Allbirds Tree Pipers Review (Honest Review 2024)

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Looking for a review for the Allbirds Tree Pipers? You’re in the right place. 

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably know the challenge of finding an amazing pair of shoes that can withstand various weather conditions, rugged terrains, WHILE still looking stylish. 

There are also many other things to consider when choosing the perfect shoes for traveling, from their comfort during long flights, ease of cleaning when it gets stained, and how light it is when it comes to packing your luggage.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to ask, but I believe there are footwear out there that meets all these needs!

That’s why I decided to try the Allbirds Tree Pipers which has been making rounds in the travel community as an all-around travel shoe.

What makes it unique is the materials the shoes are made of, as they are made of… You guessed it, trees.

But do these shoes really live up to the hype of being comfortable, durable, and functional? 

Allbirds Tree Pipers in Moonrise

About Allbirds

If you aren’t familiar with Allbirds yet, this is a well known footwear company that has made its claim to fame due to being made with all-natural products you can’t find anywhere else. 

Founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger started producing footwear made of wook, a sustainable and functional material. 

They then expanded and began creating shoes of different sustainable materials, including eucalyptus pulp!

The company is also known for their sustainability in their business operations, with their packaging also made of packaging materials. 

Allbirds is also a certified B Corp company and has partnered with Soles4Souls, which ensures that all their products will benefit the environment and those living in it. 

On paper, this shoe looks like it fits the bill as we LOVE supporting companies who are committed to sustainability.

Allbirds Tree Pipers Review

The Allbirds Tree Pipers are a minimalist sneaker made of eucalyptus tree fiber that can keep your feet cool and comfy all day long. 

While they are not made for intense workouts or hiking in extremely rugged terrains, they can put up to the usual wear and tear when walking around the city all day long. 

Here are some of the notable features I noticed about the Allbirds Tree Pipers.

Colors Available

The Allbirds Tree Pipers are available in various color combinations, including the timeless white, gray, and black shades to limited edition designs including Dark Jungle, Hazy Indigo, and more. 

I got the Kaikoura White design, a classic look that pairs well with a lot of outfits.

Since I received them, I haven’t worn any other shoe which I guess shows how versatile it really is! The shoe is smart and casual at the same time which is something that’s pretty hard to pull off.


The Allbirds Tree Pipers are made of various innovative sustainable materials that make it environment-friendly and functional.

Majority of the shoes are made of eucalyptus fiber knit from FSC Certified Forests, while its midsole is the world’s first carbon negative and green EVA made of sugarcane. 

It doesn’t stop there, as the shoe’s insole is made of castor bean oil and ZQ Merino rather than petroleum-based foam.

You can check out their website for more information about the materials these shoes are made of, as well as the production process- it’s pretty fascinating stuff!

You might presume that all-natural materials mean less durability, but that’s not the case with the Allbirds Tree Pipers. 

They are soft yet durable, able to withstand various weather conditions and long walks without showing signs of aging. 

I can see that the fabric and soles can hold up well for a couple of years!

As a result of its eucalyptus tree fiber material, you get a cooler and more breathable shoe compared to the Wool Pipers, so it is a more suitable shoe for warmer climates.

It is also a soft and supportive shoe, which helps with my feet’s overall comfort levels.

Other Features of the Allbirds Tree Pipers

Besides the style and materials, here are a few more factors I looked into when deciding on getting this pair.


Price is an important factor to consider when purchasing anything, which is why I was pleased to know that these shoes are about $100. Considering some sneakers retail at $100-250, I found these to be pretty reasonable.

For its style and functionality, you can rarely find anything better, getting more than what you paid for with these shoes.

Sure, they aren’t a pair of magic shoes that fit the bill in every aspect of traveling, but they feel soft, look great, and are made of all-natural materials without the hefty price tag. 

If you’re looking for a casual pair of shoes that will keep your feet happy for the entire day, then the Allbirds Tree Pipers are perfect for you.

Close up shot of Allbirds Tree Pipers steeping on the grass

Good Fit

The Allbirds Tree Pipers run true to size, adding to its comfortability level. However, since they only offer shoes in whole sizes, I recommended ordering half a size up for extra toe room.

For instance, if you are a US 8.5, purchase the US 9.

One minor pet peeve is that sometimes, you need to un-lace and re-lace your shoes when you take them off.

It’s not a huge problem but a tiny inconvenience. Sometimes they slip right on but I noticed a few times where they weren’t as easy to slip in. 

Comfort Level

As mentioned, the Allbirds Tree Pipers are known for their soft, breathable feel. 

Fortunately, they stay true to their word thanks to the adequate cushioning on the soles. The padded insoles and interior areas of the shoes are lined with soft merino wool, making it a treat to walk around in.

I only say walk because these shoes aren’t made for running or other forms of intense hikes and exercises. 

They can survive a bit of running but they shouldn’t be used as workout shoes, since they don’t have much of the arch support required.

If you’re looking for a running shoe, you can check out our review of the Allbirds Tree Runners.

Keep in mind that these shoes are more cooling and breathable than Wool Pipers, making them suitable for warmer months as opposed to fall and winter. 

If you plan on traveling during the spring to early fall months, you’ll feel comfortable with these shoes. 

I’ve traveled quite a bit with these shoes (wore them all around London where the weather was slightly cooler. I also noticed that my feet don’t feel hot or sweaty (currently testing them out in Thailand’s intense heat!)

Moreover, the Allbirds Tree Runners are easy to maintain. 

While they do get dirty quickly, they are very easy to wash.

At the end of the day, you just need to throw your shoes in the washing machine and air dry them, then they’ll be ready for another day of walking! 

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Other Allbirds Shoes

What’s great about Allbirds is that they offer more than just casual footwear. 

You can also find other types of footwear under their company that can meet any specific needs, whether you are looking for something fit for athleticism or lounging.

You can opt for the Allbirds Tree Pipers if you want a minimalist, casual pair of shoes for running errands or walking around all day during hot days. 

But if you want something for cooler weather, you can opt for the Allbirds Wool Runners, which are made of wool to keep your feet warm and cozy. 

They are also incredibly soft and lightweight, so similar to the Tree Runners, you can enjoy walking around all day in these stylish shoes. 

Sneakers, not your style? Allbirds cater to those who want sandals, such as the sugar sliders. They are great for long walks at the beach or to use at the airport, thanks to their bouncy cushioning. 

If you want extra protection with the same soft bounciness, Allbirds has its own line of slip-ons to easily take on or off.

For the athletes and adventurous travelers, you can enjoy the series of active shoes Allbirds offer, including the Tree Dasher, Tree Flyers, Trail Runners, Golf Dashers, and more. 

Whether you’re running, hiking, strength training, or golfing, Allbirds has a suitable pair of shoes that cater to your sport and keep your feet light and breezy. 

Verdict on Allbirds Tree Pipers

The Allbirds Tree Pipers are a suitable all-around shoe for travelers who want something smart looking and comfortable. 

They are also extremely lightweight and feel almost like slippers, so walking will feel even better no matter how long you’re out of the house for. 

Its lack of arch support may be a slight disadvantage for those with feet problems but nothing an insole can’t solve.  

Although these shoes won’t replace hiking boots, in my opinion, these shoes are still worth purchasing for walking around cities and exploring.

Overall, I believe these shoes are definitely worth the price, considering that these are affordable yet do the job in keeping your feet pain-free and comfortable.

I can say these will be one of my go-to shoes during our travels. Overall, very pleased by their quality! 

Our Review: Allbirds Tree Pipers

Overall, I am impressed with the Allbirds Tree Pipers shoe. Considering it is made of all-natural materials, the shoe is sturdy and well-designed. It is a casual yet smart shoe that is so versatile!

Environmentally Friendly
Keeps your feet cool
Can get dirty easily (mainly due to the color I chose)

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