qualities of a great hiking shoe but in sandal form.

These sandals have a contoured EVA footbed which is cushy when you slip the shoe on but supportive when you get going. They offer great arch support, and adjust in three places like other Teva sandals.

What makes these so special is that the Katavi has a nylon shank that stabilizes and supports your foot when you’re traveling over uneven terrain. Shanks are an essential part of hiking boots, and it’s awesome that Teva was able to incorporate this into a sandal.

The nooks of this sandal where the straps should separate are outfitted with mesh to keep little rocks or dirt from breaking in while still allowing your foot to breathe properly. Not to mention the sole also offers superior traction to keep you upright.

The Ketavi is a huge win in the hiking department.

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandal

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 10oz

What We Love: Multiple points for adjustment | Waterproof sole | Great traction

Still, hunting for the perfect Tevas to take along on your adventures? The Hurricane XLT2 Sport Sandals are another option for all you hiking sandal lovers.

These shoes are great for water as they have a completely waterproof sole with quick drying fabric to support.

Like typical Tevas, they adjust in 3 places. For more comfort, the sandals have a contoured footbed with a textured pattern which makes them extra comfortable for walking in.

The midsole is made of EVA foam which gives wearers cushioning without adding to the shoe’s weight. The nylon shank keeps you upright while trekking along. The outsoles on these sandals are really special because they’re made from Rugged Durabrasion Rubber which is ultra durable and offers the best traction around.

Choose from 11 different colors to find ones that suit your style, and be on your way!

Teva Omnium Sandal

Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 12oz

What We Love: Toe protection | Great for rougher terrain | Stretchy fit

View Men’s Version

If you’re looking for a little more coverage but are hooked on the Teva brand, not to fear! The Omnium is the perfect mix of exposure and protection to keep your feet safe on rougher trails.

These sandals are more similar to a hiking shoe because they have a thicker sole with a raised heel for extra support and comfort, as well as a closed toe with a cap in case you kick a boulder or log while on your trek. The Omniums are more of a slip-on, but still, adjust with a buckle over the arch and on the back of your foot. There are no laces for ultimate comfort but the main part of the shoe is stretchy so it will expand with your foot as needed.

Besides all that’s been mentioned, these sandals have a nylon shank for stabilization and they’re quick drying for the times you get caught in some water.

The Omnium is an awesome hybrid if you’re looking for a lightweight mix of a sandal and a hiking shoe.

CAMEL Athletic Sandals

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 1lb

What We Love: Adjustable fit | Shockproof sole | Waterproof

View Women’s Version

If you’re not totally sold on Tevas but like the look and what they have to offer, an alternative to look at is the CAMEL Athletic Sandals.

Plus points: they’re way less expensive, and wearers claim they’re even more comfortable!

Besides the adjustable straps, these hiking sandals have a shockproof sole, thanks to an air cushion placed inside which reduces foot fatigue and keeps you going for longer. You get optimum arch support because there’s a massage ball placed on the footbed — talk about comfort!

Did we mention that there’s padding under the straps, too?

These are great for water use as they’re completely waterproof and have anti-skid properties to keep you stable. The high quality materials guarantee they’ll be lon- lasting and all the added benefits make them the perfect summer adventure companion.

Chaco Z2 Classic Athletic Sandal

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 12oz

What We Love: Contoured arch support | Great traction | Adjustable fit

View Men’s Version

Chacos are my personal favorite sandal brand because I find them to be equally stylish and functional.

The Z2 Classic Athletic Sandals are a great choice for adventure wear with a textured “LUVSEAT” footbed. This essentially means it has contoured arch support for the best fit possible. The midsole is made from PU which is much more durable than the foam alternative because it doesn’t break down or compress with wear.

Finally, the outsole has an awesome performance tread for the ultimate traction on the trail. You’ll also be able to use the adjustable straps to get the perfect fit.

The one thing about these Chacos is that they have a toe loop which people either love or hate. That said, it gives you extra assurance that these sandals will stay on your foot no matter where you’re off to.

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Chaco Odyssey Sandal

Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 10oz

What We Love: Adjustable fit | Odor-blocking technology | Maximum protection

View Men’s Version

Another awesome hybrid hiking sandal is the Chaco Odyssey.

This sandal looks like a running sneaker but actually falls into the hiking sandal category because of the open back, side panels and adjustable straps.

In true Chaco fashion, this sandal also has a LUVSEAT dual density midsole, complete with odor-blocking technology and extra durable materials. The entire top of the sandal is covered with mesh to keep your foot protected, while still drying quickly if it gets splashed with water. The top of the sandal also features an adjustable buckle so you can get the perfect fit every time.

This sandal is ideal if you are looking for something that’s lightweight yet offers maximum protection. It has a toe cap, rugged treads, and deep lugs to keep you on your feet for the duration of your adventure.


Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 12oz

What We Love: Lightweight | Great arch support | Superb traction

View Women’s Version

KEEN is another brand that’s well regarded for their thoughtfully-structured and durable hiking gear.

The Arroyo III combines everything that users love about Keen’s hiking shoes and boots but puts it into a lightweight, comfortable sandal to wear trekking.

These sandals have a lace-up design and a strong toe cap to keep your foot protected. Under the lacing is a mesh insert that will keep air flowing to your foot while keeping out bad elements of the trail. The footbed has strong arch support with a removable insole. The midsole has dual density EVA, making it one of the most comfortable ones yet. You’ll never have to worry about traction because of the thoughtfully-constructed treads.

Plus, the sole is made of high quality rubber that’s guaranteed to last for years to come.

The one downside of this sandal is it’s made from fabric and nubuck, which is extremely durable but takes quite a while to dry.

The Arroyo also runs small and is best for narrow feet. So if you’re a hiker with wider feet, you’ll probably benefit from a different hiking sandal.

KEEN Newport Hydro

Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 120z

What We Love: Great support | Waterproof | Maximum protection

View Women’s Version

Another strong option from KEEN is the Newport Hydro which is a breathable hiking sandal constructed like a hiking shoe.

Let’s start with the bottom part of this sandal: the sole of the Hydro is super thick and keeps you slightly elevated which increases support and protects you from anything that may be poking up from uneven ground. It also greatly enhances the waterproof aspect of this sandal because there’s so much rubber!

There’s also a thick strip that wraps around where the sole meets the sandal which reaches up to the front of the shoe to create a generous toe cap.

The entire sandal itself is waterproof as it’s made from synthetic materials. This sandal is perfect for tromping through muddy grounds or crossing streams and rivers. You can even wear them in the ocean!

Tighten or loosen them with the convenient bungy cord, and enjoy all the air your feet will get while wearing these bad boys!

Just be sure to size up when purchasing because these sandals run small.


Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 120z

What We Love: Stylish design | Durable | Slim look

View Men’s Version

If you’re looking for a hiking sandal with an extremely funky design, check out the UNEEKs by KEEN.

Keen describes these as “Huarache-inspired” as they feature a uniquely woven chord design across the top of the sandal, with a drawchord lacing mechanism.

The back of the sandal is made of microfiber to keep your foot from sliding out, while the footbed and lightweight PU midsole are designed to increase the lifespan of these durable shoes.

These sandals are super durable and quite flexible, making them perfect for trail walking, crossing streams and traveling down steep inclines. They fit a wide variety of foot shapes, making them suitable for those who need a wider sandal, and come in 15 colors!

The only downside is they don’t have as much arch support as other hiking sandals.

Despite the slight drawback, you’re sure to turn heads and reap in the compliments both on and off the trail with these nicely constructed hiking sandals.

DREAM PAIRS Outdoor Sandals

Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 1lb

What We Love: Toe protection | Quick dry | Adjustable fit

View Women’s Version

Here are a super flexible, open-sided but durable pair of hiking sandals that you’ll be able to use for any kind of outdoor activity.

A much less expensive option than other sandals of this type, DREAM PAIRS really perfected this sandal with breathable mesh, quick dry materials and a strong toe cap.

Slip them on and pull the bungy chord to find the perfect fit. Need more customization? The velcro strap on the back will allow you to get these sandals as tight around your heel as you’d like. The footbed is made from lightweight EVA which is flexible and provides a good amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable on your adventures. Owners of this sandal have reported it’s like walking on a cloud when wearing them!

These are definitely a good choice if you’re looking for the most comfortable budget option.

Astral Filipe

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 6.2oz

What We Love: Super lightweight | Waterproof | Good traction

View Women’s Version

Are you a flip-flop lover? Here’s a pair of sturdy action flip-flops that are suitable for active days full of hiking or trail walking.

Astral’s Filipe sandals look like a typical flip-flop but have two extra straps that go across the middle of your foot and lock your heel in so that you don’t lose them on the go. These extra straps are removable, but you’ll be so in love with your feet staying in place, I doubt you’ll ever want to take them off!

The sandals are designed with a flexible outsole that’s extra sticky and grabs onto the surface below you, making them perfect for uneven trails and the bottom of streams.

At only 6 ounces, these flip-flops are perfect for throwing in your bag and pulling them out when needed. Or wear them right out and feel like you’re walking barefoot (but with extra protection of course)!

They’re super waterproof and won’t absorb any moisture, making them perfect for water use or for cleaning off after a day out and about.

There’s no need to break these sandals in, so grab them and go! The outdoors are calling.

Viakix Walking Sandals

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 1lb

What We Love: Stylish design | Great arch support | Quick dry

Probably the best-looking sandals on this list, these shoes from Viakix are perfect for ladies looking for some support while on the trail without sacrificing style.

The best part about these sandals is that they offer amazing arch support, along with a super dependable grip and comfortable footbed. They’re designed for rugged outdoor use and are long-lasting. They won’t lose their support or breakdown after many wears!

The straps on the front aren’t adjustable but they’re quite stretchy, giving your foot comfort as they expand to fit you just right. The Viakix walking sandals will absorb impact and dry quickly when wet.

Seriously, what’s not to love about these?

Ecco Yucatan Sandal

Toe Style: Open

Weight: 10oz

What We Love: Multiple points for adjustment | Good traction | 38 color options

View Women’s Version

These sandals by Ecco are essentially open hiking shoes and are constructed as such.

They’re adjustable in three places, and constructed from high quality nubuck which is durable and comfortable as well. The Yucatan sandal is lined with neoprene which makes it suitable for water use without having to worry about the insides staying soggy.

The footbed is made from EVA and designed to mold to your foot, giving you ideal cushioning, comfort and support. Not to mention stability! The bottom of the sandal is made for gripping uneven terrain so you’ll always be confident, no matter what trail you’re blazing.

Finally, you’ve really got your pick of colors with these sandals as they come in 38 different options!

Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Toe Style: Closed

Weight: 10.9oz

What We Love: Adjustable fit | Vibram sole | Excellent traction

View Women’s Version

Wrapping up these reviews is the All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe from Merrell. Because what would a hiking gear article be without a mention of this well-known brand?

Crafted from waterproof leather and neoprene, these sandals are ready for anything, whether it’s on land or in water. You can adjust these super quickly with a pull of the bungy chord as well.

You’ll always feel comfortable in these thanks to the Vibram sole, cut-outs throughout, and a super sturdy toe cap. The lugs are deep and you’ll experience excellent traction as you make your way through any kind of trail.

Choose between 10 colors and enjoy real comfort while hiking in these sandals!

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Do You Need Hiking Sandals?

If you’re an avid warm weather hiker and are getting tired of having your feet cramped in sweaty shoes all day, it’s definitely worth giving hiking sandals a go.

Hiking sandals are awesome for warmer hikes and easier days on the trail as they let your feet breathe and keep you feeling comfortable. They also weigh less than hiking boots or shoes, which means feeling light as you bounce along a trail.

I love to wear hiking sandals when I’m traversing through trails in places like New Hampshire or Maine because there are tons of streams and shallow river crossings. Gone are the days when I have to strip off my shoes or complete my hike in soggy boots.

Hiking sandals are the ultimate solution because they dry quickly or are completely waterproof, to begin with!

While they don’t completely replace hiking shoes or boots, hiking sandals are an awesome gear addition because they give you more versatility without weighing down your pack. It’s nice to have options and being able to throw a pair of hiking sandals into your daypack when you’re hitting the trail is a great place to start.

That said, if you’re carrying a heavy pack or load or doing a more technical hike, you’re going to want to stick with a pair of boots or sturdy shoes. Hiking sandals are great, but they just don’t give you the support needed for carrying serious weight or scaling mountains.

What to Look for in Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals are different from your typical flip-flops or everyday sandals.

There are certain features that you should look for when purchasing a pair. Here’s all that you need to consider when choosing a pair of these special shoes.

Arch Support

Arch support is one of the main things that sets hiking sandals apart from typical summer shoes. It is also one of the most important features to look at when choosing a pair for you.

Having good arch support is essential for keeping your feet comfortable, happy, and safe on the trail. The arch support you’ll find in hiking sandals is similar to that in hiking shoes and gives your feet that extra bit of cushion for the trail.

hiking in sandals

Sole and Treads

In addition to arch support, you’re going to want to pick sandals that have a sturdy sole to stand up to trail conditions.

Since these aren’t normal walking shoes, you need something that is durable, rugged, and made from a reputable material. You don’t want to be left with holes in the bottom of your shoe after a day of exploring.

You should also look for sandals that have serious treads on the sole. A deep tread pattern is essential because it gives you traction and grip when you’re making your way through different terrains.

Make sure that your hiking sandals have large lugs, which will keep you steady when navigating in slippery conditions or deep mud.

Secure on Your Feet

How secure your hiking sandals are is also an extremely important consideration. There’s a reason typical flip-flops don’t make good hiking sandals, and it’s mainly because they’ll slide right off your foot!

Look for sandals that will stay securely on your foot, whether it’s with velcro, buckles, or laces. This is ensures that you don’t have to worry about losing a shoe along the way.

Toe Protection

Another thing to think about is having toe protection.

While not present in all hiking sandals, some are constructed with a toe cap to keep your toes safe and sound. Whether it’s from stray rocks or little critters, thinking about having some toe protection is a good idea.


The fit of your hiking sandals is imperative for them to be a good walking companion. You want to make sure they’re comfortable and don’t rub in the wrong places — the last thing you need is exposed blisters!

Some hiking sandals will mold to your feet the more you wear them, which is an awesome feature to get a custom fit.

You should also take into account that feet swell in heat and when under stress, so you should have enough leeway for enlarged feet without the sandals turning uncomfortable.

Sandals with an adjustable fit are best because you’ll be able to switch it up if the fit becomes too tight.

Waterproof / Quick Drying

Finally, you absolutely want to pick a pair of waterproof or at least quick drying sandals to keep you comfortable if you encounter wet conditions along the trail.

Sandals that stay wet for a long time are useless because they’ll start to rub you the wrong way and become stinky.

Main Use

A last thing to consider when choosing hiking sandals is considering the type of hiking you’ll be doing.

If you’re sticking to flat and easy trails, open-toed sandals should be just fine, but if you’re getting into some rougher terrains, you’ll want something with a little more protection.

As I mentioned earlier, hiking sandals aren’t really suitable for hiking up mountains or carrying a heavy load. You’ll want to stick with your trust hiking boots or shoes for that.

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