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A man ziplining upside down

Adventurous Ziplining through Canopies in Baños, Ecuador

Although not on the extreme side, ziplining through canopies in Baños can be a great way to spend a couple of hours. Having ziplined a couple of times before, we thought it would be your standard zooming through a couple of trees kind of thing. As soon as we got to Puntzan Canopy, we knew it would b...
flight of the gibbon review

Flight of the Gibbon Review: The Ultimate Zipline Experience

Flight of the Gibbon in Chon Buri is a ziplining adventure that takes you through the majestic rainforest inside of Khao Kheow Safari Park on the border Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary. This 150-minute treetop experience combines the tranquility of nature with the thrilling fear of heights. Created seven...

Tips on How Not to Look like an Idiot While Ziplining

While ziplining is a super fun and easy activity, let’s face it, it’s easy to look like a complete newbie and idiot. Like the time I started attaching my harness the wrong way around...or the time I showed up with a raging hangover only to be hung upside down across this high ravine. So without furt...
ziplining in cambodia

Best Places to Go Ziplining in Asia

Ziplining is just one of those enjoyable activities that is fun to do no matter where you are. Naturally, some ziplines are more enjoyable and adventurous than others. As we are big thrill seekers, the quick zooming across high ravines combined with beautiful scenic views, are just a few reasons why...