Flight of the Gibbon Review: The Ultimate Zipline Experience

written by local expert Rob and Eve

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Flight of the Gibbon in Chon Buri is a ziplining adventure that takes you through the majestic rainforest inside of Khao Kheow Safari Park on the border Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary. This 150-minute treetop experience combines the tranquility of nature with the thrilling fear of heights. Created seven years ago, there are many reasons why Flight of the Gibbon won plenty of awards in Asia from its “happiness guaranteed” stamp to its dedication to forest conservation. As we live in Bangkok, we were looking for an excuse to get away from they busy city and surround ourselves by nature.

The Gibbon Experience: Strap Yourselves in Boys

We were picked up around 7:00 am in a gibbon themed van (with air conditioning). From our pick up point, it took about 40 minutes to drive up Khao Kheow Safari Park, the headquarters for Flight of the Gibbon. After driving by rhinos, lions, and flamingos, we arrived and were greeted by a friendly team of hosts that explained what we would expect prior to the beginning our ziplining adventure. After registering ourselves and signing the dotted line, the same van dropped us up the mountain at the entrance of the forest.

Inside we were greeted by a team of sky rangers who kindly showed us around. First, we were asked to wear a bandana under our helmet for sanitary reasons (plus points for this!) Next came the harness. If you have a GoPro camera, the helmets come with a special piece to mount your camera when you are high up. Otherwise, they give you a string to tie your mobile phone to your harness. If you don’t want to risk it, there are lockers to leave your belongings with lock and key.

When we were all strapped up, we were given a safety briefing that covered the do’s and don’ts of ziplining. Honestly, we didn’t know that there would be so many rules! However, we listened carefully as we didn’t really want to get stuck in the middle…or better yet, plunge our ass 700 meters down. The sky rangers explain where to hold onto, when to step to avoid crashing into a tree and how the cable trolley is your best friend.

And then we’re off boys (and girl)!

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flight of the gibbon review bangkok

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What It’s Like To Fly Above the Trees

Climbing up to the first platform brought butterflies into our stomach, similar to the first few seconds on a rollercoaster ride when it lifts you up the ramp. We both have never ziplined in Asia before and were excited to conquer the adrenaline rush. Luckily, we started off simple with the first few stations which was a bit easy and mild so we could understand how it all works.

That famous saying of “don’t look down,” when you are scared of heights doesn’t really work because it is generally the first thing you do. The moment the line takes control and you whizz forward, you look down and realize your feet are dangling. You get a sudden rush as your heart is pounding, hoping that the safety line doesn’t snap. Then seconds later, your foot hits the next platform and a sense of relief hits you like that tree trunk if you don’t stop early enough.

We flew through the stations, getting higher and higher as we went by. It wasn’t too long until we started to climb to heights that made us gulp before moving on. The higher we went, the more gorgeous the view got. The surrounding landscape and forest looked like it could go on forever. I honestly forgot that the city of Bangkok was only 40 minutes away. There were signs at each station promoting the local flora, fauna, and wildlife. We crossed sky bridges, dropped down abseils and ziplined across a few more platforms including a couples zipline where we went in pairs.

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Just as we thought we were getting the hang of it, the last two platforms were the longest. Funny enough, the sky ranger even joked that shorter individuals tend to get stuck in the middle as he was looking straight at five-foot Eve. As we looked over, the 500 meter drop we realized that we didn’t really have a choice. Laughing at the thought of getting stuck in the middle, we flew across the rainforest below with huge smiles on our faces. Phew, that was the end.

Flight of the Gibbon started a reforestation project back in 2008 planting over 30,000 trees in the jungle alone with the goal of planting another million trees in the next 20 years. We also need to give kudos to the wonderful team of certified sky rangers that took extensive care of us and all the guests at Flight of the Gibbon. With mixed nationalities and a blast of energy Ton, Joey, Meow and Man did a wonderful job making sure everyone left with unforgettable memories. Good job boys!

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Thai McDonald Has A Farm

After the ziplining ended and we got back on our feet, we had a delicious Thai lunch before ending the day off with a tram tour of the safari park. The safari park features over 60 different animals from all over the world from red kangaroos to white lions. The tram drives around the park stopping at a few locations where you can feed the giraffes, rhinos, and elephants.

We were wondering where all of the gibbons were when we went zip lining only to find out that most of them rush to the safari park because the tourists have better food options. The little primates gave us no mercy as we watched them feed on potato chips, carrots, and fruit.

We also learned that they have a wonderful night safari where a tram takes you around the park when the sun goes down to witness some of the other animals like sloths and hyenas come alive. Lastly, we inquired about the various conservation projects happening around the park. We definitely need to come back!

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How To Get to Flight of the Gibbon

For the grand price of 3,599 THB, you will receive the fantastic adventure and transportation with the option of being picked up from either Bangkok or Pattaya. Note that in Bangkok, Flight of the Gibbon lists three possible locations that they will pick you up from right in the city center. The other option is in Pattaya which is closer to the attraction. Just tell them what hotel you are staying at and they will make it happen. Don’t forget to check out their other locations in Chang Mai.

For up to date prices and information, you can book directly through their website 

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flight of the gibbon review bangkok

Our Gibbon Experience

We absolutely loved our time spent zooming across treetops. While the sheer height of some of the platforms was enough to make our palms sweat, we felt safe the entire time. The best part about it all was being surrounded by a lush thick forest, something we often don’t get while living in the city. Between the many platforms, the beautiful scenery, and the epic rush, this is definitely something we recommend doing. The entire experience takes about four hours from the time you arrive. The best time to go is during the cooler months in Thailand around January or February. Flight of the Gibbon is open all week and features some fantastic specials for families and residents of Thailand.

It is a wonderful half-day adventure that gives out a massive adrenaline rush across three kilometers of majestic rainforest. For anyone seeking something different, we highly recommend you check this out!

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